Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 149- The Secret Source of Thunderstrike

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 149- The Secret Source of Thunderstrike

It was cold outside, and that a young boy who had never listened to his dear mother, had ventured out into the open, hoping to catch some wolves in the wild, which his father had oft hunt them down throughout many years.

Of course, this was the place where the hunter became the hunted. Not long ago, the boy's father, who was also a blacksmith, had his leg torn away by one of the wolves, which kept looking for food, and that it had found some sheep, amongst many. A local shepherd who was also a dear friend of the blacksmith, had cried out for help. And this the hunter had heard his cry, and that he had to stop mending the weapons of the warriors nearby, who were preparing themselves for the incoming war.

And yes, the wolves were fiercesome. Their eyes glowed red, and they who had scared off the locals in a huge village, had certainly did not have the strength, even alone, to fight them off. Of course, they were others who had tried their own ways, and thus got killed in the process.

The hunter knew what he was doing. Anything that went by, he was sure to hunt these wolves down. But the wolves that he had encountered, were no ordinary wolves for that matter. No, they were something else. Something that he had not seen them beforehand.

So he had fought them viciously. As huge as they could be, the hunter was most likely to be thought of getting killed by the savage beasts. And his wife was too worried about him, doing so. But the boy...

The boy was only young at the time of his father's death. At the age of ten. A small child who had secretly seen the likes of his dying father (which he wasn't allowed by his mother to see what death was like) on the bed, whereas the local physician had tried everything he could do to save the man of many talents.

Yes, the hunter was not only the hunter. He was also a builder, a blacksmith, and amongst many other things. People had been rejoiced by his talents, and the son who might someday become like him. But for now...

The boy was scared as he went out to hunt down the abnormal wolves at late night. And whilst doing so, he recalled the past time of his dying father.

He waited, took out his weapon, a hammer that his father had made in his workshop. The boy admired him for his talent. But there were certain times he wished he could have done so much better in life. He was also angry to the point that he could have done something else to save his father, rather than standing there and watching him die.

And this was why he had to do it. As of now, he was supposed to sleep at night, but couldn't because he oft had nightmares of his father, getting torn to bits by hungry wolves, over and over again. So the boy reluctantly had to go to his father's workshop and grab a hammer to do the job.

Several moments had passed, and he still waited. He even hoped he could kill those damn wolves, or any one of them, with the hammer itself. It wasn't that huge of course, and his father made sure that he could wield it, by the measurement of his age and strength.

A wolf came out of the shadows. A single one, and grinned his teeth. At this point, the boy thought he could strike the animal down with the hammer, but failed to do so, for the wolf immediately pounced on him.

The boy screamed and hit the wolf with a hammer. The wild animal howled in pain and then the next thing the boy knew that there were other wolves approaching towards them.

The boy tried to get up. But he winced in pain as he tried to run away from the other wolves in this wild hunt. A few of them howled and the boy quickly ran, and then the other wolf snapped his jaws and then bit the boy's arm.

The boy screamed again, and this time he was being called out by his dear mother.




There was a familiar voice, calling out to him. Erik Masters had just woken up from his deep sleep. But what he had found himself was in darkness. He was not sure about what to make of it, and thus wanted to know what was happening, as of now.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the source of your great power, Erik."

"What?" Even though Erik was a master of many talents, he did not understand any of it, or why he would find himself here.

"Please speak plainly. Whoever you are..."

There was silence in the darkness. Then the voice spoke, "Do you remember which I had given you the power of Thunderstrike?"

Erik remembered alright, and that he certainly had used it to defeat the powerful Dark Elf known as Kurse.

"Yes, I remember. But... why am I here?"

There was silence again. Then, "You must seek out your destiny, Erik. But... there is one who will stand in your way."

"And... who would that be?"

Another silence, and this made Erik Masters all the more impatient, for he had to escort the other Asgardian survivors in safety.

"It is Thor, Erik."

"Thor?" Erik became speechless. "But... he is the son of Odin, and the next heir of the Asgardian throne."

"Yes, I know that. But he could be dangerous, Erik. I have learnt of him, when he was possessed by a powerful sorcerer, who had called himself Apocalypse.

Erik thought for the moment and then said, "Apocalypse? Yes... I have heard of such a name, and that I have been told which Thor had been cured of it, from the likes of a Midgardian woman named Agatha Harkness."

"Not entirely, Erik. There is some part of evil, still residing within Thor, and not he himself does not know of it."

Erik looked everywhere in the darkness, and hoped to see who was now speaking to him.

"Who are you?!"

Silence, for the third and possibly the last time that Erik could not bear any longer.

"In time, you shall know of my true identity, my dear Erik. But the only reason why I had given you the power to wield Thunderstrike is to defeat Thor."

"I see... But what proof do you have of him to return to such evil as you speak of."


Erik waited for a few moments until a scene appeared before him. And this, he gasped at the sight of it.

"What... What is this?"

"This, my friend is Asgard, or what remains of it."

Erik Masters looked carefully and then noticed that Thor sat on his throne, where all the Asgardians bowed down before him. And what strange was that Thor's skin was grey, and his eyes were that of red.

"You're seeing the future that has yet to happen, Erik. And for that, you must stop him at all costs."


Thor arrived at Loki's library. It had been a long time that he came here, ever since he and his half-brother named Balder, liked to taunt him in secret. But now...

Those days are over, Thor thought. He knocked on the door twice, and then the familiar, old voice called out from behind it. "Yes, enter."

The God of Thunder opened the door and saw the old witch sitting on a chair, beside the hearth. Thor walked slowly and just stood there, waiting...

"What do you want of me, Agatha?"

The old witch looked at Thor for a while and then said, "It would seem that you do not know of such things to come. Perhaps, I must enlighten you."

"That is why I am here. But you must be quick about it, for I..."

The Midgardian witch raised her hand. "I know of your other duties, Thor. But this is far more important that you should know."

"I see. I'm listening."

Agatha became silent for another moment and then said, "I have sensed an immense power here in Asgard. I guess it is because of the books that I am now reading here."

"Are you... learning Asgardian magic?"

The witch nodded. "At first, I thought I could not understand any of it. But time would come for me to grasp the idea of this kind of magic, if I had to pour myself into such books." She slowly got up from the chair and then looked at the bookshelves.

"I oft wonder what your half-brother, Loki was up to, Thor. But then I found something else, which I was quite shocked and surprised at the same time."

"What do you mean?"

"Come and take a look at this book, of what I have just found. And that you would not believe it."

Thor walked towards her, which she had placed the book on the table. Then she pointed toward the page that she had opened a moment ago, and that she had waited for Thor to arrive here in the library and see for himself.

"What? Is that..."

"Yes, it is a mace," the witch said. "But not just an ordinary one, but enchanted at that."

Thor looked back at her. "Why would my brother look at the enchanted mace?"

Agatha sighed. "It would seem that he is planning something against you. Or was."

"But... he is exiled from Asgard, if you must know."

"Yes, I know of it, Thor. That healer of yours... What was his name? Ah, yes. Korun, the native from Mystic Mountain. He said that Loki had done terrible things here in Asgard, even without Odin knowing of it."

"He wasn't the only one."

"Yes, and you're right. But Loki had planned something ahead of time, even before he was exiled to Midgard. And it is this weapon that you must be careful of."

Thor looked at the weapon again. "Alright, Agatha. Now that you have said everything to me, what must I do now?"

Agatha became silent for a while and then said, "You must defeat Erik Masters."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 150- Thor Versus Thundestrike.

Thor has to fight against Eric Masters? What is going on? And could he do it? What about Erik himself? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!