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Hello everyone the Fan fiction that I will be posting will be some of the stories that can be found on my website for Creative writers to express themselves and just have fun while creating a new cohesive universe.

Imagine if you will a universe where all of your favorite characters from all of Pop Culture exist within one universe. Imagine all of the new stories that could be told and imagine the retelling of classic stories. How exciting and different could this Universe be? To find out read on believers. Welcome to The Crossover Fan Fiction Younivers.


In order to tell this story, I must start at the end of thousands more……

Long before this universe existed, there once existed the multiverse, a vast and complex system of alternate universes that was home to thousands upon thousands of realms and worlds, each with their own stories to tell. Stories of good triumphing over evil, stories of tragedy and pain and others so fantastic it defied all meaning. These separate universes remained apart from one another—save for a few instances when two universes would meet through cosmic or divine means. That was how it was meant to be kept, through mass barriers between worlds so that these moments would not happen.

That choice would be this multiverses downfall, for between each universal barrier, there were gaps and it within those gaps, the darkness hid itself and grew in silence within the void, waiting for the right moment to unleash itself upon all worlds. The darkness that was simply known as: The Nothing.

The Nothing finally found it’s opportunity to strike when heroes, two groups from two different universes accidentally broke the walls between universes. While successfully defending their universe simultaneously from what seemed like an omnipotent force.They fractured all of time and space freeing The Nothing from it’s breeding ground and like a plague, it spread itself across all of existence.

World after world was consumed by the darkness’s insatiable hunger, devouring all within its path without pity or care. Thousands of both heroes and villains rose up in their respective worlds to try to stop The Nothing from destroying their home, but alas, no power could halt the darkness from consuming every world it touched. When one universe was destroyed, The Nothing would simply spread itself further across all points within the Multiverse to find its next victim and so on and so forth; even my original universe was no match for its power, no matter how hard the beings of my universe fought, we fell to the darkness just the same. Soon The Nothing had consumed all off reality itself and the multiverse was no more.

But this was not the end of the story.

Despite the mass destruction of the universes, two beings had survived the chaos. The first The Presence who was divine in nature, and the other known as The One Above All who was cosmic in nature. These beings would become know as the Bringers of Light and together they did battle with the Nothing as a last stand for the remnants of reality itself. The battle went on for an unknown amount of time with neither side giving way, until finally the Bringers of Light pooled their powers together and beat back The Nothing, but victory was bittersweet for the Bringers of Light, for the damage was already done to the Multiverse.

But there was hope, for the Bringers of Light soon discovered something grand. In the vastness of the now empty realities, there existed fragments of the many universes that were ravaged by The Nothing’s power. Pooling their powers once more, the Bringers of Light managed to merge these fragments together through a second Big Bang of sorts and create a single new universe were all beings from the once grand and mighty multiverse now existed side-by-side with one another. They then built a new wall around this universe to keep The Nothing from destroying the last universe in existence before hiding within this new universe from even my site in order to gather their strength in peace would their enemy attempt to destroy all they had built. Through this single universe, the multiverse will one day grow again, but for now; it shall exist on its own.

Now within this new universe, new stories shall begin. New stories of good battling against evil, new stories of wonder and amazement and stories that will once again defy all meaning. Despite my knowledge of what had lead to the creation of this new universe through my cosmic awareness I, Uatu shall look upon this bold new universe that now has thousands of possibilities from the shadows and chronicle it’s life forms many adventures upon it and into it’s future.

It is a task that I shall be honored to undertake.