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Vegeta’s epic new form!!!

This is my fan-made story of the DBS/Z universe.

The setting (I’m going to jump right into it)

Goku and and Vegeta are training with Whis to further enhance their power. Vegeta is extremely motivated to catch up with Goku after witnessing him reach a new pinnacle of Saiyan potential in his fight against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. Goku is trying to revive the instinctual combat he has seemed to have lost at the conclusion of the tournament.

Whis: Alright guys, your recent battle with Broly has shown you have a ways still to go. Let’s try to further unlock your potential with a peculiar training method that is meant for Gods of Destruction. With that said... I’ll have Beerus demonstrate.

Beerus: whaaaaaaaat? Don’t tell me you are talking abou.....

Whis: (soft giggle)

Goku: alright, I am ready!! Let’s do this!

Vegeta: I must surpass you Kakarot... I am ready as well.

Whis: alright, this training method is something you can do anywhere you want, it resembles Tai Chi on your home world but is a little different in that it is less posing and more dancing.

Goku: oh cool!

Vegeta: (noticeable vein pops out of his head) whaaat! How can dancing help us get stronger?

Whis: Oh... Good question! This specific type of dancing focuses on evading while attacking, it also looks heavenly so I’ve decided to teach the both of you. Ho ho ho!

Vegeta: you can count me out.

Goku: come on Vegeta, don’t you want to become stronger?

Vegeta: not if it cost me my pride.

Whiz: that is totally fine Vegeta, Goku would be better at it than you anyway.

Vegeta: Errg! Fine, I can’t let Kakarot surpass me even more, just don’t tell anyone I’m doing this.

Beerus: alright guys, this training method is very vigorous, it will take an immense toll on your bodies so if you want out, now is your chance.... (Beerus’s demeanor changes, he looks at the both of them with a strong intensity). This is advanced even for Gods of Destruction so consider yourselves lucky.

Whis: We shall now have a demonstration. Beerus, begin when you are ready.

(Beerus starts to strike poses that seem to flow together. The dance is quite elegant and fierce at the same time. His body starts to glow a bright violet as energy starts to irradiate from his body.)

Beerus: begins your attacks.

Goku: r...really?

Vegeta: Fine.

(Vegeta rushes in at Beerus and changes to SSGSS and attempts to deliver a punch to Beerus’s face. The attempt is block and at the same time Vegeta goes hurtling a few miles away. It happened so fast that Goku didn’t understand what exactly happened. Vegeta gathers himself and arrives back to the training area with a noticeable pout on his face).

Beerus: this technique is similar to the technique Goku used against Jiren. It can somewhat counter that ability with its unpredictability.

Goku: oh so it is like The drunken style Kung Fu Master Roshi mentioned before.

Whis: oh yes, haw haw haw, you could say that.

Goku: that is so awesome! I want to try!

Whis: alright, try to copy Beerus’s stances.

(Vegeta and Goku start imitating Beerus and have some trouble. Surprisingly Vegeta is doing quite well but he still has an annoyed demeanor.

Vegeta: who would have thought that dancing would be so effective (sarcasm).

(A few minutes in, Vegeta and Goku start to struggle with the poses. The weird positioning, the strange timings, the speed of the movements start taking their toll. They start moving slower and slower until they stop. They are noticeably winded and surprised.

Whis: hohoho, are we done already?

Goku: wow, my whole body hurts, this is pretty strong training!

Whis: I take it the both of you have memorized the movements.

Vegeta: of course...

Goku: um... I.... hehehe

Whiz: well our training is over, I want the both of you to train on your own. Me and Beerus have some chores we must take care of... oh in the meantime, I expect great things from each of you, ho ho ho!!

(A couple weeks pass and the group arrives back at the training ground)

Whis: I can tell by your power levels that the both of you have increased in strength pretty nicely.

Now show me what each of you have learned. Goku shall start first.

Goku: alright!

(Goku starts performing the dance and violet energy start to irradiate from his body, he appears to be quite similar to what Beerus has shown them a few weeks before, however the violet color was darker than Beerus’s.)

Whis: not bad, about what I expected from you Goku. Now Vegeta!

Vegeta: I’d rather not, I can’t do it right.

Whis: well give it a try, let’s see.

Vegeta: only if Goku leaves the area...

Goku: awwww come on Vegeta!! I want to see how strong you have become!!

Vegeta: (shouts) No!! You must go or I won’t show them!!!

Goku: fine...

(Goku leaves the area until Whis signals for him to return. Goku receives the signal from Whis and returns to the training area.)

Whis: oh my Vegeta! You have actually achieved a new form with this training! Congratulations, your have even surpassed Beerus in this technique.

Vegeta: Don’t tell anyone what I showed you!

Beerus: (laughs)

Goku: oh wow Vegeta! What did you do!?!?!

Vegeta: .....(annoyed).

Whis: okay we will now put your powers to the test, both of you will take on two Gods of destructions. Beerus and Champa have agreed to take the both of you on in a practice bout. I’ll take all of us to the world of the void arena stage so we won’t have to worry about collateral. Ho ho ho! This will be fun!

(The fighters line up opposite of each other, Goku and Vegeta both power up to (SSGSS) and the Gods both brace themselves with a defensive stance.)

Whis: let the battle begin!

(In a flash, the four fighters seemingly disappear and a flurry of blast and concussive bangs. They actually seem relatively matched but the Gods will not go down so easily).

Beerus: not bad Vegeta, let’s see how strong your new form is.

Vegeta: (annoyed expression) how about not!

Beerus: are you scared of your new form’s power?

Vegeta: you know that isn’t the reason...

Beerus: starts to laugh.

(Goku starts to do the dance that they have been practicing against Champa)

Champa: I’m actually quite surprised a non-God of Destruction has come this close to mastering this technique in such a short amount of time. Too bad for you, it isn’t complete and has some openings.

(Champa starts to pummel Goku in a series of mimicked (yet finer tuned) series of poses)

Goku: uh... ouch... (shouts) VEGETA!!! I need your help, show them your new form!!!

Vegeta: Dammit Kakarot! If you tell anyone what is about to happen, I’ll kill you!!

(Vegeta starts to do the poses, his movements are elegant yet deadly, beautiful yet cruel. However unlike Beerus and Goku, hot pink starts to irradiate from his body, his hair changes color and glittery orbs of excess energy seem to float around him.)

Vegeta: I’ll have the both of you regret making me go into this form.

Goku: .....

They both attempt to blitz Vegeta, however the Gods get repelled by a series of violent and fast attacks. Vegeta nearly effortlessly dodged and countered all of the moves they attempted. At times he seemed to enjoy the dancing and would catch himself closing his eyes and embracing each move only to open them and punch himself.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this battle.