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The Order, Canada’s greatest superhero team, was saving lives once again.

The mighty Elephant-Woman held up the roof of the collapsing room as the civilians were escorted out by her colleague Grey Jay who led the masses through the tick smoke toward the nearest window where Kismet’s ship was waiting for them. Jay disappeared in the blink of an eye now and then as he grabbed a child and carried them to the window with his superhuman speed or helped an elderly person who had tripped back on his or her feet. He could do it so quickly that no one noticed that he had moved.

Kismet turned off the water canons from the fore-end of her bee-shaped flying vertical and then extended a ramp from the rear door to the window. As soon as she did, civilians came out of the window, one by one thanks to grey Jay who made sure that the panicking people would push or shove each other in order to reach safety. Once the ship had been filled up, the White Dove, the Order’s flyer, carried the few remaining people to safety with her telekinetic powers.

Inside the ship, Elephant-Woman were tending the people. Beside being blessed with super-strength, she also had a literally healing touch that could take care of most of the wounds the ships new passengers had received from the fire.

“How are our passengers?” Kismet activated the ship’s autopilot so that she could stretch her arms.

“Seems everyone are okay.” Grey Jay seized from moving around like a white, grey and blue flash as he had dealt out water bottles and coffee to those who wanted some. “Burn-marks and scratches, but nothing E. W. can’t handle.”

“Good.” Kismet made a sigh of relief. “That was fortunate.”

“The word fortunate would imply that luck was somehow involved in this rescue mission.“ Elephant-Woman held her hand on a baby’s head who seized crying as the pain disappeared. "You foresaw the fire. Your divination saved these people.”

“Said the woman who held up the roof in a burning room.” Kismet pointed out as she prepared to land the plane.

“Now, we are about to land, and the authorities has been called. They will take over from here.” Jay said to the civilians. “But before you leave, the Order would like to give you these. Me and my colleagues would appreciate it if you would spend at least five minutes flipping through them.”

In a matter of seconds, the people found a couple of procures in their hands about Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam.


Kismet’s ship and White Dove landed on the ground, where policemen and ambulances where waiting to take over. Few moments later, the press arrived. As usual, Grey Jay spoke to the press as since he was Canada’s most popular superhero, meaning he was the one most used to talking to the press and he was good for the Order’s image. He answered the few questions that actually was about the fire… and plenty of the ones that had been answered already.

Like, if it was a problem to have a team where each member had their own religion. Or what it was like to work with a Muslim. If it bothered him that said Muslim called the shots. If her orders were always the same.

A whole lot of Muslim-related questions.

Jay wondered if anyone had understood the purpose of a Christian, Jew, Muslim and Buddhist joining forces or if people just didn’t care and wanted them to be at each other’s throat. Mainly Kismet’s throat.

“So there is no tension in your team so far?” A journalist with red hair asked as she was few inches from shoving her microphone into Jay’s nose.

“Not at all.” Grey Jay said with the smile that was well-known from the picture ET Canada had used when they declared him the sexiest man alive. “I mean, let’s be honest, aren’t all religions the same? They tell us what to eat, when to pray, that this funny little animal we call man can somehow be a better person to honor and please the divine forces that created them. But how can anyone please said deity, whether it be god, Allah or, I don’t know the Spaghetti Monster, if we have hatred in our hearts toward each other? True, some of us don’t eat pork. Some of us don’t eat shellfish. But… well, most of us eat chicken, right?" A small laughter could be heard from the press. "That's what the Order is all about: Love, mutual respect and acceptance.”


Kismet’s premonitions gave the Order an edge, preparing them for many terrible events, sometimes even stop them before they got out of hand.

Sometimes. But not always.

For example: Kismet didn’t predict that a giant, flying jellyfish(presumably a space monster of some sort) would attack Toronto.

White Dove’s telekinetic shield, the only thing that saved her from getting squeezed to death, was about to be crushed by the tentacle that was wrapped around it. Grey Jay had been infected by the creature’s poison that would have killed him if it wasn’t for his hyper-metabolism, so he now lied on the ground, incapable of moving his own body. Elephant-Woman had trouble grabbing the creature by one of its tentacles as it was so slimy that it was practically impossible to get a hold of. Meanwhile, Kismet was opening her laser canons, trying to harm the monster enough to scare it. But it was to no use since it simply absorbed the energy.

As Kismet considered whether or not to try using explosives, help appeared from the sky.

It was a flying man with the physique of a bodybuilder in a golden costume. His cape was fluttering behind him as heatwaves was fired out of his eyes, cutting off the tentacle that White Dove was locked in. Then, he took in a deep breath and blew at the monstrous jellyfish. His breath trapped the creature inside a giant block of ice.

"Greetings, Order. I hope you don't mind my interference, but it looked like you were in the need of a hand."

"You kidding? You saved our bacon!"Grey Jay had regained his mobility, and was already shacking hands with his savior. "What's your name, guy?"

"I call myself Captain Power. And I hope you will allow me membership on your team. I'm a religious man myself, and would like to help you in both spreading your message as well as saving lives."

"Awesome!" White Dove exclaimed with joy. "I mean, I can't speak for everyone, but-"


Everyone turned around. Kismet had landed her ship and stepped out.

"Ah, you are the leader, correct?" Captain Power offering his hand to her. "I was just talking with your colleagues about-"

"Sir, would you give us a minute to talk in private?"

Everyone was surprise by the less than friendly tone Kismet gave to the man who had supported them moments ago.

Captain Power waited as the Order went inside Kismet ship to discuss something. About a minute late, he heard someone yell He's a WHAT?, and then, a few moments later, the Order returned.

"Captain, I'm afraid we don't really take members on a whim." Kismet said. "We are very grateful for your performance today, and we wishes you the best, but I'm afraid it won't be as a member of the Order."

Captain Power was stunned. The group that had been rather friendly and thankful before looked at him with a mix of awkwardness and... something else he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"But... I just saved your life. This wasn't part of the... I mean..." Power looked like he was about to say something he would regret. And then, he just looked pissed. “Know what, I know what’s going on here… this is religious discrimination!”

“Call it what you want.” Kismet crossed her arms. “The Order won’t accept you as a member.”

“I will sue you! All of you!”

“Well, you go and do that.” Kismet said, clearly not impressed.

“I bet you go around telling people my religion is a lie! Once I find someone who can quote you for saying that, you are gonna be sooo sued!!”

Grey Jay rolled his eyes. “Good for you. Go ahead and sue us.”

“I will! You are soooo sued, you pricks!”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Elephant-Woman grabbed Captain Power by his collar, slightly lifting him above the ground. “Sir, I will kindly ask you to leave us alone. Right now. Or I might forget that I hate violence.”

“That… that was a threat!” Captain Power sad once he was released, trying to hide the fact that he was scared. “You just threatened me with brute force! I’m gonna sue your ass!”

And then, he flew away.

“Man, what a dick.” White Dove sighed.

Grey Jay shrugged. “What did you expect? He works for a douchebag sect created by con men.”

As the team went inside Kismet's ship, they were still obvious to the fact that they were being watch by a drone hidden away by it's camouflage tech. And that the man who owned it was watching them on a screen that he punched a hole in, furious that his investment in the jellyfish mutant and the captain had apparently been for nothing.

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@wildvine: Whops, forgot to tag you here. Sorry.

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Have you thought about writing something not superhero-related? This felt like you wanted to write character drama more than the hero stuff, given how you skipped over the battle. Yeah a battle happened but this one had a shield, and that one couldn't die cause super powers. Ultimately it served as a catalyst for the drama, which is clearly what you wanted to write. This was well written minus a typo or two-- just saying there are other backdrops for drama and character interactions beyond supernatural stuff.

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@waezi2: Ahem, non-supernatural. As in "real" people. Not cartoons or fantasy characters. I haven't read it. Not really interested in the game tbh

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@wildvine: Eh, real people isn't my thing when writing. Besides, I'm from a nation where we make "real people" fiction in the form of emotion porn so much that it ended up getting stale.

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@waezi2: I read this. I enjoyed it well enough, but was surprised you didn't say what Power's religion was. I was thinking it's Scientology, but I wasn't sure.

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@waezi2: I read this. I enjoyed it well enough, but was surprised you didn't say what Power's religion was. I was thinking it's Scientology, but I wasn't sure.

It might be, but if I said it out loud, I would get sued:P

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@waezi2: lol I can't imagine that it would hold up in court. Especially used in fiction.

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@cbishop: Yeah, I know. jokes aside, I left it unsaid, making a joke out of how easy it was to figure out his "religion" by him being petty enough to threatening the Order with suing them.