The Zombie Factor

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-First, there were only like three, but then they began to make noise and more were coming and--

-Yo Billy, I need you to quiet down bro.
Jack told Billy as he continued to look through the small window on the Janitor's closet door.

-Yeah sure, lemme finish though; Cooper was right but Ben insisted on shutting up the doors with--

-Billy, please bro, I know you're a horror flick junkie, but I really need you to concentrate. Those zombies out there are dangerous, we don't know where the rest of the class room went.
Jack asked billy again as he went over for a broom.

Billy looked at Jack through his glasses, he wasn't scared at the "zombies", this was his lifelong dream, and Jack was about to ruin it for him with his being precausious.

-Dude, the rest of the classroom? What do you want Mr. Hendrickson on our side for? What the heck is that old science teacher going to teach you about beating the crap out of a zombie?
Billy laughed as he stood up, he began brushing the dust off his white T-shirt and black jeans.  

-Well, he does look kinda buff.
Jack answered Billy.

-It's called fat, ok Jack? Fat. What's your plan anyways?
Billy replied as he began doing a double knot to his shoe.

-I say we sneak--

-No no, we'll zombie walk.
Billy interrupted.

-Zombie Walk? C'mon Billy, that won't really work. Only place I've seen them do it was on Shaun of The Dead.
Jack told Billy as he took one last glance outside.

-No, they also did it on the Living With The Dead comicbook.
Billy smiled.

-My point is that we don't know if the zombies will really fall for it, we better not risk ourselves.

-Whatever, you can sneak, I'll zombie walk. I once practiced for three hours straight.
Billy said as he brushed his dark brown hair out of his face.

The room went silent, both Jack and Billy knew that they weren't on the same page.

-Listen, your my best friend Billy, but we really have to take this seriously. We have to get home, see if our families are ok, and hide out until the goverment puts things under control.
Jack said calmly, as he gripped his broom harder.

-Ha, since when does the goverment put things under control?
Billy laughed as he reached over for a baseball bat.

-Ok, my plan is we go to the Green River City Mall, we go to "Billy Bob's Git r' Shot" gun shop and go home.

-If we don't get zombified.
Billy added.

-If we don't get zombified that is.

Jack and Billy looked at each other, and nodded. Jack slowly openned the door. Billy took a look and closed his eyes.

He thought

It was time to do the zombie walk.