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Wolverine: No way, Peter! My superhuman life is more difficult

Spider-Man: Logan, I have to fight enemies you could barely handle.

Wolverine: I have to battle Magneto, Silver Samurai and Sabretooth! Sabretooth has a healing factor like mine and can move faster than me!

Spider-Man: Ok. Well then, let us switch villains then decide. Deal!

Logan heads to New York to battle Spiderman's enemies. He sees Iguana. Iguana throws Logan and hits him with a pipe.

Wolverine: Not bad, Lizard bub, but I've fought Sabretooth!

Logan jumps up and cuts a wrecking ball chain, making it fall on Iguana, but Iguana gets up and throws Logan at a brick wall.

Wolverine dodges Iguana's punch and Iguana is electrocuted.

Wolverine: Ok, Logan, remain calm right now. Wait until it's right, and return the Iguana to Dr. Curt, hoping he's still alive.

Logan heads to Dr. Curts labratory, and returns his Iguana

Logan: I was in the neighborhood and noticed this Iguana. I'm really trying to remain calm in hope it's alive. I had to battle with him at night. Believe me.

He shows off his claws

Logan: I didn't stab him, but I did cut a wrecking ball chain to fall on top of him.

Curt: Thank you, Wolverine.

Meanwhile, Spiderman is about to battle with Sabretooth.

Sabretooth: The Man with the spider suit? They underestimated me this time!

Sabretooth attempts to slash at Spiderman, but Spidey dodges and kicks Sabretooth in the head. Spiderman webs Sabretooth in the eyes and pulls his leg, knocking him over. Spiderman dodges and Sabretooth falls down a 40 foot hole.

Spider-Man: Wow, Logan was right. Sabretooth is a durable/regenerative guy.

Wolverine goes to battle with Kingpin, Vulture and Rhino. Rhino charges forward, knocking Wolverine back 12 feet. Vulture shoots Logan in the leg, then throws a grenade, launching Wolverine up in the air. Kingpin shoots Wolverine in the leg.

Rhino stands on Wolverine and Logan stabs him in the leg. Logan slices off Kingpin's cane gun. Then jumps up to remove Vulture's wings.

Logan: Next time, send in someone stronger to fight me!

Spider-Man is battling Magneto. Magneto throws metal beams but Spidey dodges. Spiderman punches, but Magneto uses a force field. Spiderman takes a steel beam with his web but Magneto is tugging on it as well, so Spiderman puts webbing in his eyes then hits Magneto with the beam, and punches Magneto multiple times.

Wolverine is now battling Kraven and Green Goblin. Kraven shoots him, then uses the Bolas. Goblin bombs Logan, and Kraven stabs him. Logan gets up and scratches the hoverboard, but is shot with the tranquilizer blowgun 5 times, taking him out.

Chameleon is camouflaged, and then punches Logan. Chameleon uses knockout gas, but it only distracts Wolverine for a short period of time, leaving him open to punches. Chameleon uses the smoke bombs, which does work for some time, until the smoke wears out, bringing Wolvie's senses into the game. Chameleon jumps from a bridge to kick Wolverine in the head, but Wolvie stabs him, and he's barely alive, so he shoots Wolverine with 5 tranquilizer darts, allowing Chameleon to escape and heal.

Logan gets up 11 hours later

Logan: What do you know? I really did somewhat underestimate these people. I should go take care of Tinkerer.

Logan arrives at Tinkerer's place and Tinkerer stalls him with robots and turrets, but his healing factor gets him through.

Tinkerer: Well, get ready to lose.

Tinkerer sends in some robots and uses some explosions, and Logan's stamina has been used up. Tinkerer electrocutes Logan

Logan: Bub, I heal real fast, and my skeleton is indestructible!

He runs up and shows off his claws, and Tinkerer surrenders.

Electro is tired of Wolverine defeating evil, so he electrocutes Logan.

Logan: Oh... I must have been hit with a lot of damage. Better get moving.

Spiderman is battling Silver Samurai, dodging slashes and shurikens, and Spiderman attempts to kick him, but he teleports away, and Spidermans sense helps him win.

Wolverine heads to fight Carnage & Venom, but his stamina is worn out.

Spider-Man: Easy, but somewhat difficult. How's Logan doing?

Wolverine calls Peter

Wolverine: Peter, I've defeated Iguana, Rhino, Kingpin, Kraven, and Tinkerer, but Chameleon won by firing tranquilizers at me, and Carnage overpowered my stamina

Spiderman: I better go handle him. Turns out we both have difficult Superhuman lives

Wolverine: Yes, we do. Agreed