Ultimate Batman #8: FINALE

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Batman pulled his car up to the entrance to the theater. It was old and run down...he could see the sign of the last movie that played there....The Mark of Zorro.

He remembered.....

.....It was his choice to see the movie, they could get in for free, his Parent's owned the building, anyway. He begged his Parents to go see it. He pranced around like a fool when the movie was over...he wanted to be Zorro so badly. His choice....He showed his Parents the back way to their car...through the alley. That's when the man showed....nobody ever caught him, nobody knew what he did. He just wanted the pearls....his mother's pearls......His Father had stepped in the way, and the man paniced...he shot him. His mother started screaming, so he shot her, too. That's when the sirens blared...if only it had been a moment sooner...if only...he hadn't made the choice....as he lay there...surrouned by the blood of his parents...Bruce Wayne died that night.....That night was the day THE BATMAN was born.

Batman punched the wall.
"DAMN ME!" He shouted in agony! The killer and his kind...they had to be stopped.

Batman rushed into the theater, and ducked, suspecting a hurl of gunfire! He noticed two people on a high ledge, he pulled both of them down with a grappling rope.

a man came behind him, he elbowed him in the gut, the thug fell over and fell into unconsciousness.

One man grabbed him and hit him, Batman recovered from it and hit the man with great force! The last of the men surrounded him. He kicked behind him, followed by a punch ahead of him. A man dove at him, he ducked and stood up while he was in mid-leap, sending him flying off his back. Two men took a swing, one hit, one missed. The one who missed was thrown into a wall by Batman, and the one who hit was kicked in the gut, he fell through the curtains.

"WELCOME, WELCOME ONE AND ALL!" Joker shouted, clapping his hands.
"Joker...." Batman growled.
"Hey, Batman! That's your name, you know, I've decided to call you BATMAN! It has a ring to it, doesn't i--"
Joker's sentence was cut off by Batman's punch.
"Joker, you're under arrest."
"Not quite yet." Joker squeezed his flower on his coat and a gas flew out. Batman felt his muscles stiffening...
"Concocted it, myself, Bats! Nerve gas...my own."
Joker pulled out a knife and and started stabbing Batman with it...he felt the blood seep through his skin.
Joker pulled out a gun and shot a chandelier that crashed down on Batman.
"And now I make my daring escape!"

Batman felt stuck, he could barely move....he needed to get the chandelier off of him. He pushed with all his might. He had trained for this....he was ready, he thought of it as a weight...it felt like his muscles were going to burst, everything was spinning...then it stopped.
the nerve gas must of been short term, Batman thought.

He quickly flew to his car, and was on Joker's trail in a matter of minutes.
"Ooooh, looks like I've got me a follower!" Joker shouted.
He stuck his head out the window, and shot a machine gun at Batman, to no avail, hit car was armored. Batman pressed a button on his car and roped shot out popping the tires of Jokers car, skidding off the street, Joker's car crashed into street pole. He was out cold.

The Next Day:

Everything was in place. Bruce had his training, people knew about him, hell, even the papers were calling him "The Mysterious Batman." He had everything he needed. He knew....criminals were a superstitious and cowardly lot....and what better way to fight them then as a Bat...no no a Bat...


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Great chapter, man. This felt like a good Batman movie I just watched. The ending was epic! I'm hoping to see more of your Ultimate Batman stories.