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The son of Black Panther and Storm and future king of Wakanda is Thunder Cat.

Born a mutant blessed with an affinity with his surroundings, capable of knowing all that transpires within a certain territory, after he has marked that territory by committing it to his almost inehaustible memory,(a clarevoyance seen in the likes of Jack Hawksmoor).Presentience through atmospheric patterns, essentially the firmament communicates to him about future happenings of significance in his life.And increased bio-electric generation which he can utilise to increase the neuromotor firings of his nervous system increasing his reaction time or stimulate muscle activity to give low level superhuman strength or even to discharge as a shortrange highvoltage taser blast.

With a healthy mix of his parents abilities Thunder Cat will be as elusive and mystifying as his father as well as dynamic like his mother.

I know we covered this before but when I thought of the name Thunder Cat(which would prolly get Marvel sued) I had to follow it to its end....At least Buck will appreciate it.

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And I do.

I wouldn't have chosen "Thunder Cat" but it's not bad. The only part I'm not 100% on is the taser thing, but that might be because I see him as a hand to hand fighter and not a "blaster" (or maybe I'm over thinking it).

You said something a while back along the lines of, "the Black Panther should be the Willy Wonka of Vibranium" and I thought that was great. I don't have any ideas on how, but he should be using the metal in unique and amazing ways. Don't know how well it fits with this BP, but I don't think that idea should be lost.

All in all, tight work.

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THnx Buck, Thunder Cat is stil a H2h fighter he just has some sting on his punches and sometimes a lil distance with the tase.And yeah he would be using the heck out of vibranium.

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i think the whole panther and storm love story was all made so that they could make a character with as a cool name as

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I really do like the name.

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Thnx ya'll.