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This Forum is where you will have to create an original what if story. I do not want to put this under the contest forum because I want more people to participate. Usually what if stories tend to be bad until recent one's like what if deadpool kills the marvel universe. Now I want you guys to create you own idea.

Guidelines: You may use any picture you create online using any website, you may draw it and you may write your story. If a picture is used online and you use photoshop or anything else it must be acknowledged. Contest due on May 1st.

Winners will be for

best concept story

best picture

best creativity

note: there will be five winners for the best picture. Here is an example of a picture that may be used with a story. This is the story I created-

No Caption Provided

Obviously I will not actually be part of the contest. My what if is what if Nick Fury became the punisher and started the agents of judgment instead of the agents of shield. Frank Castle's family didn't die, in this universe the main avengers died- Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Thor. This led Furry to go mad as Hydra started to take over. Now the agents of judgment include wolverine, ghost rider, Ares who is now trying once again to change for the better, a fixed deathlock, luke cage, and agent Coulson. This is my what if story now for yours.

Thank you user Project_Worm for telling me to use this section of the forum I have not used it before.

This may also be found in the generate discussion page.

The image was created using Photoshop and PowerPoint the picture of the shirt and furry are from the movies and the skull eye patch was made using a wallpaper website and Photoshop.

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@deadcool_xd: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/mashed-up-origins-the-collected-library-675731/