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Rated M due to violence and mature themes

Wrecker and all other Marvel characters belong to Marvel.

(Note: This does not mean I won't be continuing the other story, just testing the waters with what characters I can really make use of. There's a lot of censored cursing, but then again we are dealing with Wrecker here.)

Dirk Garthwaite was a joke among the villain community, the biggest joke there was. He had fought supers, gods, and just about everything you can think of and he lost every single time. He claimed to have beaten Thor once, but no one really took his claims to heart anymore. Garthwaite spent most of his time as he spending it now, sitting in a cell complaining about how he didn’t get any respect. “I mean, it ain’t fair. I fought #%$@ing Thor. I took him down in our first fight, punks don’t believe me but it’s true.” Garthwaite’s cellmate chuckled at the insane claims. Garthwaite glared at his cellmate. “Hey! Who you fight that makes you think you can laugh!?” Blackout grinned at Garthwaite. “Ghost Rider.” He said happily, poking Garthwaite’s head. Garthwaite grabbed Blackout’s hand and slammed it aside. “#@$% he ain’t @#$% you @#$%ing #%$#@@!” As usual Garthwaite was left angrily yelling curses at his cellmate. It was really obvious the true reason that Garthwaite was so little respected.

The usual happened later that night. A breakout, all the villains escaping, claiming their lost equipment, all that good stuff. Garthwaite for his part had headed out to Hell’s Kitchen. Apparently Daredevil wasn’t exactly active right now and no one was really looking to take the guys place. Garthwaite pulled down his mask as he entered and unassuming bank. “The Wrecker is here so you better give up the cash.” The Wrecker was back in action. And just as abruptly out of action, as he was soon sent flying out of the bank by a massive explosion. Wrecker cursed as he stood up, unable to see past the billow cloud of smoke that surrounded him. “What the @#$% is this #$%#?” Wrecker loudly asked to himself. His new found foe responded by stabbing several black spikes into Wrecker’s chest. “Not what. Who? And the answer is your worst nightmare.” A vaguely humanoid spike covered creature was revealed as the smoke cleared. Its hand outstretched, forming the spikes that were stabbing into Wrecker. “The answer is Blackheart.”

Wrecker was taking quite the beating. Blackheart slammed him into wall after wall, stabbed him again and again, and finally blasted him with a powerful bolt of magic. And yet, the Wrecker kept getting back, muttering angry curses as he tried in vain to hit his demonic foe. He swung his crowbar to and fro desperately trying to connect, blinded by the smoke that seemed to rise with Blackheart’s every attack. “All this struggling is pointless.” Blackheart laughed, echoing all around Wrecker. “You couldn’t hurt me even if you could find me. I am unstoppable, unbeatable; I am your end you pathetic fool.” Blackheart slammed Wrecker to the ground with another powerful hit. “I will take your weapon and with it gain the powers of a god! Then I shall be the new ruler of my father’s dimension!” Wrecker couldn’t help but notice the subtle irony that he, a person known to brag, now had to endure almost unending gloating. Blackheart stood over Wrecker as he lay on the ground in pain. “All will bow down to Blackhea-“ Blackheart’s sentence was interrupted by a brutal slam to the face from Wrecker’s crowbar. “Enough talk.” Wrecker growled, as he slammed down Blackheart. Soon the positions were switched and now Blackheart laid on the ground in horrible pain. “Now.” Wrecker said spitting onto the ground. “Now is the time to talk. Tell me why you’re here. Tell me everything.”