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It is December 8th, and as I stated in my earlier post, I am preparing to do something big this weekend. Since this, and the prior chapter, and the next chapters, make up a substory in the first month, I am going to post all three of them before the weekend is over. These might not be the only postings over this weekend, and if all goes well, there will be a total of SIX postings in the next day and a half (from the time of this posting). With that said, here comes Chapter Fourteen of X-Knights: The First Month.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

Previous Stories and Chapters

Previous EntryUnexpected Arrivals

Chapter 14: Shopping Disasters

Clarice Furgeson Thomas sat behind the wheel of the vehicle as they approached Lakeside Mall. It had been a while since she had been to Lakeside Mall, but she was thankful to be there. Of course, they had four of the students with them, but that was alright. It was good for them to get a day out like this as well, especially with all that was happening at the school.

She also realized that the teachers needed it as well. In fact, during the whole drive, she had heard many of them remark how long it had been since they were all together like this. The only exception to that was Davis Skinur, but that was due to what had happened in the past.

She also noticed that during the drive to Lakeside, Yvette Cale and Jubilation Thomas were talking quietly amongst themselves. She had been wondering what the two were up to. Ever since the day she had joined up with Generation X, back at the Massachusetts Academy, the two talked and acted like sisters. Usually, when she had seen something like that, they were talking about private stuff. She started to wonder if one of them had a special reason for coming to Lakeside.

As she thought about it, she started to realize why Yvette had decided to suggest the trip. In the past weeks, Yvette had been using her primary ability more than she had in the past five years. In that time, Yvette had stopped getting outfits that wouldn’t be ruined by her sharp skin whenever she used her power. Of course, she knew Yvette still had an abundance of clothes to handle her powers, but she had figured out why Yvette had need to come to Lakeside.

It was at this time, that she had also spotted a parking spot, and parked the vehicle. She turned the vehicle off, and said to everyone, “Alright everyone, we’re here.” She then turned to look back at everyone, and noticed that Davis, who had been sitting in the front passenger seat turned as well.

She watched as Yvette spoke from the back of the vehicle. “Alright everyone, since we’ve had some close encounters at the school, and in the open. I want someone to stay with the students.” Clarice watched as all the students turned to face Yvette. “Now I know you kids might want to go somewhere, so I’ll let you choose where to go. Where you go, I’ll have certain teachers go with you.”

She wasn’t surprised when she heard Anne Smith say, “Well, I did want to check W.H. Smith for some more science fiction books.”

She also wasn’t surprised when Thomas Jacobs said, “I’ll go there too. Maybe I’ll find a book as well.” She realized the real reason that Thomas wanted to go to the book store. She could tell he had a crush on Anne.

She then heard both Kevin Mitchel and Amy Johnson say, “We want to head to HMV.” She had seen them in town many times, and could tell they were close friends with the possibility of being more.

She then watched as Yvette nodded and said, “Alright. This is how it’s going to work out. Clarice and Everett, I want you two to head with Anne and Thomas. Monet and Davis, you two can go with Kevin and Amy. Jubilation and I will be heading elsewhere in the mall. We will all meet back at the entrance in about an hour.”

Clarice watched as everyone got out of the vehicle, and waited until Yvette was about to get out. “Yvette, can I ask you something for a moment?”

She watched as her friend nodded, and then turned to Jubilation. “I’ll be right out, ‘sis’.” She then saw Jubilation step away from the vehicle, and she felt nervous about what she was about to ask, especially as Yvette looked at her. “What’s up, Clarice?”

Clarice looked at Yvette. “Listen Yvette, I figured out what prompted this trip. You need to get some items at La Senza, right.” She watched as Yvette nodded slowly. She hoped Yvette wouldn’t get too upset at her next words. “I know you want me to help keep an eye on Anne and Thomas. Could you stop by Ann Summers for me?” She froze when she saw Yvette’s eyes glow bright blue. She could tell that she shouldn’t have asked her question.

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Everett Thomas stood outside the mall, next to his wife, and facing the two students that he and Clarice were going to look after. Clarice was still in the vehicle, along with Yvette. As they waited, he turned to his wife and said, “Jubes, what are you and Yvette going to do in the mall?”

He watched as his wife gave him a playful smile. “We are just going to do some ‘sister’ly bonding. Yvette wants my opinion on a purchase.” He then watched as she leaned over to his ear and said, “Maybe I might get a little something to surprise you with later.”

He had a feeling what his wife meant by that, without knowing where they were going. He was about to confirm his suspicions when he heard Yvette shout as she came out of the vehicle. “I’m not going into that store, Clarice. I went in there with you once when we first moved to England. Never again. If you want to go there, either go before we leave or tell Everett you plan to go there while the students are in the store.”

He was stunned by Yvette’s shout, since he couldn’t remember ever hearing her shout in anger like that. He stepped back when Yvette just looked at his wife and said, “Come on, ‘sis’. Let’s get in the mall and to the store quickly.” He watched as he wife followed Yvette, and watched as they entered.

He waited for Clarice to get to his side before asking the new question on his mind. He also kept it soft so the students didn’t hear. “Clairice, what did you ask Yvette?”

He watched as Clarice started to blush, which just meant her skin turned a darker shade of lavender. “I asked her to stop by the one store. I realized I shouldn’t have asked. I took her in there once, and once she saw some of the items in the store, she swore she’d never enter again.” He realized she said all that softly, since the students were in earshot. He also decided not to press the topic any farther, especially when it meant that he’d be delving into things he really didn’t want to know about Clarice and Darrett’s private life.

He sighed when they entered the mall and said, “Well, since I’m a bit new here, let’s stick together and all head to W.H. Smith. Clarice, care to show us the way?” He watched as she nodded and he followed her as she headed to the store.

As they walked, he looked around at the size and beauty of Lakeside mall. He had never been in a mall outside of America. He figured the biggest differences would be in the stores in the place. He even wondered if he’s see a name that he’d recognized in America.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Thomas say, “Everett, why does Yvette call you wife, ‘Sis’. Are they really related to each other, because they don’t appear to be of the same background.”

He shook his head. “No, they aren’t related, but when Yvette first came to the school, my wife was very kind to her, and was very concerned for her health. Once Yvette learned to control her ability, she would refer to Jubilation as ‘sister’ or ‘sis’.”

Everett watched as Thomas seemed to nod in understanding, and then walked into the store. He looked up and realized they had reached the book store. He quickly looked into the store again, and realized he lost Anne and Thomas. He quickly spied Clarice and said, “Clarice, where did the students go?”

He watched as she looked around, trying to see past some of the bookshelves, and said, “They must be looking around. They aren’t about to leave with out us, and we have time to kill, so let’s look around. Besides, your aura can find them.” He quickly realized she was right, and let his panic subside. He then followed her farther in the store. Maybe this trip to the mall would allow them to relax after the past few weeks at the school.

No Caption Provided

Anne Smith had entered the store while Thomas was talking with their one teacher, Everett Thomas. Deep down, she was thankful that they were preoccupied. When she went in a bookstore, she liked to study the shelves in quiet. It was the only way she could remember which books she had in her library. Besides, if they knew something about her by now, it was her love of science-fiction.

Of course, while she studied the shelves, she started to wonder about the teachers who had went with her and Thomas. She remembered noticing that Everett looked very similar to Clarice’s husband, Darrett. It almost reminded her of a story on cloning she had heard about. She wondered if that was the reason for the similarities.

She was about to look for the book, when she noticed Thomas Jacobs was leaning against the one shelf. She couldn’t believe that he had found her location in the bookshelves, but remembered his power was literally luck altering. She looked at him, noticing he was looking at an opposite shelf with a blank look. “Are you following me in the store, Thomas?”

He shook his head, but said, “Not really, but I think we should stick together. I mean you never know what can happen, and maybe I can help you find a book you are looking for.” She watched as leaned back, bumping the shelf behind him, and causing a book to fall. She watched as he looked at it and said, “Hmm. Looks like this one is about clones and such.”

She took the book from his hands, and looked it over. It wasn’t a title she had read, but given her current thoughts, it might give her some insight. She looked back at Thomas and said, “I was just thinking about this topic. Let me ask you something, Thomas, have you ever noticed the similarities between Darrett and Everett. I mean they look similar, don’t they?”

She watched as he thought about it and then nodded. “I can see what your saying. They are probably brothers or cousins. You don’t think they are clones, do you?”

She could tell he thought she was nuts for even thinking it. She then looked at him and said, “It’s not a crazy idea. You’ve heard about that Multiple Man character. He literally clones himself all the time.”

She watched as he raised his hands. “Alright. You don’t have to convince me. So what do you think is the story behind them?”

He leaned against the same bookshelf he was leaning on. “I don’t know. They have to be related. Maybe one of them is from an alternate timelines. Remember when some of our teachers mentioned about alternate timelines existing?” She glanced over to see him looking straight ahead, possibly in thought. “Do you even think our teachers have seen other timelines and universes?”

She was stunned as he said, “I don’t know, but I think we should find them.” She then watched as he pointed out towards the front of the store, and she felt fear fill her body. She saw two men entering the story, one covered by straps around his muscular form, and the other was purple in appearance with a strange purple mist around him.

No Caption Provided

Vincentte entered the store along side of Bulwark. When they entered, he knew the people would hide or panic. They always reacted that way. He had even enjoyed watching some of the mall goers panic as they had moved through the building. However, now they were at the store with their particular objectives. He turned to Bulwark and said, “Remember, Bulwark, we are to capture the former Generation X members, and their students.”

He watched as the big mutant looked around and simply said, “Da.” It sounded more imposing with his thick German accent. He was sure it even scared two kids who had ducked behind one of the shelves. He glanced were they were standing, and remembered what D.O.A. had told them from his spying on them. The one girl was a science fiction buff. He was now sure the two kids were the students and were going to warn the two Generation X members that were watching them.

He turned to look at another area, and saw two familiar figures from Generation X. It was Synch and Blink. He wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but he knew that right now they were unaware of their arrival. He motioned to Bulwark, saying, “Let’s go say hello.” He then started to hover over to the area, when he saw Blink look in his direction, and then push Synch behind the shelf.

He frowned at that. He was hoping they could nab at least two of the targets before getting discovered. He looked over at Bulwark and said, “Knock the stacks over. If were lucky, he can bury them in books, and then carry them out.”

He watched then as the German brute walked over to the closest shelf, and punched it. He smiled as the shelves started to fall in a domino effect, and even got a rush as some people ran out from the shelves. He was even happy when he didn’t see the targets run out.

Vincentte’s happiness soon turned to disappointment when he heard a sound he had heard a few times before. It was the sound of people using one of Blink’s portals. It was just as the fifth shelf started to topple. He wondered where the four had disappeared to, and waited for a moment. It was possible that they were no longer in the store.

In a moment, he listened very carefully, knowing with part of his body in it’s gas form, he could detect sound that wasn’t at his ears. He then heard something like, “We need to come up with a plan while they think we have disappeared.” They were still in the store. It gave him a better idea for capturing them.

He looked at Bulwark and said, “Be ready. I’m going to knock them out, as well as anyone else in the store. Then we can get them out of the place and back to the master’s lair.” He watched as the German nodded, and then started to spread himself out. He turned more of his body in to gas, and let his body fill the room. He knew no one would be able to breathe, and he’d know when people passed out. It would only be a matter of time before the targets would fall. As he spread out, he also wondered how the others were fairing with their targets.


Monet St Croix walked passed many storefronts in Lakeside Mall, with Kevin Mitchel, Amy Johnson and Davis Skinur. She still wasn’t sure what had prompted this mall trip on the day a new student was arriving at the Cale Institute, but she was sure it had been Yvette’s idea. The only real complaint she had about it was that she was with Davis Skinur. She was aware that Davis had not totally been responsible for his actions in the past, but she was still unsure about him. What really made her nervous was that he seemed to be fixated on her. Something she noticed back when the Rippers had attacked the school.

As they neared the store, she heard Davis say, “Wow, this is just like the Virgin Megastore in the New York City. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a store with this much diversity in it. Mind you, it’s been years since I was in that store. Are all the music stores like that over here in England?”

She watched as Kevin shook his head and said, “No, the one in London is much bigger. This one only has a fraction of what they have to offer. The one in London usually gets imports in from other countries.”

She glanced over at that and watched Davis. She was wondering what he would seek out in the store. She had a suspicion of what he would get, but was stunned when he said, “Well, I hope they have a nice New Age section. I’ve been meaning to find more music like that.” She watched as he started moving towards the New Age section.

She was so dumbstruck by the action she almost jumped when Amy said, “Kevin and I are going to check out the DVD section. I know there are a few movies that we both like.” She then watched as the two teenagers went over to the DVD section of the store.

She quickly nodded, and then set up a psi-link with them. “Alright, Kevin, Amy. I shall be keeping a psi-link on you. If at any moment something happens, contact me.” She then walked over to the New Age section, and over to Davis.

She couldn’t believe that he was checking out instrumentals in that section, as well as Enya. She walked over to him, and softly said, “When did you start listening to this music, Davis?”

She watched as he continued going through the CD’s. “Shortly before I started helping at Godiva’s museum. After the whole escapade five years ago, Richard asked my time be reduced, especially after everything that happened with Apocalypse. I started getting my life back on track. I never realized how that bastard had brainwashed me.” She watched as he shook his head. She had never seen this side of him, but then her past encounters with him weren’t entirely pleasant. She then heard him say, “Besides, all that time, I forgot what some music like this meant to my family. Ever since the 70’s, my family held a soft spot for Gordan Lightfoot.”

She was stunned by that, and just looked at Davis. “Why is that?”

She gasped when she heard his response. “A relative was on the Edmund Fitzgerald. After it went down, Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about it. I still listen to it everyday. With my powers, it has a healing effect on me, body and soul.” She had never realized why Richard had been willing to bring Davis here, but she was sure he knew about all this. She also started to see a new, and better side to the mutant that was formerly Soundwave.

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Kevin Mitchel looked over the DVD’s with Amy Johnson. It was nice that they had a chance to leave the school, even if it was only for a few hours. Of course, this was also an good time for them to think about things other than the school. Eventually, the reached one section of DVD’s devoted to horror and science-fiction. He pointed to one and said, “What do you think, Amy, would that Anne might enjoy?”

He watched as she shook her head and said, “I’m not sure. Anne might like it, since it is a science-fiction classic.” He watched as she pointed to one with what looked like a moth on the cover. “What about that one? Maybe we can even get it as a gift for the Cales. If I remember right, their anniversary is in a few months.”

He nodded and said, “Yes, and given what we saw in that secret room, it might be what they are interested in. Maybe we should watch it before we give it to them. Just to see if it’s something they would like.”

He smiled when Amy giggled a bit. “Last time we did that, we were checking out the movie I was going to give my cousin. We were lucky to get that one put away before she walked in. Do you know how much trouble we would have been in if we were caught watching that?”

He smiled and said, “Well, it’s not like we were watching a mature movie. We were only watching a Disney movie.”

He watched as she looked at him and said, “Yes, but we were watching it alone. My father, if he had caught us, would have never let you in the house again.” He then watched as she smiled at him. “Of course, I enjoyed that movie the most because we watched it together.”

Kevin returned the smile. “That’s why I enjoyed it as well.” He then glanced over at the store entrance, and noticed a couple entering. He noticed that the woman was wearing gloves, and something about those gloves made him worry. He then glanced over at Amy and said, “I think we better go over to Davis and Monet. Something about the two that entered makes me worry.”

He watched as the two looked around the store, and saw Amy noticed as they seemed to be looking over at the New Age section, which was were Monet and Davis was. “I think you are right to worry. I’m going to alert Monet to them since she set up the psi-link. Let’s just get over to them.” He nodded at her, and they started to head over to the section. As they moved, he hoped that they didn’t attract the attention of the new people in the store.

No Caption Provided

Freeze Frame entered the store called HMV with Britney by his side. As they entered the place, he looked over everything. He knew what they had to do. He leaned over to Britney and said, “Remember, we must detain and even capture Emplate’s sister. Any of the others with her are extra. If we don’t get them here, Emplate will be ready for them.”

He smiled as she giggled. “I know. Monet will not expect me to be using powers like Jubilee’s. It will be enough to catch her off guard. Do we know anything about the other’s powers?”

He nodded as he glanced towards the New Age section. “Soundwave, who is the guy with her, might be the most dangerous in this place. His powers are music based. I’ll freeze him before they realize what is happening. I’ll also pulse them just before the time limit runs out, to extend his frozen place in time. Hopefully that can give you enough time to subdue Monet. Just remember, you don’t just have Jubilee’s powers. You also have Aura’s powers as well.”

He watched as she glanced over at the DVD section, and noticed two teenagers leaving the section and heading the direction of the New Age section. “Looks like those two kids are heading to our targets. Do you think they noticed us?”

He thought about it. They hadn’t shouted or anything, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a psi-link set up. He knew Monet was a gifted psi-mutant, as well as Yvette. If she didn’t set up the link, that would mean that Yvette was already aware an attack was happening. He didn’t like the idea of that scenario.

Freeze Frame quickly said to Britney, “Looks like we will have to speed up our attack. I’ll freeze Soundwave now. You work fast to keep the others subdued and defeat Monet.” He watched as she nodded, and then focused on the mutant he knew as Soundwave. As his powers kicked in, he felt the mutant being slowed by his powers, and eventually stopping. The man was now stuck in place, and unaware of what had happened. He then nodded at Britney to move forward.

As she stepped forward, he noticed the two teens talking to Monet and the other mutant. He knew the other wouldn’t be moving, and he could see panic mounting on Monet’s face. She was a good mutant, one that wasn’t willing to make a scene. As he held Soundwave, he watched as Britney attacked, shooting sparks at the three others. He hoped they would stay together, so it would be an easier capture, but he had to keep his target frozen. He then felt like success was soon in their grasp.


Jubilation Lee Thomas walked past all the storefronts at Lakeside Mall with her friend, Yvette Cassidy Cale. As they walked, she was surprised at how many people kept looking at them. “Yvette, don’t tell me all these people are looking at you?” When her friend nodded, she couldn’t believe it. “Yvette, I remember our days at school. You hated all this attention. You were even self conscious when we went swimming in the pool.”

She was startled when Yvette leaned close and softly said, “A lot changes in five years. I’ve gotten used to the attention since Richard and I moved here. The only thing I can’t get used to is the Paparazzi. It can make it difficult to run some errands when they are around. That’s why I’ve been blocking our image from them. See that man over there?”

She glanced over towards a man standing in front of a store, looking left and right. She noticed that he had a camera in his hands. It was obvious to her that he was what Yvette was telling her about. “Let me guess, he’s one of those Paparazzi’s.”

As Yvette started to slow, Jubilation heard her say, “He’s one of the worst. He managed to follow us when we vacationed in Monte Carlo. He snapped a picture of me in my bathing suit, and sold it to one of the rags here. I won’t repeat what it said, but I didn’t give them the satisfaction that I was angry.”

Jubilation almost chuckled when she heard that. “Yvette, how could they have done anything with a picture of you in a bathing suit. All the times at school, you always wore one pieces.”

She noticed then that Yvette was blushing as she said, “Well, it was our first vacation after having Richard III, and we were at a private villa with a private beach. I had decided to get a bikini that year. Actually, I didn’t get to swim in it until the last day of our vacation. Every other time I put it on, Richard and I never made it to the beach.”

Jubilation gasped when she heard that. “You mean to say that...” She didn’t finish the thought as Yvette nodded. “How long was that after that birth of Richard III?”

She watched as Yvette stopped in front of one store, and said, “Hmmm, well, it was about two years, because after I had Richard III, Clarice and Darrett had Joleen. We had to wait until both were old enough to travel. That’s why Ashley is about two years younger than Richard III.”

She smiled at Yvette then. “I bet they are a joy. Hopefully Everett and I will be able to start a family soon. We’ve been so busy with work that we haven’t really worked on having a family.”

She then noticed that Yvette had a devilish smile on her face. “Well, ‘sis’, maybe we can find you something to help encourage Everett to start on that plan. Here we are at La Senza.”

Jubilation just gasped when she saw what store they were at. It reminded her of Victoria’s Secret in the states. As she looked at it, she said to Yvette, “When did you start going in a store like this? You were scared to even set foot in a store like this alone in America?”

She watched as Yvette walked over to her, and started to lead her in the store. “Like I said, I’ve changed over the past five years, but at least this store is not as risqué as the store Clarice likes. Besides, when we go in here, we will have the whole place to ourselves.” She was stunned by this, but then remembered that sometimes being wealthy and of high status had its privileges.

No Caption Provided

Yvette Cale was glad when they had finally reached the store. Once they stepped in the store, she wouldn’t have to worry about blocking them out of people’s minds. As they headed towards the back of the store, she remember her first time entering the place almost five years ago. She had been bothered by the Paparazzi after Clarice had entered Anne Summers, and she still needed to get some things. It was the first time she had also met Monique. That particular clerk had been one to chase off the Paparazzi, and after that, always made sure the store was empty for when she came in.

As they walked through the racks of clothing in the store, she heard Jubilation ask, “Why is this place so empty right now?”

She wasn’t surprised when Monique came from the back of the store. “It’s empty because I knew Lady Cale was coming.” She smiled as Jubilation look startled, and then saw Monique walking towards her. “Lady Cale, Yvette, good to see you again. It’s been a while since you had to order some of the Lady Penny line.”

She wasn’t surprised when her friend looked at the clerk, and said, “Lady Penny line?”

She could tell Monique was about to say something to her friend, and said, “She’s not aware of it, Monique. She’s a friend of mine from America. She’s helping out at the school my husband and I started. She’s also like a sister to me.”

She watched as Monique nodded, and then led them back to the sales counter. “I should have realized. Yvette Cale would never bring anyone but her closest friends in here.” She then watched as Monique pulled out a package from behind the counter. “As always, in your size, and ready to handle your powers. You can try it on in the fitting room over there.”

Yvette smiled and motioned to Jubilation, “Come over here. I want your opinion on it.”

As they headed over to the fitting room, she heard her ‘sister’ ask, “Yvette, are you saying the Lady Penny line is...”

She nodded. “Yes. When we moved to England, and I started coming here, I made sure they had material to handle my powers. It ended up being so easy to work with, they wanted to make a whole line with it. Monique asked me what the line should be named, and I told her the nickname you always called me. Now, wait right here.”

As she stepped into the fitting room and got ready to try on the new article, she heard Jubilation say, “A whole line. Do you get any money from it, since you basically supplied the material.”

She finished putting the article on, and opened the fitting room door, showing the new article and how nice it looked. “A little, but it’s not that important. When I pick up one, it’s already paid for. They are made durable, but delicate.”

She watched the look on Jubilation’s face as she looked at her. “I can see that. Do you think you can get one of those for me?”

She smiled and headed back into the fitting room, and handed Jubilation the tag with it. “Go to Monique and ask her for this one, in your size. If she doesn’t have one in stock, she’ll arrange something.”

She then closed the door, and started to pack things up. She then heard Jubilation gasp, and figured her ‘sister’ had looked at the tag. She was prepared to remind her that she had had two children, but froze as the walls of the fitting room came crashing in. She quickly reacted, and ducked down as the walls came down all over her, hoping that her tensed up form would protect her from injury. She also was wondering what was happening in the store.

No Caption Provided

Elane Bonstein, the mutant known as Aura, smiled as she use her aura to destroy the fitting rooms in the store. That took care of one of the mutants she was after, which just left Jubilee. She gave her an evil grin as she said, “Long time, Jubilee. Guess who sends you his warm regards.” She then swung her arm, and let her aura extend and knock the mutant off her feet. She had used a similar attack to knock the store clerk out of the way.

She wasn’t surprised when her foe shot her fireworks at her. She closed her eyes briefly as the fireworks exploded, but she kept track of her foe as they said, “Two thing. I doubt Emplate has warm wishes for any of us, and the name is Lightshow now.”

She blinked her eyes, and ducked when she realized her prey was ready to roundhouse kick her. As she ducked, she pushed her hand out, and let her aura push Jubilee, correction, Lightshow into the far war, knocking some clothing racks down in the process.

As she stood up, she watched as her foe stood, and took a few heavy breaths. “How did you end up here, Aura?”

Aura smiled, knowing the answer would shock her foe. “Simple. The same way my lover has been sneaking into that school of yours. He heard of Yvette’s little plan to head out, and decided now would be the right time to attack. Vincentte and Bulwark is attacking Synch and whoever is with him. Freeze Frame and Britney are attacking M and whoever is with her. Take a wild guess where Emplate is.”

She watched as the horror of the situation sunk in. “He’s at the school, with Richard, Darrett and the kids. And news of Tasha being sick was because of Emplate was feeding off her.”

Aura nodded and started to push with her aura, pushing her foe into the wall. “Yes. And with Darrett still not back up to snuff, Richard is the only one who can fight Emplate, and you do know what happened the last time.”

She smiled when a look of horror crossed Lightshow’s face. That one was quickly replaced by the look of someone struggling to breathe. She even felt through her aura that the mutant’s breathing was getting slower. She knew he foe wasn’t about to try and speak while being crushed. She also saw that her foe was trying to point her hand at Aura. She smiled when she saw her foe was having a hard time creating one of her fireworks.

Aura was all prepared to see her foe collapse, but was startled when she heard a sound of movement. She dropped the aura, knowing it would take a few minutes for Jubilation to recover, and glanced at what used to be the fitting rooms. She was stunned to see a clawed hand coming out of the rubble. She then watched as Penance clawed her way out of the rubble. She was stunned, because she figured that Penance would have stayed under the rubble when her power ruined her clothing. She hadn’t expected that Penance had on specially made clothing. However, she did realize that Penance was missing her blouse, which meant it was buried in the rubble. But the situation now meant she had to deal with two mutants instead of one, and that was a scenario she wasn’t sure she could succeed at the present time.

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