What If? Snippets #14

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Stamford Connecticut

“Okay. How many super villains are we talking, Speedball?” asked Mark Turner, Show producer of the WTNH show “New Warriors” into Speedball’s ear.

“Three...no, wait four. All from the FBI’s most wanted list, right?”

“Hold on...yeah you’ve got Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Speedfreek and Nitro. Broke out of Ryker’s months ago and have records as long as Reed Richards arms. Coldheart has taken on Spider-Man a few times,” Mark read the information off the screen. “Okay, Robbie, we’re going to pull you back.”

“But the ratings!”

“You get killed, no show!” Mark stated. “I’ve made a call to the Avengers. Back to the van. As per the contract you signed, it states...”

“What’s going on, Robbie?” Microbe asked.

“We spend six months in a van looking for goofballs to fight and when we finally find some, they’re telling us no!” Speedball complained.

Doug the cameraman tapped Speedball on the shoulder. “Speedy, we’ve been told to pull out.”

Speedball sighed and kicked the dirt. “Fine! But if the Avengers DO show up we’re having a goddam team up!”

“You did the right thing,” Captain America shook Speedball’s hand.

“Sorry, Cap, could you say that again,” asked Doug as he pointed at Speedfreek convulsing and screaming on the stretcher as EMT’s tried to treat his shredded legs from him taking on Wolverine.

Captain America shot Doug a look and looked back at Speedball. “This New Warriors things is good, but perhaps you could use a hand.”

“You want to join my team?” Speedball gulped in delight.

“Not quite,” Iron Man interrupted as he landed beside them. “Nitro is contained. If he’d exploded here in suburbia the damage would’ve been...is that Namor’s sister?”

“Cousin,” Speedball added. “So...”

“Can we go?” Wolverine grumbled as he ambled over. “I’ve got things to do.”

“Which team needs you now?” Spider-Man joked. “Power Pack? U-Foes? Great Lakes Avengers?”

“Everyone on the jet!” Luke Cage barked.

“Everyone?” Microbe asked.



I am the Watcher! In this universe, the divisive Civil War was never triggered. The New Warriors were recruited and became the first class of the newly formed Avengers Academy.