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Welcome to a great night of USHW!!!!Tonight Spider-Man has to fight his way to get into that possible 3-way.Right now DoomsDay called for his title match,so it is DoomsDay vs. Predator at Hero Smash.Spider-Man could be in that match.Well lets get to our first match for the Tag Team titles.Wolverine and Cyclopes are at the ring.They're opponents are Venom and Carnage!!!''Before this match starts I would like to say something."said Wolverine."That loser Captain America...Last week,he attacked not only me but he also attacked Spider-Man.I would love to face you at Hero Smash Cap."Yelled Wolverine.The match starts and Venom clotheslines Cyclopes.1-2!!Then Carnage runs at Wolverine and pulls him in the ring.Then Carnage throughs Wolvie into the crowd.After that Venom and Carnage double chokeslam him.1-2-3!!!New USHW Tag Team Champions....VENOM and CARNAGE!!!!After Venom and Carnage left Captain America comes out.''Well,well,well Wolvie You've only won one match so far."Cap pointed out."Well at least I've had more than on match."Wolverine also pointed out."At least my match was for the World Title."Cap said."I've had more than one USHW Championship match.At least I've been a champion."said Wolvie.Then Cap walks away.The next match is Spider-Man vs Blade to see who goes for the World title at Hero Smash.The match starts and Blade goes for a clothesline,but Spider-Man ducks and goes for a victoryroll.1-2-3!!!Then Blade jumps up.''Thats okay I found a tag team partner to face Iron Fist and Luke Cage....Prowler!!!Hulk vs Batman.Hulk ran at Batman,and Batman sprayed something in Hulk's eyes.1-2-3!!!Good Night!!!
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