Worlds Finest #1 "Gods Of A Certain Age"

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(This is an Elseworld's kind of thing, so if the timeline seems slightly askewed, that's why.)


Page 1/Page 2: A two page spread of a overlook at the vastness of space, littered with stars. On the majority of the left corner of the first page, show a massive explosion, with impact rings expanding out from it. Draw a thick white circle around a small object that’s just out of the reach of the explosion, near the impact rings.


(Show the panels going across the two page spread, close to the top right corner of Page 2)


Panel 1: It’s a close up (but not too close) on what the circle was circled around, show it to be a small escape pod. A smooth, silver egg shaped pod, riding the impact of the explosion.


Panel 2: The exact same thing as Panel 1, except with the explosion as the background, indicating it’s about to be swallowed up in the flames.


Panel 3: The exact same thing as Panel 2, except with the flames partially covering the tail end of the pod.


Page 2: The pod is much closer now, and we can see its done riding the explosion as it’s rocket launcher things have kicked on, carrying it away from the explosion.


Caption(in blue, with black lettering, at the bottom corner of Page 2): A boy launched off his collapsing world, taking the first steps of a journey across the vastness of space.


Page 3/Page 4: A two page spread of a tragedy: A boy kneeling in-between the bodies of his parents, blood (not his) stains his tuxedo, and he’s knelt in their pool of blood.


(Like the first two pages, show the panels leading up to the top corner of page 4)


Panel 1: A profile view of the father, sprawled out, lying on his stomach. A hand limply reached out towards the boy. He is wearing a tuxedo, much like the boy.


Panel 2: A full view of the mother, sprawled out, lying on her back, a hand also limply reached out towards the boy. Her dress is white.


Panel 3: A close up of the boys face, just showing the eyes and dark bangs resting just above them. Show tear stains, and do the best work possible emphasizing the hate festering in his mind by how his eyes look.


Caption (in red, with white lettering, at the bottom corner of Page 4): A boy saw just how fragile his world really is, taking the first steps into the black abyss.


Page 5


Panel 1 (Covering the top half of the page): A Kansas field underneath a starry sky. The field has the aforementioned pod crash-landed in it (whatever the crash looks like is for the artist to decide, but nothing too serious), with a couple near the pod. The woman is knelt beside it and the man stands scratching his head. Show that to be slightly in the distance a little, for at the far end of the panel we see a mailbox with bold black letters that spell Kent’s.


Caption(in blue, with black lettering): An apocalypse survivor, unaware of his situation, finds himself in the care of the kind-hearted Kent’s. And so began Superman’s tale on Earth.


Panel 2 (Covering the bottom half of the page): A dimly candle lit room, with the boy from page 3-4 sitting on his bed. His hand is on a bible, and tears have built up in his eyes. Make it noticeable that he is wearing the same tuxedo from the night his parents were killed. His head is down. All we can see on this panel is the boy, the bible, a partial view of his bed, the candle, and part of the nightstand. The rest of the room is dark. 


Bruce Wayne: I solemnly swear to rid the world of crime and other forces of evil on the blood of my parents…


Caption (in red, with white lettering): A survivor of a different kind of apocalypse swears an oath of dedication to rid the world of crime. And so began Batman’s tale.


Page 6:


Panel 1 (Covering the top half again): The top half of the panel is the color of sunlight, with tall skyscrapers. A plane is suspended in mid-air over a crowd of people, with Superman holding it up (in full costume). Show Lois Lane standing in the plane’s open doorway, with a confused look on her face. (One of the skyscrapers in the distance has the Daily Globe on it).


Caption (in blue, with black lettering): He became something godly in the eyes of the masses. A perfect being too worthy to be lessened to the title of “Man”.


Panel 2 (covering the bottom half again): The panel is a view of a cloudy, night sky, with a phantom shape of the iconic Bat Signal in the sky. At the right end corner is a silhouetted building, with a silhouetted Batman clearly standing on it, cape flowing behind him.


Caption (in red, with white lettering): He became something to be feared in the eyes of the criminal. A dark myth and a creature of the shadows. An agent of vengeance.


Page 7


Panel 1 (Again, covering the top half of the page): Metropolis is destroyed and at the center of the panel is Superman, in the arms of a crying Lois Lane. Show him covered in wounds and his suit torn, with a painfully weary expression, and a dead Doomsday laying behind Lois.


Caption (This time in a lighter blue tint, with white letters): I witnessed the death of the man I love, and felt our lives simultaneously fade into black.


Panel 2: It’s the interior of Wayne Manor, with the entrance to the Batcave shown behind Bane, who has an unmasked Batman smashed down onto his knee.


Bane: Instead, I will simply…

Bane: BREAK YOU!!!!!!!


Panel 3: Bane is standing over Batman, who is sprawled out in pain. It’s a different view this time, and we see a doorway leading to a luxury room of some sort, with a horrified Alfred standing in the doorway.


Caption (in black, with white lettering): I witnessed a tragedy beyond what words can describe, and for a brief moment I realized what it was like to be alone.


Page 8


Panel 1 (Vertically covering the left part of the page): Superman flying down from the clear blue sky, but it’s a close up on just him, with the sky as the background.


Caption (This time in a lighter blue tint, with white letters): And then he was there again. And I felt air in my lungs once more.


Panel 2 (Vertically covering the right part of the page): Profile view of Batman standing on a gargoyle jutting out from a skyscraper, with the Bat Signal behind him.


Caption (in black, with white lettering): Bruce came back as more than himself, but the full embodiment of Batman. It’s better than nothing.


Page 9: Use the entire page to show this: Batman crouched on the ground (classic Batman style), with the darkness of Gotham behind him, looking up at Superman, who is hovering down, with sunlight filtering down behind him (this is to basically show the difference between the two)


Caption (in tan with black lettering): And then a bond was formed between the two Gods of completely different worlds. A bond of rivalry and brotherhood, to give hope to a promise of safety and respect between the two. 


Page 10

Panel 1: A sewage tunnel. Batman is thrown onto the ground next to Superman, who is shown to have the shards of a blade of kryptonite in his gut. Batman also has his various wounds. Draw them to look considerably older.


Caption: Present day.


Panel 2: Talia Al Ghul stands in-between the two, clutching the rest of the kryptonite blade in her right hand, with a group of LOA ninja’s behind her.


Panel 3: A close up of Talia Al Ghul’s face. She is also older.



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Good work! I wanna read more! :)

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Super awesome! This needs to continue!