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Rating - FR-18, FR-21 (according to the Fanfic Rules at least)

Another incision. The body was numbed beyond pain, now. They ripped open the forearm, prying at each piece of flesh and bone as if it were a child's toy. Indeed, these people would be like children, now.

He watched this time, tried to move a finger, but instead could not. The nerves were disconnected. They tried to come back together, floating out of their places in the redness of the body. But both fell, too tired to do anything. He looked away. This all was and would be, all over the remains of his body. Already they were seeking deeper fortunes of organ rather than mere flesh that could be resown.

A sudden crack of rib. They had discovered a way into his torso. He cringed, but a mask did they put over him and then release. Weariness caused his eyes to water as he kept them open. He clenched a fist, but the ones around him touched something and he released the ball of flesh and bone. He cried out once, as they cut into him deeper, making blood leak out at a frightened pace. His face grew pale - air was now short, his lungs contorted but inflated all too little. These around him scurried at machines and to tools of butchery and of science. Eyes pale as a liquid moon were his and he thrashed once in berserk fury, throwing several of his tormentors away and even more into a blind panic. Sirens, withheld until now, were silenced no longer and the madman stumbled forward with latches upon and ankle that kept broken pieces of steel to him. More and more did he linger across into deadness and the room was still for a moment.

He opened his mouth wide and such a noise came from it, filling all ears save his own with venom as he threw himself to the window and to the abyss below.

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Laughing and dancing with hat and cane
Came a cheery mannish cat
Strolling down the lane
Wet and miserable he should have been
But only when he was angry
Which was yet to be seen

The end of the day was far from sight
As this fellow came into the light
Black as ash with a white little muzzle
With a pale chest and stomach
He must've seemed quite the puzzle
Odder this creature came to be
When upon a little house came he

A short little knock and he let himself in
To find a boy and a girl, each the other's sibling
He found they were bored, nothing else the matter
And he too became sullen, but that all too soon did shatter
"Come now, and let us play a game," said he
"To the attic, now, don't be so lame."

Up they scurried with this creature in tow
But the darker of desires they had yet to know
As they made the stairs with all care in mind
Then did the fabric of innocence did unwind
This creature they knew only for an instant
Was no more a friend than he was not persistent

They stopped, for the attic was locked
And upon it many times they knocked
But no matter the way, no matter the cause
The Cat, forever, shall leave nothing
Except a few bloodied paws

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LOL horrid, i likes

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Thank you, Billy.

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Billy said:
"LOL horrid, i likes"
AWESOME Warsman :D
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aztek the lost said:
"Billy said:
"LOL horrid, i likes"
AWESOME Warsman :D"

Glad you like, Aztek.