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#1  Edited By Combysses

   It's been almost two months, every night is an all night-er. It's a must. The whole city is in a pandemic, a zombie pandemic. Combysses and his elite crew has been sent to terminate every undead walking on the pavement, but even with their enhanced ability, they're still outnumbered. Now, what they originally expected to be a walk through the park is now a walk through a tough terrain with zombies coming a every angle. From five elite crew members, there was only two, including Combysses. 

"What now captain?" John, Combysses second in command whispered quietly as they hid in a dark alley.
"We do what everyone else that aren't infected by zombies here, we survive" Combysses replied as he inserted a magazine in his colt 45.
"But we've been trained to succeed in our missions, we were never trained to go under these conditions."
"Maybe you haven't, but I have. Trust me as your captain and I'll get you through these. Let's move!"

 The duo tread quietly, doing their best not to attract any walking corpse. They had to save ammo, they were already low on it, and even lower in supplies. Despite Combysses unique ability to control his muscles to give him enhanced speed and strength, and even a better vision, they couldn't do anything to keep himself from starving, let alone his last remaining teammate for this mission, and his close friend John.

 Shattered glass crunched beneath their feet as they walked towards a big apartment, hopping to find survivors, ammo, and water and food supply. As they arrived at the apartment, they could see all lights went out, though this would play little trouble as it was in the middle of the afternoon, the biggest problem here was, it looked like that the apartment was abandoned from the first floor to the seventh, which were possible zombie lounges and if they have any chance of finding survivors or supplies, they needed to go through these floors before reaching the eight floor and up until the seventeenth floor.
"How many clips you got, John." Combysses asked with his eyes not wanting to leave at the sight of a graffiti, written in blood saying "Guns won't save you!"
"I got five."
"That will do."