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It is December 15th, and after a busy day, which had something happen that kept me busy earlier. Chapter Nineteen of X-Knights: The First Month is getting posted now. In this chapter, a very grim discovery is made, which in turn leads to certain secrets being found out. Brace yourself, because certain things are going have a lasting effect.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 19: Gains And Losses

Necra made her way to the Cale Institute. She was traveling at night, mainly due to her mission. Her masters, Lord and Lady Dark, had asked her to deliver the corpse of a recently dead prisoner there. This was not a problem for her, since she didn’t have to carry it. Given her current condition, carrying a corpse would be a huge problem. In fact, it was because of her condition that she was able to do the task.

Necra had a unique power. She had the ability to reanimate the dead. The more recent the dead, the easier it was to re-animate them. However, with every corpse, there were some difficulties. Not only did she have to make this one move, but also control its latent mutant abilities. That would be easier if she didn’t have to use a majority of her powers on herself.

Just the thought of that reminded her of the moment she had become one of the ‘Rippers’. She had been leaving a building long ago, when she stumbled across the leaders of the ‘Rippers’, and she recognized their faces. Just as their names crossed her lips, she had felt, and seen, Lady Dark’s claw like hand go right into her chest. She still wore the outfit, with the gaping hole in her chest were the shredded remains of her heart was. The second her heart was destroyed, her power reanimated her corpse. It was that power that kept her at the slightly decayed state, and made her look like a zombie. Once Lord and Lady Dark realized her power, they quickly made her part of the group.

She was lost in her memories when she had reached the school. She was aware of how big the grounds were. However, she was told to place the corpse in a spot that all would see it in the morning. She directed the corpse to one spot that would be perfect. Judging from what she could see, when the sun came up, this spot would be the last to be uncovered by shadows. It would be an unsettling sight for all the people there, especially the children.

She let the body collapse when she released her power over it. She smiled, if her face could do much else, as the corpse fell to the ground, laying in an unnatural way. The sight would be more disturbing when they saw the corpse’s power running out of control. Well, it couldn’t run out of control, but it wasn’t held in check by any mental processes.

Necra then turned away from the corpse, and started to leave the grounds. As she left, she realized the use of her power did weaken her a bit, and that meant she would need to sup. Hopefully, she could find a lone mutant in the town, and sup on their powers, and even his life. Taking a life was no big deal to her, since life didn’t mean that much to her now. Part of her even hoped one of the students would show up right now, but she was sure that all the students were inside the school. A shame, especially if one of them were very powerful, and keep her powers active for a long time until next time she needed to feed. However, odds that one of them was outside right now were very slim. She’d have to settle for one of the mutants in town.

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Allan Arron quietly moved around the school grounds. He had snuck out earlier to get in a nice walk when he could be outside. This was due to a unique condition he had, which made him unable to go anywhere there was light. Even a slight bit of light burned him, at least when he wasn’t using his ability. Luckily, he had the ability to alter his form, but only into that of video game characters.

That would be all right, but if the character he transformed into had any bare skin exposed, the light eventually would start to hurt him. Regardless, it felt good to be in his natural form, even if it took a few transformations to get out of his room.

His enjoyment ended when he noticed someone was on the grounds near the entrance. Actually, it appeared to be two people, but he couldn’t be sure, and he couldn’t get close. He also didn’t want to be spotted. He got close to the side of the building, and quickly transformed. This time, he turned into the Predator, from one of the many games featuring the movie based hunter. Luckily, while the Predator was a good one to two feet taller than him, and would have stood out, he picked this form for it’s cloaking ability.

Once invisible, he watch as the one figure collapsed, and the other started to leave. As the figure moved, he watch as their movements seemed a bit odd. It was as if the figure wasn’t fully alive, but he shook that notion out of his mind. The other figure, which wasn’t moving, was his concern. Part of him wanted to rush over, and try to help the figure, but another part of him said to wait until the first figure left.

The minutes passed, until the other figure left the grounds. He then took a deep breath, and started towards the figure. As he moved, Allen noticed the sky was starting to brighten, which told him that sunrise would soon start. That would mean he would have to choose different forms, and even though he had chosen the form he was in now, the light would burn him, regardless if he could be seen or not.

With the stride of the form he was in, he reached the figure in almost no time. However, when he reached it, Allan quickly realized he didn’t want to be near it. The figure on the ground was obviously dead. From what he saw, it appeared like the figure had been stabbed multiple times, but their was no blood on the ground. The figure was gray, which would fit in the impossible scenario that the figure had been dead for a while. However, the most disturbing fact was the skin. The figure’s skin appeared to be oozing off of it.

He clamped his mouth shut when he felt like he was going to hurl, and then turned around. He quickly shifted form, changing into one of the fastest game characters that he knew of, and ran towards the front door. Right now, he didn’t care about being yelled at for sneaking out of his room. All he cared about was letting someone know about the corpse.

As he reached the front door, he was surprised to see it opening, but was glad to see the teacher named Davis. He couldn’t remember the teacher’s last name at the moment, but he didn’t care. He slowed down, but still managed to tumble into Davis. As the teacher shook his head, he quickly spoke, matching the blue form he was in. “Mr. Davis. Sorry about knocking you over, but there is a dead body on the ground.” He then noticed that Davis’s eyes went wide, as the words just registered with him.

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Davis Skinur had woken up early this Thursday morning. It wasn’t typical of him, especially since coming to England, but he did not rest well. There were a few things plaguing his mind. Those at the top of the list were worrying about his past being discovered, and sorting out his feelings for Monet St. Croix. Every one of the teachers at the school knew his past, but were working past it. None of the students knew his past, and he hoped it stayed that way.

His feelings for Monet St. Croix were another thing entirely. He cared a great deal for her. He wondered if it was a factor in his breaking out of Apocalypse’s control. Even though he hadn’t seen her for a few years, the feelings were still there when he came to the school. Deep down, he didn’t know if Monet would react favorably to a request for a date.

He was lost on this thought when Allen Arron came in, making claims about a dead body. He was sure that the young shape shifter was outside when he wasn’t supposed to be. He raised his hands up, to signal the lad to slow down, which might be difficult in the form of video game hedgehog, and spoke. “Allen, slow down. You are aware that you are outside when you aren’t supposed to be.”

He watch as the student nodded. “I know sir. I had snuck out so I could at least walk around in normal form. I don’t get to do that during the day. I know I made a mistake, but someone just left a body on the school’s front lawn.”

Davis could tell by the sound of the student’s voice that he was upset. He headed for the door, and opened it. “Stay here, and I’ll go check it out. Understood?” He watched as the boy nodded his hedgehog head, and then headed out to the front lawn.

As he stepped out into the cool air, he headed right to the corpse. He thought about turning back for a jacket, but he had to see what had disturbed the student so. In the dawning sun, he could make out the shapes on the front lawn. Even in the shadows of the building, he could see where the corpse was. As he neared it, he noticed that the body appeared to cover more area than a human corpse would. He started to wonder if it might have been a mutant corpse.

When he finally reached the corpse, he froze. However the corpse had been laying, it was obvious that it had fallen in a way for it’s face to be seen. That made him gasp in shock, and he quickly turned around and ran back into the building. There was only one thing to do now, since he knew who the corpse was. It was someone he had seen before, about five years ago. He was also aware of the person’s background, from working at Godiva’s museum the past year or so. He worked side by side with some of the former Generation X members. That had been hard at first, but time helped them realize he wasn’t the person he was before.

He final stopped running when he reached the door to Richard and Yvette’s bedroom. He pounded on the door, and shouted. “Richard, you need to wake up. There is corpse on the front lawn, and you need to call the police.”

He heard movement on the other side, before a voice spoke. “Davis, I’m sure you can call the police. I understand you being leery about calling them, but I’ll talk to them when they get here.”

He understood why his old friend thought that way, but that wasn’t the main reason he was worried. “Richard, you don’t understand. You need to call. The corpse is a mutant, one we all know. It’s Angelo Espanosa.” He backed away from the door when he heard a bunch of expletives from the door, and he realized that Richard was most likely going to make the call from the room. He stayed quiet, and also felt glad he wasn’t in Richard’s shoes.


Lord Richard Cale Jr. stood looking over the corpse that had been left on the school’s lawn. It was a very disturbing sight. When Davis told him whose corpse it was, he knew the situation was going to be bad, and needed to be contained. He wasn’t alone either. When word had spread about the corpse, all the teachers had come down, except for Davis. He understood Davis’s reasons, and was partially thankful that he remained with the students.

He glanced around at everyone, noticing the various reactions. Jubilation Thomas had thrown up, and her husband, Everett, was comforting her. Richard knew that Angelo was one of Everett’s closest friend at school. Monet St. Croix stood a bit stoic, but given all the losses Monet had seen in her life, he understood why. Darrett and Clarice Ferguson-Thomas were both staying calm, but given the timelines they were from, he understood why. He could have used the support of his wife, Yvette, but she was still in America.

He looked towards the gate when he heard police cars pulling into the driveway. He glanced at the others, and motioned towards the school. “Maybe it would be best if you all went inside. I can handle things here.” He watched as everyone nodded, and then headed towards the front door.

As he stood there, waiting for the police to come over, he started to wonder how things played out when his parents had been killed. He looked into it a few years ago, but he never knew how things played out when the police arrived. Now, looking over Angelo, he wondered how things would have been different if he had been home. Could he have saved them?

He was brought out of his thoughts when the lead detective came over to him. “Lord Cale. I’m Detective Adrian, in charge of homicide. I take it this is the murder victim.” Richard Cale nodded, and let the detective continue. “Was this someone you knew?”

For a moment, he remember the days at school, pulling the occasional sucker bet on Angelo. Even though it was at Angelo’s expense, Angelo never was bitter. There were even a few jokes that Richard had walked into, and it evened things out. He finally responded to the detective. “We went to school together in America. Detective, I want this handled with great delicately, and kept quiet.”

He noticed the surprised look on the officer’s face, and then watched as a calm look returned. “I can understand your concern, especially with this happening here. However, I can’t imagine this being kept quiet for long. Eventually, it will get out.”

Richard nodded, remembering the tape of the Iron Chef incident getting out. However, when he said the next fact, he was sure the officer’s tune would change. “I am aware that is eventual. However, I must inform you that this victim, named Angelo Espanosa, was technically dead before now. An event in the past left the majority of the people he knew believing he was dead. I’m sure you can agree that this makes this more delicate than normal.” He watched as the detective nodded, and then motioned for his team to move in.

Richard Cale stepped back from the corpse, but remained nearby as the detective looked at him and nodded. In that nod, he could tell that the detective was going to keep this as quiet as possible. He felt a bit relaxed now, knowing this would be handled as delicately as possible, and optimistic that no one, not even Graylon Walsh, would find out about the corpse.

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Clarice Ferguson-Thomas stood on the steps leading into the Cale Institute, with the rest of the teachers, and Allen Arron sat on the step, in the form of Samus Aran in battle suit. Although she wouldn’t show it, she was upset about the loss of Angelo’s life. It was true that she didn’t know him as well as the others, but after living in the Age of Apocalypse, she hated to see anyone murdered. Finally, she sighed, and asked the important question. “When was the last any of us heard from him?”

She was surprised when Everett said, “We heard from him a few months ago. He called us, saying he would be making a trip overseas. We didn’t know he was coming here, since he wanted to keep quiet about it. I just wish I knew what happened to him.”

She was stunned when her husband, Darrett Xavier Thomas, responded to the statement. “When we were looking at the corpse, I noticed something. He was stabbed by claw like hands. That doesn’t make any sense, since the only persons I know that has something like that is...”

She heard Monet St. Croix cut off Darrett’s statement. “Don’t even suggest that as a possibility, Darrett. You know, as well as everyone else here, that it can’t be who you are about to say. People are not always how we first perceive them, something I know you are aware of.”

Clarice looked back at the African mutant, some what surprised by the statement. She wondered if the incident at the mall had been at the root of the statement. She was aware that if the students hadn’t acted, which released Davis from the suspended animation that Freeze Frame had caused, it would have been disastrous. However, before she could ask about the statement, she heard Jubilation Thomas say, “I think I better go back inside. I think that sight bothered me a bit more than I thought.”

As Jubilation headed inside, followed by Everett, she heard Allen say, “I guess I wasn’t the only one bothered by the discovery. I guess I shouldn’t have gone outside at night, but it’s the only time I can walk around normal.”

Clarice put a hand on Allen’s shoulder, or at least where his shoulder would have been under the armor. “At least we found out about it before we all discovered it by the day light. Right where the body was placed is in shadows until the sun reaches a certain point in the morning sky. Whomever put the corpse there wanted it discovered much later. However,” and she looked up to see some officers coming over to them, “I think it is time you told the police what you saw.” She then watched as the boy got up, and went over to talk to the police.

As she watched Allen talk with the police, she noticed another vehicle seemed to arrive on the scene. It was an unmarked car, which could be another detective. However, she realized that wasn’t the case, especially when Monet made her next statement. “I think the situation just got worse.”

Clarice took another look at the car, and then noticed who was stepping out of the vehicle, ready to get all the details. She started to step down, but noticed that the police were trying to slow the figure down. It was her husband who finally said the words that made all of them watching stand still. “How did Graylon Walsh find out about this?” She also wondered that, since they were sure there were no bugging devices in the school.

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Graylon Walsh tried to make his way towards the location of the corpse. He would have hoped that Alex would have notified him earlier about this, but she couldn’t. However, now he was getting in on the scoop, especially as it gained a link to Lord Cale. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Cale, but the public loved stories about the faults of the higher class, as well as stuff that was to be kept secret.

As he neared the corpse, he was sure he could tell the figure had gray skin, that seemed to ooze off of them. He was about to raise his digital camera to take a picture, only to have his view blocked by Lord Cale. He smiled, knowing that Cale didn’t want him on the ground, and decided maybe he could get some info, and maybe something he could use to make himself to look good. “Lord Cale, what is going on over there?”

He wasn’t surprised when Lord Cale didn’t move, but kept a stern look on his face. “Nothing that concerns you, Mr. Walsh. Now leave the premises, before I ask the officers to escort you out.”

Graylon quickly snapped a picture of Lord Cale, and tried to get a picture of the corpse. “Now, now, something is going on over there, and as a member of the press, I have the right to report it.” He tried to move around Lord Cale, but was surprise at how fast Lord Cale blocked him.

He wasn’t surprised when Lord Cale frowned and responded to the statement. “Then you can find out about it from the police when they are finished. As of right now, you are trespassing on my property, and I am within my rights to have you thrown out.”

Graylon inwardly knew that Lord Cale was right. He was trespassing, but he was on the verge of a big story, especially one that would be linked to a Lord. “Well, I guess I can ask you some questions since you won’t let me over there. Was it you who discovered to corpse, or was it one of those students you have here? What do you think their parents will think of this?”

He wasn’t surprised when Richard Cale motioned to some of the police officers. However, he wasn’t going to be intimidated by the actions. It would only fuel his drive to let the story be known. Once the officers were there, he heard Lord Cale say to them. “Please get this person off the property. I’m afraid he’s contaminating the crime scene your detective is trying to investigate.”

As the officers turned him around, he shouted so Lord Cale could hear him. “You can’t keep the truth hidden. I’m sure there are people who want to know about Angelo Espanosa.” He quickly shut his mouth as the officers momentarily stopped. He inwardly cursed himself for saying that.

Almost in an instant, he saw the lead detective come over and face him. “Now, how did you know that, Mr. Walsh, since I only just heard that name for the first time here.” Graylon stayed silent, knowing that if he told, his spy might be discovered. He also wondered where Lord Cale might be, but couldn’t see him in front of him.

He stopped wondering when he heard a zap in the vicinity of all his equipment. He kept a calm face, but inside he was in a panic. Something had happened, and if it was what he thought it might be, all his information was ruined. Finally, the detective motioned to the officers. “Get him out of here. And make sure none of his notes leave here at the moment.” Before the officers moved again, he saw the detective look at him, saying, “You just ended up on a list of possible suspects, Mr. Walsh, so you better be ready to talk with me in a bit.” He then was escorted out, but in his mind, he realized that he would not have any information for them to take. That zap he heard must have ruined all he had. His panic ruined the information for his story.

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Paige Guthrie was stunned by what she was seeing at the home of her old Generation X classmates, Richard and Yvette Cale. From the passenger seat of the car that Jonothan Starsmore had gotten, she saw police cars, and two policemen escorting a gentleman out of the gate. As Jonothan stopped the car, she heard him say, “Bloody hell. What happened here?”

She looked around, and noticed two more officers were approaching the car. “Ah don’t know, and Ah don’t think they are going to let us in.” As the officers approached, she also notice one figure was watching from where most of the other officers were.

She watched as Jonothan got out of the car, and quickly followed, hoping they could explain that they were asked to come here. As she moved around the car to Jonothan’s side, she saw the figure start to run towards them, and she realized who it was. It was Richard Cale Jr. As he advanced, she noticed how different and how similar he looked to when they last saw him, over five years ago. Before the officers said anything, she heard him shout. “It’s all right. I was expecting them to show up today. I’ll take them up to the school, and be back out if needed.”

When the officers left, and Richard was standing with them, Paige looked at her former classmate, and could tell he had aged a bit since they last met. However, if he was running a school, that was understandable. Before he could get a word out, Paige quickly hugged him. “Richard, it’s been too long. How is everyone, and what is going on here?”

When she left go of him, Richard started to usher them towards the building. “I wish I could say everyone is well here, but we’ve all had a shake up. A corpse was left on our front lawn.”

She was shocked when he said that. As they walked towards the door, she looked back at the scene, and Jonothan asked about the man who was escorted away. “Who was that the police escorted out? Someone related to the victim, or someone else, since the man looked familiar.”

She was stunned when Richard answered the question. “The man escorted off was a reporter, Graylon Walsh. He’s been a thorn in our side for a while now, and he’s in no way related to the victim.” She stopped when Richard stopped, and was stunned by his next words. “He was escorted off because he somehow discovered the victim’s identity. It’s the reason the police are trying to keep this quiet, at my request. The victim is Angelo.”

Paige saw the look of shock momentarily cross Jonothan’s face. That was until, in that moment of shock, it disappeared, revealing the fiery chamber created by his power, and then watched as it returned. After a moment, she heard him respond. “How can that be? Last I heard from him, he said he was going to visit an old classmate of ours overseas. I didn’t know he came to England.”

She noticed that Richard was surprised by this news as well. “Neither did I, until now. But that doesn’t answer what happened to him, unless the ‘Rippers’ are some how involved.” That was the second time she heard the term mentioned.

When they reached the door, she asked an important question. “Is that part of why you started this school?” When he nodded, she smiled. “Well, I’m glad you asked Charles to send us over. We will be glad to help.”

She felt better when he smiled. “Thanks. I want you to meet everyone. The students, and the teachers, although I’m sure you know all the teachers.” She and Jonothan followed Richard in the front door, and she saw everyone assembled in the room, but she was surprised by one face in the crowd. It was someone, even given what happened over five years ago, she didn’t expect to see, and she could tell Jonothan wasn’t happy to see them either.

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Monet St. Croix was glad to see Jonothan and Paige had arrived at the school to help out. She also noticed that they seemed to be upset by something. At first, she was sure that it was the fact that Angelo was dead, but when she noticed where Jonothan had focused his gaze, she realized that wasn’t the primary reason. She could even tell that the reaction wasn’t what Richard expected either, since he appeared to be ready to introduce everyone, especially as Allen had come in from talking with the police.

Before any one could react, she watched as Jonothan walked over to Davis, and slugged him. As Davis collapsed, she heard Jonothan say, “What the hell is this criminal doing here?” As those words were spoken, she could see the shocked looks on all the students’ faces. Until now, none of the kids knew about Davis’s past.

As Davis laid on the floor, rubbing his jaw, she saw Richard run over and step between Davis and Jonothan. “He is here to help, Jonothan. Don’t you remember that he broke free of Apocalypse’s control?”

She then heard Paige react to the statement. “Have you forgotten all he did to us? You can’t expect us all to forgive that.” Of all of her former Generation X teammates, she figured Paige would have been the most noble of them when it came to forgiving Davis.

At that moment, she realized that she had started to see past Davis’s past. He may not have been a saint, but none of them had done things they were proud of. She quickly stepped up to Paige, and looked the Southern girl in the eyes. “None of us have something we are proud of, Paige. Remember how you lost it one night and got drunk? I’m sure Jonothan remembers that too, since the surprise you pulled on Jonothan made him blow up the dorm.” She watched as Paige went from upset to humbled, but she didn’t stop there. “I eventually admitted that Emplate was my brother. As for Davis’s past, he realized that he did some things wrong, and has been atoning for them. This is his penance for those crimes, his way of making things right, as best he can.”

She then walked over, and helped Davis get back to his feet. As he was getting up, she heard Davis say, “It’s all right. I didn’t expect them to accept me at first, but I do thank you for coming to my defense.” When she heard those words, she could tell that he really meant them. She started to wonder if there was something more to his thanks.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Jubilation said, “I guess introductions are going to happen later. That outburst caused some of the students to scatter.” Monet glanced around the room again, and noticed that some of the students had disappeared. Specifically, Samantha Cain, Tasha Lewis, Kevin Mitchel, and Amy Johnson had all left the room.

Before anyone could even search for the students, Paige alerted them all to someone’s arrival. “Oh my Gawd, Mr. Cassidy, is that you?” She turned to see Sean Cassidy, formerly known as Banshee, entering the entrance hall. Even though she was sure Sean was glad to see the others, the look on his face was that of concern, and that had her worried.

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Sean Cassidy didn’t like leaving the little kids in the game room, but he had told them he would return shortly. However, he was glad to see two more of his former students, although the little altercation between Monet and Paige was not a welcome sight. After seeing that, he was glad all the little kids were in the game room.

As he got further into the entrance hall, he smiled at Paige. “Aye lass, ‘tis me. However, I thought I taught ye better. I wasn’t to thrilled to see Davis at first, but he did straighten himself out. He’s also doing all he can to help protect these kids. Is that understood?”

He watched as both Jonothan and Paige nodded, although neither seemed entirely happy about it. He then looked over at Richard, and motioned the lad to come over. He was thankful when Richard did walk over, but could tell the lad was concerned. “What’s wrong, Sean?”

Sean wasn’t exactly sure how to tell what he encountered, but he was sure it might have been linked to the incident between Jonothan and Davis. He glanced around for a moment, noticing that many of his former students were getting reacquainted with Jonothan and Paige. He felt safe talking with Richard about what he had witnessed. “Lad, I had just left the kids in the game room, since I didn’t want them seeing the corpse of Angelo. However, on my way here, I noticed Tasha Lewis standing by one door, as if she was listening in on something.”

He noticed Richard nodding as if he understood. “I gave Tasha a special task to hone her abilities. Please continue.”

Sean started to worry a bit when Richard said that. However, he also wondered if it was linked to what he had heard. “Well, lad, I was about to ask her what she was doing, but then I heard something on the other side of the door.” He noticed Richard raised his eyebrows, as if he was expecting something of interest. “Anyhow, it sounded like that new girl, Samantha Cain, was on the phone with someone. Now, I don’t know who she was talking too, but she was trying to keep her voice low.”

He watch as Richard smacked his forehead. “I should have realized it when I first heard her power. Show me which room she is in.”

Sean lead the way out of the hall, and started leading Richard to the room, but was puzzled by the remark. “Lad, what did ye mean by ‘ye should have realized it?’ What is her power?”

Sean was stunned when Richard told him. “She has remote hearing. She doesn’t have to be in the same room as a conversation to hear it. All she would have to do is focus on a person in the conversation.” In a brief moment, everything clicked in Sean’s mind. All the difficulties that his adopted daughter and her husband had been having. How Graylon Walsh knew about his arrival in England. The girl had been working for Walsh. Now, Richard’s assignment for Tasha made a lot of sense. The lass must have picked up on something about the new girl. Sean now wanted to see what would happen, and how Richard would handle it.


Alex was glad with how Graylon was reacting to the news she had just told. After seeing the altercation between the new guy, and the teacher known as Davis, she knew this was important. “Indeed, this guy who had arrived called Davis a criminal. How do you think the people would react to that?”

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded happy. “I think it would raise questions about the school. I’ll do some researching here. Thanks. Also, thank you again for the name of the corpse. I’m sure the police are going to keep it quiet, but I plan to let the name be known. There has to be a reason Cale wants to keep it hidden. Keep up the good work, Alex.”

She hung up her cell phone, and smiled. It was good to be using her powers in what she felt was a good way. However, she still worried about being undercover. This was the first time she was undercover, due to her age. Other stories she helped Graylon break, she did by using her powers, never by infiltration. It was how he brought the one manhunt to the attention of the public. Scotland Yard didn’t like it, but they couldn’t figure out who had blabbed.

Her recollections were interrupted when she heard the sounds of footsteps behind her. She spun around just in time to see Lady Yvette Cale, Anne Smith and a young female appear to step through a portal. She quickly stepped back, backing into the door to the room. She quickly regained her composure, and finally spoke. “Lady Cale. You startled me. Who’s the girl with you?”

She listened intently as Lady Cale looked at the redheaded girl, and smiled. “She’s the daughter of an old friend. He asked us to bring her here for her safety. You looked a bit shocked. Did something happen while we were gone?”

Alex thought about it for a moment, and decided to tell what she knew, omitting how she had heard. “Well, overnight, a body was discover on the grounds. I think someone mentioned the name Angelo something or other. The police arrived to take care of things. Then two more individuals arrived, and there was an altercation with Davis.”

She then heard two sounds. The first was a gasp from Lady Cale. The second was the door behind her opening. As she stood there, she then heard Lord Cale say, “What’s going on, Alexandra?”

She turned to face Lord Cale, not realizing what he had asked. “I just saw Lady Cale, Anne Smith, and this young lady arrive, and started informing them what had happened.” She was about to say more, when she started to replay what he had asked. The last word stuck in her head for a moment. She then looked at Lord Cale, and nervously asked, “W-w-what did you say, sir?”

She felt her heart sink when Lord Cale looked at her, with pure brown pupilless eyes, and repeated his statement. “I said, ‘What’s going on, Alexandra?’ That is your name, isn’t it?” She swallowed, and nodded, knowing that she had been found out. She felt helpless at that moment, especially as he made his next statement. “This explains a lot of things, including how Graylon knew about the identity of the corpse. None of the students had been told that information. I think as of right now, you better hand over your cell phone. I’ll have someone escort you to your dorm room, as well as any other place you need to go, until we have this sorted out.”

Alex lowered her head in shame, and handed over her phone. She knew what was coming. Her secret had been discovered, and in turn, Graylon’s secret had been discovered as well. The secret of his success as a reporter was her ability. She then left the room, and headed back to her dorm room, unaware of whomever might be guarding her at the moment. All she could think about was what might happen to her, now that she was discovered.

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