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Amymal had been strapped to a operation table. Around her neck was a de-powering collar that prevented her from turning into animals or animal hybrids.

She was completely helpless. Her only hope was her friends Starchild and Cat. If they could come in time, they could save her from Doctor Anastasia Fahrenheit before she began her... experiment.

IF they could come in time.

But as Amymal saw the many quacks in scrubs who surrounded the operation table, each of them armed with knives, saws, gardening tools, butcher knives, chainsaws and anything sharp, Amy began to fear that this was the end.

And at the end of the table where Amy's feet were, the mad Doctor Fahrenheit was looking down at her.

"I must say, Ms. Amymal, I HAVE been looking forward to this." Fahrenheit made a humorless laugh as she stroke her cat. "Finding out what makes your chimera-like body works have been something I have longed for."

Amymal tried to spit at the evil scientist in an attempt to make her seemingly soon-to-come end less pathetic. Her aim was off.

"Now, that is just undignified. Don't look so mad, you are about to play a key-role in history. Me and my fellow doctors will do a through and through study of your body. And once we kind the key gene in your body that allow you to turn into any creature you please, I will make an army of monsters that will do my every bidding."

"There must be a better way to do that than cutting me up." Amy tried to make Fahrenheit monologue for as long as possible, hoping that it would save her life.

"Oh, there is. But this way is more fun." Fahrenheit made another lifeless laugh. "I love cutting and hacking through my test subjects. Especially when they are still alive. You will soon be amazed by what you can live through. For you see... Hey. HEY. Stop that."

"Is there a problem, Doctor?" One of the surgeons asked.

"No, no. It's nothing. Now as I was say-STOP THAT, ARNFINN! Sit still. SIT ARGH! That hurt, you little-"

"Should I take her?"

"No, it's fine. ARRGH, DAMMIT, that hurt! Alright get down. Get... Ah, for Christ's sake, if you didn't want to get down, why were you being difficult?"

"I could take her up if you-"

"No! The only thing I can do is ignoring her to teach her a lesson. And if one of you rewards her poor behavior with attention, then I will look like the bad guy here."

"And we can't have that." Amy chuckled.

"Be quiet, you." Fahrenheit sighed. "Alright, the mood is gone, let's get on with the experiment."

"Doctor, I think Arnfinn is-"

"No, ignore her. That's the only way to-"

"But Doctor, Arnfinn has.. well, you know..."

"Oh my god, she didn't..." Fahrenheit turned around. "DAMMIT! My best briefcase. It's gonna smell like piss for days! I knew I shouldn't have... Wait a minute, who placed it there?"

Complete silence.

"Spit it out! Which one of you idiots placed my best briefcase on the floor so Arnfinn could ruin it?"

The surgeon with the chainsaw slowly lifted his hand up.

"Surgeon Seven? Seriously?"

"You told me just to put it some place it wouldn't be in the way. You said it didn't matter where."

"Yes, but not on the floor. It was not cheep, you know. And now I have to throw it out!"

"I will buy you a new one, Doctor."

"You better, or I will... wait, can anyone else smell that?"

"We can all smell the bag, Doctor."

"No! Not that! It smells like smoke, it smells like... Oh,you gotta be-"



And that's why villains are no longer stroking cats while gloating.

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