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Continued from part one

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Current champion Chris Jericho stood in the locker room carefully looking over his list, his belt draped over his arm.


Jericho looked up to see Bret The Hitman Hart looking at him. “Bret.”

“I just wanted to say good luck, and may the best man win.” The Hitman stuck his hand out. The Ayatollah of Rock’N’Rolla looked at the hand like it was a platter of diseased meat.

“I don’t need luck. You might.” Chris sneered. Bret shook his head at his fellow Canadian’s attitude and walked off.


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WWEAP President Jack Tunney warmly shook Theodore Long’s hand. “Teddy, I’m very pleased to offer you the role of General Manager.”

“I’m honoured playa,” Teddy smiled.

“It means I can get on with the job of running the WWEAP and you can deal with the constant intrusions. If it gets to big, come and see me, but YOU, will be my barrier between the talent.” Jack pushed his glasses up. “I had Sting invade my office! Al Snow is demanding rematches as is Hardcore Holly. Some wrestler from Japan is calling out for a match. I’ve got title shots to book, matches to make, wrestlers t…”

“I got this!” Teddy patted the President on the shoulder. “Happy to help. You set’em up and I’ll knock’em down. Got some ideas of my own too.”

“That’s great.” Tunney wasn’t really listening as he headed back into his office.


Harlem Heat dispatched The Bar in a hard-fought tag match. Dean Ambrose versus Eddie Guerrero was an instant classic with the pair going the distance until The Lunatic Fringe hit Eddie with Dirty Deeds knocking him out for the three count. Then came the 4-Way Spear Battle. Rhyno Vs Goldberg Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Edge. It was more a multicar accident than a wrestling match.

Edge hit Lashley who took the blow and then lifted the R-Rated superstar skyward in a display of sheer strength and power. By showing off it left him open to being speared by Goldberg who took out two with one attack. But as Goldberg jumped about the ring showing how angry he was, Rhyno struck. Goring like the animal he was named after he took out Goldberg with a perfect spear. Edge wobbled to his feet to receive one for his trouble and Rhyno pinned him for the victory.

In the Women’s Diva Knockout Division Trish Stratus faced off against the bizarre Asuka. It was a fast and brutal affair but in the end, Trish hit Stratusfaction on her opponent and the match was hers. Remarkably the pair shook hands and hugged at the matches conclusion in a sign of mutual respect.

Then came the event that had the entire arena excited: Owen Hart versus Chris Benoit! Both wrestlers of the highest order, both trained in The Dungeon owned by Owen’s father, both Canadian, and both with something to prove. The pair locked up early, exchanging holds and arm bars, before bouncing off the ropes in a mesmerising display that has been missing from the matches of the newer wrestlers.

Benoit threw Owen into a corner only to cop a kick to the face. Seizing the opportunity Owen climbed the ropes and launched a missile drop kick sending the Canadian Crippler to the mat. Owen attempted to place Chris in a sharpshooter only to have it reversed into the Crossface Crippler which made Owen scream in pain. Benoit pulled tighter, but Owen managed to reach out and grab the ropes forcing the hold to be broken. The pair locked up again before Owen forced Chris into a Dragon Sleeper hold. The toothless wolverine roared in pain and just as he was about to break Owen let go, in a move that baffled the crowd and especially his opponent.

But it was merely a ruse, so Owen could hit Benoit with a sneaky reverse piledriver and then apply the Sharpshooter again to the dazed wrestler. Chris had no choice but to tap out.

The crowd chanted Owen’s name, shaking the roof and stamping on the floor. The match was phenomenal in every way. Owen waited until Chris could stand and the pair walked out of the ring together as the crowd roared, “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!”


Bret Hart applauded his brother as he came through the curtain, as did the other superstars and support crew of the WWEAP.

“Follow that,” Owen exhaled cheekily wiping the sweat from his brow.

The shrill of the guitars hit and Bret hugged his brother and marched to the ring. Chris Jericho looked at Owen, clicked his pen and wrote on his list.

“You just made the list,” Chris said, and not in his usual nasty way. “Good job.”

Owen nodded at the high compliment from Jericho. “Thanks. Have fun out there tonight.”

Chris removed his scarf, handed it and the list to a waiting underling before activating his $20,000 light up jacket. “Always do!”

Chris’ theme song ‘Break The Walls’ ripped through the arena causing them to go wild, and slowly he walked out to soak up the crowd’s energy and give them a show they’d never forget.


WWEAP President Jack Tunney looked at the mess on his wall. Photos and strings connected things as he tried to make sense of things. Currently The Hardy Boyz were the Tag Team champions having recently beaten off challenges from the Rock N Sock Connection and the Brothers Of Destruction. It seemed that Harlem Heat would now move into a potential title match against the brothers from North Carolina. But the Oddities had just beaten down the Legion of Doom which also put them in contention. Also Ted Dibiase had formed an alliance with Andre the Giant and they won their match too. Tunney scratched his head.

The Women’s Divas Knockout Division was just as chaotic. Torrie Wilson was facing Mandy Rose whilst Zelina was taking on Beth Phoenix. The winners of those matches would face each other and then that winner would get a shot at either Becky Lynch’s title or…

“Mr President!” Teddy Long entered the room.

“Yes, Teddy what is it?”

“Just to let you know The Undertaker and C.M Punk were the last ones standing in the 6-Pack Challenge.”

Jack pushed his glasses up. “Lucky that Paul Heyman is still in the hospital or I’d never hear the end of how his client was robbed.”

“True dat! Now I organized a few side bouts to keep the flow going since the crowd is jumping. Bad News Barret versus Bad News Brown.”

“That doesn’t sound to good,” Jack replied tentatively.

“I know you aint feeling it player, but the crowd did. Barrett ran all over Brown. It was incredible! And we got invaded by some celebrities, so I put’em to work.”


“Kevin Federline and David Arquette. Put them in a match and boy, oh, boy did the crowd love to see K-Fed get his lily-white butt kicked!” Teddy said gleefully.

“Thank you, Teddy, you’ve done great. Now I need a stiff drink and a supercomputer to…”

“If you’re lacking brain power,” Damien Sandow announced as he and I.Q entered the President’s office. “Allow US to give you a helping hand. After all, we are the smartest people in the room.”

Jack sighed. “Teddy, get’em out of here.”

“Come on you four, OUT!” Teddy herded them back towards the door. “Come in here again and I’ll get Viscera, Mabel AND Big Daddy V to sit on you! Scoot! Shoo! OUT!”

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LOVE it! Keep it up!

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