What If...? Snippets #16

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Based off Avengers #274

Hercules never stood a chance.

He was as inebriated as a stadium full of football fans and he marched into the Avengers Mansion thinking he could fight all the Masters of Evil singlehandedly. He was drunk and they were ready. He did manage to severely injury Piledriver of the Wrecking Crew but the odds were eight on one.

Hercules was beaten into a coma. His father Zeus then whisked him back to Mount Olympus and brought the Avengers in as he thought they were responsible for his injuries.

I am…The Watcher. In this reality Hercules wasn’t beaten into a coma. He was killed. Baron Helmut Zemo administered the coup de grâce by unloading six bullets through the eyes and the demi-gods body was tossed into the street like trash.

The Avengers eventualy defeated the Masters of Evil. A funeral for their fallen comrade was had. Zeus, instead of reaping his misguided attempt at justice on them, he went after the culprits. Goliath, Mister Hyde, Tiger Shark, Piledriver, The Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball and Baron Zemo were flung into the Underworld. Can the villainous team survive the reaping they have sown?

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