Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 150- Thor Versus Thunderstrike

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 150- Thor Versus Thunderstrike

Erik Masters could not believe it. He had foreseen the event, which was yet to happen, and that he would do anything to stop Thor from taking over Asgard. But the only problem was that Thor looked normal enough, not to take on his friends nor the loved ones, which he had always known before.

That voice... Erik thought. I wish I knew who it was.

But then again, he would have to use his newfound powers to stop Thor before the evil Apocalypse could take over his body, once again. And that the mace that Erik was holding right now, would certainly do the trick.

I must get to him before...

An Asgardian warrior who looked be the age of 30, approached Erik Masters himself. "Sir..."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Sir... Everyone had been escorted to safety at the moment. Lord Odin and the others are much safe."

Erik looked at him. "And Thor? What of him?"

The warrior looked doubtful about that, since he had not much heard from him. Though others have said that the God of Thunder had went off to help the people of Asgard, he was not seen, as of late.

"We have not heard much, sir. But I guess he is fine, since..."

"But you don't know where he is?"

"Um... no, sir. I sure do not know of it."

"Hmm... Gather the men at once. We must find him as soon as possible."

The young warrior looked confused. "But... why?"

"Do not ask such questions, young man. Just do as I say."

"Um... Yes, sir. I shall." Then he left.


"You are joking," Thor said.

"No, I'm afraid not, Thor," Agatha said.

There was silence for the moment and then Thor said, "If it is true what you say, then that means I have to kill..."

"No, Thor. You do not have to kill him. I just merely said you have to defeat him."

"Yes... I figured that much."

The Midgardian witch sighed. "Your half-brother has already planned something way ahead of time, and it seems to be working."

"Then I shall stop him before..."

"Before he stops you."

Thor looked at her, dumbfounded. "What?"

"You heard what I have said. Erik Masters is now looking for you."

"But... how do you know of this?"

The witch sighed again. "I am Agatha Harkness, and that I know everything."

"Ah yes. Simple as that."

"Yes... Now, all you have to do is stop him and make him understand that you are fully yourself."

"What do you mean by that?"

Agatha didn't have time to explain all this, since she had other work to be done. "Thor... I have cured you from the evil of Apocalypse. Someone has tricked Erik into thinking that you are not cured. And that someone is..."

Thor knew what the witch was going to say next. "No... that cannot be."

The witch nodded seriously. "I am afraid he's back, Thor. And now that you know of it, you must face Erik Masters, alone."


Odin and Lady Frigga have returned back to the castle. So far, every other Asgardian had been taken to safety. Either way, they had been well-fed and been tended by Korun, a healer who had come from the Mystic Mountain.

Odin sighed. It was as if it had been a long time that he had set foot back on his throne. Now that everything was getting back to normal, which it would seem, there was one thing that was missing from all this unwanted tragedy.

I wonder where Dolben is, the king thought. So far, he had not heard much from him, as of late. Perhaps, the old advisor and also his wife were being taken to safety.

Lady Frigga looked at him. "My dear Odin, whatever you are worry about?"

"Nothing, my dear. It is that I am tired and weary."

"Maybe it is because you're getting old." Frigga looked at the empty court.

Odin sighed again. "Perhaps it is time for my son to take the throne. Don't you think?"

Frigga looked at him and did not say anything.

"I can see why are you not accepting the fact that Thor would be next in line. You are still thinking of Balder, haven't you?"


Odin sighed for the third time. "Listen, my dear Frigga. Balder has his quest to be done in Vanaheim. And what I have heard is that..."

"Yes, Odin. I have heard of it too."

Odin looked at her, questioningly.

"You think I don't know?"

"Well... I did not think you would know, but..."

"Odin... He is my son, my own flesh and blood, as well as yours. Do not forget that."

Odin didn't say anything further, and he too wished that Balder would return to Asgard to become king, but...

"Let us get some sleep," Frigga said. "I am tired as well."

"Alright." Odin got up and took Frigga's hand. Then they both left the throne room.


A few hours later, there was a clash in the City of Asgard. Both Erik Masters and Thor were fighting off against each other, and that the other Asgardians looked at them, unbelievably.

Amongst the crowd, an old Asgardian said, "What... What is happening?"

Ever since Thor came out from Loki's library, he was asking questions to those of his own people, regarding the whereabouts of Erik Masters. But they had said that he wasn't seen much until a young man said so. Therefore, Thor had been searching for Erik Masters all night long, until he had noticed him, arriving with his men. It would also seem that Erik was looking for the God of Thunder as well.

So Thor had flown down to face him, alone. In fact, Erik had been waiting for this perfect moment and ordered his men to back away, including the rest of the Asgardian survivors. He even told Thor himself that he should not become the next king of Asgard.

Thor thought, Like I would ever listen to him. He clenched his teeth as the power surged from his hammer, the Mjolnir. But Erik's mace seemed to have more power than before, when he had once fought the Dark Elf named Kurse.

"EYYYAAAH!" Erik unleashed full power of his mace and then blasted Thor away. The God of Thunder felt enormous pain from this kind of power, which he had not felt before.

Agatha was right, Thor thought. I must defeat him. He continued fighting him, whilst trying to explain that he was completely cured of the evil Apocalypse.

But Erik Masters did not listen to him, for he had seen the vision, which was yet to come. This too, he had told Thor during the fight.

Meanwhile, the other Asgardians told them to stop fighting. But the warriors of Asgard told them to let them be, for their battle may not be over.

"This is madness!" Someone cried out.

Bot the guards and the warriors escorted the on-looking survivors back to safety. But the young warrior who had been working with Erik in the past few hours, tried to tell him to stop.

"Erik!" Thor cried out after him. "I am not your enemy! It is Loki who has tricked you!"

Erik stopped. "Loki? No... He is exiled in Midgard."

"Perhaps," Thor said. "But that voice who told you to kill me, there is no doubt in my mind, was that of my half-brother."

Then Thor unleashed his lighting powers from his Mjolnir and cried out, "FOR ASGARD!"

A full lightning force emanated from the hammer itself, as Thor's eyes glowed blue.

Such power... Erik thought.

He raised his enchanted mace to re-channel his energies, in order to give him full strength and agility at the same time. But Thor managed to strike him down with a full blast.

"AHHHHHH!" Erik felt the pain as he tried to gain the amount of strength that he needed, but failed.

And that the battle was over. Thor breathed a little, and then slowly approached the fallen Thunderstrike.

The young warrior immediately came over toward them. "Thor... Is he..."

"No, he is not dead."

The young warrior felt relieved, and that he saw Erik getting up slowly, even after all that Thor's power, which had brought him down.

"I... I am sorry, Thor. I should have known."

"It is fine, Erik. Now that you know the truth, you must not believe that trickster anymore, for I am completed cured of the evil Apocalypse."


Somewhere in the darkness, Loki grunted angrily, as he saw Erik Masters lost his battle against Thor.

That damn brother of mine, Loki thought. I almost had him. He got up from his seat and then looked at his new servant.

"Harkin... You have made yourself useful, now that you had secretly taken it from the Vault."

"Yes... master."

Loki laughed. "A man of few words. I like it. Of course, you are right to be afraid of me, my dear Harkin. But remember this well, for if you try anything to betray me, I shall have your soul crushed into tiny pieces."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 151- From the Book of Memories: The History of the Enchantress.

Well, the battle is over. But what will happen next? You'll find out after this latest entry, From the Book of Memories. FOR ASGARD!