WWEAU: Dark League 30 Amazon Rumble

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Welcome to the DLW 30 Amazon Women’s Rumble recap!

Thirty of the best, meanest, fittest and dangerous women across the Dark League file into the ring for a battle royal of epic proportions! The men rocked the house but the ladies intend to blow the roof off!

The bell sounds and we’re underway. Olivia Benson wastes no time as she quickly tosses Buddy the Vampire Slayer whilst Cheetarah bundles Sookie over the top rope. Fury & the Scarlet Witch team up to remove Supergirl from the match.

The Wicked Witch of the West slams Dorothy out, the crowd a mix of boos & cheers. Storm sends Sheeva into the corner and with help from Carrie take her out. Firefly throws Nina Williams out, Rowena pulls Betsy Ross’ hair and drags her over the top rope then slaps her down.

Tree AXE kicks Pam in the head forcing her out!

Jade removes Storm much to the crowds dismay and Barbara Kean tosses out the Wicked Witch. Sidney Prescott and Carrie lock up and Merida takes advantage tipping them both over!

Maleficent clotheslines Mystique over but the blue X-villain refuses to leave ringside as she has a tantrum. Selene throws Olivia Benson to the canvas as Clarice takes care of Barbara Kean. Tree then tosses Agent Starling with the quip “Goodbye Clarice!”

Fury double clotheslines Maleficent and Jade over, Tabitha Galivan gets eliminated by Merida and Kitana shows Mileena the way to the back. Sindel kicks Merida out. Cheetarah crash tackles Fury and both go over!

Kitana eliminates Tree, Rowena removes Sindel and then Scarlet Witch, Rowena, Selene & Firefly throw Kitana out in a rare show of unity. The final four face off, each taking a corner waiting for someone to make a move or make a mistake.

Scarlet Witch starts a crisscross off the ropes; the others follow. Ladies zipping back and forth when Selene catches the Witch and dumps her out but that elimination costs her as Firefly ends her night. But from the far side of the ring Mystique morphs into Selene and slides back into the ring. Rowena shouts that it’s Mystique and takes her over the top rope and ontop of the real Selene. Firefly raises her hands in victory but the referees stop the match and there’s a review.

Mystique is officially disqualified and the referees stand by the Firefly elimination of Selene. Selene punches all three referees and chases Mystique up the ramp for revenge! The match restarts with Firefly facing off against Rowena, the final two!

Rowena tries to get a sleeper hold on Firefly, but the pyro princess ducks, and hits a stunner! Rowena wobbles around the ring in a daze. Firefly grabs her by the belt and the back of the neck and tosses her over the top rope for victory! FIREFLY WINS!!

She will face Catwoman for the Amazon title at Darkest Night 3!!