WWEAU: The Undercard Ranking Rumble

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In an effort to keep all the wrestlers on the Undercard on their toes, Teddy Long announces an over-the-top rope rumble to decide the newest rankings. Since Goldust and Cody Rhodes got elevated to Mid-Card Hell and both Roman Reigns & R-Truth have joined, it seemed like the best thing.

Twenty men assemble in the ring. Suddenly Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he walks out, smiling but not really ready to fight. “Just wanted to wish you luck, John!” he crows.

Cena beckons him to the ring when the bells goes and Heath Slater takes advantage, upending the C-Nation leader out for the first elimination. Cody exits laughing and Cena sits on his behind, baffled that this happened. Suddenly La Parka grabs the Big Dog and tips Roman Reigns out beside Cena. In seconds two big stars are now facing ELIMINATION when normal bouts resume.

Mike Tyson makes a beeline for Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury, still mad about them jumping him in the locker, when Sheamus tosses the baddest man on the planet out. Kevin Nash eliminates La Parka as Kenny Omega lines up Abyss with a perfect dropkick sending the monster over and out!

Umaga tries to out muscle Big Show but he lifts the Samoan Bulldozer up by the throat and chokeslams him to the outside. Tyson Fury is randomly hitting people with no real plan when Marty Janetty superkicks him out. Carlito bounces off the ropes to try and help Nash and Slater lift King Kong Bundy out but Bundy simply ducks and flings the Cool One over his head and BAM into the announcers table! Kenny Omega uses the distraction to eliminate Kevin Nash.

Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick, knocking Big Show over the top rope. While Sheamus’ foot is over the rope, Tajiri sneaks up and eliminates Sheamus. Lex Luger tries to eliminate Tajiri but the Narcissist gets an eyeful of green mist for his troubles and Japanese buzz saw sends him out of the ring.

Velasquez throws Jesse Ventura out but while he’s celebrating his first elimination, R-Truth upends him. Marty Janetty is eliminated by a blind Lex Luger who pulls him out of the ring mistaking the Rocker for Tajiri. King Kong Bundy charges recklessly at Tajiri but Tajiri ducks, lowers the top rope and tips the big man out.

Kenny Omega clotheslines Heath Slater out who grabs R-Truth by the hair pulling him out too! Leaving Tajiri and Kenny Omega to face each other. They bounce off the ropes and hammer each other in a dazzling display. Tajiri tries a clothesline but Kenny reverses it into a bearhug and suddenly BOTH men are over the top rope and OUT!

The replay shows both hit the floor simultaneously! The winner of the match is a tie! Kenny Omega and Tajiri win and will share the number one spot! They also share the most eliminations with three each!