Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 146- The Separation of the Warriors Three

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 146- The Separation of the Warriors Three

What in the world was Asgard coming to? And this was the question that had been pondering inside the head of a great warrior named Volstagg. He just could not believe it. Just now, Fandral had said that he would leave the Warriors Three for good, and probably forever!

The other Asgardians were a bit shocked to hear about this, and some of them who had not heard of the Warriors Three before, most likely got confused.

Hogun said, "No... He cannot be serious, Volstagg." He and Volstagg had both watched Fandral left them in silence.

Volstagg still didn't say anything at the moment. He couldn't, because there were no more words to tell, nor the fact that Fandral had made his final decision, based upon the murder of his dear wife.

The bartender said, "Listen, Hogun. Fandral has a very good reason. Maybe he needs time."

Volstagg sighed. "I don't think he'll ever come back, Tobun." Then he went inside the tavern.

The man who had killed Marion looked at him. "I swear that I had not..."

"That's him," the boy cried out suddenly. "He had killed my mother and father!"

All the other Asgardians looked at him, after they went inside the tavern to get a drink or have some rest.

They became so angry that one of them said, "Kill him!"

"No!" Volstagg said. "Don't do it!"

A man who looked about to be the size of a large warrior, pulled out a knife and then grabbed the killer's tunic. The murderer cried out for help.

Hogun intervened the warrior-sized man. He was quite bald and had a black moustache, for he was too a blacksmith as much as the grim warrior himself.

"Get away from me!" The other blacksmith roared.

Hogun grabbed his wrist and then hit the table counter with a hard thump. The knife fell down, and that the other blacksmith cried out in pain. The others shouted, "KILL THE DAMN MURDERER!"

The man who could not remember of what he had done to Marion before, quickly escaped from the back of the tavern.


This is madness! Volstagg thought. He used all his strength to block the angry riot from catching the before-crazed murderer. One of them told him to get out of the way, or else he would pull out the entrails from his huge belly.

Madness! Volstagg thought again. It was as if they had been enchanted all over again, by Amora herself. But only this time, they were just angry to see that the murderer was still alive and well.

The old man quietly slipped away from the big man himself. Volstagg had not noticed this, but his silent friend, Hogun the Grim grabbed him from behind and then pulled him back.

"Let me go!"

"No," Hogun said. "You must stay still. I shall find the man and..."

"KILL HIM!" A young Asgardian said.

"No," Hogun said. "I shall only capture him and..."

"And what?" A woman said, who had just lost her own children in the bloodshed. "Put him in the Fortress of Marr?"

Hogun gulped. He was not sure what to tell her. But if a woman like her were to chase Marion's murderer, would he able to stop her? After all, Hogun had never hit a woman in his entire life. And that he hoped now it would never happen this time.

"Now, you all listen to me," Volstagg ordered them. "This has gone far enough!"

Everyone fell silent. But the boy would still not have it. "He killed my mother and father!"

Volstagg sighed again. He knelt down before the nine-year old boy and said, "Listen, young fellow. You must understand that he had not meant to kill your parents, or anyone else. He had been enchanted."

The boy looked at him for a while and then sniffed.

"You do understand, right? Because there is such a witch who could do terrible things with her dark magic. Imagine..." He was about to say if the Enchantress had forced this boy to commit unspeakable things, wouldn't it be the same for every other Asgardian to get angry at him?

Volstagg thought the better of it and then got up. "I am tired. Let us all have a drink, shall we?"

"I am all for it," someone said, who was damn thirsty.

"Um..." Tobun scratched the back of his head. "We do have a problem."

Volstagg looked at him. "What is it?"

"Um... I'm afraid all the barrels of ale were smashed, Volstagg. There is none left."


Fandral sighed as he rode Tobun's horse and another one away from the other Asgardians. The street was still quiet as before, and he thought to himself whether the man whom he had asked before where the stables were, had gone home in safety.

Am I serious to leave the Warriors Three? he thought. Yes, it may have come in a bad time, but he felt that his own anger overpowered him, and that he could not help it.

He called out for King Eldred and that too he hoped, he was well and fine. As it turned out he was still waiting there, holding his dear daughter, Marion.

Fandral began to cover his mouth. He felt sick to his stomach and remembered that Volstagg who had carried Marion for him, had retched in front of every other Asgardian, including himself.

We must get her quickly away from here, Fandral thought. "Your majesty..."

"Oh Marion..." The old king still cried. And who knew how long he had been like this, ever since the dashing warrior had left him behind.

"Your majesty, we must..." Then Fandral quickly stepped down from the horse, ran to some corner of the street and retched.

The king finally noticed him. "Fandral?"

"Yes... your majesty. It is I..." Then he continued retching.

The king knew the bad smell which came forth from his own daughter. But it seemed that he did not mind it, nor felt like retching himself.

He carried his daughter and carefully placed her towards the horse. He wasn't sure which one that Fandral rode on earlier, because he hadn't noticed him coming here in the first place.

But it did not matter, even for the king himself. So, he placed the horse that Fandral rode on, but the body of his dear Marion had slipped away from his old hands and thus dropped on the ground, instead.

"Oh Marion!"

Fandral walked slowly behind him, and wiped the mouth from the back of his hand. "Here, your majesty... Let me do it."

King Eldred looked at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, your majesty. I am sure." Then he walked toward his wife's body and carried her slowly upon his arms, whilst holding his breath.

Fandral told the king to get toward another horse. He did, and that Fandral placed his wife on the one, which he had ridden earlier, and thus sat out on the front.

She was about to be slipped again when Fandral quickly held her with his own strength. She must be light as a feather, he thought.

King Eldred said, "We must hurry, Fandral. The smell is getting worse than it is."

"Yes, your majesty." He held his breath again and wondered how long the journey would take them toward the western kingdom.


The man who had killed Marion kept running on the quiet streets of Asgard. He was so afraid that the other Asgardians might still come after him.

Dear God, what is happening? Of course, he couldn't remember anything of what he had done to Fandral's wife, or to anyone else in the past few hours.

He stopped and felt like his own legs were killing him.

I must find a hiding place, he hoped. But where? He looked around the houses, where they seem to be either deserted or the fact that the Asgardians had slept.

No, they could not sleep. Not when... Then out of nowhere from the darkness, someone said, "Do not worry, my new friend. You shall be safe."

The murderer looked around again. "Who... Who is that?"

There was a moment of silence. Then the man said again, "Please, whoever your are. You have to help me."

"Yes, I am aware of the danger you are in, my new friend. But first, you must do something for me."

The man became quiet, and that he was not sure if he could trust this unknown stranger, who had not shown his identity as of yet.

"I... I'll do anything. Anything!"

The voice seemed to be satisfied at this and said, "Good. Now come closer toward the darkness where you shall not be hurt from thy enemies."

The man gulped and then walked slowly towards the dark corner of the Asgardian street.


Thor held Skurge on toward his shoulder, whilst flying in the air at the same time. All the events that had been transpired, made him think of the Enchantress lately.

I hope she is dead, he thought. And not only that, the things which he had done with herself back then, back in the Enchanted Forest had only brought shame and corruption upon him.

He brought the unconscious Skurge down toward the street, where Captain Doris Bracken and his guards were escorting the other Asgardians toward safety.

Captain Bracken was the first to notice him. "Thor!"

Thor said, "Captain! I have brought..."

"Yes, I can see that." He rushed towards them, whilst his men followed him.

The Captain looked closer at his former student. "Is he..."

Thor said, "He is unconscious for the moment."

"I see. Then you must have defeated him."

"Yes, I have. It was all thanks to Sif, and if it weren't for her..."

Doris looked at him. "Where is she?"

"She'll be coming soon, Captain. But first, she need to escort the others to safety."

"Sir!" A guard said. "Do we take him in?"

The Captain replied, "Yes, of course. Skurge is now a dangerous man. Or was..."

The other guard who looked quite big and slightly taller than Thor himself, said, "We shall take it from here, Thor."

The God of Thunder nodded. At an instant, the guard carried the Executioner upon his shoulder.

When that was done, Thor said, "Where is Father?"

The Captain replied, "He is near at the fountain, probably wondering where you were."

"Alright. Do you need my help?"

"No, Thor. We shall handle it from here as your father ordered."

Thor nodded again and then flew...

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 147- Ruins and Damages.

Well, it seems that the Warriors Three is no more. But what of the voice which reached toward the man, who had killed Marion? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!