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It is December 4th, and after a second good day back to work, I can definitely continue with normal stuff again. Tomorrow, I have a day off, and I will be working on some things around home, and writing wise. That being said, here is the twelfth part of X-Knights: The First Month.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 12: Child’s Nights

Amy Johnson sat quietly on the side of Anne’s bed. She wasn’t sure why Kevin wanted to meet in her room, but she figured it was linked to what they found out from Mr. Thomas two days ago. When Richard and Yvette left on a secret mission, they went to speak with him. They knew some things about the Cale’s, which included what Richard had told them about encountering things of an otherworldly nature, but they had returned with a new girl at the school. She wondered about the new girl, and how she might be linked to the Cale’s when Kevin came walking in. She quickly glanced over at Anne, who was sitting at her desk, reading, and then said to Kevin, “Why did you want to meet in here?”

She watched as Kevin walked to the center of the room, and said, “I mentioned to Anne how we were looking into the Cale’s background, and she said she had something we might find interesting.”

She gave a puzzled glance to Anne, and noticed that she just smiled and said, “What can I say, what you and Kevin seem to be doing is like Mulder and Scully. Besides, I think what you find is that while they have a past, they don’t like disclosing certain facts that aren’t fond memories, as well as how things were years ago.”

She thought about those words for a moment. Five years ago, mutant tolerance was in it’s infancy in many parts of the world. She also knew that at that time, some people still view groups like the X-Men as villains, but back then the numbers were larger. She then looked at Kevin and said, “I understand a bit now. Do you want to tell her everything we’ve found out, or shall I?”

She watched as Kevin closed his eyes and said, “I think I should tell.” She then watched as he leaned against the wall and said, “I don’t know how much you might be aware of, Anne, but I was always been curious about the Cale’s. All through out their family history, the backgrounds of all the Lady Cale’s has been kept secret, especially when it came to their weddings. Being here at the school, and during the attack a week back, we learned that Lord and Lady Cale were heroes. They may have hidden who they were with codenames, but why don’t they talk about their past. We even learned that Lady Cale was doing the hero bit before Lord Cale joined that group.”

She watched as he moved to the middle of the room. She could tell he was getting a rush out of talking about the Cales. “When they started this school, they invited all their friends to teach here. Was this school like a second family to the Cale’s. Before Lord Cale returned to England to live, he came back here when his father died. I think Lady Cale was here as well, but during that time, they remained in the castle. There seems to be tons of mysteries linked to them, and we just found out some information from Everett.” It was at that moment that she saw Kevin looking at her. She had to admit that Kevin looked handsome as he talked. She smiled at him, and then gave him a slight wink. Deep down, she knew she loved him, but she still wasn’t sure how her family would take it.

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Kevin Mitchell noticed the wink that Amy had given him and felt a rush of alertness. He also started to stare at Amy, wishing they could spend an eternity together. He was almost lost in that thought until Anne said, “So what did you find out?”

That questions had brought him back to the matter at hand. He turned to face Anne, mainly to bring his thoughts back to what they were talking about, and said, “We found out how Lord and Lady Cale met. They both attended the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.”

He noticed that Anne raised an eyebrow, and asked, “The same Xavier School that wanted to open a school here. Wasn’t Lord Cale opposed to Xavier having a school here?”

He nodded and said, “Yes, but that was because he and Xavier had a falling out of sorts. Apparently Lord Cale still respects Xavier’s dream, but due to a trust issue, a rift has formed between them. But that’s not all we found out. We also found out that Lord Cale was a late addition to the school, and that Lady Cale had been a student there long before he arrived.”

He then watched as Anne leaned forward and said, “Wait a minute. You’re saying that Lord Cale arrived at the school later than the others here. How come they all look towards him like a leader?”

It was then that he heard Amy say, “Very simple. Apparently Lord Cale did something amazing when he arrived. He formed a connection with Lady Cale. From what we were told, Lady Cale used to be very skittish and used her power all the time, which made it near impossible for her to communicate with others. Mr. Thomas had told us that Lord Cale’s abilities allowed him to bridge the barrier, and turn Lady Cale into the woman we know her to be. I think that’s what led to him being respected at that school.”

He nodded in agreement. “I think you’re right, Amy. However, I think Lady Cale was even a mystery after she started communicating with them. When Lady Cale joined the school, it was after someone rescued her from a foe of the school. I don’t even think they knew her background, which is another of the mysteries about her.”

He was almost startled when he heard Anne say, “She’s Yugoslavian.” He turned and looked at Anne in complete shock. He also glanced over at Amy and saw a shocked look on her face as well. He started to wonder how Anne had come to that conclusion. Did she know something about the Cale’s that most of the people here didn’t know. He then noticed that Anne was starting to get up from her desk. He hoped that meant they would both get an explanation.

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Anne Smith got up from her desk when she saw she had surprised both her classmates. She looked at both of them, and said, “I guess you are wondering how I knew that.” She saw both of them nod, and then she said, “I’ll show you, but one of you close the door first. I don’t think anyone would be happy if they knew about what I’m about to show you.”

She walked to her closet, and opened it. As she reached in the back to get a video cassette, she heard Kevin say, “I’m not sure on that one. What if one of the teachers, or Grimore comes by, and sees the door close.”

She then heard Amy say, “They might think we are studying. It’s not curfew time yet.” She then saw Amy closing the door to her room. When the door was closed, she heard Amy say, “Now what do you want to show us?”

Anne pulled the tape out, and said, “Have either of you heard of a show called Iron Chef?” She watched as the others slowly nodded. Those slow nods told her that they knew of the show, but had never seen it. She then said, “Well, one of the last shows they made featured an American chef who was very skilled. The chef invited the people responsible for helping him develop his vast skills.” She then walked over to the TV and VCR she had in the room and put the tape in. As it started, she said, “Care to guess who those were?”

She watched as Kevin’s eyes went wide as he said, “Lord and Lady Cale?” She nodded and fast forwarded the tape to where the challenging chef entered the arena. She then saw the awe on both of their faces, especially as Kevin said, “They are coming in with our flag and America’s flag. Do you think that’s when they were in Generation X?”

She sped up the tape again to when the reporter was over at the one guest seating area. She then said, “Yes. If you look, you’ll see most of our teachers there. However, they did something to hide Clarice’s identity. You can see it looks like her skin is a normal color.”

It was then that she heard Amy say the question she was expecting. “Anne, did you tape this off television?”

She shook her head and said, “No, which is why I told you to close the door. I had been a fan of the show, and I heard about a bootleg video from the show. Thomas had helped me purchase it about a year ago. This tape shows that things didn’t exactly go according to plan.” She fast forwarded the tape until it got to a point after the cooking part. When she let play resume, she said, “Apparently, someone decided to attack the show that day.” She then stood back as they all saw a group of ninjas attacking the show. As the attack progressed, they saw the ninjas abduct Mrs. Thomas.

Anne glanced back at Kevin and Amy, and noticed that Amy had gotten up and was standing next to Kevin. She returned her gaze to the screen, and saw the image of Lord Cale with glowing eyes telling the camera man to shut the camera down. After that the tape ended, and she heard Kevin say, “Well, that brings up more questions now.”

She shook her head again, and said, “Not really. Remember that five years ago, mutant acceptance was not very popular. No doubt that Lord Cale told them to stop the tape because of what had happened. Besides, everything has apparently gotten handled, because Mrs. Thomas is now teaching here. But as you saw, Lady Cale said she was from Yugoslavia.”

She then watched as both of them nodded, and heard Kevin say, “Maybe one day we should ask Lady Cale about what happened at the show. Besides, maybe we should know about the ninja group, and those two that tried to help stop the ninjas.” She then watched as Kevin left the room, and saw Amy following. When they had left, she admired how the two seemed to care for each other. Those thoughts then made her think about Jack, and if there was some way to pull him out of the Ripper’s grip.


Richard Cale III sat in the family room, playing a game of Candyland with his little sister, Ashley, and Joleen. They were keeping their game on the quiet side, because both his mother, and Joleen’s parents, who were their parents’ bodyguards, were in the room. They were engaged in a conversation with his grandfather. As they played, he heard his grandfather say, “Aye cannae believe how ye are handling this new responsibility.” He knew what his grandfather talking about. His father had turned the home into a mutant school. He had thought it was cool that there were other mutants around the place. He also wondered if he would develop mutant powers like his parents.

It was then he heard his mother say, “Well, it has a few upsides. We get to learn what we put you and Emma through.” He then heard every one of the adults laugh at that statement. This puzzled him a bit. When he first met his grandfather, it was when his parents took him off to France. His grandfather had been in a hospital, and they never said anything about his grandmother. He started to wonder if Emma was his grandmother.

He then heard Joleen’s father, Darrett, say, “Let’s just hope that these kids don’t give us the same problems we gave you and Emma. You had your hands full with us sometimes, Sean.”

Those words made him wonder. He got up from the game, and walked over to the adults, and said, “Granddad, did you teach Mom and Dad?”

He then heard Joleen shout, “Yea. Did you teach my Mom and Dad too?” He watched as Ashley also came walking over. As they looked, he glanced over at Joleen again, and realized that Joleen had already shown signs that she was a mutant, because her skin being the same color as her mother’s.

He then heard Joleen’s mother, Clarice, say, “Yes. Sean was our teacher. He adopted your mother while she was at the school. In fact, we all met at school. In fact all of the teachers here met at school.”

He then heard his grandfather say, “Well, almost all of them. I’m surprised..” He then heard his grandfather stop speaking, and noticed that his mother had held up her hand.

Rich watched as his mother just said, “I know, but now is not the time to talk about it. I’m just glad you are willing to stay for a while to help us with the school. We can use your advice on how to do things.”

That news made him smile. He looked at his grandfather and said, “That means you can help keep an eye out for the monster. When Dad saw the monster, he started getting this school together.”

He then saw his grandfather look at his mother, and heard him ask, “Monster? Do ye mean...”

Rich was surprised when his mother stood up and started to take them to the door, saying, “Rich, Ashley, Joleen. Why don’t you all check and see how Mr. Forge’s work is coming on the game room. Maybe he has the special room set up. I’m sure you’d all like that.” He started to wonder why his mother was ushering them out of the room when they were about to talk about the monster, but he did want to see if he could play his favorite games in a new way.

He quickly ran out the door, and yelled, “Last one to the game room is a rotten egg.” He then ran, and heard Ashley following behind him. As they ran, he wondered why Joleen was lagging behind.

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Joleen Thomas stayed back for a moment as the door to the room was closed. She had thought it was odd that they had to check the game room all of a sudden, but she was also curious. She stayed quiet for a moment, until she managed to hear one word. She wasn’t sure who said it, but she heard someone say “Emplate.” She wondered if that was the name of the monster that had been terrorizing Rich.

She then ran and caught up with Rich and Ashley. As they ran, she got along side Rich and said, “They wanted us out of the room so they could talk about your monster. They have a name for it.”

She watched as he looked at her, and said, “You mean they know what it is?” When she nodded, she heard him say, “I wonder if Granddad knew about it?”

Joleen just shrugged and said, “We can ask him about that later. Right now, let’s see if Mr. Forge is really done. Our parents had told us that it would let us play our games a new way.” She watched as he nodded and continued running for the game room. She was glad he wasn’t worrying about the monster.

They finally reached the game room, and she was glad they all arrived at the same time. They even arrived in time to see Mr. Forge putting some tools away. She watched as he looked in their direction and said, “Hello kids. I take it you came to see if the special room was ready.” She nodded, as well as the others, and smiled when he said, “Well, it is. If you three want to test it, just put one of the games into one of these game systems, and then push the blue button next to the machine.”

She turned to the two others, and then looked at Ashley and said, “Ashley, would you like to pick a game for us to play.”

She watched as the little girl nodded and ran over to the Gamecube. She had a feeling which game that she would pick, and watched as the little girl pulled out one of the Mario Party games. She then heard the little girl say, “I wanna be Peach. Mommy says I’m her little princess.”

Joleen took the game and put it into the game unit. She then pushed the blue button and saw the door open, and saw the same scene on the television set in the room. She then heard Rich say, “Whoa. We can really be in the game.” She then watched as he ran into the room, followed by Ashley.

Before she ran in, she looked at Mr. Forge and said, “Can you join us?”

She watched as he shook his head and said, “No, I’ve already tested it out earlier. I’m going to tell your parents about some of the other features, but right now, you can play a game in there.” She then watched as he headed out of the game room. She then walked into the game, and smiled as Rich and Ashley were getting a game started. She hoped it would be a good game, with a lot of fun for all of them.


Thomas Jacobs sat in the boy’s common room with Prince James. He had been at the Cale Institute for almost two weeks, but he was still amazed that the Prince was one of his classmates. He had always thought someone like the Prince would be tutored at the castle. He noticed that James was working on one of their assignments in history. He remembered the assignment that had been given. They were to look into a historical event, and explain it’s impact on current events, and specifically mutants. He already knew what his topic would be, but decided to ask James. “Hey James, what’s your topic going to be?”

He watched as James put his history book down, and said, “I think I’m going to do my history assignment on the event that sparked World War I. I’m sure I can show correlations between that and the history events about the near assassination of Charles Xavier.” He watched as James then looked at him and said, “What about you, Thomas?”

He just smiled, and said, “I was thinking about doing mine about Women’s suffrage. You know, how they wanted equal rights in many countries. I can show how it also impacted how people view mutants, especially male and female mutants.”

As he thought about his topic, he let his mind wander to all the girls at the school. He let a small grin pass his lips as he thought about it. He then realized that the grin had been seen when he heard James ask, “Is there another reason you picked that topic?”

Thomas nodded and said, “To be honest, I also want to impress Anne. I guess I’ve got a crush on her, and she’s the only girl I really know here. Tasha tends to stay to herself, and Amy and Kevin seem to be an item. The only other girl here is that new girl, Kiana.” After he mentioned her name, he started to wonder about her. He then looked over at James. “Is she a mutant like us?”

He watched as his classmate shook his head and said, “I don’t think she is. When Lord Cale had returned on Tuesday, he said she had helped in what they had to do. However, since she’s been here, I think she’s stayed in the secret library where the costumes were. Do you think she does stuff like Lord Cale does?”

Thomas thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Maybe she does. I mean, you remember when we all saw that fading scar on his forehead. He said some creature called Emplate did that. Maybe she’s here to help with that?” As he said those words, he saw that James looked deep in thought. He wondered if James had more insight on Kiana than he had. He then sat back and waited for James to answer.

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James thought about the last statement that Thomas had made. He then said, “I don’t think she’s here to help with this Emplate thing. If she was, Lord Cale would have called her in to begin with. I think her meeting Lord and Lady Cale was a chance encounter. Besides, I don’t think she’s entirely keen on mutants. She even seems a bit jumpy around all of us. I just hope she’s not part of a mutant hate group.”

He saw the shocked look that crossed Thomas’s face. It was obviously not something that he had thought about. After a moment, he heard Thomas say, “Do you honestly think she would even be allowed on the grounds if that was the case? This school is supposed to be a safe place for mutants. If she had something evil planned for us, she wouldn’t be allowed in.”

He then thought about what he had suggested. It was unlikely that was the case. He had read stories about how a Paladin, who he knew Lord Cale was, could sense evil. He had even seen once when someone came in to threaten his father, only to be stopped by Lord Cale. He then said, “You’re right. Maybe I’m just jumpy. You remember how I reacted when Sean Cassidy arrived. I didn’t know he was Yvette’s adoptive father.”

It was then that Thomas said, “You have a reason to be jumpy. You are the Prince, and who knows if someone might be after you.” It wasn’t a comforting thought, but Thomas did have a point.

He wanted to change the topic now. He shook his head and said, “Hey, you said you had feelings for Anne, didn’t you?”

He watched as Thomas looked at him, puzzled by the topic change, but then saw him smile as he said, “Yes, I do. Of course, I’ve known her the longest. Do you have feelings for someone you met here?”

James thought about that for a moment and then nodded. “I think I have feelings for Tasha. I don’t know what it is about her, but something makes me feel for her. From the way she talks, something tells me her life was full of troubles.”

He watched as Thomas looked at him, with a look of concern on his face. “What kinds of troubles?”

He sighed when he thought about the few things Tasha had told him about her home life. He knew she didn’t talk with the others much, but she had shared a few things about her home life. He looked at Thomas, and said, “Something tells me her parents didn’t love her. I’m not sure if it was because she was a mutant, or if they just didn’t love her. After we found out about Sean Cassidy, she stepped out. I followed and heard her say that Lady Cale’s life was similar to her own.”

He watched as Thomas sat back. He could see a look of surprise had crossed his friend’s face. He then heard Thomas say, “Maybe you should go talk to her. There is still some time until curfew.”

James knew Thomas was right. He then got up and headed for the door. “You’re right. I’ll head over there right now. Besides, she always seems to withdraw to her room. Maybe she needed some company, just to chat, or talk about one of the assignments.” He then exited the room, and headed out of the boys’ dorm area, to where the girls resided. As he walked, he wondered what Tasha might think of his coming to visit.


Kiana Asahara sat up from leaning over one of the books in the Cale’s secret library. She had been reading through the book for the past hour, and now understood why Richard Cale insisted on having new age music on. She looked over at him, and said, “I never realized how many dark forces are in our world.”

She watched as he walked over to the table and said, “It can be a bit overwhelming at first. There is a lot of stuff in the world that we don’t about. Can you imagine how people would react if they learned about all this stuff?”

She honestly thought about it for a moment. If people knew about how some of this stuff actually did exist, the people might go mad and even lash out against one another. She also started to realize that was how some people reacted to mutants. She looked at Richard, and wondered if he had choose to ask that question for that reason. After a moment, she responded, “People would turn on one another. It would be a disaster.”

She watched as he nodded and said, “Yes. There are examples in history which shows how hysteria can take over. The Inquisition. The Salem Witch Craft Trials and The McCarthy Hearings in America. People let their fear turn them against each other. The only way to stop it is to not start it, and if it is started, an accusation that would be absurd will stop it. In fact, only in the past five years, the persecution of mutants has dropped. People stop fearing, and start learning. The stuff that my family has had to deal with still can only be mentally handled by a few people.”

Kiana then sat back in the chair, and said, “You know, I never thought of things that way. You’ve given me some things to think about.” She then stood up and started to head for the door. As she reached it, she then said, “Mr. Cale, if I were to start talking with some of your students, who would you recommend talking with first?”

She watched as he thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Well, I think you should speak with Tasha first. I think it would help both of you out. Out of all the students, her life has been the harshest.”

She nodded and headed out of the hidden room. As she walked, she wondered about Richard’s choice of words. She hadn’t talked with the students, but that was mainly because she was cautious about dealing with mutants. She hadn’t even talked with the teachers much. The only other one she had spoken with was Monet St. Croix. She was lost in the thoughts of the teachers when she entered the hall, and walked into James. She stepped back and quickly said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to run in to you.”

She remembered Richard telling her that James was the Prince of England. She was a bit worried that he might yell at her. In her mind, she was expecting him to belittle her, but she was surprised when James said, “It’s all right. I should have been more careful. I was just heading to talk with Tasha.”

Kiana was thankful the he wasn’t upset. She then continued on her way to the girl’s dorm rooms, and said, “Actually, I was just going to visit with her as well. Mr. Cale suggested I visit with her.”

As they walked, she started wondering why he was coming to see Tasha. As they neared her room, she heard James say, “I thought you were nervous around mutants.”

She understood his comment and then said, “Actually, I am, but Mr. Cale suggest that since I want to start getting to know everyone, that I should start with Tasha.” As they got to the door, she noticed he had a smile on his face.

As he knocked on the door, he said, “I think Lord Cale wants to help Tasha, and also show you that mutants have normal problems as well.” She watched as he then looked at the door, and noticed it was opening. As it opened, she noticed that Tasha seemed to have on a bath robe. She then started to worry that they might have woken Tasha.

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Tasha Lewis had been surprised to hear someone knocking on her door. She had been studying in her room, au natural. However, when the knocking started, she quickly put on a housecoat. Now she was seeing two of her school mates had wanted to visit. She was glad to see that one of her visitors was James. However, she was surprised to see that Kiana, who had arrived only two days ago. Tasha had initially thought that Kiana was a loner, or uncomfortable around mutants. She then smiled and said, “Both of you, come in. Did you want to talk about something?”

She watched as they both entered and heard James say, “Well, it appears that Kiana wants to start learning about us. As for myself, I was a bit concerned about you.” When she heard those words, she wanted to blush, but she just smiled.

She then heard Kiana say, “Mr. Cale suggested that I speak with you first. Can you tell me about you and your family?” When she heard the mention of family, she felt a feeling of fear go through her. It wasn’t something she wanted to talk about.

She was almost startled when James said, “Tasha, we won’t tell anyone else unless you want us to tell them. But, you are going to have to tell some of your background to us.” She understood what James was saying, but she didn’t know if she should.

She then heard Kiana say, “Tasha, did something traumatic happen in your home life?”

Tasha nodded, finally answering the question. “Everything happened, Kiana. As I grew up, I wasn’t my parents’ child, I was their servant. I wasn’t allowed to have friends, do anything on my own. They even made sure I had a reputation at school that no one wanted to be my friend. Then it got worse.”

She noticed that James had a worried look on his face, and saw that Kiana was in shock. She then heard Kiana say, “Was that when you found out you were a mutant?”

She nodded again. “Yes. My parents saw great possibilities to use them to help themselves to have a better life. They saw my psychic powers as a tool they could use. I also heard them say that when it looked like I would get caught, they’d claim I was controlling them.” As she finished talking, she wanted to cry. She didn’t want anyone to know how bad her home life was. She was even afraid that people would believe the lies that she was evil.

She was stunned when she heard Kiana gasp and say, “That is horrible. I can’t believe that any parents would do that to their own child. It’s just beyond reason. I’m glad you were able to get out of there. Tasha, I have seen evil in people, and that includes my own cousin. I can see you aren’t evil. It will be an honor to know you.”

Hearing Kiana say that made her feel good. She always thought her background would make people fear her. She was even more surprised when she heard James say, “I’m sorry for what happened to you at home, Tasha. I can see that you are an honest person.”

She looked right at James, and was surprised by what she saw. She saw that in his eyes, he had feelings for her. As she focused on that, she felt her powers sensing feelings of concern from both James and Kiana. The feeling was very strong from James, but she then sensed something else. She sensed something sinister nearby. She then looked at her two friends and said, “Maybe we should be quiet for a moment. Something just seems wrong.” She then turned towards the door, and notice the others were facing the door as well.

No Caption Provided

Marius St. Croix stayed out of synch with reality. It had taken D.O.A. a few days to get the special teleportation door working, but the results were successful. He could now sneak into the Cale’s home anytime he wished. He could now find out anything he wanted, and even chance the occasional snack. Right now, he had chanced upon a unique scene. Three of the students were all in the one student’s room. He watched as the one, a girl of African decent walked to the door, and cautiously looked out.

He then heard her say, “I don’t know why, but I’ve got this strange feeling like we are being watched.” He got a good look at her now, and learned all he could with his knowledge on sight powers. He could tell her name was Tasha Erica Lewis, and saw she had a very bad home life. He also saw that she had potential to be a very powerful psi-mutant.

He then chanced a glance past her, and saw a young man in the room. He also had great power, which was to manipulate water. He also learned the man was the son of England’s king, Prince James. He could also see something else, a feeling of concern for the girl. It was at that point that he heard the boy say, “I don’t see anyone out there. Maybe you’re nervous since curfew will be here soon. We should all be back in our rooms by that time. In fact, maybe I should leave now.”

He watched as the boy left the room and passed right near him. It was so tempting to just attack then, but he needed more information first. He decided to turn his attention to the other girl, but was shocked to see no mutant aura around her. He started to wonder why she was here, until he heard her say, “I should go to, Tasha. Mr. Cale has more stuff he wants me to study.” It was then realized why she was there. She was another person that fought evil the same way the Paladin did. That would make things a little more difficult for him.

Marius started to walk away from the area. If the two mutants he saw were any indication of the powers available here, he could have a very good feast. As he neared the door that he used to jump there, he heard the small communicator beep. He pushed the button and said, “I’m on my way back, D. Get the rest together. I may have an idea on how to capture our old foes, as well as the new class of mutants.”

He turned off the communicator and then stepped through the door. It worked just like it was supposed to. He smiled at D.O.A. and saw his technical wizard was happy. He then saw D. shut off the device, while saying, “I’ll get the others together right away. How soon do you want to attack?”

He smiled and thought about it. It would have to be a time when the forces are divided. He’d have to check a few more times, but it would have to be soon. He wanted a chance to sup on the new powers available to him. He looked at D. and said, “Hopefully soon. We must wait until the forces are divided. Right now, we must plan.” He then walked out of the room, and went to gather the rest together.

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