Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 145- The End of Reckoning

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 145- The End of Reckoning

Lady Sif had never thought that she could use her ability to teleport herself, even under Amora's spell. In fact, she had used every ounce of her godly energy left to do so. And this made the Enchantress very angry about it.

Thor knelt down and checked the pulse of the fallen warrior who had called himself, Skurge the Executioner.

"Is he dead?" Sif said.

Thor looked at her and then shook his head. "He is very much alive, Sif."

"I see." Then she looked at the Enchantress.

"You dare to defeat me?" Amora lashed out against her, with the use of her dark magic. But this time Lady Sif would not have it, not even after what she had done to Thor back in the Enchanted Forest.

The evil Enchantress unleashed a ball of magical energy from her hands, as similar to that of Loki. Then she threw at the warrior princess, so furious that it could kill any Asgardian in the process.

But Thor didn't intervene, for he knew that Sif would suddenly teleport herself to another location, and then strike her down with her longsword by surprise, just like what she had done to Skurge himself.

"Stay down!" Amora shouted at her, as Sif kept teleporting herself on a constant basis. And when she appeared behind her, she stabbed at Amora's backside.

The Enchantress cried out painfully. And yet, she could not die, for she was a complete goddess, who had gained every power there was in Asgard.

Sif said, "You shall never come again to Asgard, you damn witch!"

"Make me!"

Sif pulled out her longsword and that Amora backed away from her.

I'm... I'm still bleeding, Amora thought, as she looked down at her own injury. That sword...

Yes, Sif had raised her weapon towards her, in order to make a point that nobody could cross paths with her, even Thor for that matter.

"Do you understand now, Amora? I am much stronger than you, and that I should have killed you a long time ago."

Amora hissed angrily. "This... This is not over yet!" Then she vanished into thin air.

"She is gone," Thor said.

Lady Sif did not say anything upon the matter. All it mattered was that Skurge was down and that both she and Thor had won the battle, for now.


It was so painful to hear that Skurge was responsible for killing his kind in Asgard. And this had questioned Captain Doris Bracken who had trained Skurge himself, even from the days of his childhood.

"This is insane, my lord. I cannot believe it!"

Odin pondered upon the matter, whilst Lady Frigga made sure that the other Asgardians were escorted toward their homes in safety.

"I know what you mean, Captain," Odin said. "But perhaps there is something wrong with him from the start?"

The Captain of the Asgardian Home Guard thought about it for a while. Though speechless, he just couldn't believe of the fact that a drunken man had seen Skurge killing everyone in his path.

"I must be sure about this, my lord. There is no way that he..."

"It is true," Odin said. "If the man said it, I believe him."

Captain Bracken blinked once and then stared at him. "You do?"

"Yes..." Then Odin got up from a seat beside the fountain, where the statue of his late father, King Bor stood over it. Then Odin stretched his back.

Damn... I am getting too old for this. He walked over towards the other guards and then ordered them to look for Skurge.

"My lord," Captain Bracken said. "Let me..."

Odin looked back at him. "No, you shall not."


"No buts, Doris. You shall go with your other men to escort these people towards their home. At once."

"Alright, my lord." Captain Bracken slammed his right fist toward his chest, bowed down a little and then left.

Odin sighed. I wonder what Thor is up to.


Fandral kept searching for the horse stables. He looked around again and then called out to anyone for help. But so far, there were none to seen or heard in this quiet town of Asgard.

It was as if they had all left, Fandral thought. Yes, he had feared this much, since both the Dark Elves and the Frost Giants attacked the City of Asgard. But he was the strongest warrior of all time, and if anyone were to attack him at this time of night...

Fandral noticed someone else rushing toward him. He quickly drew his sword and shouted, "Who goes there?!"

A man suddenly stopped and said, "Please... Do not hurt me."

The dashing warrior sighed and put back his sword in its scabbard. "I am Fandral and for that, I shall not hurt you."

"Fandral? Oh, thank the gods. I am safe!"

"Listen to me... Do you know where the stables are?"

The man thought about it for a while and then nodded. "Yes, I do know of it. I think I must have passed one whilst running."


The man explained its location and then pointed the direction by using hands and gestures.

"Just turn left and then you shall see the stables right beside an old tavern."

Fandral held his right shoulder. "Thank you, my friend. But you best be careful out here. It is too dangerous."

"Yes, I know and thanks for the warning." Then the man left.


It seemed that the Asgardian who had killed the boy's parents, not to mention Fandral's wife, was crying. Someone held his tunic and told him that he had killed so many people.

"You are a bloody murderer!"

"But... I have not killed anyone!"

The bartender looked straight at him in the eye and then said, "You certainly have! I can prove it. And not only that, I have seen you with my own..."

There was a neighing sound, occurring outside the tavern. The bartender looked on the other side and thought, Now what?

He let go of the man who had no idea about what he had done before. It was so quiet outside that the bartender felt like everyone had left Asgard after a great battle.

He looked closer at the man, who was dressed up in a green outfit, and it looked like he was currently riding a horse and brought another one with him from the stables.

"Fandral? Is that you?"

The dashing warrior turned around and looked at him. "Yes, it is I. Fandral the Dashing."

"Yes... But what are you doing with my horses?"

"Oh... I am sorry, my friend. I have to take them, because of a great urgent matter, which I don't have time to discuss."

"Ah yes. Well, I guess it's fine as long you return them. But I have too a serious matter of my own, and that you would not believe of it."

Fandral was not sure what he was talking about. He almost pulled up the reins when he saw a man, entering outside the bartender's tavern.

The bartender looked at him. "Where the hell are you going?"

"What?" Fandral said. "He probably wants to go home. That's all."

The bartender looked back at the dashing warrior. "Fandral... This is the man who had killed everyone and..." Then he stopped.

"What? What is it?"

The bartender sighed. He had to tell him, or else Fandral would not know about it.

"He... He killed your wife."

There was silence at the moment. Then Fandral said, "What?"

"Yes, I am afraid it's true."

The dashing warrior looked angrily at his wife's killer.

"I swear... I have not killed her."

Fandral quickly stepped down from the bartender's horse, and then pushed the killer back inside the tavern.

The bartender went behind them. "Fandral... He needs proper justice. Do not kill him."

Fandral ignored him, and pulled out his sword. The man was terrified to look at it, which he almost stumbled over the table. "Please... Don't kill me, please."

"You killed her!"

The man who had been living in Asgard for a while now, had no idea about what the dashing warrior was talking about. Because either he was not aware of it, nor he could remember the past events.

"Who?" The man asked him. "I would not dare..."

"Her name is Marion!" Then Fandral raised his sword when all of a sudden, someone yelled, "FANDRAL!"

The dashing warrior turned around to see who had just called out to him. It was none other than Volstagg the Valiant.


"Yes, Fandral. It is me, and I am glad to see you are safe." Then he looked at the man who had killed Marion.

"Please, save me from this madman!"

"He is not mad," Hogun said, who now stood beside Volstagg. "But..."

Volstagg looked at him. "But what?"

"Well... Fandral was angry that he almost forgot the man got enchanted by that witch. Right? The one called Enchantress?"

Fandral looked back at his wife's killer for a while and then lowered his sword down.

Voltagg felt relieved. Not only that, he sensed that if he were to find the man who had killed Marion, who might still be enchanted in some way, he could have killed him for Fandral's sake.

Fandral was silent as he quietly passed through his friends, and then the crowd who had stood there outside the tavern, waiting and watching...

"Fandral..." Volstagg said, following behind him. "Where are you off to?"

The dashing warrior stopped near his horse and then turned his head around. "I am heading towards the west with King Eldred and Marion."

"I see. Then both Hogun and I can come too."

"No, Volstagg. You cannot come, for I must go alone."

Volstagg looked at him. He could tell that Fandral was very angry, and if he, Volstagg hadn't reach here in time, Fandral might have killed the man himself.

"Listen, Fandral. The man was enchanted. You do know that. Right?"

"Yes, I know of it. But..."

"But what?"

Fandral sighed. "I'm afraid it is time for me to leave the Warriors Three."

"What?" Hogun said with a surprise. "You can't be serious." But Volstagg did not say anything upon the matter. Instead, he just looked at his dear dashing friend.

"You hear me," Fandral said seriously. "I, Fandral the Dashing shall leave the Warriors Three!"

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 146- The Separation of Warriors Three.

What? Fandral is leaving the Warriors Three? That cannot be! Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!