To protect the Earth. (One-Shot)

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This is sort of a mini story, made in a rhyming poem. Tell me how it is.

I'm painting this image before your eyes/

Before I start, don't dart, for someone dies/

I won't spoil the surprise, but you may guess/

The demons singled this day to bless/

As he was being shot, not by a glock, but by a ray of lightning/

From a death~machine, his breath~regimes kept his way of fighting/

On the lips he is biting/ A man, who thought he can/ They named him Hero/

The chance to win was almost in a bin, they named it zero/

Powerless, as he crashed through the towerless skyscraper/

She shot another another blast, his barely scraped her/

The building collapsed, two seconds elapsed and he was in the deepest rubble/

Seeping into trouble, which the became double/

As a man in dark~blue, sparked~blue and shot another thunder/

To make the rubble move asunder, and plunder the hero into excruciating~pain/

The man was tired of waiting~for~his~gain/

The Hero did not wish to rise~again/

Size~of~his~win never looked slimmer/

When thunder hit, he wanted to quit/

Wishing to be normal for a bit/

He stood up, pushing through the wall of pain/

A wall of rain made the pain worse/

Hero trashed and dashed like a crazy horse/

He was a shattered beast, with nothing left but his fist/

Hero was the only protection~of~humanity/

He had to land this punch, even at the cost of his connection to sanity/

He felt relief, beyond belief his punch landed/

He could barely stand~it/

His greatest friend, had met an end/

By the Hero's own hand/

“We could have had it all, you didn't have to fall” the woman spoke/

Hero's voice chocked, eyes watered/

The pain speared his heart, and then tears start to fall/

He had, and had to lose it all/

“We could have destroyed the Earth!” yelled the woman who would soon give birth/

From him, “Why did you throw my love in a bin?!”/

“Because! This isn't our choice!” - boomed Hero's voice/

“We are not the gods that end their fable”/

“And yet you're able, to end your best friends fable?!”

In that moment/ She wasn't his beloved, she was an opponent/

He flew across the sky, across the rain/

To try again/

They traded blows and eye beams/

So loud it seemed, the sky had screamed/

“You killed all the Gods just for them, you traitor!”

She loved him only yesterday/

Who could have guessed this way/

Her strength rose greater, as they broke another skyscraper/

Her punches so fierce, she wanted to pierce his heart/

“I was the starting reason, I'll be the finishing”/

Hero's godly powers diminishing, he put it all into one/

“Think about your son!” She shrieked, but it was already done/

She was split by the blast and turned to none/

... Humans saved... but what of the cost... He fell onto the ground.../

...Lost, and never to be found/

... It's strange, what a fallen god and stolen odds can do.../

...Just to save people, like me and you.../


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#2  Edited By The_Ghostshell

That is some deep shit. Is it real characters? Thats all I want to know.

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#3  Edited By Mighty Magneto

Another nice peice Photon you post these on your blog too

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#4  Edited By The WeatherMan

Thanks for the tip Magneto. And no those r not real characters, i made them up just for the poem. Ill make it a blog.