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Weird Man is a character from Hairy Lion Productions (Hairy Lion Comics). He was created as a comic strip in 1997 by Harry Bailey and it continued until 2000. After a long hiatus, Harry Bailey brought the character back to life in 2013 as an animation short for YouTube.

The Beginning

Weird Man was raised in Antarctica. His unique body type kept him alive in the extreme cold weather of Antarctica. When he became an adult, he decided to leave Antarctica to start a new life. Weird Man took a long boat ride to New York City. No one knows how he was able to survive the long boat ride. While traveling around New York City, he met a new friend named Grape in the New York City Subway. Grape started to take Weird Man around New York City to expand his mind. Weird Man knew Grape had a secret about himself and always tried to get Grape to confess who he really was. Grape's answer would always be, "You don't want to know." Grape and Weird Man got a job at the library where they shelve books for minimum wage and rent an apartment together. Their landlord Bragi is a retired officer from Iceland and always reminds them to pay their rent on time. One night at a club they befriended the DJ named Disco who always gives them life advice.

Rivalry with Ten

A supervillian by the name of Ten landed on Earth in search of Grape and Weird Man. Ten sent out a message to everyone on Earth he is looking for Grape and Weird Man. Grape sensed Ten had arrived and told Weird Man who he was and where Weird Man truly came from. Ten was the right hand man of Weird Man's father who was the ruler of the planet Vida. Weird Man's father knew Ten was planning to take over Vida and there was nothing he could do to stop him so he sent Weird Man to Earth to be safe from Ten. Grape revealed he is the guardian of Weird Man and was sent down to Earth to protect Weird Man in case Ten came after him. After Ten killed Weird Man's father and took over Vida, he became the ruler of ten dwarf planets (Hence the name "Ten"). Grape also mentioned about a Blue Triangle that has an energy source that can destroy planets. Grape knew Ten needed him in order to use the Blue Triangle. Somehow the inner power of Grape, Weird Man and the Blue Triangle are all connected. Grape had a map that was given to him by Weird Man's father to lead them to the Blue Triangle before Ten. Grape and Weird Man solved clues on the map to figure out the next location they needed to go to get closer to the Blue Triangle. Every step Ten got closer, Weird Man's power was increasing. Eventually Weird Man and Ten went head to head in California. Weird Man learned he had the power of telekinesis which he used to defeat Ten.


After Weird Man defeated Ten, Grape hid the Blue Triangle in a secret location. Later, the Blue Triangle was eventually found by Ten's apprentice Pine. Pine took the Blue Triangle back home to Albania. Pine wanted to use the Blue Triangle to take over Albania and get revenge for this master Ten. Grape and Weird Man met a new friend Eri who helped them locate Pine. Weird Man tried to take on Pine alone but Pine knew how to manipulate the power of the Blue Triangle to take away Weird Man's powers. Pine has the power to transfer energy into objects but does not have the ability to use it so he still needed Grape to use the full power of the Blue Triangle. Grape saved Weird Man by taking on Pine, showcasing his true powers and defeating Pine. Weird Man and Grape once again had possession of the Blue Triangle and this time would not let go of it.

Yoga Man

Weird Man came back to New York City to find out Yoga Man aka Alex Gonzalez was making fun of him and didn't like how Yoga Man said Howard the Duck can defeat him in a one on one contest. Weird Man challenged him to a fight which never happened because Weird Man decided it wasn't worth it.


Weird Man and Grape heard in the News someone was stealing all the bananas in Ecuador. When they arrived in Ecuador, they came across a man calling himself the "Banana Raider." Weird Man confronted the Banana Raider to find out why he was stealing all the bananas. The Banana Raider briefly explained he needed the bananas in order to survive and the people of Ecuador turned him into this monster. Weird Man tried to give the Banana Raider a warning but he wasn't going to stop taking all the bananas. Eventually the two did battle and the Banana Raider showed he can turn into a giant banana with the ability to launch himself at his opponent. Weird Man defeated the Banana Raider with a hard baseball throw to the head of the Raider. The Banana Raider was taking in by the government to find out what happened to him.