Wrath of Carnage: A Shaded Return

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He smiled. The news was chaotic. He looked at the screen, with narrow eyes. The news reporter was slid papers from off screen. His eyes widen with terror. "Breaking news from China Town! The monster Venom has been spotted. It attacked Heavens Soup Shop. It is unknown if its user is Eddie Brock. It is know that he is not,  as he was seen seen fleeing and trying to avoid the symbiote. The odd thing, folks, was the new monster. It was tall, lean and the reverse coloring of Venom. The creature is now identify as White Venom.  White Venom, with the help of Spider-Man, drove back Venom. The hero, and both creatures  where last seen fleeing. If you have any information on either creatures....please contact NYPD.Thank you". He stretches and arises from the sofu. "To long have I have been gone...to long. Now it seems Brock has some new tricks up his sleeve. Ask for the little spider, I will deal with him. The new Venom I will deal with later". He thinks as he walks across the room. He opens the room. Kletus pulls on a white shirt, from a half open dresser draw. He already has his pants on, he then slips on a pair of woar Nike Dunks. He cracks his kneck. The thought of his dying symbiote feeled his head. He felt it as it died, and it breath one last time as it floated threw the atomsphere. He shrugs,some old things must be destoryed. He wondered who killed it....ah! The Avenger the Sentry, as it tempted to escape the Wrath. He was going to deal with him later, along with the new 'Venom'. The top of his list though was Eddie Brock, then Spider-Man. He then smiles as his turns off the the T.V. and the apartment's light.  He makes his way across the room, then opens a window. He opens a window . He then leaps onto the window frame, squatting down. Red substance flew from his pours. His eyes turned long and white, with a little pupil size space where he could see threw. He smiles as tentcles, move and snake upwards from his slider form. He smiles one last time as a cool fall breeze hits him on the face. With a screech, he extends his hand arm, as a snake like tenatcle, flew from it. He began to swing. He began to think laughing...."Tonight.....the WRATH OF CARNAGE BEGINS"!!!!!!!
Anti-Venom swung, and lept threw the calm fall night air. Below voices of NY filled his ears, along with car engines. Eddie Brock notice that New York was at a dead calm this evening. The memory of Mister Negative still played threw his mind. He knew who he was, yet no one would not believe him. Not even Spider-Man...he was a monster. Eddie signs. The only thing he needed was someone to commit a crime, or worse. He was tired and fustrated. If the battle with the Inner Demons wasn't hard enough, now he had to swing all the way home. He didn't mind if he walked. He had ben swinging the entire day, and partly the night. Eddie wondered if he was wanted. He heared from his senstive ears, a news cast. Now he was on the run, the same way back at San Fransico, when the Life Foundation found him. "Hmph". said Eddie. Not to far off he could the brown stone apartment building. He glides threw the air, as his white webbing hooks onto a building. He was halfway home. "A hot pizza, and a cold beer". said Eddie to himself.  He looks at the gargoyles of the old Victorian building as his swung by. They all sat crouch and grewsome. He almost laughs. They where monsters like himself. From the shadows of the gargoyles, a flash of red came from no where. It snagged his webbing, cutting it! Eddie letted out a cry. He performed a flip, and landed on the  of a taxi. The cab dented in, and screeched to a thought. The driver got out his face red with anger. "What in the-"?! with a sream he ran down the side walk. Other people around him did so aswell. Chorus of  "Call the cops, run," filed his ears. He shook his head. A lound scream feeled his ears, there a flash of red, as a figure landed on the hood of the car. The car flipped sending Eddie threw the air. Eddie slammed into a traffic light. The pole gave way and snapped backwards. Eddie arose stunned for a moment. His hands grew into claws, and his black teeth grew longer. The symbiote's instences had bubbled to the point of "ready to fight"! With a crink in his back Eddie stood ready to fight.His yellow eyes widen with superis . Walking towards him was a forgotten enemy. "Well, well! Look at the new and approved Eddie Brock! White is style this fall"? asked the attacker. Anti-Venom gasped. He bears his fangs. "Carnage". said Eddie ready to attack. "Heh". said Carnage. He extends his right arm, with red webbing flying. The web grabbed a tall lanky women, as groceries  drop from her grip, as she ran. Carnage held her to his chest. He placed her in a sleeper hold. The woman gasped for breath. "Put her down"!! said Anti-Venom drawing back his legs to pounce. Carnage laughs. With his left hand, he formed a axe. He rose it to strike. "Sorry"! Then he brought it down with full force. Without warning white webbing snagged onto it. Anti pulled with his all his effort with one arm. Carnage released the woman, as his went swinging threw the air. The woman let out a short cry, and ran. Anti swung Carnage into a passing bye grocery trunk's trailer. The trunk skid to a top, as the driver lept out. The trunk mometuem, kept it movign. It went across the curve. The on lookers of the fight, dunked into stores, and buildings. The trunk crashed into a shop, bursting into flames. Anti felt lucky the shop was closed. There was a high pitch screech, as Carnage lept from the reck. He pounce upward into the air, and landing ontop of Anti! Anti roared with surprise as his enemy scratch and stabbed at him. The cuts would heal instantly, but Eddie knew could take to much of the attack. Anti sliced Carnage across the face, as his another hand gripped him around the throat. Carnage lost his breath, as Anti kicked him off him. Carnage flipped threw the air, sending a webbing in Anti's way. The webbing snagged Anti on the right shoulder, sending flying the threw the air. Carnage slammed into a fan, with a screech o f pain. Ant was dragged across the tin roof, as Carnage crashed. Anti cutted himself loose barley. Carnage staggered to his feet. Anti Venom arose to his feet. Anti sent his webbing towards Carnage with a roar. Carnage did so aswell.  The red and white webbing connected. Carnage yanked, with all his effort, Anti dug his feet into the ground below. Carnage's mouth gapes open, as Anti stood firm. Anti yanked with all his effort, Carnage flew towards him. Anti's another hand grew into a tentacles. Anti's arm lashed out, the tentacles wrapping around Carnage. Carnage felt a burning needled like pain threw his entire body. "Whatttt"!!!???? asked Carnage his words stretching. "The cure burns?! Enjoy the pain the new Venom, and Radioactive Man felt"! roared Anti. Carnage's looks around. He turns his attention the ten covered ground. In a flash Carnage webs a peice of tin. He swings it into Anti's face. The tin dents in as it crashes into Anti's face. Anti grip on Carnage is loosen as his falls backwards. Without talking, Carnage swings away weakly. He didn't expect Eddie Brock to be so powerful. Anti was falling. He tears the tin from his face, there was no time to send a webbing to stop his fall. Then he feels he was soaring threw the air. He looks up. Spider-Man looks at him shaking his head. They land ontop of a nearbye building. Anti looks at Spider-Man. "Thanks". he said. "Anyone hurt"? asked Spidey. Anti shakes his head and looks in the direction of the brick building. "He is back". said Anti. Spider-Man knods. "I could hear the fight from Hells Kitchen. I left DD, to see what was happening." said Spider-Man peparing to swing away. "Go get some rest. Meet me hear tommorow. We can team up and look for him". said Spider-Man. "To think, I thought that Carnage mayhem was over". said Spider-man swinging away. Eddie does so as well.
The mask of Carnage melted from Kletus face as he swung. He was badly beaten. "Hmph! Didn't expect a fight from Brock. It doesn't matter, a couple deaths along with Spider-Man couldn't hurt'! screech Kletus. For now though he needed rest. The newly arose chaos of Carnage had began!!

-By Daniel Mapp

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