Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 142- A Traitor Among Thieves

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 142- A Traitor Among Thieves

A long time ago, a young thief named Mort was sent out to do some errands for his master. However, he never liked the idea of killing anyone in the process of hoping to get the one thing he needed the most. And that thing of course was certainly not to be thrown into the hands of vicious men.

Mort's parents had died during the battle when the Frost Giants once came to Asgard. There were fine warriors alright, and fine indeed. And that Mort was left behind and orphaned at the village where he was born. He was then taken to the House of the Abandoned. It was funny why it was called such as that, and one time the young thief back then, before he even stole precious jewels from an Asgardian province, asked his teacher and the one who owned the place about it. He said this, "My dear Mort, it is called the House of the Abandoned because children have no homes, whether or not they were left behind." And yes, it was true that most children, who were almost the closest age to Mort himself had been left behind, not just because of their parents who had died on battle. But also the fact, they had to go elsewhere, not wanting to take their own child with them.

Mort had remembered this alright, whilst he set out on a journey towards the kingdom of Etria. It was here that he had learnt of an old king named Elrin whose power had no match over his enemies. But he had great treasures to behold, where they had been placed somewhere at his own disposal. King Elrin had certainly every guard to protect those treasures, knowing that thieves and murderers would do anything to get them. But killing the king? It was something that Mort could not do, for he knew that he might eventually get caught in the process.

But his master, who had done his thieving days, knew the outcome of this utmost event. He even told Mort that if he didn't get the treasure as of wanted, then he might find himself getting killed by the likes of him, or worse, getting beaten by the other thieves of his own kind.

Yes, Mort had received such beatings before, even as a lad of thirteen. But he had to prove himself that he was a better thief. Only then, they would not beat him often. And when that time came, he was left alone and been going with them in quests that were deemed too dangerous, even for a child.

Right before Mort, there stood the Gates of Etria, guarded by two men in full armor. They stood quite tall, holding their spears, and thus made sure that no intruders would dare enter. The Gates of Etria had been guarded for so many years now, and this made Odin been proud of King Elrin and his father before him. There was a time when Odin had led other kings come to the grand feast of special occasion. In total, there were five kings in Asgard. But the most High King was Odin himself, for he was a God and the ruler of the realm whereas the others, they had come from other provinces, such as that of the North, South, East, and West.

The young thief went along with a rider of an old age, who had also turned out to be another thief himself. But he couldn't speak, for he had lost his tongue during the mission for trying to steal the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak.

They stopped and both the guards of Etria checked the hay at the back of the cart, on which the old thief was riding both horses from. The boy who had been noticed by them, asked the old man. But the boy said he could not speak, and thus had spoken for him, for he claimed to be his grandson, helping out to do his work.

The two guards looked at each other, and then they let them passed through the Gates of Etria.


The night had fallen, and the old man went to get rest, whilst young Mort went out to do his bidding. It was said that the guards were everywhere, and if he could get toward the source of the treasure in its keep, he would eventually get the hold of it, as soon as possible. But the problem was that he was alone in this, and certainly wished that the other thieves would come and join him.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for his master, for he had clearly intended this way, and to see if Mort was capable of doing it alone.

And so the boy secretly went inside the castle. A guard at the age of twenty stood in the hallways of the castle, and guarding at this time of night, looked around. Mort hid himself behind the shadows. Though there were only a few steps to be heard along the hallways of the Etrian castle, Mort felt quite alone. He took his breath, then hold it, and let it out to ease his tension. After all, he had been doing this for a while now.

When the young guard had passed him, Mort quickly rushed away into another hiding spot, where he had to stay there for a while. Then he moved forward. The guard who just passed the entrance of the treasure, went outside to take a leak. Mort opened the door slightly, and hoped not to make a sound.

However, it did creak and that Mort quickly went inside and shut the door from behind. It was almost dark in here, and that he certainly wished he had some form of light.

Looking for the treasure, he heard another footstep and then something grabbed his arm.

Mort screamed. He turned around and realized that he was caught by another guard.

But how? Mort thought. Was he...

"Well... Well... I did not expect a boy like you to come here."

A single torch was lit. As it turned out there were two more guards who came from another entrance, or rather they had been waiting to catch the culprit. And for that matter, King Elrin was too present at the moment.

The young thief was speechless. It was all a trap, and that he wondered who would tell on the king.

"I know what you're thinking, my dear boy," Elrin said, as though he had read his mind. "You must be wondering how I knew all along. Let's just say that I had information from one of my spies."


"Yes, spies." The old king came closer toward him. "Do you know what would happen if my treasure were to be stolen from this vault?"

"Um... No."

"Exactly. You don't, because you're a fool to think that I would not know of such things. You would be executed, of course. And I'll tell you how I know your exploits. One of the spies had watched you and other thieves traveling at these parts of the land for some time."

I see, Mort thought. That explains it.

"However, I have not ordered to capture them. Not as of yet. But since you are here, I'd give you an option."

"Um... Option, my lord?"

The old king smiled. "Yes, and pray do tell me what your name is?"

"The name's Mort, my lord."

"Okay, Mort. You listen very carefully. Because I don't want to waste such matters upon the likes of you and the other thieves. And if you want to be safe from execution that is, you must tell me their names and the location."

Mort gulped. If he were to do that, the thieves that he had worked with for many years, would surely get angry about it.

"Do not worry, boy. They shall get executed, once they get captured, and thus you'll be safe."

"Really, my lord?"

"Do I look like I'm lying, my boy? Perhaps you could go along with them in the execution."

"No, my lord."

"Good. Now tell me their names and the location."

And that Mort told him.


"Mort! Mort!"

Mort had woken up from sleep. He was too tired right now to get up, especially after the long journey that he had taken along with Loki.

"Wh... What? What is it?"

"We must hurry up if we can. She's in great trouble!"


Loki sighed. "The one I have told you about. My half-brother's lover. She called out to me for help!"

Mort was confused. "How?"

Loki looked at him, dumbfounded. "How? I have just heard her voice in my head!"

"Oh... I see, your magic."

"Exactly, magic. Now, come on and let's go."

Mort grunted and then got up. Before saddling up his horse, he looked at the God of Mischief.

"I wished you could have told me their names."

Loki sighed. "Their names are Thor and Sif."

The notorious thief was surprised. "What? What did you just say?"

Loki looked at him. "I said, Thor and Sif."

Thor? Mort thought with a bit of confusion. Loki's half-brother is Thor?!

"What is the matter?"

"Um... nothing. I'll follow you this time."

Loki was not sure what happened here, even as the young God of Mischief. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, I'm sure of it. Let's go."

"Okay." And then they both went.


Back in the lair of the Enchantress, Lady Sif was still bounded towards the tree, whilst she had watched Thor making love with Amora.

Sif could not believe it. She even tried to close her eyes and forget the whole thing, as though it were a bad dream.

But it is no dream, Sif thought. And certainly it was not Thor's fault, for he had been enchanted by Amora herself.

There were no words to describe about what just happened. And yes, Sif was certainly angry at the point that she wanted to kill her. So, she used all her strength to break the restraints.

She was free.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells.

Lady Sif has finally gotten herself free from the binding. But would she kill Amora and bring Thor back to his senses? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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@the_impersonator: Seems like you could have leaned on the old phrase "no honor among thieves" for the title. :)

I like your chapter titles though- your title game is strong. :)

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@ficopedia: Thanks.

Yeah, but I feel a traitor sounds better.