WWEAU: Midcard Hell In A Cell

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Midcard Hell in a Cell Battle Royal

Twenty wrestlers assemble in the ring, centre stage of the Parts Unknown Superdome. Booker T, Ricky Steamboat, Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, British Bulldog, Brian Pillman, Pete Dunne, Raven, Harley Race, Batista, Bad News Brown, William Regal, Bam Bam Bigelow, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Yokozuna, Kenny Omega, Goldust and Bruno Sammartino move about the ring as pyro fires off.

The winner of this match gets an opportunity to escape the midcard hell where most of them wrestle; for some who are free agents or from the Undercard division this would be a huge push. Instant glory, dramatic elevation and crowd adulation. The bells sounds and the wrestlers of the WWEAU explode into action!

Brian Pillman leaps up and dropkicks a posing Kenny Omega out in the first elimination. William Regal locks up with Drew McIntyre but the big Scottish psychopath is too strong and dumps him out.

Batista grabs Bruno Sammartino and tries to force him out, the big man reverses it and tosses the Animal out instead which makes the occasional movie star livid! Harley Race throws Drew out as John Cena AA’s Cody Rhodes out in an echo of last time these two were in a royal together. Goldust avenged his brother by hitting a Golden Globes on the C-nation leader and throwing him to the floor.

Braun Strowman grabs Bad News Brown and throws him out the ring and into the Spanish announcers table as Raven & Pillman each grab a leg and eliminate Bruno! Yokozuna grabs Ricochet and throws him at Strowman, whose mixing it up with Goldust. The impact sends the monster among men out of the ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow eliminates Steamboat. British Bulldog in a feat of strength lifts up Yokozuna and flips him but the big samurai holds on and they take each other out of the match. Pillman laughs at this and is soon standing next to them as Bam Bam throws him out.

Booker T tosses out Pete Dunne in revenge for losing their singles match as Goldust takes out Ricochet. Raven and Harley try to eliminate each other and end up over the rope but on the apron. Bam Bam double clothesline’s them out of the match and throws his arms up in celebration, which is cut short as Booker T axe kicks him out.

Leaving two: Goldust and Booker T. The pair circle each other and lock up. Blows are traded and Goldust is thrown into the ropes. Booker T hits with a Spinarooni and then Bookends the Bizarre One over the top rope!


(Most eliminations:Bam Bam Bigelow 4)