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Based on the episodes of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, namely The Prison Plot and The Vengeance of Loki

I am…The Watcher. There is a reality known as Earth-8107 where Spider-Man, Ice Man, and Firestar fight foes, attend Empire State University, and are Amazing Friends. It’s a slightly brighter, cheerier universe than most.

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After an encounter with Magneto in 1981, Peter Parker realises he has feelings for Angelica Jones. When the pair then become trapped inside the Twins of the Gods gems thanks to Loki, his feelings are reciprocated. Ice Man decides that the affections of an Asgardian ice goddess are for him and he opts to stay in Asgard.

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In 1983, the Parkers welcome a little girl into the world; Mary Parker-Jones, name after both her grandmothers. Mary is a mutant like her mother and inherits a combination of both her parent’s powers, which manifest at age two when The Green Goblin kidnaps her after learning Spider-Man’s identity. Goblin goes blind after Mary’s fire powers erupt in his face sending him blind. Angelica suggests getting help from Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters.

Soon both Spider-Man and Firestar join the staff and the team of X-Men as Mary learns to control her powers as they develop. The two new members prove valuable to the team, especially when dealing with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Juggernaut, and the Sentinels. Even when Green Goblin returns, he is defeated and Professor X wipes Peter’s identity from Norman’s mind.

In the year 2000, Mary Parker-Jones adopts the identity of Flame-Spider and joins an X-Men team called X-Treme, because it was the millennium and they thought it was cool. Led by team veteran Videoman, the squad of seven manage to save the world from Annihilus, stop the new Brotherhood of Evil and even go to Asgard to help Iceman against the forces of Surtur.

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Ghostdance, the son of Sprite & Warpath, and Flame Spider begin dating which irks Darkstorm, the son of Nightcrawler & Storm. Teen angst is exploited by the returning Green Goblin teaming with Mastermind who turns Darkstorm against his friends with mental manipulations. In the following fight, Firestar sacrifices herself to save Flame-Spider and Spider-Man finally deals with Green Goblin who then turns himself in.

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