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Morbid assassin(dairy Entry 1)

 hello, my name is valen zao, also known as the morbid Assassin, My Diabolical  manuevers of stealth and my advanced relexes have deemed me such a , how do you call it? treacherous name? I personally donnot mind The ttile, that represents My lifestyle of infamy, I am an Saguinary bloodlustful Cannibal. The pugency of blood is  of a refined fregrence to me, i cannot survive without the warmth of the delightful organic fluids rolling down my throat. The thought must be ghastly to you people, but you have yet to experience the exquiste tatse Of the Crimson life that flow freely through your veins, The taste Of live flesh eroses me  as my teeth penetrates the skin flesh surface of my victim, and sinks into The raw meat underneath the soft layer of skin, i like my lips hungerily as i think of my carnivorous methods.

ever since i was young ive always wanted to be a vampire, they were powerful idols that inspirated me to do thrilllings tasks that could a persons life in danger, vampires have made me apathetic to the feeling of pain, mentally, and emotional. they kill mercilessly without thte faintest sight of remorse hidden within them. my parents thought that i was psychotic and that i needed perfessonal help, i paid no mind to there insignificant concerns. My feelings faded from my body like the shadows at dawn, i became a cold blooded machine, distant from the weak emotions of an average pathetic human. my poarents were deeply scared by the lack of affection  that i ahvent displayed, but i was long lost to apathy, sympathy was Undefined In my dictionary

On my 18 birthday, i dated a women by the name of sherry, she had thick tanned thighs shapped perfecally like a bottle, her skin was soft , sented with the luxurious smell of fresh cut autumn flowers, her ieyes were azure and almond shape, one elegant gaze from her, your soul will be mezmerized and deluded,drfting  away into a tranquil state that will have you grimacing unwantedly at such refined natural beauty. Her air was consumed with  Nigresence , like an morbuid angel, fallen from the heavens above. I met her wheil i was attending school, i did not want associate with her, but i was stalked , and firced to converse with the women unwantedly, soon, she considered me one of her closet companiions in life, i honestly did not care.soon she  wanted to have an serious relationship with me, she seemed eniticed by my carelessness, and she compared me to an nihilist.

me and sherry have been together for about 5 months, and she still is attarcted to my mobidity, she doesnt seem to understand that she is an irrelevant person in my life, and the only reason why i still associate with such a inbred slut is because i have high patience, and i have arranged her to be my first kill. many methods of death filled my mind , Cruxificition, Impalation,Dismemberation, Incineration, cremation, Suffocation, Stragulation,Decapititaion, such a large varitey of choices , so dificult to choose. I planned the day of her death, it would be On her birthday, dec 2. i plotted everything out thoroughly , i was going to have the time of my life

I invited The *unt over to my house On her birthday, i told her i had a suprise awaiting her, her lust for me was vast, and she would do anything to concieve a child with me. She arrive at my house , we engaged  in intitimate foreplay consisting of fenching kissing and erotic Touches placed upon Most of the erogonous zones, until we made are way to the bed to ignititate the most vital part of my plan. She craved me dearly , her moans were deep with erosement  as her high volume screams urpted in the room
 I flipped her from of top of me  and made myself see that i was switching position, but then, I viced her neck vulgarly and rammed it into my wooden bed post. she yelped in pain as her temple hit the corner post, she was knocked unconcious. she woke up starpped to the kicthen table of my home, scream of anxiety and dismay exploded from the women,  a back hand smack to the face shut her up almost instantly, and blood trickled down the side of her mouth. Ii Caught the trail of blood that went down her cheek with my Index finger and sampled  it. The taste of salt was over powering.

I stared into the innocence of her  beautiful scared eyes  as she trembled in fear, i ran my fingers down hair" why are you doing this? i love you valen? please stop!" i chuckled at her plee as if she was a comedian, I hammer her face with my fist just so i could hear the sadness within her beautiful toned voice" ple...ase...valen!....i love were my hope's and dreams, you were mmy definiti...."i elbowed her face, The friction between her teeth and my elbow created a cut. I grabbed her By her hair and began to ram my fist vehemently into her face, blood leaked from her nose Fluently as her cries of pain became faint and crackled.