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It is December 18th, and after another busy work day. Chapter Twenty-Two of X-Knights: The First Month is getting posted now. In this chapter, an attack started in the previous chapter is under way. As a side note, there is a hint of an interaction with another series from England in this chapter, although it remains only as a hint for the time being. Enjoy.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 22: Dangerous Party Crashers

Thomas Jacobs started to feel like his luck was betraying him. It had come through for him earlier in the day, when attacked by the monsters in the simulation, but now they were dealing with real monsters. He wondered if it was linked to the two people who had shown up. He quickly put that out of his mind when he remembered how shocked they were when the creatures all burst through the dining room windows.

As they rushed towards the main hall, he heard Richard Cale shout, “With all those things in this attack, we need to get all the children to safety. I’d rather they all be someplace safe while we take care of this.” He knew what Lord Cale meant. During this attack, he wanted all the students and kids someplace safe while all the teachers repelled the invaders.

What he was sure would actually happen was different. Some of the students would disappear to someplace safe, while the others would remain to help. Right now, he was sure his power would not be good in battle. He thought about the others and what they might do. Tasha Lewis would either hide, or try to help, even if she was in a sheltered area. Kevin Mitchel would rather fight. He was sure at least one of the new students, most likely Allen Aaron, would also fight. Also, what he came to know of Prince James, the boy might fight, even though Lord Cale wouldn’t want that.

He then glanced at Anne Smith, who he did have feeling for, but also knew that she didn’t share those feelings right now. He knew she might want to fight, but that she might also need to use her powers to get them to safety. Those feelings were confirmed when he heard Sean Cassidy, whom they were all informed was Lady Cale’s adoptive father, say “I don’t think getting them to that game room is an option. Besides, I don’t think there is time to start up the programs.”

He could have sworn he heard someone curse under their breath. It was then that he knew it was Clarice Ferguson-Thomas, who was also Lord Cale’s bodyguard. “I think the path to your other office is blocked off too. The only other option is teleportation, and I don’t know how well I can transport the students down there. We may have try to get them as far away as possible.”

Before he could even suggest it, he heard Tasha say, “Sir, you can’t expect us to leave the school. I know I can’t leave if there is trouble. This is the only place keeping me safe from my parents.” Thomas had known a bit about Tasha’s situation, so her reaction wasn’t a surprise. Besides, he also knew she had been designated as a team leader.

It was then he said his piece. “Sir, it may be best if Anne does the teleporting. She can open one of her ’steps’, and get a good portion of us to safety, and it might be best if Mrs. Thomas goes with us.” He had remember the announcement made at dinner, before everything happened, and he could even see, just by glancing at Mr. Everett Thomas, that he agreed with the idea.

For a brief moment, he wondered if they were trying to discuss the idea, psychically, but he didn’t wonder long as Lord Cale shouted, “Alright, I want all the students that want to go to safety with Anne. Jubilation, Davis and Sean, accompany them, as well as the little ones. Jubilation, we’ll call when things are safe.”

He watched as she nodded, and everyone who was going to use that method to head to safety gathered round. He knew it was a big thing, but he could also see that Anne was nervous. He quickly grabbed her hand and said, “Just think someplace in England you figure is safe from this attack.”

Soon, he noticed the wall next to them change, and everyone started running through. He and Anne were the last to go through, and he never took a moment to make sure they were someplace in the same country, but was thankful when he recognized the location.

It was Sean who finally stated the location they were at. “Faith and begora, she got us all the way to Cardiff. That is one powerful way to teleport, lass.” However, he noticed that Sean wasn’t going to get a response. If he remember his geography of England correct, where they had been was at least a few hundred miles away, and Anne had collapsed He then started to hope she would recover so they could get home.

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Kevin Dallas was shocked when it appeared that some of the students of the school stepped into what had been a solid wall, and then the wall returned. He was impressed that some of them stayed behind to fight, but he wasn’t sure if fighting demon cats was a good idea.

As they all entered the main hall, he said to Richard, “So, what exactly are you dealing with here? Something linked to the twin that hit on me?”

He didn’t seem surprised when Richard nodded. “Indeed. The brute that came in with the cats is one of Claudette’s minions. The other thing is a demon, and I don’t want to see the kids hurt by it. The cats are a mystery.” He could even see a puzzled look on his friend’s face.

He was then surprised when Christy spoke. “Actually, I think Kevin and I saw the source of the cats. A guy on the same plane as us reeked of creature smells I only smelled in the jungle. I caught a whiff of it again before those cats came in.” It was then he realized why she seemed on edge. Maybe deep down, she had sensed the danger the guy represented, and he also realized how they might have lead the attackers here.

Before he could say anything else, they all turned as the front door opened, and more of the cats came in, with the brute following them. He was sure the brute might have rivaled The Incredible Hulk, but he was also sure the brute wasn’t as massive. In fact, he could swear the brute was literally growing a bit larger.

He then noticed the remaining teachers were preparing for a battle. He noticed that the man he had met named Darrett now had glowing eyes. Soon, several large beetle like creatures appeared, ready to fight their attackers. The woman he had mistook earlier started to fly in the air. The guy he had known as Everett started to synch up with another person he had not remembered meeting, but he was surprised when part of the guy’s face disappeared, revealing what looked like a fiery inferno. The woman who was next to that guy then ripped off her skin, revealing a metal body underneath, and Yvette Cale had changed to the form he once saw back in Japan.

He was about to turn and ask Richard if the might need some extra firepower, but before he could, he watched as a black tendril had wrapped around his friend, pinning his arms to his side, and lifting the figure into the air. The human looking form at the base of the tendril just smiled what could only be an evil smile, and said, “The Vanquisher without his sword. Once you are dead, I will hunt down your children as well.”

Kevin chanced a moment to glance down, and was surprised to see the blade there, not sure when Richard had grabbed it, but there was no way to toss the blade to him. Kevin also noticed that Chrissy was now growing in size, which meant she was going to help with the cats.

He then reached into his jacket, and pulled out one of his special guns. They had been made of non metallic parts, and could be collapsed to look like something non-threatening. They could also hold and fire some of the most destructive rounds ever seen.

He then looked at the figure, and took aim, and fired a shot. It startled the creature, and he could see the bullet enter the thing, but it didn’t fall. He fired again, aiming for the head, and was stunned when the bullet hit it’s mark, but the face didn’t change.

Kevin started to step back, and heard the creature say in a malevolent voice. “Did you really think a bullet could kill a demon?” Deep down, he didn’t know the answer to that, since he never had to consider it. With all that he had done in his life, battling a demon was something he had never done. In fact, he didn’t even think he was doing that now.

However, Kevin was sure of one thing. He was sure that this ’demon’, if it truly was that, wasn’t aware of his mutant power. He let a smile cross his face, as he replied to the thing. “Honestly, I didn’t think I was shooting a demon, but it will give me something new to experience.” He then leapt up at the creature, glad that it hadn’t pulled Richard in close, and fired another shot, hoping his attack would delay the creature long enough for someone to figure a way to stop it.

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Kevin Mitchel could not believe how this day went from nice to a complete disaster. Not too long ago, they were having a nice meal, and reflecting on the ups and downs of the past week. Now, they were in a fight for their lives. To add to the situation, some newcomers had arrived, and then the attacked happened. From their original reactions, he was sure they were not part of the attack, but may have picked up on something.

Now those two were part of the battle, and as more huge cat like creatures entered, he could tell they needed something to turn things to their favor. He looked at his fellow students, especially Tasha Lewis who had been dubbed team leader like himself. Her eyes had a slight glow to them, which told him that she was already trying to do something. He also noticed that Prince James was staying very close to Tasha.

Behind them, he noticed that Allan Arron, Kiana Asahara, Alexandra McNeal, and Amy Johnson were also deep in thought. He hoped that wouldn’t last for long as more of the monster cats came in. As they cautiously moved into the room, an inspiration hit him. He quickly knelt down, and touched the floor. Quickly, he focused his powers, and the floor transformed, the change flowing out in a circle, changing the floor into a shiny smooth metal.

As the metal spread out, he saw the cats start to lose their footing, which allowed the now huge cat girl to injure a few of them. He saw a few scratch her, but at her size, those wounds shouldn’t be a problem.

He also noticed that the one new teacher, Paige, had ripped off her skin, revealing a metal form underneath. As she started to move towards the beasts, the sound of her metal feet on the now metal floor distracted him for a moment, and in that brief moment, he noticed a table being turned into the same metal, and everything on it becoming deadly spikes.

He quickly pulled his hands off the floor, and noticed that even the brutish man was having a hard time on the metal. Deep down, Kevin knew it was a good sign. They were repelling the attack. However, he noticed that Lord Cale was still in the grips of something he wasn’t sure was a mutant or not.

Those thoughts were interrupted when Tasha finally spoke, which made him realize that the whole time, she was using her powers to scan for anyone else. “We have a problem. The one controlling all those cats is outside the building, with the one who is control the other creature, and those who work with Henry. We need to find a way to stop them.” In that moment, Kevin realized that the cats, while now hampered, would need to be driven out, and the creature that had Lord Cale, and being now attacked by the one visitor, would not stop until it was commanded to, or immobilized, and he wasn’t sure how to do that.

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Kiana’s eyes went wide when she heard the words Tasha said. She had recognized the demon when it first appeared, and Tasha words only confirmed that her evil cousin, Arisa Shimanouchi, was nearby. However, while part of her wanted to seek out her cousin, and make her pay for the death of her father, Kiana knew that the demon might kill Lord Cale. Even now, the monstrosity had Lord Cale wrapped in one of its tendrils, and the one visitor now caught in another. She looked at the others, and said, “Any ideas on how to distract that demon so we can rescue Lord Cale?”

She noticed that Amy shook her head. “I’m still trying to figure out how we are going to get rid of those huge cats. I don’t think my skills will distract any of them for long, especially being in the same room.”

She wasn’t surprised when Alexandra, who she recently learned the real name of the girl, said, “It might work on those outside. I’ve been listening to them since Ta.. I mean Soulshock located them. As long as they stay out there, they can keep summoning more of those cats. The only one remaining quiet out there, I guess, is the one controlling that demon. If we can cause a disturbance out there, we might be able to cut down the forces in here.”

Kiana then looked at the demon, and nodded. “I think I know of a way to help in that, but it means I need to get close to the demon.” She glanced back at the others, who all looked at her with wide and worried eyes. She took a deep breath, and explained. “The one controlling that thing is my cousin, Arisa. Some time ago, she killed my father, using her powers to capture and control demons. One time, I fought one of her demons, and I killed it. This was after Arisa fled the scene, but after I killed it, I heard a loud yell of pain come from near by. When I finally pinpointed it, I realized she was boarding a plane to parts unknown. I just recently caught up with her.”

In a brief moment, she saw a look of understanding cross all their faces, until Kevin’s eyes went wide again. “If you think that will work, you better hurry. Look!” She turned and saw what everyone who could see the demon saw. The one tentacle holding the visitor had managed to throw the still fighting form right towards the transformed table. She realized what was going to happen, and in a brief moment, she also so a calm look cross the visitor’s face, soon to be replaced with a knowing grin.

As the body got impaled by the now deadly spikes on the table, she noticed something wasn’t right. The demon had paused in its action, as if something was amiss. She had battled demons before, and when she first trained with her father, she had seen one kill someone. Her father had pointed out that demons knew when they killed someone, because they could feel and feed on the victim’s chi. Now she realized what was off, but she wasn’t sure why, especially as the demon just said, “That was strangely unfulfilling.”

She then saw it bring Lord Cale to face it, and she could see that in Lord Cale’s face, he knew why the demon wasn’t happy. She was impressed when he remained calm and said to the demon. “Maybe you didn’t kill him. Maybe he’s still hanging on to life.”

She saw and angry look cross the demon’s face as it said, “Humans need their hearts to live, Vanquisher, and I see that one has lost his on the spike.” She then watched as the demon started to move the tentacle holding Lord Cale. “I’ll make sure you learn that now.”

Kiana held up her sword, and knew this was the time to attack. She also pulled out one of her scrolls, and tossed it at the demon. She knew it would freeze the demon in place, and would buy her the time she needed to do what she knew she must do.

When they hit the demon, she noticed the shock on the creature’s face, especially as she quickly crossed the distance. As she did, she proudly said, “You will not kill anymore people, Sen.” She then leapt towards the now frozen demon, hoping her aim was true.

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As Paige Guthrie continued to help in the fight, she had been amazed at what had happened. First, the one girl, that she and Jono had been asked to bring to Xavier’s school, had transport some of the kids, as well as her former teacher and friends, Sean Cassidy, and Jubilation Thomas, someplace else. Even Davis Skinur, whom she remembered was a one time foe, was asked to join them. She realized that right now, Davis wouldn’t be helpful since there was no music around. Then, one of the other students transformed the floor to a very smooth metal, which was giving some of the cat creatures a hard time. She husked her skin just in time, changing it to the same metal compound, since some of the cats were getting more dangerous.

She glanced over to the one stranger, who had reached a huge size, and was swatting the cat creatures back with a vengeance. When Paige chanced a look around, she noticed why. The other stranger laid impaled on what had been a table with various items on it earlier. She chanced a glance up, and saw that what ever had thrown the stranger, was now about to do the same to her former class mate.

Out of her X-Men training, while she knew she had her hands full, she called out to the first person she could call on for help. “Chamber, we need to help Skitz, or he’s going to end up like that one guy who just arrived.”

As she continued to fend off the cats, she heard Jonothan shout back. “I hate to say it, but Synch and I have our hands full with this brute. I swear he’s like Hyde in that one movie.” She understood the reference, but was also crestfallen that she didn’t know who else to contact. Everyone was literally fighting off the felines that they forgot about the strange creature, which now was about to kill Richard. Even Yvette had her hands full, fending off the one cat. She wished she had Yvette’s healing factor, since every slash the feline made healed instantly.

Inward, she started fearing the worse, until she heard a sound similar to the one she heard when the one stranger was impaled. In that briefest of moments, she felt a grief starting to well up in her, but a momentary glance after hearing a few thuds made those feelings disappear. What she saw restored some hope in her that this battle was going to end in a victory. It was the head of the creature, on the floor by the table. She also glanced up as a young Asian girl shouted, “You won’t kill another person, demon. It’s over.”

In that moment, Paige sensed something had changed in the battle. The large cats were starting to back off, as was the brute. It was also in that moment Paige heard a cry of anguish come from somewhere close by. She also heard Alexandra shout, “They are starting to panic. I heard someone say to someone else that Arisa appears in pain, and someone who sounds like Ms. St. Croix saying something like ‘prepare to flee, Quinn.’”

It was something Paige had suspected when the other two had arrived earlier. The way that man had spoken, he thought Monet had been flirting with him. When they all realized it was Claudette, they all realized something was about to happen. What Alexandra had said only confirmed it. Paige quickly uppercut the cat that was now attacking her, and started to move forward. “We need to stop them, so they can pay for what happened here.” She glanced back at the dead body on the table, and then looked at the door just as Everett, looking a little more like the brute, punched the brute so hard, that he flew through the door.

Paige glanced back for a moment, and noticed that the huge cat-girl had not shrunk down yet. She was sure the woman would head out to pursue the escaping foes, since her friend was obviously dead. However, she did notice that one of the students appeared to be talking, but she didn’t hear any words. She then realized what was going on, and noticed a few of the students were started to head to the door as well. She also noticed that Darrett’s eyes were glowing, which meant he was calling something forth to help. She then headed towards the front door, knowing the fight would now continue outside, and hopefully stop the attackers for good.

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Quinn Taylor did not like how things were now going. When they had begun this attack, Claudette was certain they would be able to take the Cale’s and their friends by surprise. It could be that the chance encounter her boss told her about didn’t backfire. The way things had been going, they were still unaware of the attack. However, all that changed when Arisa collapsed. To be honest, she did like the girl’s spirit, even though she wasn’t a mutant. She quickly went over to Arisa. “What happened? Did they do something to you from in there?”

She was shocked when the girl answered through gritted teeth. “Someone killed Sen, the demon I sent in there. I’m sure it was Kiana, and I could sense that Sen was bothered about something. I think it was that moment when Kiana struck.”

Quinn looked back at Claudette, who was standing with their newest member and Golden, and said, “It may be time for a hasty retreat, Claudette.” She glanced back towards to the school, and saw Henry Edward come flying out the door of the school. “I think they got a moral boost from the end of the demon.”

She watched as Claudette nodded. “You’re right, Quinn. Our new ally will call back his cats. You fetch Arisa, and we’ll motion Henry over so we can all leave at once.” She then watched as the greasy haired man’s eyes turned black. She then turned to Arisa and started to reach down to help the girl up.

In that moment, she froze as she heard a voice behind her. “Leaving so soon. We were just coming out to meet you.” In the voice, she heard the tone of mocking, or taunting. Plus, her hearing told her the talker was nearby, and somehow snuck past all of them, like they were invisible.

She smirked, forgetting about Arisa for a moment, and said, “Then lets be sure to see you.” She then did a spinning roundhouse kick, hoping to hit the invisible mutant. As she spun around, a look of horror crossed her face. It was the reaction as her kick moved through air, and did not hit the voice she thought was behind her, which she was sure was a girl, but the new recruit, and succeeded in knocking him out.

Almost instantly, all the large cats disappeared. That meant that there was nothing to slow down those that were coming after them. She glanced over at Claudette, hoping her leader wasn’t upset with her.

She was relieved when Claudette just looked at her, and just said, “I think someone used a voice projection power. Very clever, but I’m not sure how they knew that you would try to kick them, and that you’d hit Tyd, and that changes things. We must now get out of here as fast as possible.” She then watched as Claudette motioned at the new recruit, and said “Carry him, since you knocked him out. Right now, if one of us gets caught, it will have to be Arisa.”

Quinn swallowed hard, knowing that this was something Claudette had done before. Before, she didn’t mind the loss, but this time was different. This time, instead of losing a pain in the butt whose powers she thought were of little use, it appeared that they would lose an ally whose powers, and intellect, were useful to the team.

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Arisa was still in shock by what had happened. Sen was the most power demon under her control, and it took her some time to control him. For him to die, it was a powerful blow to her. She struggled to get up, however the pain was so great, it kept her from standing upright.

She looked up for a moment, and glanced in the direction of Quinn, who she thought was coming to help her. She was surprised when she saw the female mutant, walking over to the new member, who was knocked out. For a moment, she wondered who managed to do that, given that he had sent all the cats inside with Sen to detain the others there.

Her wonderings left her mind when she saw the form on Henry Edwards fly by overhead, quickly reverting back to his weaker form. Judging by the way he flew, he had apparently been struck with something similar to his powers. She dared a glance back, and noticed one dark skinned man, with a rainbow like glow around him, doing the same. She quickly realized that somehow, that glow must had given him the ability to do so.

She also noticed that many others were running out of the building, and towards their location. She started to get up, knowing that her only chance to escape would be to reach the others. If those they had attacked had not come running out, she might have had a chance to flee or find a hiding spot. Now, all her hopes were if she could reach the others.

Those hopes fell when two things happened. The first was she was being lifted into the air by a hand that had grabbed her. At first, she could have sworn it was Claudette. However, when she saw Claudette fly into the air, with Quinn holding onto one of her legs, and the two of them carrying the rest, she realized it wasn’t. She then turned her head, and was shocked to see a huge, what almost looked like a pterodactyl, holding her.

In a brief moment of panic, she yelled out to Claudette. “Boss, I need help.” In part, it was because of all the demons she had researched since discovering ways to control them, some of the nastiest ones had been said to look like the form holding her now. She also figured that amongst them, word had gotten around that she was a person who enslaved them. Sometimes, like with Sen, it took a great deal of effort to gain that control. She also was aware that some of them might take revenge, or worse.

After a moment, she felt the thing turn her to face it, and was stunned when she noticed how the thing was studying her. In that moment, she saw it’s eyes, and was stunned to see not a demonic presence there, but something human. It was also then that she realized that Claudette wasn’t going to come back for her, that she had been left behind to be caught by their enemies, which also meant that her good cousin, Kiana, would finally get her chance at revenge.

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Allan maintained his grip on the one member of the group that had attacked the school. When she first panicked after seeing him, he had to tighten his grip a bit. He didn’t want this one to escape, even if she had been the easiest to catch. He then noticed that two of the teachers, Monet and Everett, had caught up to him. “I caught one of them, but the others flew away.”

He watched as Monet and Everett took the air, the latter saying, “No doubt my sister is trying to get away. Hopefully, she won’t have a good head start. Stay here, and don’t let her get away.”

Allan nodded and then looked at the girl again. She did look similar to Kiana, but as he looked at her, something told him there was something evil about her. It was as if something in her was trying to figure out what he was, and if she could control him. To be honest, he didn’t think she could, since he wasn’t evil.

As he kept his gaze locked on her, he heard some of his classmates come over to him. He noticed that the girl’s were looking around, and that Kevin looked a bit somber. As the girl’s looked around, he just said, “What are you two looking for?”

For a moment, the two girls looked around, until Alexandra spoke up. “The one Soulshock said the other knocked out. A…, I mean, Voice, made her voice come from here, and the one knocked out the other one. I then heard them say something about if one of them got caught.”

In that moment, the girl he was holding spoke up. “They fled and left me behind, a mistake on their part. So you are the ones who fooled them into thinking you got in our ranks. I take it one of you is controlling this demon.”

After hearing those words, Allen couldn’t help but laugh, and in the form he was in, it was a scary sound. After a moment, as all the girls cringed a bit, he calmed down and spoke. “I’m not a demon. I can understand why you would think that, but Ridley is not a demon.” He then looked her in the eye again. “Now, the question is what we will do with you?”

He was stunned when he heard Kiana speak, since last he had seen her was helping Lord Cale after that thing had been killed. “The answer is simple. We get the police here to take her to jail. She is responsible for many murders, including the death of my father, and the person who just arrive here tonight.”

In that moment, he noticed that Kevin looked like he might collapse. He remembered then that Kevin’s powers had turned the table the one guy landed on into a bed of large spikes. He could also tell that Kevin felt guilty for accidentally changing the table. “It was my power that changed the table. I should have focused more on keeping that from happening.”

He was then surprised when he heard Mr. Thomas behind them. “It’s all right, Switchover. You are still learning to control your powers. As for what happened, well, once we get inside, you’ll find out. Let’s just say it will be surprising.” As they headed in, Allen started to wonder what his teacher meant, and how it could be more surprising than the man dying.

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Jonothan took a deep breath as the battle ended. Of those that had remained inside when the foes left, he was the only one who wasn’t really winded. That was due to the fact that he temporarily shed the illusion of his face and chest being whole. It was a good illusion, which even allowed him to eat and kiss, but at times like this, impractical.

He started to restore the illusion, however, as he turned to face those remaining. He noticed that Yvette was helping Richard down to the main floor of the room, and that Clarice was helping Darrett. However, the cat-girl had not shrunk down to her normal size. He walked over to her, and looked over at the figure impaled on the table, and then asked, “Why haven’t you returned to your normal size? Are you in shock over his death?” Deep down, he was certain this was the reason for her remaining that size.

He was surprised when Yvette walked over with Richard, and said, “It’s because of the wounds, isn’t it.” When the girl nodded, he didn’t understand. Surely the wounds would have only been superficial at that size.

When she answered, it became clear. “When I change in size, any wounds, that might appear superficial, become more lethal. I had no doubt when I go back to normal, I’ll be a bloody mess.” He nodded in understanding, but he was also surprised by the lack of grief.

He was even more puzzled when the others came back in, and Everett looked over at the figure. “What’s the verdict on Kevin? I’m hoping we can ease Switchover’s regrets.” This puzzled him more. What was his friend and fellow Generation X teammate talking about.

Jonothan finally understood when Richard walked over to Kevin, and stopped. He could see Richard was in a deal of pain, before backing away from the figure. “It’s kicked in. I know you can all see what Christy’s powers are, but Kevin’s are way different. His powers are self resurrection. No matter how he dies, the energy of his body, no matter what may be left of it, can resurrect and regenerate his body in a week’s time.”

He noticed that the boy blinked at that. “You mean, he’s not dead?” When Richard shook his head, he noticed that the boy looked as confused as he was. If the man wasn’t dead, he had to be alive, unless he was vampire.

He then heard Christy explain it. “When he dies, he comes back with his memories, a new secondary power, and sometimes a personality change. However, his body literarily is dead. The only thing we can safely do it place him in another room, close and lock the door, and come to it in a week.”

Jonothan could hear a sound of shock come from Paige, who had gone out with the others. “That sounds a bit ghoulish. I don’t think we should keep a dead body around until it replaces itself. Isn’t there some other way?”

He watched as Darrett, Richard and Everett started to lift the body up. As they did so, he heard Richard respond. “I’d like to say there is, but this is he same thing we did back in Japan. Besides, this is one thing I don’t want to try to explain to the police. I’m still debating what we are going to do with the one attacker, whom I see one of our new students has captured. I take it that is Kiana’s cousin.”

He glanced over at the odd creature he had seen the one student transform into, and blinked twice when the girl next to him spoke. “Yes, that the one responsible for my father’s death. Are we going to turn her into the police?”

Jonothan could tell that Richard was unsure how to answer that question. However, at that moment, the phone rang. Everyone just froze for a moment, and then Amy spoke. “I told Chance to tell Lightshow and the others that things were fine now. It should be them.”

He watched as Yvette picked up the phone. “Lightshow, is everyone ok? Where are all of you, and why haven’t you teleported back?” He noticed that Yvette’s eyes went wide, and almost pure blue as Jubilation answered both question. He then realized why when she put her hand over the receiver and said, “Guildmaster has collapsed from the teleporting, and they are stuck in Cardiff.” He then wondered how they would all get back, and who might have to go get them.


Jubilation could tell Yvette didn’t like hearing where they were, and the state of Anne. The main reason for that was because it stranded them, which included all the little kids, and two of the students, hundreds of miles away from the school. In part, she was also glad that the Prince didn’t come with them, however, she wasn’t sure how his powers would help at the school. Most likely, he stayed back, and possibly next to Tasha.

She brought her mind back to the situation on hand. “Yes, we are stuck in Cardiff, ‘Penny‘. Not to far from the Roald Dahl Pass, and it is starting to get dark here. Any idea if you can get someone here?”

She was a bit crestfallen when Yvette answered. “I don’t know. We have a few things to clean up. Sequel ended up dead, but I’m sure you remember what that means.” She nodded, remembering the incident in Japan, and learning of the young man’s powers. “We may have to call the police in, which is good that Harmonic is with you and Sean. We managed to catch one of Claudette’s group, which is the one responsible for the demon. That one won’t be bothering us anymore. However, we aren’t sure what to do with the girl.”

Jubilation understood entirely, due to her time with the X-Men. Sometimes, it took time to clean up after an attack, and sometimes the police ended up coming in. She then glanced at the one student that was with them, whose name was Eloise. She then spoke again to Yvette, reverting back to the nickname she called her. “Penny, I think our big concern would have to be the little ones, and Eloise. Remember you said Sinister was looking for her. We need to get her back to the school quickly.”

She almost didn’t notice when Davis tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Lightshow, I think you might want to see this.” Shortly after they had arrived, they had to make sure everyone stayed together. Sean had been watching all the kids, and Davis was to watch the students. The only one who would have to use their powers was her, and she only did it once, when she noticed a very odd looking person. A quick paf, and the odd looking person ran away, but his face had worried her.

Now, as she turned to look at what Davis had seen, she was stunned. A group of people were approaching them, one of which struck her as very good looking. If she wasn’t married, she would have hit on him in a heartbeat. She even wanted to do so now, but she fought to contain herself. She also noticed that when she first got on the phone, none of the people had been in sight. It was then that Davis said, “They just appeared out of thin air, right in front of the monument.”

In the back of her mind, alarms were going off. She wasn’t sure where the people had come from, and it worried her. As she watched them approach, she noticed that everyone else had gotten near to her. The only one of all of them that showed no sign of being nervous was Thomas. When they neared, the good looking one, who had to be the leader, spoke. “Excuse me, are you in need of some help?”

Before Jubilation could respond, she heard Yvette speak up over the phone. “Captain, is that you? It’s Lady Cale.” Jubilation was shocked hearing Yvette respond to the voice, but she noticed the man in the lead smile. He even appeared at ease.

She even started to relax when he answered. “Yes it is, Lady Cale. I hope you and the Paladin are well.” Jubilation started to wonder how long they might have known about the man. However, she was grateful when the others with him appeared to relax, and everyone in her group appeared at ease now.

She was amazed that Yvette sounded so chipper, especially after the attack. “We are, mind you we had a little scuffle here at our school. In fact, our friends, and some of our students, had gone there I guess for safety from the fight, and now need a ride home. Would you and your friends there at the Hub be able to help.”

She felt better when the guy smiled. “Indeed. I think it would be a nice brake for all. We had just gotten word of one problem, but something bright scared it off. That is, if no one here is opposed to it.”

She took that moment to speak up. “I think we would all appreciate it. You just caught us a little off guard, but since you know our friends, that would be fine. I hope you don’t mind a long ride.” She smiled, and part of her fantasized for a moment, and then remembered that in a while, she’d be with her husband again, and all the students would be safe again. She then lead everyone, as they all followed those willing to help them get home. As they walked, Jubilation felt more at ease, especially when Thomas just said, “I had a feeling, but I didn’t want to jinx it.” She stifled a chuckle, but was glad her student’s uncanny luck let them be safe. She was also glad he could handle Anne, who was still unconscious. At least, in a few hours, they would be home safe.

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