Ultimate Batgirl #1

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Rating - E, but later issues may go up in rating

Disclaimer - I don't own any of these characters in here. DC does.

I was bored and decided to attempt to start writing this... if you guys like it, let me know as it will likely keep me going... if not I'll probably quit >.> Critiques and comments welcome... even if it's to say I sucks... Thanks in advance.

To Catch a Bat!

“I was your average every day 16 year old prospective Gotham University student till one day I took a trip to WayneTech Labs as part of a tour to inspire all the new G.U. prospects with what they could do with their degrees. I happen to get separated from my group, finding myself in a lab full of bats. Little did I know that they were all genetically mutated and there was one on the lose! That is, until one bit me. The researchers saw what had happened, rushed in and killed the bat. Of course, worried, they checked me out and gave me a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, my tour guide was not too happy with me, scolding me, and keeping a watchful, glaring eye, on me till it was time to leave.”

“When I got home, I felt super bad and tired, so I headed right to bed when I got home and slept for nearly a full day, I guess my body needed to get it's beauty sleep! That night I got up and found that my body had transformed into a physically fit 16 year old able to use super sonic screeches and super ears to echo locate in the dark! Then I had this mysterious urge to jump out the window. I don't know why, but I did it. I could fly! Fly like a bat! I was Bat-Woman!”

“That's my origin story and I'm sticking to it,” Barbara thought as she finished telling her story to the cloaked, 6'5”, figure glaring down at her. She thought she could see him raise an eyebrow at her as if in disbelief, and a slight curl of the lip into a smirk. She had to be imagining this obviously. A creature this menacing would never have the ability to contort their face into such an expression.

The deep voice came, “Come to the top of Wayne Towers tomorrow night.”

Barbara turned her head towards the tower that lay in the distance behind her and asked, “There?” No answer came back though. She found that he lad left when she turned back towards the grim figure.

“I guess that's a 'yes',” she thought aloud, before dashing off across the rooftops towards a particular apartment building where her and her adopted father, Captain James Gordon lived. The truth behind her reason for putting on this silly bat costume was that he kept standing in her way. She wanted to become a cop like him. She was proud of the good cop he was, but he, he had issues. Gotham wasn't the best place to be a good cop. And being a good cop with U.S. Army Ranger training is even harder in this cesspool. Barbara had only planned to surprise her father in this little getup at an annual police ball held by Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, the gala turned into a kidnapping by the Killer Moth. She had to jump into save her father. It was instinct. And then the adrenaline and exhilaration kicked in as she fought Moth and his gang. She was going to see how her father was doing after she scared them off, but something inside her kept her from sticking around, kept her from stopping there. Since that night she's been out fighting petty crimes and tracking Killer Moth's movement. She couldn't help herself. She loved this and no one was going to make her stop now. Not her father, and definitely not some psycho trying to scare her for gimmick infringement. Bats are public domain.

The next night, Barbara found herself on top of Wayne Towers shivering. She hadn't accounted for how could it got up here. Though, to be fair, she hadn't planned on being up here either when she made this costume. She didn't know why she came or why she was waiting for this crazy man who had been doing what she had started doing for the last 3 years. Regardless, she was waiting. She hated to admit it but he mattered and she wanted his approval.

“Come here,” the Batman's voice came from the deep darkness, outside the safety rails, on the gargoyles looking out over the city. Barbara, slowly moved to him, her nerves telling her that it was dangerous. She couldn't tell if those feelings were directed at the man or the ledge he wanted her to come to. “Over the railing,” came his voice again. She thought she heard an amount of patiences being lost in his voice which made her move quicker than before. It seemed like she wasn't in control of her body any more.

When she had finally made her way onto the gargoyle, Batman looked down on her, showing no expression. It frightened her, but she stood her ground. “Jump.” Barbara looked at him as if he were crazy, “Are you nuts?” That's what she would have said had he given her the chance. She once again found herself some place she had not expected to be... falling from the highest building in Gotham to her death. A single thought passed through her mind as she plummeted, “I wish I wouldn't told him I could fly!!!”

To be Continued...