Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells

Loki had been too busy studying his magic. In fact, he had never ventured outside, even amongst with Thor and his friends.

It was a bit dark inside the library of the Asgardian castle. Oft he had to close his eyes and then chant the magic words with sheer determination and courage. But something disturbed him, as if though someone wanted to interrupt his learning of the spells.

Who on Asgard would that be? Loki thought with irritation. He got up from the magic circle that he had drawn a few hours ago. And during that time, he sat on the center of it, and closed his eyes and chant at the same time.

He walked towards the door and then opened it. There was no one there. Loki could have sworn that someone had knocked the door unwillingly, and that he was too angry about it. After all, the magic that he was performing at this very moment, got interrupted by an unknown intruder.

He closed the door and went back to the room, where he drew the circle. Then he stopped and heard a noise. A pair of giggles occurred in the midst of Loki's library.

"Who goes there?" Loki demanded. "Come out, whoever you are!"

He looked around the bookshelves, the items that he had found in other Asgardian provinces, where he went either alone, or with another magician who had just died last week of old age.

Loki sighed. Then he thought of a spell that could solve this unwanted situation.

He chanted, "Within the shadows, thy shalt come forth in the name of thyself!" And then the books rumbled like an earthquake when both figures came out against their will.

"Thor! Balder!"

Yes, it was they who did the knocking and the giggling sounds.

"I should have known you both were behind this."

"I am sorry, dear brother," Thor said. "I almost forgot that you are no fun." Balder laughed.

"Oh, I see. That's how it can be for you, I suppose!"

"Do not worry, dear brother," Balder said. "We are only here to have some fun, and what fun indeed it was!"

Loki still looked at them angrily. "Do you have any idea about what I was just doing right now?"

Both Thor and Balder looked at each other. Then Thor said, "No, Loki. I don't know what you do here, and I do not care." Then he laughed, and Balder did the same.

Loki sighed. He wished that these two would leave him alone in peace. However, the warriors who just came from hard training, wanted to see what Loki was up to, fun or not.

"Then I suppose you both must leave me alone."

"No," Balder said. "We want to see what tricks you have for us. For they may come in handy."

"Yes, that is true," Thor agreed.

Loki sighed again. "Alright, I shall show you. But don't touch anything!"

The three brothers went towards the room, and that Loki had explained carefully about his work.

"The Circle of Incantation?" Balder said. "Is it not dangerous to do such things, dear brother?"

"No, not really, Balder. But perhaps I could show you why. Here, hold your hands with Thor whilst I sit on the center of the circle. But you must close your eyes, so that we can travel to another plane of existence."

"Hmm..." Thor wondered about this.

"Don't worry, Thor," Loki said, sensing his doubts. "I know what I'm doing."

And so they both held their hands and closed their eyes. Loki sat on the circle and he too closed his. Then he chanted the spell.

For a few moments, the room around them disappeared and then the brothers of Asgard were brought forth to another plane of existence. Yes, the young God of Mischief had traveled across the dimensions in space and time, even without his father knowing about it.

Then they found themselves in a room, which looked nearly identical to the one that they had just left.

Both Thor and Balder opened their eyes, and looked around. Thor said, "Where are we?"

Loki replied, "We are in Sanctum Sanctorum."

Thor looked at him. "The Sanct what?"

"The Sanctum Sanctorum. I have been here before. Trust me."

"But why?" Balder asked of him.

Loki got up and replied, "Because this is where I have learnt of the magic."

Balder said, "Oh, I see."

"Yes, but we must be careful. This place has many doors to unwanted places. I almost got eaten by some damn creature from another dimension."

Both warriors looked at him. Then Thor said, "You are serious?"

"I am serious, Thor. Come and follow me." Loki opened the door and looked on both sides of the hallways. "Looks clear."

"Um..." Balder said, feeling a bit unease. "I do not know about this, Loki. But perhaps we must turn back and..."

Loki looked at him. "We can't do it now, Balder. We just got here!"

Thor nodded. "Loki is right. We cannot turn back as of yet, dear brother."

Balder sighed. "Alright. But if Father finds out about this..."

"He won't find out," Loki said, feeling confident. "Now, come on. Let's go."

They went across the hallways of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It seemed that nobody was here, and that Loki had known of it.

Then they went downstairs. And yet, there was another hallway that leads down toward complete darkness.

I wish I had brought my weapon, Balder thought.

Loki chanted the spell to lit some fire in the air. Like holding a torch, it showed them the clear hallway where on both sides, had every rooms. And that one of these rooms held the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts; one that Loki had taught himself in chanting the spells.

"Let me see here," Loki wondered. "Now where... Aha! There it is!"

Thor said, "What? What?"

"That room," Loki said, pointing towards it. "I remember it now."

"But..." Balder said. "They all look the same."

"Indeed, they all look the same, my dear brother. But I remember that I had opened it before."

Thor still wasn't sure about this. "Are you sure, Loki?"

The young God of Mischief sighed. "Yes, I'm sure of it. And besides, I have done a couple of times already, if you must know."

Loki carefully opened the door. The lights were on and that the floating fire vanished into thin air.

Both Thor and Balder looked amazed of what they saw here. And here, Loki got too excited to see the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts, again.

Balder said, "This is the one you have learnt in secret?"

"Yes, Balder," Loki replied. "But the only problem is that I could not take it. There is some kind of power guarding the book. And all I could do is turn the pages with my magic."

"Your magic?" Thor said with a bit of confusion. "But... you have learnt it from this book!"

"I have learnt some magic of my own, Thor. And I used it to turn the pages, so that I could learn more."

"I see," Balder said. "But whose book is this?"

"How the hell should I know? It does not matter. All it matter is the knowledge itself." When Loki was about to open the book with his mind, someone shouted, "YOU THERE!"

"What?" Loki turned around and his two brothers did the same. It had turned out to be a man, who was dressed in blue clothing. A red cloak was strapped on towards the back of both shoulders.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Loki gulped and his two half-brothers didn't say anything.


Loki said, "My name is Loki and I..."

"I know who you are. And you dare to trespass my domain without permission?"

The young God of Mischief gulped again and then said, "Um... Who are you?"

The man stared at him, and though he had watched him before, whilst he had to battle the evil beings from different dimensions on countless occasions, he figured the God of Mischief had every opportunity to sneak inside the Sanctum Sanctorum and steal the secrets of forbidden magic.

"My name is Doctor Strange and you shall not be allowed to enter my domain again."

"Loki," Balder said almost in a whisper. "We must get out of here."

"Yes," Thor agreed. "He means trouble if we do not."

Loki laughed. And why all of a sudden had he laughed? Because the man named Doctor Strange would dare tell him, not to steal the magical secrets from the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts?

"My dear Strange," Loki said. "I..."

"It's Doctor Strange!"

"Yes... Listen to me, Doctor Strange. All I want is of the magic that could help me fight the enemies of Asgard."

Doctor Strange looked at him furiously in the eye and then calmed himself down. He was never angry this before, ever since he had fought Dormammu the last time, and with the help of his friends, but perhaps he could find a solution to ease the tension between him and Loki.

"You could have asked of me, Loki. But I do doubt about your intentions of saving lives. That much is very clear."

"I see. Then perhaps I shall not come here again as you have said? And what if I were to do it again? Then what?"

"Then you shall see my wrath, for I have powers greater than yours!"

Thor grabbed his half-brother's arm. "Loki, let's go. Now."

Loki sighed. "Alright. We'll go. I am sorry, Doctor Strange. I shall never do it again."

Then they all went passed Doctor Strange who seemed to be silent for the moment.


Loki was hurrying up his horse whilst Mort followed him along the way. Through the forest that could lie many dangers, and that Loki himself had the sense that Lady Sif was in great deal of trouble.

As for the notorious thief himself, Mort was still surprised to learn that Loki, who had helped to heal his injury earlier, had a half-brother. And not to mention, the gut wound had been caused by the enchanted Thor.

Mort was certainly angry at that point when he had heard of it, and did not even mention to Loki, for he may find out why and what really happened.

Yes, Mort thought. And if I were to do such as that, then Loki might conjure up one of his spells to turn me into a frog!

And so, they still rode in silence. Loki hoped that Sif would not be killed by whoever was causing the trouble, as of now. And what of Thor? What happened to him?

That I shall soon find out, Loki thought. He kept riding and then passed amongst the largest trees that anyone had seen in Asgard. There were several bushes that they had to jump over and then landed down on the ground.

Then the shouting came from the source that both Loki and Mort were heading towards to.

"She is near!" Loki said loudly. But Mort did not care. All he wanted to do was to kill Thor for causing such pain to his gut and leaving him to die.


Lady Sif had taken her sword and clashed against the naked Thor. For he had been forced upon to attack her whilst Amora the Enchantress watched.

"Thor!" Sif said, whilst trying not to look at his young manhood.

"Kill her, Thor!" Amora cried out. "Kill her while you still can!"

"Thor, listen to me. She is controlling you. She's using your mind to attack me!" But Thor did not listen to her. He just swift his sword around, and that Sif kept dodging his attacks and also not wanting to hurt him in the process.

Sif cried out again, "THOR!"

The young God of Thunder slammed her on the ground. The Enchantress laughed at this very moment and knew that she had the upper hand.

But then Sif would not give up that easily. She intended to bring back her love to normal, no matter what the cost.

"Thor, I love you. Please..."

Amora dressed up in her green outfit and said, "I am sorry, my dear Sif. He cannot hear you."

Thor raised his sword and was about to strike her down.


Both Amora and Sif looked at who had cried out in the middle of this battle. Even Thor slowly turned.

Loki said, "Thor, what on Asgard are you..."

"Begone!" Amora said loudly in her enchantment.

"AHHH!" Loki fell down from his horse whilst Mort turned around and moved to the other side.

Who is that? Lady Sif wondered, and this too made the Enchantress considered of his presence.

"I see you have a new friend, Loki," Amora said.

The young God of Mischief nearly got up. "Wh... What did you do to him?"

"You mean Thor?" Then Amora laughed again. "He is mine to control, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"We shall see about that!" Loki stood up on his ground and chanted the spell from his memory.

"Let the wind know that his enemy lies within these grounds. For I command thee to blow her away!"

The wind suddenly appeared and then it blew Amora all the way back towards the tree.


"Yes, I did it. I..."

"Not so fast," Amora said. "You think you could defeat me! Thor!"

Thor quickly rushed against his half-brother and that Loki thought, Why is he naked? Then he quickly conjured up a spell.

"Be still, my new enemy who is not thy self!" Thor stood still.

But Amora broke the spell and that Thor swung his sword and slashed Loki's arm.

Loki winced at the pain. "Damn it!"

"Thor!" Sif cried out after him. "Don't do it! He is your brother!"

Thor ignored her again, and raised his sword. But someone threw a knife at him.

Thor felt a slight pain as he looked down at the weapon. Then he turned around and saw who had caused it.

"You!" Thor finally spoke.

Mort said, "Yes, it is me, Thor." And since Mort had been watching all this battle, he had no choice but to help Loki.

The young God of Thunder pulled the knife away from his leg, and threw it on the ground.

The Enchantress did not like what was happening. "Kill him, Thor!"

Thor uttered his battlecry and then rushed towards the notorious thief. And whilst he did that, Mort suddenly pulled out the stolen sword from his back. After all these years, he had never used a sword, and this was the first.

It seemed that Thor is not himself, Mort thought. And it may not be his fault for attacking me. But I shall kill him anyway.

Thor completely ignored his half-brother, and attacked the thief, swinging back and forth. Their swords clashed. Mort grunted and moved back away with his horse.

Loki thought, This has gone far enough. Then he uttered a spell.

And all of a sudden, Thor stopped fighting.

Amora said, "What... No. Thor, Kill him. I command you to kill him!"

"He is not yours anymore, Amora," Loki said. Then he produced a green ball of energy from his hands and then threw it against her.

Amora cried out painfully and was thus pushed far away by such force that not even she could deflect it.

Everything was falling apart.

Loki shouted, "Come, let's get out of here!"

Sif nodded and quickly grabbed Thor who had blinked twice and then shook his head. Then they saddled up Thor's horse.

Loki quickly saddled up of his own and cried out, "Mort!"

"I am coming!" He rode his horse forward, whilst Loki rode his own. He uttered one last spell to cover themselves from the falling trees. A magic force field, to be in fact.

Everything crashed down. The animals scurried away and even the birds flew from the deep, enchanted forest.

When they had finally able to come out, they stopped. Sif said, "Is she..."

"I don't know," Loki said. "But I do hope so."

Thor looked around and then blinked again. "What... What has happened?"

Sif looked at him and then hugged him tight.

"Sif..." Thor said in confusion. "What is wrong?"

"Oh, Thor. You are back. You..." Then she stopped and stared at him.

"What? What?"

Loki turned away whilst Mort snorted in disgust.

Then Thor looked down. "What in Asgard!"

"It is a long story," Sif said. "But first, we must get you some clothes."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 144- The Final Enchantment.

Thor had finally came back to normal. But what will happen to the Enchantress? Well, you shall find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!