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It is December 14th, and after two busy days, which left me a bit tired, I am posting the second of two chapters I was going to post today. Chapter Eighteen of X-Knights: The First Month is getting posted now. In this chapter, as another new person is fetched for the school, one foe starts making plans, while another possible problem catches wind of something they don't understand at the moment. Enjoy.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 18: Sinister Things Afoot

Lady Yvette Cassidy Cale knew she was dreaming. She had laid down in bed with her husband, Lord Richard Cale, and fell asleep, and was suddenly in Godiva’s museum. She wasn’t sure which room of the museum she was in, but it had to be the museum with all the exhibits. Each exhibit, which had what looked like a gold plaque in front of it, seemed bizarre enough for Godiva’s museum, but there was no central theme to this room.

She started to turn, and collided with someone. Her main powers weren’t active, so she knew she didn’t harm them. However, when she saw the person, she froze. It was Phil Urich, one of the many people who had been the Green Goblin. Anyone who had wore that mantle, ended up making a name for themselves, usually by falling to the madness. He hadn’t fallen to the madness, yet.

However, as they stood there, she saw something in his eyes. Not the signs of madness, but the signs of knowledge. After all her years, especially with Generation X, she knew some things, and one was of alternate timelines and realities. What she saw in that brief moment, was that somehow, somewhere, in some other timeline, they had met, and cared about each other.

She finally turned when she heard laughter. The laughter sent a chill through her, as if whomever was laughing meant her harm. When she finally looked in the direction of the laughter, she gasped, and started to back away. She was looking at the white face of Mr. Sinister. She had learned about the mutant geneticist while at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, but was glad she never ran across him.

As she backed away, he slowly advanced, smiling with a mouth full of sharp teeth. She also noticed the look in his eyes. It told her that she had gained his interest, as if he wanted to see if all her powers could be passed on. She tried to activate her powers, to fight him off, but couldn’t. She finally stopped when she backed into a wall, and his smile got wider, like a shark about to strike. She closed her eyes and screamed.

When she opened them, she looked up at the ceiling in her bedroom. The nightmare was over, and she was laying in bed with her husband. She felt better, knowing it was all a dream, but was still a little scared. Her husband, Richard Cale, had his arm around her, and it helped her feel better. She glanced over at where Grimore’s bed was, and saw the feline familiar was also fast asleep. She wondered if either had been aware of her nightmare, but decided to let them both rest. Besides, she did have enough rest, even though it was only a few hours worth.

She quickly got freshened up, and dressed, making sure to dress warm for the February weather. Because of the reason of the trip she was going to make, she dressed causally, in blue jeans, blue blouse, and a red and blue sweater. If it wasn’t for the fact that they needed to get Ambassador Levenque’s daughter to the school as discretely as possible, she would have dressed nicer.

When she was finally dressed, she headed out of the bedroom, stopping first to give her husband a kiss. Part of her did hope he would wake up enough to open his eyes, but she also knew if that happened, they might end up doing more than kissing. She then headed out of the bedroom, and turned in the direction of the girl’s dorm area. She glanced at her watch, and noticed the time was after one in the morning. It was late night here, but in America, it would be early evening. Hopefully, if things went well, they would be back in a few hours. She then made her way to Anne Smith’s room.

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Anne Smith sat on her bed, reading one of her books. The one she was reading was set on a far away world, with three suns. She had started it when she sat down to rest, like Lady Cale told her to, but she couldn’t put it down. She kept reading it, trying to visualize the world, and places in the book. She had just reached a part where the hero was climbing up the side of a bottomless pit, when she heard a knock on the door.

She jumped, and placed the book down. She got up, and glanced over at the clock, and was shocked to see it was one thirty. She gasped, and ran for the door, realizing who it had to be. The second she opened the door, she saw Lady Cale standing there. She wasn’t surprised when Lady Cale stepped into her room. “I trust you are ready to go. If all goes well, we will be back before daybreak here.”

Anne closed the door, and shook her head. “I’m sorry, Lady Cale. I got engrossed in a book. I didn’t realize it was so late until you knocked on the door.” She looked at Lady Cale, and saw her teacher wasn’t upset.

She was even surprised when Lady Cale put an hand on her shoulder, and reassured her. “It’s all right. All it means is that I may have to notify Lord Cale that we won’t be back until Thursday at the latest.” She then noticed that Lady Cale was looking at the book. Before she could say anything else, Lady Cale smiled at her. “Believe it or not, I can understand not wanting to put the book down. It’s been a favorite of this house for years.”

Anne smiled when she heard her teacher say that. “I never knew that.” She was about to ask about that, when Yvette held up her hand. She quickly understood, and calmed herself down. When she felt calm, she just said, “I’m ready whenever you are. I’ll open the ‘step’ when you say so.”

Before she activated her power, she noticed Yvette Cale’s blue eyes glowing. Soon, in her mind, she had an image of one of the rooms in the museum. Before she could ask, she heard Yvette speak in her mind. “This is a room devoted to creatures encountered by a speaker at the museum. It replaces one of the original rooms in the museum. We should be able to make that our arrival point.”

Anne nodded, and focused on that image. She then focused on her powers, and watched the wall in front of them. Her powers, as best described, were spacial folding. She had once done it so she could see a place in the United States, but this would be different. Not only was she to use her powers to bring her room, and a museum in the United States together, so they could step between the two; they had to step between the two. The second part was the more tiring concept. It was easy to open a step, as she called them, between two places. The more draining concept was keeping it in place as they passed through.

Soon, she noticed the wall to the room had changed to show the very room in the museum they would arrive in. When she was sure it was ready, she softly said, “It’s ready, Lady Cale. Should we hold hands, to prevent any sudden separation?”

She was surprised when Lady Cale took her hand. “Indeed, Guildmaster. It’s better to be safe than sorry.” When she heard her codename be used, she realized just how important this task was.

As they started to step into the museum, she felt the tingling sensation that she felt every time she did this. However, with a long distance step, the tingling lasted longer, and was a bit intense. It was tiring her out. When they were finally through it, she made the portal disappear, and before literally falling over, she proclaimed, “We made it, Penance.”

She felt herself falling over, but realized that her teacher had caught her. She glanced up at her teacher, and saw a concerned look in her eyes. Her teacher smiled and said, “This is what I was worried about. We’ll just notify my husband after we talk with Godiva.” She leaned on Yvette, and walked with her to the door to the room. Once the door opened, she felt her eyes go wide as she heard an argument coming from the next room, and Anne wondered what it was about.

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Godiva Cale was not happy. She had been closing the museum for the day, trying to get everyone out, and she ended up getting face to face with Tony Stark. Over the pass couple of months, the industrialist also known to be Iron Man, had been trying to pressure her into having Paladin Technologies work on a questionable venture with his company. Every time the idea had come up, she shot it down. And now, he was face to face with her. She crossed her arms in front of her, and said, “Why are you here, Stark? We have nothing to discuss.”

She watched as he kept a calm look on his old face. Stark had to be about ten or twenty years older than her, and she was sure he was a shark in business. He seemed to have an air of confidence that he could do anything, and it sounded it when he spoke. “Ms. Cale, I beg to differ. When I proposed that Stark Industries and Paladin Technologies work together, it was on a project that has the publics well being at heart.”

She recalled in her mind the details she had gotten on the project. When she had initially read over them, certain facts were left out, as if she didn’t need to know about them. That really didn’t set well with her. She looked at Stark, with a disapproving look. “If you really wanted to work together on something, why hide many of the details from me?”

She didn’t react when he smiled. “Those details are nothing you need to worry about. You don’t need to see them to agree to help. All you need to know is that I know about the illegal venture you are looking into.”

Those words set Godiva back. To the best of her knowledge, there was no illegal venture she was looking into. She steered Paladin Technologies away from all corrupt businesses. No one could dare say she was entering into an illegal business venture, not even Tony Stark. “Listen Stark. I will never let Paladin Technologies do anything illegal. My ancestors, and my family, are all about honor.”

She was stunned when he shook his head. “I never said it was a business venture, but how do you think your cousin, who does still own the company, would react to hear the person he put in charge of his company is taking part in an illegal marriage.” Those words blind sided Godiva. It was the marriage she and Kyuukai had wanted. For months, she had been keeping tract of laws and anything that would allow the two of them to be married.

It made he angry that Tony Stark would try something underhanded like this. It sounded like this wasn’t an attempt to work with Paladin Technologies, but to run it. However, before she could respond to that, she heard a familiar voice with a British accent say, “I think he would be very supportive of it.” She glanced in the direction of the voice, and was glad to see Yvette Cale standing there, with who she figured was one of her students. As she looked at her cousins wife, she felt a bit jealous of him.

She then watched as Yvette walked over and faced Tony Stark. He had clearly been taking off guard, but quickly composed himself, and Godiva stifled a giggle as he tried to take this unexpected appearance in stride. “Lady Cale, an honor to meet you. Is your husband here as well.”

She could see Yvette was not backing down, or being swayed by his talk. “He’s busy at the moment, but he is well aware of what Godiva is doing, and is supportive of it. However, I’m sure he wouldn’t be supportive of someone blackmailing his family. I suggest you leave before we decide to bring this to media attention.”

Godiva was stunned at the surprised look in Stark’s eyes. She wouldn’t have gone that route, but it was clear that Yvette wasn’t going to back down. Godiva then smiled, remembering why she was refusing. “Indeed, I’m sure the media would love to see the suggested joint project, and love asking about all the details that are left out, which includes the purpose of the joint venture.”

Before another word could be said, she watched as Tony Stark looked between the two of them, and nodded. “Very well. Maybe it is best we don’t work together.” She could see he wasn’t happy about it, but he left quietly, but obviously upset about things. As he walked out of the room, he glanced at the figure who entered, her soulmate, Kyuukai Hisui.

When the door finally closed, Godiva turned to face Yvette, and the teen with her. “Thank you, Yvette. I wasn’t expecting him to try that angle. For months, he’s been trying to work with Paladin Technologies on something.” She put that thought out her mind, since Yvette wasn’t there to hear about that. She smiled at her cousin’s wife. “But you’re on an important mission.” She glanced over at Kyuukai and said, “Kai, can you go get our guest.”

When Kyuukai went over and entered the secret passage in the room, Godiva turned to face Yvette again. “I must admit, your arrival surprised me. How did you get here so fast?” She took a look at the girl with Yvette. The poor girl looked as if she were ready to collapse. Almost immediately, she put two and two together. “Does she have the mutant ability to teleport?”

She was relieved when Yvette nodded. “Spacial folding actually. When she folds space, it doesn’t take a lot out of her. She hasn’t slept yet, and we just traveled a couple thousand miles in one step, so it took a lot out of her. I’m just glad that Stark didn’t ask any questions.”

Godiva quickly understood. When she had found out who the girl was, she made sure that she stayed in the living quarters secreted inside the museum. It had been hard for the girl at first, but luckily everyone helped keep her calm. Godiva glanced around the room, seeing a few stragglers, and then stepped close to Yvette. “I understand. You can all stay in the living quarters until you are ready to head home. Besides, the less you are seen down here, the better off you’ll be, since neither of you, nor our other guest have passports.” She then remained silent until Kyuukai returned.

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Nathaniel Essex watched the scene from the far corner of the room. He couldn’t see where the Asian girl that was seen with Godiva Cale a lot had gone, but he was sure of who she was fetching. Eloise Levenque had resurfaced. It was while perusing her many decades ago that he had lost his chance to nab her for his genetic research. He had found out that her father, Jean Levenque, was a mutant, and shared one trait with him, an extended life span. He had also know about Jean’s other abilities, and wondered if it had passed on to the daughter. However, just as he was about to catch her to find out, she had disappeared. He had not seen how it happened, but there were signs that it was some mutant power.

Now, he would have another chance to find out. However, as he waited for his chance, he studied the newcomers. He was already well aware of the redhead. He had actually been researching her since she had joined the group named Generation X. Her name, currently, was Yvette Cassidy Cale, and her powers had been more than he first thought. At first, it appeared she could make her skin so sharp, it could easily cut adamantium. With that sharpness, her body shared some qualities with a black hole, namely a slight pull towards her, and her form could literally swallow light. Then, through various means, he learned she had psionic talents, and an advanced healing factor. As for seeing if her powers could be passed on, he knew she had already had two children with her husband.

He also knew of her husband, Lord Richard Cale Jr. When he worked with Apocalypse, he had been forbidden from looking in to the Cale family. He kept his word on that, until something happened. He had heard of the encounter Cale had with Apocalypse, and of the outcome. It made him realize that the Cale family should be studied as well.

Then there was the new girl with Lady Cale. It had to be one of the new student’s of the Cale’s school, and what he heard about the girl interested him. The brunette with shoulder length hair looked like she was about to collapse, and if he heard right, it was from her power of folding space. It would be interesting to see if that power could get passed on down the generations.

Finally, he saw the Asian girl return with Eloise. As he looked on, he was stunned at how much Eloise looked like Yvette. The two could literally have been twins. Maybe he should try to nab Eloise, Yvette, and the brunette. He started to move out of the corner, and towards the group as they appeared to talk.

As he got closer, he saw Phil Urich, one of the many people who had been known as The Green Goblin, accidentally run into Yvette Cale. Nathanial slowed his walk down, and watched as the boy tried to apologize. However, at that moment, Yvette had turned to face the boy, and he could see a look of fright fill her face. It was as if she knew something bad was going to happen. His thoughts were confirmed when she said, “I think we should get someplace safe, and now.”

He realized that she must have known he was there. Was it her psychic abilities, or something else that tipped her off. Since things were blown, he dropped his disguise. As his appearance changed, he heard Eloise scream, but it didn’t phase him. “I agree that we should go somewhere safe. In fact, I know the perfect safe area, especially to learn some things about you.”

He wasn’t surprised to see Yvette turn and face him. He knew she was ready to protect Eloise, and even the brunette with her. “I will not let you touch one hair on Eloise or Anne, Sinister. I know why you are after them.” There was a fierceness in her voice that told him that her motherly instinct was in high gear. It was also evident in the fact that her eyes had started to glow all blue.

He just smiled. “And what about yourself, Yvette. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if it meant keeping the others safe.” He wasn’t going to settle for just her, but it would be a start.

His answer came in a blue bolt that jumped from her mind to his. He staggered back from the mental attack, and noticed that Godiva Cale’s hair had started to grow. Before he recovered from the mental attack, he felt the hair hit him with a force that made him spin. When he regained his bearings, he saw people rushing out of the building, and his prey had disappeared. Inwardly, he cursed himself for losing this opportunity, and now he had to retreat. There was no doubt in his mind that someone, maybe the boy who was Green Goblin during the Onslaught incident, may have notified the police. However, Sinister knew how to escape unnoticed. He would have to head to England, especially if he wanted to find out how powerful these mutants at Cale’s school could be.


Lady Dark walked through the hallways of the underground lair of the ‘Rippers’. She was actually coming from the prison area, with her hooded robe in place. Not a single one of the ‘Rippers’ could see her, or Lord Dark’s, face. The penalty for seeing their faces was death. That was what their one prisoner had just learned. Of course, it was her identity that got that prisoner here in the first place.

All the ‘Rippers’ in the lair knew enough to stay back from her, especially when she came from the prison area. Usually, when she went down there, she would torment one of their captives, or fed off them. This usually meant that she still had her hands in their deadly form. In fact, only one ‘Ripper’ would dare approached her now, but that one was not around.

Soon, she reached the door to the main room, where she and Lord Dark ruled from. She opened the door, and entered. As the door swung closed, she glanced to where Lord Dark and their first ‘Ripper’ stood, talking about something. She was sure what ever this discussion was about, it was the reason Lord Dark summoned her. However, she had hoped he had summoned her for another reason.

As she got closer, she noticed the two of them looking at her. Just feeling the gaze of Lord Dark on her made her sashay over to them. As she neared, she asked the important question. “Why did you summon me here?” She smiled as Jack shivered in fright.

Lord Dark just nodded and said, “Our young Jack says he has a plan for attacking the Cale Institute. I thought we should hear it out. It could be very beneficial to our plans.” She nodded and looked over at Jack as her husband said, “You may explain it now, Jack.”

She glanced over at Jack, and nodded. “Yes, what have you come up with?” She watched as he closed his eyes, and thought about his plan. She was surprised when he reopened his eyes, but not speaking, focused on the floor by her. She felt upset and offended at that. “What’s wrong, Jack? Didn’t you have a plan?”

She also noticed that Lord Dark was looking at the floor as well. Her attention was drawn to it when he said, “Where have you been, my love?” She then saw the drops of blood on the floor.

She held up her hands, letting the robe sleeves slide down, exposing her claw like hands. “I was down visiting our one special prisoner. I thought I would enjoy a nice meal, and he saw my face. I had no choice.” She glanced over at Lord Dark, and noticed as he nodded in understanding. She let her eyes fall on Jack, and saw him shiver a bit at the sight. She smiled, and licked the blood off her claw, knowing how it would chill Jack’s bones.

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Jack was loyal to Lord and Lady Dark. He knew that they would become real powers, once they were able to emerge from the underground. The sources of food and power were numerous out there, but that would require two things. One would be enough converts like himself to take control, and the other was to replace key figures. According to Lord and Lady Dark, that was Lord and Lady Cale. He didn’t understand why, but he trusted his leader.

What unnerved him was how calm Lady Dark was about killing the prisoner. He had helped in the capture of the prisoner, and remembered how both Lord and Lady Dark said he could give them vital information. What he had said at the time, was things they pretty much knew. The only new information they had learned was that the Cale’s bodyguards were married. Of course, his capture happened before the school had opened, so he could give no information on the school, but he had some about the people.

Shaking his head to clear the thoughts out of his mind, he focused on his plan. He looked at Lord Dark, and told of his plan. “Simply put, Lord Dark, my plan is to attack the school, capture key students, and of course, injuring the bodyguards, if not killing them.”

He watched as Lord Dark nodded, and asked an important question. “Which students would you capture, and why?”

He had given that subject some serious thought since their attack two weeks ago. “I would capture Anne Smith, so her space folding ability would be ours to use, once we convert her.” Deep down, he felt very confident about that task. “I would also capture Prince James, using him so we get control of the crown. I also plan to capture a few other students, to use as food.”

He could tell Lord Dark was pleased by the choices, but Lord Dark’s voice remained calm. “How would you get into the school? No doubt that security has been increased since the last attack.”

He nodded, considering that. “Indeed, however, I think one of our converts can drain the light from an area. I will have them plunge the area into darkness. It will disorient everyone. We would then use the gifts you gave us to find our victims.”

He watched as Lord Dark nodded approvingly. “Very good, Jack. I like your plan, and you may begin on getting things ready for the attack. I just have one condition for you this time.” Jack held his breath when he heard those words. Last time that Lord Dark made a condition, he failed in having it fulfilled. He wasn’t punished for it, thankfully, but he was worried what would happen if he failed this time.

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Lord Dark smiled when he saw Jack starting to sweat, feeling nervous about his last words. He figured the killing of the one bodyguard would fail, although Lord Dark would liked to have seen the man dead. Of course, that stemmed from his escape, most likely due to some of Portal’s associates. However, he was sure that Jack could meet his new condition. “I want you to launch your attack in March. I want to lull the Cale’s in to a false sense of security.”

He watched as Jack nodded his understanding. “Yes sir. In the meantime, I’ll get the ‘Rippers’ ready for the attack. I won’t fail you again.” Lord Dark believed Jack, mainly because Jack was not only their first ‘Ripper’, he was also their most successful in his tasks. He gave Jack a little more forgiveness than he gave others in the ‘Rippers’.

Before Jack reached the door, he calmly said, “And Jack.” When his minion turned to face him, he said, “Find and send in Necra. We have a task for her.” He watched as Jack nodded, while suppressing a shiver. He then watched as Jack left the room, visibly shaken by the request.

He knew why Jack felt that way. Part of it was because of Necra’s power, and the other part was how she looked. After the door was closed, he removed his hood and looked at Lady Dark. She did the same, and he looked into her blue eyes, which had the same crazed look that his brown eyes had. He could see though, that she was wondering about his request. “Why did you ask Necra to come here?”

He smiled at her, and explained. “Very simple, you’ve killed our one captive, and given who he is, I’m sure him showing up on the lawn of the Cale Institute would be a blow to the school.”

He enjoyed the smile she gave him. “And let me guess, Lady Cale gets the blame for his death. I love it.” He could tell in her eyes that she wanted to reward him for such an evil plan, but he held up his hand. He was sure that Necra would be entering soon.

He saw the door open, and watched as Necra entered the room. Her appearance now only made the evil that the ‘Rippers’ were worse. As she entered, he watched as she looked at them, and lowered her head. “You called for me, Masters.”

Lord Dark remained in his place, holding Lady Dark, and said, “Raise your head, Necra. You are the only one of the ‘Rippers’ who knows our real faces. We have a task for you. Go down to the dungeons and fetch the dead body. Afterwards, make sure it is dropped off at the Cale Institute.”

He watched as she nodded her head, which made her appearance all the more ghoulish. “Yes, sir. I will do as you ordered. Anything else I should do while there?”

He shook his head, and watched as she nodded and left the room. When she was out of the room, he turned back to Lady Dark, and smiled. “There. Let’s see how the school handles this delivery, as well as the upcoming attack when it happens.” He then embraced her, and kissed her. During that kiss, they let their lust take over, enjoying the delight their plans caused in them.


Alex was a bit stunned as she sat in History class. This stunned feeling was a reaction to something she heard. As she sat in class, she focused on the teacher, Lord Richard Cale. He and his school was the main reason she was here. She was undercover, spying for her boss, Graylon Walsh. He had felt that Lord Cale was up to something, covering up facts about his family, and why the family finally returned to England. She knew Graylon had thought it odd that the monarchy would ask for the Cale’s as a Royal Advisor.

However, all that aside, the weirdness was related to her focusing on Lord Cale. Even though he was standing in the front of the room, she could have sworn she just heard him making a plan to attack the school. It didn’t make sense, unless her power had taken a new twist. Her power was to hear things over any distance, and from any location. It was how Graylon had found out many things related to the Cales. However, this time, she didn’t know what to make of what she heard. Could it have been a planned test for their skills. She had overheard about an attack by the ‘Rippers’, but that was almost two weeks ago.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Lord Cale talking to her. “Samantha, have you been paying attention?” She nodded, hoping she would be convincing. She then realized how much she must have missed when Lord Cale said, “Then name an example of when things have not been what they seemed when it comes to mutants?”

She thought about it for a moment. From the beginning of the lecture, he had been talking about how things did not appear to be as they seemed. She couldn’t even think of any situation, except her own, and if she mentioned that, her cover would be blown.

She was thankful when Lord Cale sighed. “I guess your mind must have been elsewhere. Class, your assignment for next time we meet will be to write about a situation where things might not be what they seem. I’m sure there may be examples you can site from. Remember, all of history is full of examples were nothing is as it seemed to be.”

Alex was glad the class was dismissed, and quickly gathered her things. What ever she had overheard in there, there had to be some reason for it. She ran out the door, and ran towards the other girls. She was also wondering why Anne Smith hadn’t been in class that day, and why she hadn’t seen any sign of Lady Cale as well. She then quickly caught up with the other girls who were in class, and tried to think up a way to introduce the topic of what she had heard, with out giving out how she heard it.

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Amy Johnson walked from History Class along side Tasha Lewis. As they walked along, she wondered where Anne was. Ever since the school started, Anne could always find a way to interject a small fact from one of her books into each class. Sometimes it had brought a moment of humor to the class, and after Samantha Cain choked, it would have been needed. As they walked, she asked Tasha the question on her mind. “Hey Tasha, have you seen Lady Cale, or Anne all day. I know they said they had a task to do, but I haven’t seen either.”

She was thankful when Tasha nodded, and whispered to her. “Ms. St. Croix told me they are still in America. Something about their task didn’t go as planned. I think it was because Anne was up all night reading The Dark Crystal.” Amy wasn’t surprised by that, but she wondered how Tasha knew which book Anne was reading. Before she could ask, Tasha just said, “She was reading it when I asked her about something in Ms. St. Croix’s class that I missed”

Before she could ask Tasha if she knew anything about the task, she noticed that Samantha was coming up to them. If she didn’t know Samantha was coming up behind them, she would have jumped when the girl said, “Hey, I wanted to ask you two about something?”

In that moment, she noticed that Tasha seemed a little distant, so she felt she had to answer the question. She didn’t understand why Tasha seemed distant to the new girl at the school, but then again, Tasha had been in the med unit for a few days. She turned to face Samantha, and answered. “What did you want to know about? Let me guess, you spaced out in class and missed something.”

She was surprised when Samantha shook her head. She watch as Samantha looked behind her, and then said softly, “I think I might have overheard Lord Cale planning to test us before I got to class. I think he’s planning to do a mock attack to test our powers.”

Amy couldn’t believe what Samantha was saying, even though it might make some sense. However, after what happened at the mall, and the ‘Ripper’ attack two weeks ago, he might try to test their abilities. She also remember that Lord Cale had set up a room to do that in. She looked over at Samantha, and said, “I don’t think he’d stage an attack. He had a special room set up to help train our abilities.”

She watched as Samantha just shrugged. “Maybe he’s planning a surprise test. Something we shouldn’t expect. It would make sense if he wants to be sure we are able to defend ourselves.” Amy had to admit to herself that it made sense, but why would he talk about it around Samantha, and then it occurred to her. Samantha had told them about her ability, as it was dubbed, ‘remote hearing’. However, if she did find out about it, it sounds like she was spying on him, for some reason.

As they were about to reach the girl’s dorm area, she saw Kiana come out of a room. She was about to call the Asian girl over, but saw that Tasha started walking over to the girl. She knew that Kiana had helped Tasha during the weekend attack, and before that, they had started talking. Given how Tasha became quiet when Samantha got near, as if she were uncomfortable, she let Tasha be alone with Kiana. However, she hoped to talk later with Kiana, especially about the worries that Samantha had started in her.

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Kiana Asahara was glad to see Tasha. So far, the African-British mutant was the only friend she had made at the school. She hadn’t really gotten close to any of the others at the school, except for the teachers she dealt with. However, Tasha had her own baggage of problems that Kiana felt sympathy for. Tasha approached her, and said, “Can we go somewhere and talk?”

She nodded and walked along side Tasha. She noticed that Amy was talking with the new girl, Samantha, but something worried her about that scene. When she first met the girl, something in her made her feel uneasy. When she felt they were out of earshot of the other two girls, Kiana looked at Tasha. “What’s wrong, Tasha?”

She watched as Tasha chanced a glance back, and then softly answered. “Do you trust Samantha? I want to know your take on her.”

Kiana’s thoughts went right back to what she was thinking a moment before. “Honestly, I feel like she’s hiding something. It’s not that I think she’s up to something bad, but I think she’s up to something.” In her mind, she felt that Samantha was up to something that might not help the school, nor the Cales.

As they walked, she heard Tasha give a sigh of relief. “I have that feeling to, and I think she is hiding something. Lord Cale wants me to keep an eye out for someone who might cause ill for the school, and I think it’s her.”

Kiana wanted to ask her more, but she put the subject aside when Prince James joined them. She wasn’t surprised when he approached Tasha’s side, but spoke to both of them. “Kiana, Tasha, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

She watched as Tasha lowered her head, as if she was trying to hide her face, and said, “No. We were just talking about things. Thank you again for visiting me in the med-unit.” Kiana wasn’t an empath, or even a mutant, but something told her that Tasha was trying to hide how she felt. She knew Prince James spent a lot of time in the med-unit when Tasha was recovering.

She then looked over at Prince James and said, “Yes. Talking about the new students and her classes. What are your opinions on the new students?” Even as she asked the question, she could see he wasn’t paying attention. In fact, she realized that the Prince must not have realized she was talking to him.

She could also tell that Tasha was starting to pay attention to the Prince. She wondered if Tasha suspected that the Prince had feelings for her. She decided it might be best to leave the two alone to talk. Kiana silently walked away, and headed to the library. If she was right, Monet St. Croix would have something for her to look over. She hoped that was the case, since for some reason, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was on the horizon.

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