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Posted by FanFicGuy (19 posts) 1 month, 14 days ago

Poll: Which format do you prefer to use when writing a fanfiction? (7 votes)

Book Format 100%
Script Format 0%
Both Formats 0%

Fanfictions are way for us to express our creativity. Some prefer to write their fanfiction like a book, while others write their fanfictions as a script/screenplay.

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#1 Posted by batkevin74 (15370 posts) - - Show Bio

Scripts are okay, they just annoy me to read as I'd rather you told me and showed me what was going on

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#2 Posted by NeutronStar (15 posts) - - Show Bio

Book definitely. Used o do script until it started bothering me lol

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#3 Posted by cbishop (15561 posts) - - Show Bio

I keep saying I should learn script format, but I love prose. It's not very often that I'll read a script.

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#4 Posted by silverspidey (135 posts) - - Show Bio

I hate scripts because it provides no visual impact. Just words on a page which is fun but at a certain point you need more.