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Welcome to Hero Smash.It has been a while.We are back.The first match is Blade and Prowler vs Iron Fist and Luke Cage.The match starts and Prowler and Iron Fist start it off.Iron Fist clothselines Prowler.1!Blade runs in and tackles Prowler.Then Luke Cage hits Blade with a chair."Go get a table!"yelled Luke Cage.Then Prowler took Luke's chair.Then he hit Blade with it.

The next match is for the tag team titles.Venom and Carnage have been stripped of the tag titles.Next week we will have a big battle royal.

The next match is for the USHW World Title.The match starts and Spiderman Stands back while Predator and Doomsday tear eachother apart.Predator some how picks Doomsday up for the F-5,but Spidey dropkicks him."I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!"yelled Doomsday. Then he picks webhead up for the Extreme neck breaker.1-2-3! New USHW champ DoomsDay.