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It is September 19th, and after a few weeks of chaos as school started, and I had to deal with a bit of an emotional breakdown, I am finally getting something new up here. When I was writing Class Dismissed years ago, I had started planning out a sequel series. My mind had gone to an idea that had a mixture of sources. So a new school starts to form. A new foe starts to surface. An old foe returns. This story had originally started as an episodic thing, but after a while, I decided to end this story at twenty-seven entries. It eventually got the additional title The First Month, since all the events were going to fall in a month's time. That being said, here is chapter one.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

Previous EntryThe Next Five Years

Chapter 1: Darkness Reborn

Lord and Lady Dark looked through the portal that was created by their slave, Portal. This portal would be the escape they needed to avoid the fate that was heading their way. The key moment that allowed their timeline to exist had been destroyed. However, it was not by him, but by a friend of their slave. He still wondered how they had mimicked his wife, but that was not the issue now. The issue was if they had found the right timeline. He looked back at Portal, and said, “Are you sure this is the place?”

He heard Portal say, “He’s here. He may be older than when the others sent him back, but he’s here.”

Dark Lord smiled as he realized they found the one the others had sent back. He looked at his wife and said, “This is it. This is were they sent him. I wonder how much changed since he altered the timeline.”

He heard his wife say, “Patience, my dear. We can start anew here. I sense many mutants there. Let’s go.” He watched his wife step through the portal, and he brought Portal through it with him. When they were through, he checked all their hoods. Since Portal’s friends had interfered, their empire was in ruins, and only his loyal followers knew his plans.

When they were ready, he turned to Portal and said, “Close it. We aren’t heading back there.” He watched the portal vanish, and then looked around. It was late. Darkness had fallen, and some stores were getting ready to close. He looked around and then noticed his wife was gone. He looked at Portal and said, “Where is Lady Dark?”

He watched as Portal pointed, and he saw her standing in front of a window with a television playing in it. He walked over and then heard the news broadcast as he viewed it. A young man on the screen, with the name Graylon Walsh, was speaking. “In other news, the King has expressed an interest of opening a mutant school in England. England is one of the more enlightened countries that accepts mutants; and the growing mutant population, has made the need for a mutant school essential. The only thing which has had it on hold is Lord Richard Cale, advisor to the Throne, has been asked to run it. Rumours state that the school might be funded by Charles Xavier, who has volunteered to help staff the school.”

He motioned Lady Dark back and said to her, “Did you hear that? Did you hear the name that was mentioned?”

He watched as she nodded and said, “I did, my love. It just means we will have to work underground for a while. Besides, our first member is going to show up. Look.” He looked to where she pointed, and a wall became transparent. A young man was running through and froze in shock.

Lord Dark looked at the name tag and smiled as he said, “Welcome to your new family, Jack.” The mutant didn’t stand a chance as he and his wife grabbed him and started to feed on his powers. This was just the beginning.


Lord Richard Cale just stood behind the current King of England. When he started this job five years ago, he worked with Queen Elizabeth II. It had been then he had learned her family was giving up the throne to the current King. Now, he served King Edmund II. It was hoped that he would be the first monarch to end the hostilities between humans and mutants. Recent events in the country only made his job more difficult. For the past year, King Edmund II had been asking him his opinion on a mutant school in England. Of course, every time the topic came up, one name always came up with the topic. In fact, Richard knew it was due to come up again. He wasn’t even surprised when King Edmund II said, “Lord Cale, I was wondering if I could talk to you about the idea of a mutant school in England again.”

Richard looked at the King and said, “Sire, I have already mentioned my feelings on the matter, especially with who you even suggest being in charge.”

He stood silent as the King said, “Lord Cale, are you suggesting that Professor Charles Francis Xavier is a evil man. We have all seen that his X-Men fight for a better world. Why do you not trust the man?”

Richard looked at the King, and said, “I never said he was evil, Sire, but I do know the man did not have trust in me.” He saw a startled look cross the King’s face, and he continued, “It happened five years ago that I found that out, when I attended the Xavier School in America. He had even wanted to send some of the X-Men with me as bodyguards. Deep down, he feared I was too powerful, and wanted to guarantee I didn’t turn against him.”

He watched as the King took a moment to rethink, and finally say, “Alright, Lord Cale, how about this? What if I put you in charge of the school? To be honest, I’d rather have you taking care of James than anyone else. Besides, I’d like him to be away from all these blasted “Ripper” attacks. That gang has gotten out of hand. They attack humans and mutants alike.”

He had been keeping up to date on the news about the “Rippers”. The group that appeared months ago was growing. However their attacks appeared motivated, but random. Usually, the attacks were on young mutants, and any human caught was murdered. The reports even said that those mutants that were left for dead seemed insane. Richard known it seemed similar to something he encountered before, and that only fueled his current stand. “Frankly, Sire, I think it would be best not to have a school. A school might draw attention of the ‘Rippers’.” He saw a disappointed look cross King Edward II’s face and Rich sighed. “Give me the weekend to consider, Sire. Let’s just keep a better lid on this. Somehow, that reporter got wind of the idea. When anything like this falls into public eye, it is inviting trouble.”

He saw the King look at him, as he said, “Understood, Lord Cale. I’m still not sure how Mr. Walsh found out about the school, but I have a feeling it’s not from the palace.” Richard was ready to move. The whole school subject made him uncomfortable, and he knew the King realized it. He was thankful when King Edmund II just said, “You may leave, Lord Cale. Have a nice weekend.” Richard nodded and headed for the door out. He also noticed that Clarice was ready to leave, by the way she moved.

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Clarice watched the entire time that Richard and King Edmund II had been talking. Over the past five years, she learned it was best to stay at a distance, but in the same room. That way, she never overheard anything she wasn’t supposed to hear. However, she did know when she should listen, especially when she heard the term ‘Rippers’. Ever since the first attacks a few months back, she had been keeping up on the situation. She knew she might run into a ‘Ripper’ attack one day. She have even had a chance to see a victim before they died. She had kept that from everyone, not sure if what she had heard and seen was true. Soon, she saw Richard walking away from the King. As he neared, she opened the door and said, “Not an easy Friday, was it, sir?”

She knew he was upset by the fact that he didn’t speak until the door was closed. “Things are never easy when the topic of the school comes up. Every time the topic comes up, somehow Professor Xavier is pushed into the conversation. At least now, the King knows why I don’t trust Xavier. Of course, you already know why, Clarice.”

She nodded as they moved down the hall, and closer to the exit. As they progressed, she said, “You know, Richard, it’s not totally unreasonable to have a school for mutants here. Look at how it helped us in America. We became better with our abilities, due to the skills we learned. Besides, young mutants should learn how to defend themselves, especially against the ‘Rippers’.”

She watched as Richard shook his head and said, “If a mutant school is opened, it will draw the ‘Rippers’ to the school. Not a good thing if he wants the Prince to attend the school. Besides, the ‘Rippers’ are most likely a mutant hate group. It’s the only way to explain their actions.”

Clarice knew what her friend, and employer, was thinking. He wanted to think the ‘Rippers’ were just another one of the hate groups that plagued mutant existence. She looked at Richard and said, “Richard, I know what you are thinking, but I know something you don’t. I saw one of the victims, just as they died.”

She saw Richard shudder, especially as they stepped outside in the cool England air. As they approached the car, he said, “And what makes you think it isn’t a hate crime? The brutal nature of the crimes makes it appear to be hate crimes.”

She understood what Rich was saying, but Richard didn’t know what the victims had said. She got in the car as he got in the driver’s side and said, “To be honest, what they had said, I had heard before. I was almost surprised by what they said, but I didn’t let it show.”

Richard looked at her as he started the car and said, “What do you mean you heard it before? Where could you have heard that before?”

She looked at the road as it started to move before she told him. “I heard it from you, and Yvette, almost a year ago. Remember when both you and her couldn’t sleep. You agreed to let Dr. McCoy come out to help, under the condition he came alone. When you were both under hypnosis, you both related the details of how Emplate fed off both of you. It was the same thing the last victim said. It was an Emplate attack.”

She heard the car accelerate as Richard said, “Emplate is long gone. He’s far away where he can never hurt anyone again. His people haven’t increased in numbers, so it can’t be an Emplate attack. Emplate is gone!” His last words were shouted, but she got the point. She also knew Richard was denying the fact that Emplate was back. But, deep down, she hoped he was right. Five years was a long time for revenge to build up.


Yvette Cassidy Cale sat in the library of the Cale family home. She was reading one of the letters she and Rich had received over the past month. Almost once a week, a letter arrived from one of their former classmates. This letter was from Paige, who was now with the X-Men for five years. As she read the letter, she learned that much had changed over the years. Paige’s relationship with Jonothan had had it’s ups and down, but this letter stated that the were now engaged. She knew they would be invited, but she also knew they would not go. Part of it was the whole trust issue, which she knew Xavier still tried to keep tabs on them. It was evident by the fact that occasionally, she felt Xavier try to use Cerebro. Over the past five years, she improved her psychic abilities to the point she knew when Xavier was using Cerebro to check her and the others. Thankfully, this wasn’t one of those times.

As she put the letter down in a set of letters from Paige and Jono, she felt a tug at her sleeve. She turned to see the adorable face of her three year old daughter looking at her. She smiled at her daughter, as the little one said, “Whatcha doin, Mummy?” It was cute that her children had a British accent, even though hers, and her husband’s, was not natural.

She picked her daughter up and said, “Well, Ashley, Mummy is reading letters from one of her and daddy’s schoolmates. Do you want to read one with Mummy?” She saw her daughter nod vigorously, and she picked another one.

Once it was open, she noticed her daughter looked right at the way it was signed, and said, “Who’s Skin, Mummy?”

Yvette smiled and said, “Well, his real name is Angelo, but he had a nickname of Skin. We all had nicknames in school. Even your ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’ had nicknames at school.”

She watched as her daughter giggled at that. “What kind of nickname did you have, Mummy?”

Yvette thought back to those years, and started to wonder if her daughter would understand the nickname. She didn’t totally understand how they gave it to her. As she thought about it, she decided it was time to change the topic. She looked into her daughter’s eyes and said, “Ashley, where is your brother?”

She watched as Ashley’s face brightened up as she said, “He’s with Unca Darrett and Joleen. I think they are playing with one of the games. I’ll show you.” She watched as her daughter jumped down and ran to the door. She got up when her daughter turned around and said, “Come on, Mummy.”

She headed for the door and said, “I’m on my way, Ashley. Now behave, or Mummy will have to teach you how good Mummy was at a game of tag.” She heard her daughter squeal in joy as she ran out the door, and she gave chase. As she ran after her child, she could help but think that nothing could ruin life now.

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Darrett sat at a table, watching a game between his daughter, and Richard Cale III. This was one of the nicer parts of his job, and his new life. Being bodyguards for the Cale’s was better than any other job would be. He and Clarice had room and board, a place to raise their daughter. Not many other people could claim that. Right now, he sat in the main sitting room, watching his daughter, and Richard’s son, play a game of Yahtzee. As he watched, he heard Joleen say, “Come on, Rich. Pick up the dice and role again.”

He watched as the boy looked at the dice and said, “Dad always says ‘to win this game, you have to read the dice.’ I see him do it, but I don’t know how.”

Darrett smiled and said, “Rich, that’s because your father knows things like how likely a certain role will come up. He also gets a sort of vibe of how the dice will role. Your father is one to know when something unexpected is going to pop up.”

He noticed that Rich shuddered, and said, “Then why doesn’t Dad believe me when I say that monster shows up outside my window.” For that, he had no answer. For the past two months, the boy had clamed a monster was outside his window. He checked every night, as well as the others, and nothing was seen. Everyone figured that the monster was just a cry for attention.

He looked at the boy and said, “You know we have all looked, and no one could find that monster. Are you really sure it’s there?” Something he had learned while working with Richard and Yvette was that monsters were real, but rarely encountered by people. There was even a note of a ghost hunt in one of Monet’s letters.

He watched as Rich looked at the door and said, “Then let Grimore stay and check it out. He’ll tell you if a monster is there.” Darrett glanced at the door and saw the cat enter the room. After five years, he was almost over the shock of hearing the cat speak long ago. Now, the fact that Grimore can speak was almost common knowledge at the Cale household.

He looked over at Grimore and said, “So Grimore, does a monster really exist in Rich’s room?”

He noticed that Grimore sat and looked at them as he said, “There are no monsters in the room, or around the room. I think it is something outside the room scaring the child. Richard III, if you see or hear it tonight, call your father immediately. As for now, Darrett, you should turn on the news.”

Darrett wondered about what Grimore said, but wondered if there was some link to the news. He turned on the television, only to see the face of reporter Graylon Walsh on screen. That particular reporter had been focused on anything involving mutants since King Edmund II came into power. Soon, he heard Walsh say, “In other news, King Edmund II appears to be putting a dead line on his Mutant School idea. The King has asked Lord Cale to re-examine his reservations of a Mutant School due to recent ‘Ripper’ attacks. Sources state that his lordship will give an answer by Monday.”

He was almost startled when he heard Yvette say, “Richard is not going to like that. Besides, I don’t think he’s going to agree to a school. I know how my husband thinks.”

He nodded in agreement. “You are right, Yvette. Besides, what kind of event would make Richard agree to a school. We all know that Xavier would be wanting to advice on it, and Richard doesn’t want that.” He knew she was right.

He was startled when Grimore just said, “We will know about his decision tonight. Something about tonight will influence Richard’s decision.” When he heard that, he gave Yvette a look, and he saw the same thing he felt, fear.


Yvette sat at the table, watching as her husband considered the dice before him. She knew this day had him stressed, just by the fact that he wanted to play a game of Yahtzee. It was his way of figuring out the problems of the day. As they sat there, she looked at him and said, “You were upset about the news. It’s like no one can keep secrets from Graylon Walsh, especially in the castle”

She watched as he picked up two sixes and a one, leaving the two fives, and said, “The fact that he found out about the school does not bother me as much as the increasing ‘Ripper’ attacks. Personally, I hope that certain facts about the most recent one are false.” She noticed that Rich gave Clarice a look, and punctuated his statement with rolling the dice.

As the dice landed, she heard Darrett say, “What’s so bad about having a school? We could take care of our children, and even give them some friends to play, and maybe it will shake your son out of believing in monsters in his room. Even Grimore said there were no monsters in his room, yet he still insists that something is terrorizing him.” She noticed that Darrett’s opinion on the school had changed, probably because he was thinking about all the children. She then saw Darrett then look at the dice and smiled. “Guess you aren’t reading the dice all to well, tonight.” She saw Rich had now a two, three, two fives’s and a six.

She watched as Rich picked up one of the fives, and heard Clarice say, “Maybe it is related to the attacks. We already know that the ‘Ripper’s aren’t a hate group. At least, I suspect as much. I don’t know if Rich believes what I told him or not.”

Yvette glanced at Rich and it was then she noticed a worried look crossing his face. Deep down, she knew she would regret asking what the cause of the worry was, but she knew she had to ask. She looked at her husband and said, “Is it possible that He has returned?”

She watched as her husband slammed the cup down, causing the dice to pop out. The oddness only increased as a four ended up on the one dice Richard had rolled. She watch as Richard let go of the cup and said, “There is no way in blazes that Emplate could be back. I sent him so far away that he will never find his way back. It was the only safe way to be rid of him. There is no way he could be leader of this ‘Ripper’ gang.” It was then she realized that she hit the nail on the head. Apparently, the ‘Ripper’s were a gang of Emplates.

She then hoped it wasn’t true. Even the thought of that monster being back made her go pale in fright. It was then she started to fear for her children, who were now both in bed. Now she felt that the only way they would be safe was if they had a mutant school set up. She looked at her husband and said, “Hun, maybe it would be best if we open a mutant school, especially if Emplate’s return is possible.” She could sense her husband’s discomfort more than before. She just hoped the thought of Emplate returning was wrong.

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Richard looked at his wife and said, “No, a school is a bad idea. Even if I were to head it, it would still draw attention. Plus, there is no way Emplate can return. The ‘Rippers’ are just a gang of anti-mutant people. Opening a school would be asking for disaster.”

He heard Clarice say, “Richard, there is no way they could know how Emplate worked. The last victim gave an exact description of how Emplate feeds. How can you ignore that?”

Richard looked at her and said, “Because it’s not bloody possible. There is no possible way it could be Emplate. Give me on good reason to believe it is Emplate, and maybe I’ll consider.”

He was almost startled when Grimore spoke from the chair he was laying on. “Are you still trying to ignore the dreams you’ve had over the past few months.” Richard then felt everyone’s eyes on him. He had only told Grimore about the nightmares, and hoped they were nothing.

He then heard Darrett say, “Richard, that’s not good. After our time in Generation X, you know your dreams mean something. Don’t deny it. You know something is up, now tell us what has you bothered.”

He didn’t want to acknowledge the fact, and he wasn’t about to answer it. He then heard Yvette say in their mind link, “Richard, do you want to tell them, or shall I show them?”

He gave Yvette a look and said, in their mind link, “You wouldn’t dare. I don’t think even you want to know what my dreams have been lately.” He did know Yvette was capable of showing others what is on another person’s mind. Five years out of school, and Yvette had improved her abilities, to the point that she could tell when Xavier was checking up on them. He even knew of one time when Yvette literally lashed out at Xavier.

Before anyone could question him on their conversation, he heard a scream echo through the home. He knew right away it was his son. He heard Yvette say, “Oh no, not again.”

Richard was up and heading up the steps to his son’s room. As he ran, he heard the others behind him, and Darrett saying, “Yvette, remember what Grimore said earlier?” Now he was really worried. If Grimore had said anything, he knew it couldn’t be good.

As they reached the door, he heard Yvette say, “Clarice, maybe you should go in as well. I do really hope it’s nothing.” He could hear an edge of fear in Yvette’s voice. Now he was starting to worry.

He nodded and then entered the room. As they approached the bed, he noticed his son was hiding under the covers. He looked around and said, “Alright, son, what happened this time? Did the monster call your name again?”

He saw his son peek out from under the covers as he said, “N-n-no. H-h-he s-s-said s-s-something d-d-different. H-h-he’s s-s-saying S-s-skitz.” Richard caught his breath as he realized what his son had said.

Richard looked at the boy and said, “Where is it coming from?” When his son pointed at the window, Richard started over. He had a bad feeling as he walked to the window. He had never told his children their codenames from Generation X. The only thing this could be was a foe from the past. He threw open the window, and felt his heart freeze. He quickly shouted, “Blink, get my son out of here. NOW!” He also wish he had his sword as he looked out at the floating figure of Emplate.

No Caption Provided

Marius watched as Richard Cale reacted as he knew he would. Soon he heard the familiar sound of Clarice blinking out of the room. He saw Rich back away, but decided to help his adversary move back. He put up his hand and saw Rich fly backwards into the wall with such a force that he would black out in a few minutes. He floated into the room and said, “You know, Richard, I expected you to respond to your son’s cries sooner.”

He saw the fear in Richard’s eyes as he said, “How did you find your way back, Marius?”

He smiled and said, “It took time, but I found my way. I just thought I’d let you know I’m back. I see you’ve been busy. I bet you were hoping I was dead, however, I think you knew I was alive.”

He saw Richard was struggling to stay awake, and also looking around. “What makes you think you’ll leave here without being attacked, Marius. You know I’m not the only one here.”

Marius smiled and said, “You think I didn’t make sure no one could bother us while we spoke. Now, don’t you worry. Like I said, this is a time to chat, not to attack. However, maybe I should remind you of what I can do, before you black out.” With that, he placed his hand on Richard’s forehead and began to sup on his adversary. He even got joy out of hearing Richard’s screams. He also heard a furious pounding on the door to the room.

He pulled his hand away and looked at Richard as a bit of blood started to run down his victims forehead. He head Richard says, “So the ‘Rippers’ are your gang.”

He started to float out the door and said, “No, Richard, they aren’t mine. It may take you a while to figure that out, but I assure you, they are not mine.” As he floated out the window, he heard Rich fall. He also knew the rest of the people there would enter soon. He turned around and just said, “Until we meet again, Skitz, and we will.” He then disappeared and teleported to the hidden lair he had created five years ago. He needed to see his love, and his son.


Elane Bonstien looked at her son as she placed him in bed. She repeated this ritual alone for almost five years, and her son was aware that things were slowly getting worse for them. As she tucked him in, he said to her, “Mom, when will Dad return? His followers seem to be getting restless.”

She kissed her son’s forehead and said, “I hope it is soon, Marcus. He is needed to return order around here. Now, rest well, because I feel tomorrow will be a very important day.” She watched as her son nodded and closed his eyes. As he started to sleep, Elane left the room and closed the door.

She walked down the hall to the meeting room, and saw Freeze Frame, Britney and D.O.A. waiting for her. As she entered, she heard Britney say, “Is Marcus asleep?”

She nodded and decided they needed to address the whole situation, like they did every night. She looked over them and said, “Alright, we need to figure out what is going on. D.O.A. what is going on out in the world?”

She watched as the little man pulled out a notebook and said, “From what I found out from my mutant scanner, there is a strange gang growing in England. It’s been doing that for months. It also makes finding possible food very tough. Plus, with mutant acceptance growing, Xavier has a few schools in America, as well as other countries. It appears the only thing keeping him out of schools in England is Skitz.”

Elane gave a slight smile at that. “He doesn’t realize that his holding out is making things worse in his part of the world. With that gang growing, a school might be the only thing that might stop their growth. Of course, we might have to move in and take over that gang.” She then looked over at Freeze Frame and said, “What’s the situation on our followers, and with the prisoners?”

She watched as Freeze Frame shook his head and said, “Not good. Those minions that Emplate got before I joined are getting restless. They resent that Emplate me his second. They are planning a revolt. Almost every time we get another girl changed by Changer, they take her and kill her within seconds. Even Subfeast wasn’t totally safe from their attack.”

It took her a moment to realize Freeze Frame was talking about both Christina and Britney. That was until Britney said, “If it wasn’t for the gloves and phasing device D.O.A. had made for me, they would have killed me too. Plus, I found out if Emplate doesn’t return soon, they are going to strike against us.” Elane was now very concerned. If Emplate’s minions decided to revolt, they would be dead.

She was almost startled when a new voice said, “Then it is good I returned.” She turned in the direction of the voice and saw Marius appear out of thin air. When she saw him, she ran over and embraced him. She was glad when he said, “I missed you as well, my love. Now, you must bring me up to speed on everything, including the ‘Rippers’ that are rising in England. It seems we might have some rivals in our task.” She nodded and smiled as he said that. This was the beginning of a new era. Now that Marius was back, he could resume his plan to take over the world.


Clarice had been trying to blink into the room as Darrett tried to break the door down. She knew that when the scream started, Yvette had taken Rich to her and Richard’s room. Soon, she heard Yvette running back and say, “Did you get in there? Is Richard alright?”

Before she could tell Yvette about their lack of success, the door opened, and Darrett said, “It’s open.” She then heard her husband gasp as he said, “Richard is on the floor.” She followed him in, with Yvette just behind her.

As they entered, she saw Yvette run in front of her, running to Richard’s side as she said, “Oh God. Richard, what happened?” She watched as she rolled Richard onto his back, and then heard the gasp of surprise. She then saw it. There was a small circular scar on his forehead. That gasp turned into a look of terror as she heard Yvette say, “No.”

Soon, she saw Richard’s eyes open, and heard him gasp for air as he awakened. Clarice looked at him and said, “Richard, what happened? What was it?” But she was sure she knew the answer.

Rich inhaled and said, “Call the King. Tell him the school is on. Call Jubilee, Everett, and Monet. I’ll call one other. The school is a go. Emplate is back, but don’t tell the others yet.” It was then she knew what Grimore must have know. Emplate had returned.

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