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It is December 2nd, and parts of my life are going to start to get back to normal. I will be returning to work after a leave of absence to get over the grief, or a bulk of it, of losing my wife. I will be going back at reduced hours, which will help me get used to the holidays alone. Hopefully, with this, I will be able to get the rest of X-Knights up before the end of the year. That being said, here is the tenth part of X-Knights: The First Month.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 10: Unexplained Occurrences

Yvette Cale walked into the private bedroom she and her husband had and closed the door. She then sighed as she said, “I wish ‘Dad’ would have told me how hard it was to teach us.” She then walked over to the dresser, with one thought on her mind. She was going to head down to the pool room and get in the Jacuzzi. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out the swim suit she had gotten for their last trip away. As she pulled out the two piece suit, she smiled thinking about how she and her husband, Richard, never got to the beach that day. However, just as she was about to change, she heard the one phone in the room ring.

She turned to face it, and shuddered when she saw which phone was ringing. It was the one that rang when someone needed the Paladin’s help. Ever since they had moved to England, that phone had rung at least twice a year. Today was the first time it had rung this year. She walked over to it, still carrying her bathing suit, and answered the phone. She took a deep breath and said, “How can the Paladin be of service?”

She wasn’t surprised when the voice said in a panicked tone, “Someone found a demon in our town. They barely escaped with their lives. We need him to destroy the foul beast.”

Yvette quickly grabbed a pad and paper and said, “Alright, describe the creature if you can, and we will be there as soon as possible.” She then listened as she heard the person describe the creature. With every word she heard, Yvette shuddered. When the person was finished, she just said, “Alright, we will be there as soon as possible.”

She then heard the person say, “Are you sure? I mean I’d feel bad if that thing did something horrible to you.” Yvette shuddered when the person said that, but knew she didn’t have to be afraid. She had helped handle things like this before.

She also realized that she could feel herself tensing up. She took a calming breath and said, “I’ll be fine. The Paladin and myself have handled things like this before. We know exactly how to handle a creature like this. Now, relax and we will be there as soon as possible.” She then hung up the phone, and sighed. She realized that there was no rest for the weary. She then glanced down at the floor, and saw the top of the swim suit she had been ready to get into, on the floor. She then noticed that she had indeed tensed up, when she saw that the strap that went behind her neck had been cut in two. She sighed again and then said in the mind link with her husband, “Dear, someone just called for the Paladin.” She then turned as she heard the door to the room open, and saw Grimore walking in. As she watched, she wondered two things. The first was if he knew about the call, and the second was how he was able to open the door.

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Grimore walked into the room after pushing the door open. He had used his own limited magic powers to turn the doorknob. As he padded into the room, he looked over at Yvette and saw a distressed look on her face. He quickly leapt onto the bed and walked to the edge of the bed. When he got there, he looked down at the floor, and then sat down on the bed and said, “I thought you learned not to wear that swimsuit after the last vacation.” He noticed her look hadn’t changed and finally said, “What is bothering you, Yvette?”

He watched as she looked at him and said, “There has been a call for the Paladin. Apparently a demon of some sorts is running loose in a town. All I have is a description, but something bothers me about it.”

He looked at her and said, “I take it must have scared you, or else you wouldn’t have ruined that particular swim suit.” He glanced at the part on the floor again and then said, “Why were you going to wear that anyhow? You remember what happened last time you wore it.”

He watched as she nodded and then said, “Actually, I was going to get in the jacuzzi. I wanted to relax after all that happened the past couple of days.” Grimore nodded in understanding. He knew that everyone was going through a lot lately, and he was also aware that more was on the way. He then watched as Yvette put the paper she had written on in front of him and said, “What do you know about this thing?”

He looked over the description that she had written down and sighed. “I know a lot about this thing. It’s a demon that most of the Cale’s have encountered. It is called Sen, and it is a very unusual demon. Most demons when destroyed do not come back. Sen is a demon who keeps coming back. The only way to totally destroy it is if some mortal is controlling it.” He watched as Yvette shuddered again. He then said, “What else has you worried?”

He watched as Yvette turned to face the mirror in the room and said, “The person on the phone talked like the creature would attack me in a way I’d rather not be attacked.”

Part of him wanted to laugh at that but he didn’t. He then said, “That is just an old stereotype. Ninety nine percent of all demons don’t do that sort of thing, and Sen is definitely not one of those rare demons. Now, Yvette, maybe you should prepare to take care of this demon. I have a feeling your natural talents are going to be very useful against this demon.”

He then watched as Yvette looked at him and said, “Alright, but why don’t you tell me how you were able to open the door. I know it was closed tightly.”

Grimore felt a wave of panic run through him. This was the first time any of the Cale family had ever questioned how he moved about. He was then thankful when he heard someone enter the room, and turned to see that it was Richard. He was even more relieved when Richard said, “All right, tell me what is going on?” He knew the question would wait until next time to be answered.

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When Richard Cale had first heard that something was up, he dismissed the class for the day. He didn’t want to, but Yvette’s tone told him it was urgent. He looked at her, and then down at the floor before he said, “Let me guess, you were about to go to the jacuzzi when the call came.” When she nodded, he just looked at her and said, “You should have called me for that instead of a call for the Paladin.”

He didn’t jump when he heard Grimore say, “Lord Cale, you know that your duty as Paladin comes first.” He turned to face Grimore, and watched as the cat shrank back a bit and said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were teasing her.”

He then turned to his wife and said, “Now, what’s the deal? Do we know anything about why they need a Paladin?” He watched as she nodded and then pointed to the paper on the bed.

As he walked over to it, he heard her say, “Grimore knows something about the creature. I’m sure he can enlighten you on it.”

As he read over the creatures description, he said to Grimore, “Alright, my fine feline friend, what do you know about this thing?” He glanced at the cat again, waiting for a response.

Before too long, he heard Grimore say, “It is a creature your grandfather and great-grandfather had run across before. As I told Yvette, it is named Sen. It is unusual for a demon because unless it is controlled by a mortal, it can not be completely killed.”

Richard sighed and said, “So what you are saying is that we are looking at a temporary peace when we destroy the thing. I don’t like the sound of that with Claudette’s group starting to resurface, and Emplate and his ‘Rippers’. What’s next, a doppelganger, a new mutant hate group, or are we due for an encounter with an alternate timeline where everything is different.” He then walked over and looked in the mirror, saying, “At least we will be able to stop this problem before it gets too bad. Are you up to it, Yvette?”

He heard her sigh as she said, “Yes I am. I hope we can handle this fast, because when we get back, I may just slip into the tub and relax.” He inwardly smiled at the thought of his wife relaxing in their bathroom, but decided not to say them out loud. She then said, “Question is, who are you putting in charge?”

He looked at her and said, “The only person who knows how to run things. I just hope she’s up to the challenge.” He then said psyonically, “I want all the teachers to meet in our bedroom. This is very important.” He knew it wouldn’t take long for everyone to answer to it.

It was at that moment that everyone started to enter his room. Once everyone was in, he heard Davis say, “Richard, what’s wrong?”

Richard watched as all the teachers stood together before he said, “There has been a situation that Yvette and I must handle. We need to leave for a bit. Until we get back, I’m leaving one of you in charge.”

He watched as everyone stood back, and then heard Clarice say, “Wait a minute. Either Darrett or I should go with you.” He shook his head and head Clarice say, “I take it is a job your family must take care of.” When he nodded, she stepped back.

He then said to her and Darrett, “Besides, Darrett still isn’t ready to go into a situation where a battle may occur.” He watched as Darrett nodded, and he continued. However, since I need to go, I need to put someone in charge. I have decided that Jubilation will be in charge until Yvette and I get back. Are there any questions?” He watched the looks over all the teachers, and had a feeling that one person might have something to say.

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Monet St. Croix looked at Richard in shock at what she heard. She couldn’t believe that he wanted to put Jubilation in charge. She then said, “Richard. Are you sure you want to put Jubilation in charge? You remember what she was like back in school.”

She watched as Richard nodded and said, “Yes, but I also know what she has been doing over the past five years. She is vice president at the branch of Paladin Technologies where she and Everett work. Speaking of which.” She watched as Richard turned to the two of them and said, “Will you two be able to keep up with things being here in England?”

She watched as Jubilation said, “I can handle it for now. I’ll also tell them to give Everett some extra time off. In time, he might have to drop the job.” As Jubilation spoke, she felt a flush of jealousy and anger at that. Even though it was years later, she still had feelings for Everett, and she hated that Jubilation had him.

She was then surprised when Everett said, “If I have to drop the job, I’ll drop it. This is more important, especially since Emplate is back.” It was then she remembered the simple fact of what had brought them back together. The return of her brother, Marius St. Croix, known to the world as Emplate.

She was startled when Richard said, “Alright. Monet, I want you to head down to the library and look up anything about something called Sen. If my ancestors encountered it, they will have info down there. Yvette will keep a psi-link with you so we can keep up to date on things. Now, we must be going. I trust there are no other issues.”

Monet decided to stay quiet on that. She knew she could get past those pains of jealousy and such, but to voice them in the wrong way might hurt what Richard was trying to do with his school. She watched as Richard and Yvette left the room, and decided that she needed to at least get her books. She quickly left the room as everyone else did and headed back to her room. As she headed there, her hearing picked up on someone following behind her. She had a feeling she knew who it was. When she had reached her room door, she grabbed the door knob and said, “Why are you following me, Davis?” She turned her head and noticed the surprised look on his face. She then started to wonder more about why Davis was following her.

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Davis Skinur had been shocked to see that Monet had noticed him following her. He did want to talk with her, bet he didn’t want it to be like this. He wanted it to be more casual. However, he had no choice but to say, “I just wanted to talk with you for a moment, if you don’t mind.”

He watched and could feel a cold personality form in her. He had a feeling that of all the people here, she might not forget about his past. He then heard her say, “I hope this won’t take long. I do need to get down to the special library.”

Davis nodded and said, “I’ll make this quick. First of all, I wanted to say that we made a good team back when the ‘Rippers’ attacked. I know I couldn’t really use my powers then, but I’m glad my fighting skills could help.”

He was stunned when Monet just nodded and said, “Well that wasn’t something you had to say in private. Is there anything more important you wanted to say?”

He nodded and said, “Yes, Monet. I can tell you aren’t totally all right with me here, but I’m not the person I was years ago. I’ve paid my debts and have been improving who I am. Since I broke free of Apocalypse’s influence, I’ve been a better person. I’ve been helping at Godiva’s museum and trying to be a better person.”

He was relieved when Monet dropped part of the cold act as she said, “And that is commendable. However, after what you did to the others, and what you contemplated doing to me when Generation X had it’s first encounter with you, it will take time for me to fully trust you.”

Davis nodded and said, “I understand. However, may I say something about that and about when I helped rescue you.” He watched as she slowly nodded and he said, “I know that back when we first met, I threatened to do something very wrong. I’m glad I never had to go through with that. I don’t know what I was thinking then, but I do remember that the sensible part of me knew you were a beautiful person. In fact, that’s why I saved you from what the Dark Beast wanted to do to you.” He saw a shocked look cross her face, and he just lowered his head. “I guess part of me has a crush on you. I know you’ve hadn’t had an easy time of life, but I want you to know that you helped make me regain my better side.”

He started to turn to leave, but heard Monet say, “Wait. Davis, it is sweet what you said, but you know it’s going to take time for me to be comfortable with you on the team. Who knows, maybe in time, we might go out, but right now, it’s not possible.”

Davis smiled a bit at that and said, “Fair enough. I’m glad we could talk for a moment. I’ll let you head down to the library. Listen, if you ever need any help with anything, feel free to ask me for help.” He then left the room and headed back to his room. As he headed there, he thought that due to their departure, Richard and Yvette would have cancelled the rest of the day’s classes. He then entered his room, and pulled out a copy of one song that meant more to him than any other. He then turned off the lights in the room and laid on his bed listening to Gordon Lightfoot’s song about the Edmund Fitzgerald.


Kevin Mitchel walked down the hall way that all the teachers’ rooms were in. He knew that Richard and Yvette had left a while ago, and that Jubilation had said the rest of classes were cancelled for the day. Since that was the case, he decided he was going to find out more about Yvette, which meant talking with one of the teachers that he figured knew best. As he headed to the room, he heard Amy Johnson coming up behind him. He glanced back and said, “I was wondering when you were going to get here.”

He heard her say, “I didn’t realize you were coming here now. Tasha and I were just going over our notes from our history class. Besides, do you really think that finding out about Lady Cale’s background will be that enlightening?”

He nodded and said, “Yes. Remember that all the time we’ve been here, Lady Cale never told us completely about her powers. We know she has psi powers, and I’m guessing she has a healing factor as well. The only times she was in the hospital was when she had her children. What about the other power she mentioned? I think they are linked to that costume that was down in the secret room.”

He watched as she stopped walking, standing near the door to the Thomas’s room, and said, “I figured this was related to that. Alright, but why not ask one of the other teachers? Why ask Everett?”

He smiled and knocked on the door, saying to her, “Simple. Clarice and Darrett won’t say anything. Davis is in his room, playing music. Monet and Jubilation are busy. The only other person I could think of is Everett.” He stopped talking when he heard the door to the room open, and saw Everett at the door.

He smiled when he heard Everett say, “Amy, Kevin, is there anything you need help with?” He also noticed that Everett had motioned for them to come in.

As they entered the room, he heard Amy say, “Well, Kevin had a question he wanted to ask you?”

When Everett had closed the door, he looked at them and said, “What’s the question?” Kevin knew this would be the time he would find out the truth.

Kevin looked at Everett and said, “Everett, what can you tell us about that strange black costume that was down in the room? Something tells me it was Yvette’s, but I’m not sure?” Kevin knew he was right about the costume, when he saw Everett’s eyes go wide. He hoped he was going to find out more about Yvette’s abilities.

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Everett Thomas felt like he was a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. He stepped back, and said, “That is a loaded question, Kevin. Are you sure you want to hear the answer?” Deep down, he figured that Richard and Yvette wanted to keep certain things about her past secret, which included her imprisonment at the hands of Emplate.

He watched as both Kevin and Amy both nodded. As they nodded, he heard Kevin say, “She didn’t tell us everything about her abilities, and when I saw the costume, I was curious.”

Everett nodded and said, “Sit down, and I’ll tell you what I can, but it will involve a bit of background.” He watched as both sat on the small couch in the room, and he started to pace as he spoke. “Years ago, there was an incident related to an alien called Phalanx. In that time, they seemed focused on mutants as a way to assimilate Earth into it’s collective. It was trying to capture various mutants, and had succeeded in capturing a few of the students that would become part of Generation X. Eventually, Professor Charles Xavier, and some of his X-Men, managed to rescue most of the students, and he opened Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in Snow Valley, Massachusetts. That’s how our previous group came into being.”

He saw the awe and surprise in Kevin’s eyes. He was also surprised to see that Amy was the one to raise her hand and say, “Wait a minute. You said Generation X was affiliated with Xavier. Why is it that Lord Cale’s school isn’t linked to Xavier?”

Everett sighed at that and said, “Well, that’s a bit simpler to explain.” He stopped pacing for a moment as he thought about that fateful day. It had been the day of Darrett and Clarice’s wedding, and the day that Generation X had thought they were rid of their main foe. He then looked at the two students and said, “Well, on the day our school closed, one of our main foes attacked. He had captured Richard’s cousin’s significant other. He then used their power on all the psi mutants there. Richard used his power to take on Xavier’s ability and stopped them from losing control. During that time, Richard found out about Xavier’s concern and got the feeling that Xavier didn’t fully trust him. With Richard, trust was a very big issue.”

He then heard Kevin say, “Is that why Lord Cale opposed Xavier putting a school in England?” Everett nodded at that, but was surprised that Xavier was asking to put a school in England. As he thought about that, he wondered if it was Xavier’s way of trying to come to terms with Richard.

He then heard Amy say, “Maybe he was still hoping for that. Anne told me that two of the X-Men were trying to recruit her for Xavier’s school. She even remarked on the man’s native accent, and that the woman had an American Southern accent.”

Everett tried not to laugh about it, but he did manage a smile. He then said, “It sounds like Paige and Jonothan. They were both students with us. They had gotten accepted into the X-Men.”

He was then startled when Kevin said, “I’ll admit this is interesting, but how does this relate to Yvette? Was she one of the students that the X-Men rescued from the Phalanx?” Everett inwardly swallowed, and realized that he would have to tell the truth behind Yvette, and how she ended up joining Generation X.

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Amy listened as she heard Everett sigh and heard him say, “No, Yvette wasn’t one of the students that the Phalanx had captured. You must understand that Yvette doesn’t want to talk much about her past. It’s not something pleasant. She was held captive by another foe of Generation X’s. In fact, that black costume was what she wore for a long time.”

She gasped when she heard that and then said, “You mean it was like prison clothes?” She watched as Everett nodded and then said, “So Generation X rescued her from that foe.”

She then saw Everett shake his head as he said, “Not exactly. That foe had tried to abduct someone else, and while we were fighting to save him, someone had delivered Yvette to our door step. For a long time, she was called by the word that guy had said. After that, she tried to run away from the school. Of course, someone talked her into not fleeing, and she remained.”

She was startled when Kevin said, “Let me guess, Lord Cale.” Amy was shocked as Everett shook his head. She then heard Kevin ask, “You mean Lord Cale didn’t start off as part of Generation X?”

She watched as he nodded and said, “No, Richard came to the school later, and managed to bring about the woman that Yvette is now. Before, she was skittish, scared, and would lash out at any perceived threat. After that, she was friendly, a bit shy, but also due to events at a slumber party, she was self-conscious.”

Amy was in shock, and said, “I find that hard to believe. Every time I saw her in town, she wore such nice outfits. I can’t believe she’s self-conscious. What could cause that?”

She heard Everett sigh again as he said, “It’s linked to her main power. You see, Yvette can make her skin so tense that it can even cut diamonds. Not much can withstand her skin when it’s like that. She also appears a bit smaller in size. In fact, many of us were so used to seeing her smaller form that we forgot that she doesn’t use her powers all the time. However, at the slumber party I mentioned earlier, she had a nightmare, and she had tensed up. Her night clothes had ripped, and everyone saw her au natural. I’ve heard about this from my wife, but after that happened, Yvette was very self-conscious.”

It was then she heard Kevin say, “So that explains why she never uses her powers. She afraid of being in a state like that again.” She watched as Everett nodded a little. He then said, “I take it she’s also afraid of hurting people like that.”

She saw Everett nod and say, “Yes. It’s more that then ruining clothing, because she’s had a lot of clothing specially made.” She watched as Everett just looked at them and said, “I hope you don’t need to know any more.” She could tell he felt ashamed for having told all that.

Before Kevin could say anything, she stood up and said, “No, that’s enough. We’re sorry to have asked all that. We won’t tell them you told us.” She then turned to Kevin and said, “Let’s go.”

As they left the room, she heard Kevin say, “We could have found out more.” She held up her hand and he realized what she meant. She then heard him say, “You think we should try to find out more elsewhere?”

Amy nodded and said, “Yes, besides, I’m starting to want to know more about Lady Cale, as well as Lord Cale. Maybe there is someplace we can find out more about them without asking anyone here. Remember what Mr. Thomas said, ‘They don’t like talking about their past.’ Most likely, they had some tragedies happen.” She then led them back to the dorm part of the school, and hoped that they could solve the mystery that Kevin had come upon.


Graylon Walsh walked into his office with all the information that he needed. It was now time for him to put his new spy plan into motion. He had finally gotten all the documentation saying that Sam Cain was a new student. He knew that all he had to do was set up the arrival at the school. He then sat down and said, “Alex, are you ready?”

He waited until Alex entered his office and said, “I’m ready, sir. Do you mind me asking how this will work?”

He shook his head and said, “Not at all. In a few moments, I’m going to call the school, using this voice masker, and enroll you in the school. Once you get there, I want you to be listening to everything. Also, keep your ears open for me. I’ll tell you to call me once a week. Is that understood?”

He watched as Alex nodded and said, “Understood, sir. If you don’t mind me asking, do you think they might get suspicious when they hear about my power.” He had thought about that one, and knew Alex had a good point.

Graylon then said, “I’m sure that someone will speak. Not all of them can be psychic. Now sit tight for a moment while I make the phone call.” He then watched as Alex sat down in the nearby chair, and then dialed the number for the school.

He waited for a moment and then heard someone answer, saying, “Cale Institute, Mrs. Jubilation Thomas speaking.”

He was at a loss for words for a moment, and was reminded of an old cartoon he used to watch before he finally said, “Yes, my name is Jonathan Cain. I’d like to enroll my child, Sam Cain in the Cale Institute. I hope that won’t be a problem.”

He was glad when he heard her say, “It will be no problem at all. However, it would be best if they arrive over the weekend. That way they can get settled in before classes start for the next week.”

Graylon smiled as he said, “I understand. Sam will be there on Saturday. Sam will also bring all information that is needed. I hope that will be all right.”

He waited as the woman said, “That will be no problem. I will tell Lord Cale about your child’s upcoming arrival. Have a good day.”

When he heard the phone hang up, he smiled and looked over at Alex and smiled. “It’s all set, Alex. If I may recommend something, I want you to keep an ear out for Sean Cassidy. I don’t know how long he’s there, but I want to know everything about his link to the Cales. Understood?” He watched as Alex nodded and smiled again. Now things were going to be different about getting info about the Cales.


Kiana Asahara walked around the small British town that her quest had lead her to. A few months ago, her father was killed by a demon. What was worse was that the demon was controlled by someone who could control demons. Her quest had tracked the demon to this town. As she walked through town, she heard one of the townsfolk say, “I heard someone called the Paladin to come take care of that thing. Do you think he’ll stop it.”

She heard another townsperson say, “I hope so. I think the person that called was that one visitor that arrived a few days ago. She was one of the few people that remembered all the details of the creature. It was good she wasn’t attacked. The two others are still in the hospital.”

Kiana shuddered when she heard that. She was positive that her quarry was here. Then she listened as the two talked about the creature. Everything she heard confirmed her conclusions. It was the same creature that killed her father. When she had looked up the creature, she found out it’s name was Sen, but not much else. She then walked over to a quiet corner and turned on her cell phone. Before long, she dialed the number for her home, and waited. Before too long, she heard her mother pick up and say in their native language, “Hello daughter. What did you find out?”

She kept her voice calm and said, “Arisa’s here. She’s using that demon of hers to terrorize a small town in England. I’ve heard that someone is coming to try and stop the creature. I’ll do my best to help them capture her.”

She then heard her mother say, “Be careful, Kiana. That demon is dangerous. I don’t want to lose you to it like I lost your father.”

Kiana sighed and said, “You won’t mother. I won’t rest until Arisa is made to pay for her crime. Once that is done, I’ll will return home to Japan. Now I want you to rest. I will phone you again when I know more.” She hung up the phone and started to walk through town. As she walked, she hoped she would find where Arisa was hiding. If she could stop Arisa and Sen, then she would have avenged her father’s death.

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