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It is December 8th, and after a few days of silence, since I'm trying to get back into my work frame of mind, and prepare for Christmas, as I am one of the faiths that take part in that Holiday Season, I am preparing to so something big this weekend. Since this, and the next two chapters, make up a substory in the first month, I am going to post all three of them before the weekend is over. These might not be the only postings over this weekend, and if all goes well, there will be a total of SIX postings in the next day and a half (from the time of this posting). With that said, here comes Chapter Thirteen of X-Knights: The First Month.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 13: Unexpected Arrivals

Yvette Cassidy Cale walked into her husband’s office. She could see that he was looking over paper work. She quietly closed the door, and walked over to his desk. She was sure that her husband knew she was in the room, but she waited until he stopped going over the papers on his desk, and looked at her. “What did you want, Yvette, that you had to close the door?”

She smiled her sweetest smile at him, and said, “Now, Richard, do you think that I am up to something?” She giggled when he gave her a stern look. She calmed herself down, and said, “I was just thinking, since it is a Saturday, and the students have been on the grounds for two weeks, that maybe they would like a trip to Lakeside Mall.”

She watched as her husband sat back and said, “I’m not sure. We do have a new student arriving. I wouldn’t want everyone to be away from the school. Besides, you know Tasha can’t leave school grounds. We already took a chance by taking her to the airport.”

She had a feeling her husband would be leery of the idea, and gave a slight pout. “I know that, but the others can. Besides, I wouldn’t go alone. Clarice would go along, since Darrett isn’t back to full health. But if you don’t think that’s enough, some of the others can go along. Besides, when was the last time all of us gals did a mall run?”

She watched as her husband laughed and said, “I still don’t know, hun. If you take the students with you, you won’t all be able to stick together. Besides, can it wait another week?”

Yvette understood her husband’s reservations, but she had one more card to play. She leaned over the desk a bit, and said, “I don’t think so. After our little adventure on Tuesday, I realized that I needed to special order some articles of clothing. You remember how we stopped ordering the clothing treated with the material that was in my old Gen X outfit. Well, not all I was wearing Tuesday was able to handle my power.”

She watched as her husband’s eyes went wide. All their life together, her husband knew how she had feared using her powers, and ending up naked because of it. In their years after leaving Generation X, she had used those powers very little, and even began forgetting about having special clothing made. She then heard her husband say, “Well, we don’t want that to happen again. I take it you’ve got something ordered at La Senza.”

She nodded and said, “I even made sure Monique was there today. She is good at keeping an eye out for Paparazzi. Would that be enough to allow the kids an outing, while I take care of this issue.”

She smiled when he nodded and said, “Indeed. Just don’t get into trouble.” She smiled and headed to leave his office. Before she could exit, she heard him say, “You know, Yvette, I may have to examine the purchase.”

She glanced back at her husband, and saw he was looking back at the papers, but she also saw a devilish grin on his face. She smiled and then said, “Don’t worry. Tonight you can do that.” She then left the room, and spoke to everyone psionically, “Everyone who would like to go to Lakeside Mall, please meet me in the main hall.” She then made her way down to the hall. She knew everyone would be happy about the trip, and she hoped many would go.


Anne Smith sat in the corner of the girl’s common room. When she had woken up in the morning, she had decided to spend a portion of the day reading. It was one of her favorite past times. It helped calm her nerves, especially when something big was going to happen.

Today was going to be a big day at the school. A new student was going to arrive, and she was very nervous. Of course, that was due to different factors. The first being that she wasn’t used to the latest addition to the school, Kiana Asahara. The second thing that was worrying her was that Tasha Lewis, who was one of the six students who had come to the school two weeks ago, was sick. Even before classes yesterday, she noticed that Tasha looked a bit drained.

She started to wonder what was wrong with Tasha. She started to let the fear that Tasha had Legacy enter her mind, but quickly dismissed it. From what she remembered, the cure to Legacy had be put out by Paladin Technologies. Very few cases existed anymore, and the worst of those was only minor symptoms. She then tried to think of all the other possibilities for why Tasha was sick.

She was so caught up in that thought, that she almost jumped out of her seat when Amy Johnson entered the common room and said, “Hey Anne, did you hear the psi message? We are going to Lakeside Mall. Isn’t that great?”

Anne looked over at Amy and said, “No I didn’t. I guess I’ve been worried about Tasha.”

She watched as Amy walked over to her and sat down in the chair next to her. “Is Tasha still not feeling well?”

She nodded and the looked out the door that was closest to Tasha’s room. “Yes. I knocked on her door earlier, and she just told me to leave. I even tried to open the door to the room, but she had it locked.” She then looked at Amy again, “And what about this new student? Should we really be leaving when a new student is coming?”

She then saw Amy stand up. “Anne, it might be best if we do leave then. That way, we can all be gradually introduced to the new student. Besides, some of the teachers will be going with us. What could go wrong?”

Anne suppressed a shudder, and got up. She put a bookmark in her book, and then said, “Well, if you think it will be all right, I’ll go. I just hope that nothing bad happens.” She started to walk out of the common room with Amy and said, “However, I just can’t shake this feeling that something unexpected is going to happen.”

As they headed to the main hall, she heard Amy say, “It will be alright. Maybe you can pick up a new book.” She looked down at the book in her hand, and then heard Amy say, “Maybe something other than science fiction. Did you ever read any of the books by Rowling?” Anne shook her head, and began to wonder if she should start reading her book again. She didn’t want to listen to being criticized for her reading choices.


Prince James couldn’t believe the news. Everyone had been getting anxious about the new student that was arriving today, but the news of a trip to Lakeside Mall was enough to make anyone forget that feeling. As he headed to the main hall with Kevin Mitchel, and Thomas Jacobs, he said, “What do you think prompted this trip?”

He listened as Kevin said, “I don’t really know. Maybe they want to let the new student get in and settled before meeting the rest of us. Remember how we all reacted to Kiana’s arrival?”

He then heard Thomas say, “That was Tuesday. She wasn’t entirely friendly with us then, but I think she’s starting to warm up to everyone.”

He nodded in agreement. “She is. Thursday night, we had a talk with Tasha. I learned a bit more about Tasha, and so did Kiana. I could even see that she felt sorry for Tasha.”

As they neared the main hall, he heard Kevin say, “Are you sure that’s what you saw?”

Before he could respond, he saw Thomas glare at Kevin. “Give it a rest. You are too busy trying to figure out the Cale’s past, that you are trying to find something in anything. Do you honestly think Lord Cale would have brought Kiana here if she was a threat.”

He then looked at Kevin and said, “Lord Cale would never put us at risk like that. Besides, Lord Cale has his own kids to worry about. Now let’s drop this subject, we are at the main hall.”

James then entered the hall with the others, and saw that almost all the teachers were in the hall, excluding Lord Cale, and Tasha wasn’t in the room. When they were with the other students, he saw Yvette smiling as she said, “All right everyone. As you are all aware, we are having a new student arrive, and I thought that in order for them to adjust better, they could get in and meet us all when we get back from the mall. Besides, you’ve all been cooped up here for two weeks, so a day out might be good.”

He heard his classmates cheer, and then he heard Kiana say, “Mrs. Cale, shouldn’t some of us stay here, to help get things ready?” He then noticed that Yvette had cringed a bit, and then saw Kiana lower he head, saying, “Sorry, Yvette.”

He watch as Yvette held up her hand and said, “It’s all right, Kiana, and you do have a good point. Since Tasha isn’t feeling well, maybe someone should stay behind for when Tasha wakes up.”

James liked the idea of staying for when Tasha woke up. He couldn’t believe that in the short time he had met her, that he was falling for her. He quickly raised his hand and said, “I’ll stay behind to help.” He was surprised, and glanced over at Kiana who had said the same thing.

As they continued looking at each other, he heard Yvette say, “Alright, Kiana, James, you both will stay here with Darrett and Richard. Kevin, Thomas, Amy, and Anne; you all head out to the van with Davis, Everett, Clarice, Jubilation, Monet and myself.” He then listened as everyone filed out the doors, and turned back to the door. He then walked over to the window with Kiana and Darrett, and watched as the van started out of the grounds.

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Kiana Asahara watched the van pull out. Part of her had wanted to go to the mall they were heading to, but ever since her father’s death, she focused on bringing his killer to justice. She was also concerned for Tasha’s health. Even since the statement she had made on Thursday, Tasha seemed to be looking drained. She had even noticed that Tasha seemed oddly tired yesterday.

She stepped back from the window, and then looked at James. She had a feeling what the Prince’s reason for staying behind was, but she wasn’t sure. When he finally looked away from the window, she said, “Are you worried about Tasha as well?”

She wasn’t surprised when he nodded. “Yes I am. I’ve only know her two weeks, and I keep thinking about her. It’s like I’ve got a crush or something like that on her.” She had to agree that it sounded like that, but it sounded a bit far fetched to her.

It was at that moment she heard a bit of laughter, and turned to see that it was Darrett Thomas. She looked at him and asked, “Are you laughing at me or him?” She was sure that he was laughing at James, but if that was the case, it was very rude.

She was surprised when he said, “I’m laughing because I’m reminded of how I felt when I first met Clarice. I never said anything to anyone, but eventually we ended up together.” She then watched as he walked over to them and said to James, “So you have a crush on Tasha? I don’t think that’s too big a deal.”

She just shook her head and headed off. She couldn’t believe that James believed in something like love at first sight. It was an outrageous notion. She was almost startled when she heard Richard Cale say, “Is something wrong, Kiana?”

She stopped and looked up at him as he stood in the hallway. She looked at him and said, “It nothing. James just seems to believe in love at first sight. Isn’t that crazy?” She waited for a moment, before she realized he didn’t agree with her. She looked at him and said, “Don’t tell me you believe in it too?”

He nodded and said, “Yes, Kiana, I do. In fact, Yvette and I fell in love at first sight.”

She looked at him in disbelief. “How can you believe in that with what you do? Aren’t you afraid of losing someone you love?” When he nodded, she was dumbstruck.

He then said, “I know you lost your father. When you have a responsibility, you have to accept all the risks. I’m sure he was aware of that. There are a few people who take up this fight alone. There are also people who become part of a team, and some of those people end up together. That’s one thing I hope you learn during your stay here. I want you to get used to those around here. Trust me, it will help in the long run. Now, why don’t you go check on Tasha. If we need to, I’ll get a doctor to come in.”

She nodded and then headed off to the girls dorm. Before she continued, she turned back and said, “Mr. Cale, were you ever faced with losing Yvette?”

She watched as he faced her and said, “Yes. We’ve been faced with that many times. Once, we were even faced with losing our son. Now, go check on Tasha.”

She turned and headed off, and started to wonder what had happened, but decided against it for now. She would ask when there wasn’t a lot going on. She knew a new student was arriving today, and she figured Richard must be under a lot of stress. However, with all that was happening, she got a feeling that something unexpected was coming. She hoped that she wrong about that bad feeling, but something seemed wrong. Even as she headed toward the girl’s rooms, she felt like she was being watched.


Allan Arron ran through the streets of the town where the Cale Institute was. When he had heard the place was opening, he knew he would have to make his way to the school. He was a mutant with a morphing ability. The only downside was that he could only assume the forms of video game characters. That usually got him some odd looks, especially since the form he usually assumed was that of Samus Aran.

He usually took that form for health reasons. He had a rare disease where normal light burned him. He had found that when he changed forms and had something covering normal skin, he could endure it. This was one of the few forms he could assume that would allow him to move outside for a long time.

Of course, this also allowed him to get a lot of attention. It wasn’t everyday that someone saw a person in battle armor running around. There had been many times when a bobby that didn’t know him, pulled out his weapon and told him to halt. He usually stopped and explained to them about his power, and his illness. After that, they left him go, but the people he had seen making their way toward where he was going wouldn’t listen to reason. They were the Knights Of Humanity.

He had read stories about the American version of the group, which had been the original group. They had gone to great lengths to prove mutants were a threat, even provoking attacks and making it look like the mutants had attacked them. He was sure that they were heading to the school to do something similar. If that was the case, he had to warn the school.

He glanced towards the gate, and saw a car leaving the school grounds. He wasn’t sure if the vehicle was a school vehicle, but he was sure that the school would appreciate knowing what was coming. He stopped right near the wall to the school grounds, and jumped into the air.

He was happy that his power also allowed him to morph the abilities of the characters he took the form of. In this case, his jump allowed him to clear the wall, and land perfectly on the other side. He then started to run for the door, and to the girl that was standing in the courtyard. He wondered if she had been dropped off by the car that had left, and he also wondered why the car was in such a hurry to leave. He put those thoughts out of his head, as he ran forward and shouted, “Hey, we need to get inside and warn them.” He watched as the girl looked at him, and then notice that she was looking at him suspiciously. He then sighed and hoped his words would be enough not to panic her.

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Alex looked in shock at the figure that was approaching her. Graylon had mentioned nothing about this. From what she had learned about the Cale’s, she doubted that what was approaching her was a trick or some sort of Sentinel. However, she did notice that this figure looked like something out of a video game.

She then started to wonder if this was some sort of test. If it was, she had to keep remembering one thing. They knew her to be Samantha Cain. She kept her eyes on the figure, and said, “Pardon me, but I’m Samantha Cain. I’ll be joining the school. Are you one of the teachers?”

She watched as the figure froze and then appeared to shake it’s head. “No. I actually came here to learn about my powers. Sorry if I startled you. My name is Allan Arron. I use my powers like this because I have a rare condition. But we need to get inside. I saw some of the Knights of Humanity coming this way.”

She felt her eyes go wide when she heard that. Working with Graylon Walsh had allowed her to find out about the hate group. It was a small group, but it always made a big noise. Targeting the group had also been one of Walsh’s pet projects. He even had her listen for some of their plans. She decided this would be a good time to use her powers, and to help keep up her identity of Samantha Cain. She focused on her hearing, and started to hear everything that was happening in the area. She heard some conversations in the school. She started hearing conversations in the town, and soon she heard a voice she had heard before. She heard the voice of one of the more prominent members of the Knights Of Humanity, Henry Meier. As she listened, she heard him talking with one of his fellow members. “When we arrive, we cause a scene, and wait for the freaks to come out. Once they come out, one of us starts a fight, and then we turn on the camera for when they retaliate. It will look to the world like they are attacking us.”

She gasped when she heard that. She then looked at Allan, and said, “You’re right. I just heard them talking about it. My power is remote hearing, and I heard them talking about inciting an attack. We need to get inside before they get here.” She then ran to the door and started to pound on it.

As she pounded on the door, she looked back toward the gate to the grounds. She knew the size of the area would mean that they wouldn’t have to worry about them being rushed when the hate group entered, but that didn’t ease her worries. Graylon had told her many times that groups like them would resort to any trick to prove their point. As she thought about what they might do, she felt a shudder run through her body. She honestly didn’t want to be used as part of their anti-mutant propaganda.

She was so deep in her worry, that she jumped when the front door opened, and she saw a man of African decent opening the door. She quickly realized who the man was. He was Darrett Xavier Thomas, one of the Cale’s bodyguards. She remembered from what she overheard from the place, and that he had taken a beating when the ‘Rippers’ attacked. She was glad to see he was feeling better, but she still didn’t like that his past was a virtual unknown. Of course, this wasn’t the time to dwell on it, especially with the Knights Of Humanity heading towards the place, and the surprised look on his face at the appearance of Allan.

She then pushed her way into the hall, and said, “Sorry for the pounding, but we needed to get inside. We needed to be inside before they arrive.” She then watched as he closed the door, and looked at them warily. As he did so, Samantha, as she now thought of herself, wondered if this quirk of fate made her suspicious to him.

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Darrett Thomas looked at the girl, and the armored figure with concern. Their actions were very suspicious, and this claim of being inside before others arrive didn’t seem right. When he closed the door, he looked at them and said, “Now, do you mind telling me who the two of you are, and what you are talking about?”

He watched as the girl looked at him, nervously, and said, “I’m sorry. My name is Samantha Cain. My guardian called and set up my arrival here.” He then watched as she motioned to the armored figure and said, “His name is Allen Arron. He’s a mutant, and he told me that the Knights Of Humanity were coming. I think they are up to something.”

That got his attention. He quickly looked out the window, and noticed that a group of people were entering the gate at the far end of the ground. It was not a good sight. He quickly walked over to the intercom and pushed the button that connected to Richard’s office. “Richard, I think you better get down to the hall.”

He waited until his employer, and friend, responded. “What’s the problem, Darrett?”

Darrett wasn’t about to dance around the details, given what was happening. “Well, we have two new students, not just one. And, it appears that the Knights Of Humanity are entering the grounds. Personally, I don’t think they are here to wish us any good fortune.”

He heard something hit the table hard over the intercom, and realized that Richard must have either brought his hand down hard, or dropped something. He then heard Richard say, “I’ll be right down. I’ll tell Sean to keep the kids inside, and then get Kiana and James down there. I also want to see how we ended up with two students instead of one.”

He heard the intercom shut off, and he then turned to the two others in the room and said, “Well, this is turning into a day full of surprises. Let’s hope this is the last of them. Now, Samantha, why didn’t your guardian stay to see that you got in safe?”

Darrett watched as she fidgeted a bit and finally hear her say, “My guardian, who is my uncle Jonathan said this would be the best place for me. He would have stayed, but something came up at the lab where he works. He felt that I’d be all right after he dropped me off. I didn’t know the Knights Of Humanity were coming, until Allen told me.”

He then looked at the armored figure and said, “So Allen, why are you here? Your arrival here was unexpected.”

He could see that the armored figure was nervous, and could see a nervous twitch in the figure’s feet. He was thankful it wasn’t a nervous twitch in the arm, since the figure appeared to have a cannon for an arm. He then heard the person say, “Well, I came here to learn to control my powers more. Right now, I have to use them all the time, since I have a rare condition where normal light burns me. This armored form allows me to walk around normal, but if it bothers you, I can pick another form.”

He was almost startled when Richard entered the room, saying, “If you could, that would be fine. I think people find Samus Aran a bit discomforting in person. Might be due to the weapon arm.” He then watched as Allen glowed for a moment, and his form changed into that of the robotic character of Mega Man.

When the transformation was over, he heard James say, “That is a cool power. I wish I had a power like that. It might even allow me some privacy.” It was then that he noticed that James and Kiana was with Richard.

He then watched as Richard looked at both of the new students, and said, “Well, your arrival was a surprise, Allen, but we will get a room ready for you. Samantha, it’s an honor to meet you. You will have to tell us about your power. If you are both worried about the Knights Of Humanity, I’ll be calling the police in a bit. Right now, they haven’t done anything threatening, and as long as none of us go outside, anything they do won’t fuel their group.” He then watched as Richard motioned them to follow, and saw them all leave the room.

As they left the room, Darrett glanced back out the window, and wondered why the hate group was there on this day. It wasn’t good, especially since he knew that Walsh also targeted the hate group. He also wasn’t sure about Samantha. Something in her actions made him suspicious. However, for right now, he was going to keep an eye on the grounds, and do his job of protecting his old schoolmate.


Sean Cassidy watched his granddaughter, Ashley Cale, as she played a game with her brother, Richard Cale III, and Joleen Thomas. He couldn’t believe how well the little girl could play the game that normally was played by older children. The one they were playing was one of the Mario Party games, and they had given Ashley a bit of a handicap. While the others started with zero stars, Ashley had been given three to start with. Of course, as Sean had noticed, that didn’t mean that she needed it. All three of the children were equally good at each of the games they had to play.

As he watched, he started to wonder if the skill might be linked to them all being mutants. Joleen’s was obvious, since she had the same skin color as her mother, Clarice. He had even seen his grandson’s eyes go from normal to all blue, as well as seeing the boy’s skin get redder in color, which was proof that he’d have Yvette’s powers as he aged. He just wondered what Ashley’s powers might be when they start to show themselves.

He was broken from his thoughts when he heard his granddaughter say, “Granddad, where’s my brother? It’s his turn.”

He looked around for a moment and then remembered that he had said after the mini-game, that he needed to get a cup of water. He smiled at Ashley, and said, “I think ‘e headed to get some water. I’ll see what’s keepin’ the lad.”

As he turned towards the door to the room, and stopped when he saw his grandson come running in, with a look of fear on his face. He then saw the boy rush him, and give him a hug. Before he could ask what was wrong, he heard his grandson say, “The monster is out there. I saw it, but I don’t think it saw me. We need to tell Daddy.”

Sean was taken back by that news. He knew that part of what Richard and Yvette did was protect the world from monsters. However, something nagged at him when he heard the words. He quickly went to the intercom, and activated it. “Richard, if ye can answer me, I have a question for ye.”

Almost in an instant, he heard his son-in-law say over the intercom, “I was just concluding the tour for the new students. What was it you were wondering about?”

He took a quick breath, and then said, “Lad, your son just said he saw a monster in one of the halls. Do ye have any idea what might have prompted the lad to say that?”

He waited, and something told him that something bad was about to happen. Richard had gone silent. He was about ready to ask again, when the intercom came to life. “Sean, I want you to get all the kids in the special game room. Push the red button next to the console they have the game on, and enter the special room. What ever you do, don’t finish the game until I come for you all. You and the kids will be safe.”

When the intercom clicked off, Sean felt scared. He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but if it worried his son-in-law, he wasn’t going to wait. He looked at the kids, and said, “Alright, kids, we need to do as yur father said. Joleen, push the button as Richard said, and everyone into the room.” He then watched as Joleen did as she was told, and saw the next room had changed into a life size version of the game they were just playing.

As they entered the room, he heard Joleen say to the others, “Don’t worry. I’m sure your father will chase the monster off. Now, let’s all try to finish this game, since we can’t do anything else.” He then watched as the kids continued their game. Of course, while they tried not to worry, he was going to be worried sick. He didn’t know how long it would take, and he didn’t really know what was out there.


Richard Cale stood at the intercom for a moment, and then stepped back. This day was turning into a nightmare. However, he was thankful that Yvette and some of the students were at Lakeside Mall. The only downside was that there was only two teachers at the school. He then pushed the intercom button again and said, “Darrett, get up to my office now.” He let go of the button, and looked at the new students. He then looked at them, and James and Kiana, who had joined on the tour, and said, “It looks like for right now, you are going to have to go to a secure room. We have an intruder inside the school building.”

He was surprised when Samantha looked at him and said, “Who is this intruder, one of the Knights Of Humanity?”

He shook his head and said, “No, it’s something far worse. I’m not going to hide this from any of you, but there is a evil mutant here. He’s know to feed off other mutants and their powers. We believe he’s linked to the ‘Rippers’. Right now, I want all of you to be in safety, and Darrett will take you to a special secure room.”

As he waited for Darrett to arrive, he started to pace behind his desk. How did Emplate manage to get past all the security devices? However, just as he wondered it, the answer hit him. D.O.A. had some how managed to find a way to get Emplate inside the school.

He continued to pace, but stopped when he heard James say, “Is there anything we can do to help? Surely our skills would be able to stop him.”

Richard shook his head and said, “Right now, that is out of the question, James. The foe that is in here has the power of knowledge on sight. The more powerful your ability is, the more he will know. He will know your secrets, and your fears. I don’t want any of you facing him until you have more training.” It was that moment that Darrett had opened the door. He looked up at Darrett and said, “Darrett, get all of them down to the secret room. It looks like Emplate has shown up.”

He watched as a startled look crossed Darrett’s face, and then heard him say, “And it’s just you and me here. I’ll take the kids down to the room. Do you want me to join you looking for him?”

He just shook his head. “No. I can handle it alone. Right now, we need to get them all to safety. Sean and the little ones are safe in the game room.” He then turned to the kids and said, “All of you, follow Darrett.” As they started to move, he noticed that Kiana wasn’t moving. He looked at her and said, “Kiana, I said to follow Darrett.”

When she spoke, he was surprised by the one fact he had forgotten. “What about Tasha? One of us should go get her.” He then remembered that Tasha was feeling under the weather, and he remembered that a scene like this had played out before years before.

He motioned to Darrett to move. When Darrett and the others were gone, he said to Kiana, “I forgot about her. I think the intruder has been attacking her in her sleep. I want you to get into her room, and get her to safety. She may have marks on her body somewhere. They will look like circular wounds. Those are signs that our intruder has supped on her powers. If you encounter him, run away for now. Do you understand?” When she nodded, he then said, “Grimore should be nearby, so I want you to go with him. He is a very special cat, and has special powers. Do not be surprised if he talks with you. Just tell him I want him to watch over you.” He watched as she nodded and then headed out of the office. He then grabbed his sword, and headed out. He need to find Emplate before Emplate attacked anyone else.

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Marius St. Croix watched the door to Cale’s office, but stayed out of synch with reality. It was the perfect way to hide, especially with all the psi’s out of the place. The only one that could detect him now was Richard Cale. Of course, he was keeping an eye on where Cale was.

When he had discovered that the young African girl, Tasha, had psi powers, this plan had formed. All he needed was the opportunity. With most of the student, and teachers, out of the building, it would be easy to invade and take control. He even started supping on Tasha as she slept. Of course, it made her feel ill when she woke, but he knew she wasn’t aware it was happening. He had even snuck into her room after he discovered Yvette’s plan to go to the mall. He even told his beloved, Elane, to take some of the others to ambush the others at the mall.

He then watched as a young girl walked into the hall that lead to the girl’s dorm area. He also heard her call for the cat as she walked out of sight. He had been careful to avoid Grimore. He knew the cat had secrets of his own. He then watched as Richard Cale left the room, and started down the other direction.

Marius felt a smile cross his face as he started to follow Cale. Years ago, Richard had managed to break what little control he had on Yvette. He was determined to ruin the mutant for that. Of course, once his foe was dead, he’d return Yvette to her life as a servant and meal. There was also another perk to it. He could get all the secrets that the Cale family held. They would be a great addition to his powers since his father’s untimely demise. Soon, he saw Cale stop, and heard him say, “I know you are in the castle, Emplate. Where are you?”

He smiled and phased into reality. He smiled and said, “Right behind you, Skitz.” He watched as his foe turned, and he unleashed a psi-bolt. He then heard Skitz shout in pain, and watched as the man collapsed.

He then started to advance, and said, “You should have realized I would use Tasha’s power. She’s very powerful. Of course, she needs to learn to control those abilities. Almost a shame she won’t get the chance. It seems her psi-bolts can have a lingering affect. I know Yvette’s healing factor might allow you to recover quicker than someone else, but let’s see how it can handle that, and some supping.” He then started to reach down, and prepared to take some of Skitz’s powers through the maw on his hand.

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