Whatever Happened to the 'Heroes Benched because of DCnU'? Pt. 2

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See Part 1, "Whatever Happened to the 'Heroes to be Benched because of DCnU'?" for more info.

Outside the fiction, the comics undergo a procedure to trim away the fat, and by fat, I mean writing for the trade, big events, and constant character death, allowing a little more creative freedom. Done-in-ones and two-to-three part stories are brought back, and at least two anthologies are created to showcase the obscure and semi-prominent characters.  
And now, the titles for this continuation of the DCU: 
Team Books-- 
Justice League Unlimited #1

Book with a rotating cast, switching from different squads of the League. Prominently featured teams are A, B, and C.

Justice Society of America, vol. 3, #1 
Also a rotating cast, with a lineup of Power Girl, Wildcat, Green Lantern, Obsidian, Atom Smasher, Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Ri, Amazing Man (Markus Clay), Manhunter, and Jakeem Thunder. Jay Garrick and others are reserves. 
Teen Titans Unlimited #1 
Rotating cast, with occasional guest-stars (like Relative Heroes), and a few spotlight stories. 
Birds of Prey Unlimited #1 
Team led by Lady Blackhawk and Skyrocket of the Power Company. 
Speed Force #1 
A team of Wally West, Jesse Quick, Max Mercury, and Impulse forms to safeguard both the twin cities of Keystone and Central, and the world. 
Checkmate (vol. 3) #1 
The organization reforms with leadership made up of King Faraday, Sasha Bordeaux, Sarge Steel, and Nemesis. Operatives include the GI Robot, Nightshade, Peter Cannon (Thunderbolt), and the Creature Commandos. 
Doom Patrol, vol. 6, #1 
Taking a cue from the original stories by Arnold Drake and the 70's stories of Paul Kupperberg, with a bit of X-Factor Investigations thrown in.  The team also becomes an auxillary unit for the Justice League.
World Warriors #1 
Richard Dragon forms a team made up of Onyx, Judomaster, Blackbat, Bronze Tiger, Freight Train, and Nemesis as a covert mission team a la Street Fighter in the US animated series. 
Relative Heroes #1 
Superheroics is a dish best served family-style. 
Freedom Fighters (vol. 2) #1 
Stormy Knight's connections to both the original Phantom Lady and Kate Spencer are revealed. 
The Metal Men #1 
Doc Magnus, having finally regained his senses, volunteers the group as an auxillary team for the Justice League, and with help from Red Tornado and Dr. Mid-Nite, creates human guises for the Metal Men similar to the Pretender Shells from Transformers. Each member takes a human name as well--Gary Olsen (Gold), Tina Platt (Platinum), Irving Randall (Iron), Lenny Edmond (Lead), Tim Yithers (Tin), and Connie Perez (Copper).
Secret Six: The Wedding #1 (one-shot) 
Scandal's big day, with King Shark showing a side previously unknown--a wedding planner! (Think of Cleveland, Jr. in the first season finale of The Cleveland Show.) 
Solo Books-- 
Power Girl (vol. 3) #1 
Power Girl begins filling the void left by Superman, as a tribute to both him and her cousin the Earth-Two Superman. 
Troia: Wonder Woman 2.0 #1 (title inspired by Iron Man 2.0)  
Donna begins filling the void left by Wonder Woman, with help from Artemis. 
Azrael: Knight of Vengeance #1 
Michael Lane begins filling in the void left by Batman, while being kept in check by Batgirl, the Question, Blackbat, and Ragman. 
Green Arrow and Speedy #1 
Connor Hawke and Mia Dearden fill the void left by Oliver Queen. 
The Flash: Fastest Alive #1 
Wally West returns to action and takes on his daughter Iris (the new Impulse) as his sidekick. Supporting characters include Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick, Hourman, Max Mercury, and Patty Spivot.
Steel (vol. 2) #1 
Steel begins filling in for Superman in Metropolis. 
Batgirls #1 
Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain together again! 
The Spectre (vol. 5) #1 
Stars Crispus Allen in the lead. 
Jade #1 
Jade fills in the void left by the Green Lanterns of Earth, honoring Hal, John, Guy, and Kyle.
The Question #1 
Renee Montoya becomes the go-to detective for Gotham, honoring both the MIA Batman family and Vic Sage. 
Gangbuster #1 
Jose Delgado--schoolteacher by day, vigilante by night, taking down gang activity in Suicide Slum. 
Black Lightning #1 
Takes his daughter Jennifer on as his partner; she renames herself "Ladybolt".  
Ragman #1 
Rory Regan defends his community from both violence and predjudice in all forms.

Red Tornado #1 
Fighting crime with the help of his new family.  
Firehawk #1
Fighting for what's right both on the streets and in Congress, Lorraine Reilly is the high-flying heatwave Firehawk. 
Acrata #1 
A title to act as an answer to Marvel's current Spider-Girl series. 
Anthology Books-- 
DC Showcase #1 
Four stories, each spotlighting a different B/C-list character or a new character. New and old talent for writing and art on this one. 
DC Team-Up #1 
When DC made Brave and the Bold a team up book, Marvel's answer was Marvel Two-In-One. When they did DC Comics Presents, Marvel did Marvel Comics Presents. For the longest time, DC had no answer to Marvel Team-Up--now they do. Two heroes for the price of one! 
Tales from the Wild Frontier #1 
DC's Wild West legends return, and newer ones begin! 
Strange Adventures #1 
Spotlighting the cosmic portions of the DC Universe, featuring Captain Comet, Adam Strange, the Omega Men and others. 
Other Books-- 
History of the DC Universe (vol. 2) #1 and 2 
A detailed, fully accounted-for, fully understandable history of the post Infinite-Crisis DC Universe. 
History of the New DC Universe #1 and 2 
A  look at the history of the post-Flashpoint DC Universe timeline.
Who's Who in the DC Universe #1-36
The newly-updated (after 18 years!) guide to the heroes, villains, and supporting characters of the DC Universe. 
Who's Who in the New DC Universe #1-25 
Your guide to the most-and-least-changed characters of the relaunched DC Universe. 
Special Intercompany Crossover Books (inspired by the recent announcement of Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes)-- 
Justice League/GI Joe #1-6 (miniseries where they team up against the Cobra Organization and the Kobra cult) 
Doom Patrol vs Godzilla #1-4
Ragman and the Ghostbusters #1-4 
Freedom Fighters/Street Fighter #1-4 (just imagine, Uncle Sam vs M. Bison)
*To close, I want to hear your ideas for who should be the writer and artist for each of these. So please, submit and comment away, but do give your reasons for those particular choices. You don't have to pick every title here.