Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 144- The Final Enchantment

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 144- The Final Enchantment

It was terrible for Thor to get beaten by the likes of Skurge, who now called himself the Executioner. For what it was worth, that the Enchantress always dreamed that one day she would kill Thor and his friends, for her defeat, and this happened way back in the Enchanted Forest.

And by doing that, she had made an alliance with both the Frost Giants and the Dark Elves. At first, Lord Malekith wasn't sure if it was a good idea to band with the Frost Giants. After all, they were also the enemies of the Dark Elves, other than the Asgardians themselves.

Sif still couldn't move, and yet she called out Thor a few times. It was like on that fateful day that she had to watch the unthinkable, and was even helpless to stop it. She clearly didn't forget about the idea that her beloved Thor had made love with Amora the Enchantress.

Skurge brought his axe down and clashed along with Thor's hammer. The Mighty God of Thunder called forth the lightning from the Asgardian sky. When it hit on Skurge, he cried out in pain and then backed away, but didn't back down as of yet, because he was too strong for any Asgardian to consider.

He is much stronger than before, Thor thought. He swung his hammer constantly and then threw it at the Executioner.

The bald warrior who used to be a part of the Asgardian Home Guard, quickly moved to the other side, despite the pain that he had gotten from the lightning strike.

"Ha! You cannot defeat the likes of me, Thor. For I am Skurge the Executioner!"

But then the Mjolnir came back since Skurge first thought it had entirely missed him, and that Thor didn't aim right.


Amora yelled at him to kill Thor at this very instant. Skurge knew that she wanted to kill him as well. But the peer pressure of it... it had made him sort of weak, and that he had always knew if someone were to order him around and kill someone, Skurge would most likely get out of control, which was why Amora had set her sights upon him, since the day she had met.

Lady Sif still stood there, and tried to move even further. With all her skills that she had learnt in Vanaheim and Asgard, she still couldn't make herself move.

If only Loki were here, Sif thought. Yes, the God of Mischief who had the ability to cast spells whenever there was bound to be trouble. But then Sif had also learnt of Loki's treachery for his crimes, and for that matter, he had been exiled to Midgard as a mortal being.

I must focus upon him, Sif thought, whilst seeing Thor getting beaten again by the so-called Executioner. If she could not move on her own, then she would have to use her ability to transport herself to strike down Skurge, when she had the chance. But would it work? It was something that Lady Sif had not done before. Perhaps it was time to do so.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on her godly energies. For the moment, she could still hear the fights and shouts coming from both Skurge and Thor.

I can do it. I...

Then she teleported instantly behind Skurge, and that Amora scowled at her.


Lady Sif slashed Skurge on the back. He felt the pain as he turned around to see that a woman such as her would strike him down that easily, and with surprise.

"You!" Skurge said angrily. "HOW DARE YOU!"

"Now Thor!" Sif called out to him. The God of Thunder nodded and raised his hammer. Skurge didn't even look back to see what was going to happen to him.

And that Amora shouted at him. "SKURGE! LOOK OUT!"

The bald Executioner slowly turned, but he was too late. The full force of electricity emanated around the hammer itself, and that Thor used all of his mighty power and strength together to bring him down.

There was a flash of white light before the Executioner's eyes. At that moment, he saw his parents who had left him behind on Asgard.



Fandral the Dashing was getting tired and weary at the moment. In fact, he was still carrying his dead wife named Marion. The one woman that he had truly loved in his entire life. Of course, he had bedded with numerous women in the past before he even met Marion herself, but Marion was different, and that Fandral the Dashing would do anything for her.

The King of the West still cried for his dead daughter. As even as he walked besides Fandral. For him, it was tragic to see that his own father-in-law to be reduced in this state. And for years now, he hoped when he and his wife were together during that time that Marion was born, they would have another child, so that Marion could play with, and not to be alone. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

"Your majesty..." Fandral said. "We must get ourselves a pair of horses. I don't think..."

"Oh Marion..." The old man still sniffed, for his name was King Eldred who had been ruling the Western region of Asgard for thirty years now. And at his age, he couldn't bear the thought of losing his only daughter in the hands of another Asgardian.

"Your majesty," Fandral said again. "We must get the horses quickly as we can. My hands... I can't carry her any much longer."

The king looked at him and then wiped the tears off his eyes. "You are... right, Fandral. Oh the Gods, why is this happening? I still don't understand!"

Fandral sighed and then put Marion down on the ground. Then he scanned on both sides of the Asgardian town. It seemed that everyone had either ran off toward their homes for safety, or stayed themselves hidden somewhere, or...

They must be dead, Fandral thought and hoped it was not.

He told King Eldred to stay behind and watch out for his own daughter. Then he ran and searched for the stables.


Meanwhile, both Volstagg and Hogun were carrying out their duties to escort the rest of the Asgardians to safety. Even so, the children had cried for their dead parents, who were either killed, or being enchanted to kill of their own.

Volstagg the Valiant could not believe that such unwanted situation would occur in Asgard itself, especially the likes of Fandral and his dear wife.

Poor Fandral, he thought. I know I should not have thrown up, but the smell...

"Hey Volstagg," Hogun the Grim said. "Where are we gonna take them?"

"We shall soon see, my dear friend. But stay on guard, for these damn Elves might still come after us."

"You mean Dark Elves."

Volstagg looked at him. "Yes, I do mean that, Hogun. What else do I mean?"

"Well..." Hogun rubbed the back of his head. "There are two kinds of Elves, Volstagg. They are..."

Volstagg groaned. "Oh, for goodness sake, Hogun. Of course I know that!" Then he turned around to see the other Asgardians, who were still behind him and Hogun.

"Do not worry, everyone," Volstagg said. "I think the battle is over." I do hope.

"What happened?" A woman suddenly cried out amongst the crowd. "Oh, dear Gods. I just saw my husband killed my own sister!"

"Yes," the other Asgardian said. "It happened to me too. My brother went out to bring some goat's milk. And when he came back, the next thing you know, he came to attack me and I told him, No, my dear brother. I am your brother!"

"This is outrageous," an old man said. "Who would ever cause such things. Was it Loki?"

That name had sent everyone into silence.

Volstagg cleared his throat and then spoke, "No, I don't think it is him. Remember Odin had exiled him to Midgard?"

"Yes, I remember alright," a young farmer said. "I was even there!"

Everyone argued amongst each other and then the old man said, "Perhaps he must have come back for revenge."

"Yes! Yes! That must be true!"

"Now calm down, everyone!" Volstagg raised his voice. "It cannot be him. I tell you, because his powers had been taken away. There is no way..."


Volstagg turned around. Oh no, now what?

It was turned out to be a boy of age nine, and that he had just ran away from the "evil" Asgardian.

Both Volstagg and Hogun came towards him. Volstagg said, "What is it, boy? What has happened?"

The boy cried.

Hogun looked at his dear friend. "Um... I think something terrible has happened, Volstagg."

"Yes, I can see that." Then he looked back at the boy. "Now listen, young fellow. Tell me what happened."

The boy sniffed and then spoke, "My mother and father. They are dead!"

Everyone didn't speak, neither shouted in anger, because they knew that this sort of thing have happened all over the city of Asgard.

After a moment of silence, Volstagg said, "Alright. But who did it? Was it another Asgardian?"

The boy nodded and then sniffed.

Volstagg sighed. Of course, who else? Then the boy continued, "And that's not all. He also killed Fandral's wife!"

"What?!" Volstagg said with a bit of shock in his own voice. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. And he came toward my house. Mother and father let him, thinking he survived, and that he wanted shelter for a while. But..." Then he cried again.

"Hush now," Volstagg said. "You're safe with us. Don't worry, we shall find him. And when we do..."

I hope that he's back to normal. Or else, I'll have to kill him for Fandral's sake.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 145- The End of Reckoning.

Well, I guess the chaotic nightmare is not over yet. Not when the man who had killed Marion, is still enchanted. Will Volstagg kill him? What about Hogun? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!