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Haven't come up with a why yet.................. But all man made things in the havens have fallen back to earth. Every electrical (wind farms are not effected) and nuclear power plant has an explosion about the size of 1 ton of dynamite. All animals are more aggressive and breeding at a 10% higher rate.( human birth rates are down 10%) Also all animals traditionally associated with being able to harm humans get 10% to 30% larger. ex : bear, wolf, lion, gorilla, poison snakes, sharks...........Also cross breads like Tigons, Ligers, wolf-dogs, coyote-dog can and do breed at 250% higher rates also 10,000 more of each of them suddenly exist.

100,000 Werewolves appear...... In human form they are slightly more aggressive and have a higher desire to breed (same 10%) than average humans. Their offspring weather they mate with a regular human or not are also Were. In Were-form their strength, speed and agility all increase 300%. They turn if they are within 100 miles of a full moon regardless of being outside or not. They kill to eat any thing they can. This often includes humans as they see us as easy targets but also potentially threatening, a combo that makes them kill humans even after they've eaten if they happen to cross paths. They don't actively look for humans tho. They can be killed by normal means but silver is poisons to them.

100,000 Vampires also appear...... Their UV sensitivity is in the form of easily developing skin cancer which can kill them and their eyes become blinded. They are not undead but they will die if they don't take the life force out of regular humans by sucking their blood.(killing a human doesn't turn them they just die) Physically they are 2X as strong and 3X faster than they appear they are genius level in smarts . They emit 20% more pheromones than regular humans and their pheromones are also 20% more effective giving them their trade mark sexiness. All of their offspring are Vamps. They can change into a group of bats equal to their own mass. This is done to avoid threats and travel faster. They can be killed by all normal human means but they heal 4X faster this increases to 50X if they have fresh blood in their system.

100,000 Snow Gorillas appear..........Their hair is about 5X longer than normal and they have a bit of webbing between their fingers. Their hands and feet have fur on them at the length normal gorilla's backs have. They have the red skin real snow monkeys have. The biggest difference is actually that they have horns like rams. They often attack with the horns first then bite or pumble as needed. (Their hind legs are twice as strong as normal gorillas for this ramming purpose.) They are about 3X bigger than Silverbacks.

10 different breeds of Dragons appear each of 10,000 each.................Their eggs are big enough that a full grown elephant could fit in it. (They vary by 20% in size between the breeds the elephant size eggs are the biggest ones) They all have wings. Some have shells like the armored dinos can't remember their name. Their skin is bullet proof up to 9mm. The shell up to RPG proof. Their fire breath comes from liquids that shoot from each side of their mouth when it mixes it acts just like napalm.

Thoughts on how we would deal with this? And thoughts on the creatures please

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@basicfan30: Sounds unique message me Any more details that you also want.