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Last time.

Previously,Scott SummersandLoganof theUncanny X-Menhad a disagreement of large proportions concerningthe next generation of mutants, they had what one would call, aSchism. The Schism still lurks amongst them, but, a newGenesisdawns on the kind of people you would usuallyfearandhate. Since then, Scott and Logan have gone their separate ways, operating in different factions while keeping in mind what the two of them wanted most. They’ve been through wars, they’ve had their trials and tribulations, but now ? The Children of The X-Men are taking matters into their own hands.

The Young X-Men #5

New Beginnings Part 5 – War Games.

Rated M.

Page 1/

Panel 1/ Scene has not changed from last issue. Sofia is still facing a sinister looking Laurie in disbelief. The iris of Laurie’s eyes is still golden, a yellow essence flowing about her body.

CPT: Sofia Mantega. Wind Dancer.

CPT: Laurie Collins. Wallflower.

WOP: At first, we were called the New Mutants.

Panel 2/ Large shot. Noriko is unconscious. Cords are still attached to her body, surging electricity from her to power Kaga’s cave. She is stark naked.

CPT: Noriko Ashida. Surge.

WOP: Teenagers with mutant powers that set us apart from the rest of mankind, but, you’ve heard this before, haven’t you?

Panel 3/ Elevated side-view.David is inside a mini cooper, seated on the passenger’s seat. Looking out the window with impatience.

CPT: David Alleyne. Prodigy.

WOP: From different backgrounds with different personalities.

Panel 4/ Angled topographic view. A graveyard, deserted one. Focus is on a grave stone in the middle, description reads “Joshua ‘Jay’ Guthrie. 1993 – 2006. Gone but never forgotten. Our guardian Angel.”

WOP: We were a family. Did everything with each other. We were young and we were dumb. We never realised that things only got worse from then on.

Panel 5/ Over the shoulder view. The back of a teenage boy, seemingly Caucasian descent, with short, ash blonde hair and golden skin, wearing a dark grey T-shirt, a belted pair of black trousers and black boots. Combat gear.

WOP: We never realised that the type of people you’d fear and hate would soon have the tables turned against them in ways they’d never anticipate.

Page 2/

Panel 1/ Inside a school office, Rachel Summers is sitting at her desk, infuriated. Hope Abbot and Idie Okonkwo are sitting opposite her, at the desk, both of them are worried.

WOP: We were betrayed from the inside….we were murdered and we were depowered. We were also deserted, by--i--by me.

Panel 2/ Phoebe hasn’t move an inch herself, Sooraya still lying on her lap. Phoebe’s looking up at Sofia and Laurie in shock.

CPT: Phoebe Cuckoo. A Stepford Cuckoo.

WOP: But then--they, were divided.

Panel 3/ Close up on Hisako, she still has the exoskeleton of Armour around her body. Looking up at the Sentinels in horror.

CPT: Hisako Ichiki. Armor.

Panel 4/ Sofia’s demeanour changes, she slightly backs away and snaps out of her state of shock.

Page 3/

Panel 1/ Flashback. Inside a girl’s dorm room. Laurie is timidly standing near the entrance of the room, holding her school books. It’s a younger version of Laurie, with much more shorter hair, Sofia is standing inside the room, next to a bed, smiling at her, a younger version of Sofia, too.

SOFIA: Ah! Dani told me that I would be expecting another roommate.

LAURIE: I don’t understand…

SOFIA: My name is Sofia Mantega. It is nice to meet you!

Panel 2/ Present day. Laurie plunges to the ground, grabbing her head in pain.


SOFIA: *to herself* It can’t be…

SWOP: Laurie Collins. My best friend.

LAURIE: G-get…

Panel 3/ In a rage, Laurie aggressively swings her left arm to Sofia, connecting with Sofia’s face, jolting it.




SWOP: She’s supposed to be dead. Laurie Collins is supposed to be…dead.

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on a distraught Phoebe, still on the ground with Sooraya lying on her lap.

PWOP: Not what I expected upon leaving with the three of them. What exactly have we gotten ourselves into? Laurie Collins…the emotion based pheromone user of the New Mutants squad

PWOP: But this isn’t exactly something that’s haunting me…

Panel 5/ Cut to Sofia. Wiping the blood from her busted bottom lip, trying to look at a disorientated Laurie.

PWOP: …It’s Sofia.

SWOP: God…when did she learn how to do--no, snap out of it, Sofia. Snap out of it. Something’s wrong here, my powers aren’t working and I’ll assume the same holds true for Phoebe which is why she hasn’t telepathically contacted me yet.

SWOP: That girl needs to leave before something bad happens.

SOFIA: What did that guy-

VOICE: Sofia, Phoebe.

Panel 6/ From the shadows, a palm jabs Laurie on the back of her neck, rendering her unconscious.


Page 4/

Panel 1/ Splash.The teenage Caucasian boy from before, wearing the black and grey combat gear appears behind Laurie as she drops to the ground, he looks at her in pity. It’s Joshua Foley.

JOSHUA: Forget all the stories you’ve been hearing about “me”. They were lies.

JOSHUA: I’m here, I’ve arrived. Sorry I’m late.

CPT: Joshua Foley. Elixir. Alive.

Page 5/

Panel 1/ Close up on Cessily looking up at a Sentinel approaching her.

CESSILY (The nightmares haven’t stopped.)

Panel 2/ Flashback. Cessily is placed inside a chamber, naked and unconscious. Some scientists are surrounding her.

CWOP: (What that man said…he meant it. He insinuated to do the same, to lay his filthy hands on me and tinker, looking for what would amuse him and help his disgusting conquest.)

Panel 3/ Present day. She’s still looking at it, the Sentinel moves closer, stretching its colossal-size robotic hand in her direction.


CWOP: (I may be overreacting with this, but that was hell. I’m never letting that happen to me or any of my friends…not again--

Panel 4/ She lashes out at it in rage, her right arm morphs itself into a large sword.


Panel 5/ She slashes at its neck, severing it greatly.

CPT: Cessily Kincaid. Mercury.




Page 6/

Panel 1/ “Camera” focus on Ben, facing off against another Sentinel.

BEN: (Man, If this is what the X-Men go up against every other day, no wonder they’re all so damn grumpy.)

BEN: (You hear the stories but you can never imagine going toe-to-toe with one of them, being put in that position of annihilating something that was built to destroy you and your kind.)

Panel 2/ The Sentinel manages to grab Ben’s entire body, even as he tries to struggle.


BWOP: It’s like a nightmare made reality. But this is what I wanted. To be back in the action. To be in the thick of it. Frost never initiated me into her five-star New X-Men team.

BWOP: As usual, I was too lame and didn’t quite cut it. Yeah, let’s forget the fact that I lead the Paragons squad and was voted best--stop it, Hammil.

Panel 3/ Close up on Ben, the flame engulfing his head burns brighter, he’s extremely angry.

BEN: Nnngghh…C’mon…

BWOP: My powers are the only things that keep me from being a loser, a no life. Getting them, I wanted to use them for good and only that.

Panel 4/ Large shot. The hand that the Sentinel used to grab Ben with quickly begins to turn into slag as Ben’s whole body turns into flames, he’s smiling.


BWOP: This is the good I will do. This is all for you…Grandpa


Panel 5/ As the Sentinel releases his hold and more bits of metal are melted off, Ben notices a humanoid looking body within.

BEN: ?

Page 7/

Panel 1/ Elevated side-view. Hisako, using the exoskeleton of armour around her body, stretches the claws attached to the armour, right through a Sentinel’s head. Cessily, in the background, is running off with Santo.

CESSILY: Santo! Come with me, we need to see if Noriko’s here somewhere.

SANTO: But, what about-

CESSILY: Please, Santo.


HISAKO: Works every time.

Panel 2/ Large shot. Victor uses his tongue to swing his way from the punch of a Sentinel by wrapping It around the Sentinels neck.

VICTOR: Noth thso thasth!

Panel 3/ Having jumped to the Sentinels level, he removes his tongue and uses his right, more deformed looking arm to punch the Sentinel in the face.


Panel 4/ He lands on the ground, touching the floor with his left hand.

VICTOR: I think we’re done here. Hisako?

Panel 5/ Hisako “armours down”, while wiping the sweat off of her forehead.

HISAKO: That was almost too easy…

HISAKO: But let’s get back to the mission plan. Santo, is Ariel awake yet?

Panel 6/ Hisako turns around in confusion.

HISAKO: Santo?

VICTOR: Dammit. The big guy’s gone, along with Cessily.

HISAKO: And why the hell would they do that? We don’t even know our way around this nut-house of a place! They could get into a trap or-

BEN: Hisako…Victor…

Panel 7/ “Camera” focus on Ben crouching down, a seemingly dead man, covered in green slime with foam coming out of his mouth, is laying inside the Sentinel, of which, Ben is looking at in pity.

BEN: …They were humans

Page 8/

Panel 1/ Cessily and Santo, who still has Ariel over his shoulder, run into a room. The same room that Noriko is being held in.

CESSILY: They might be mad at us ditching them, but I know what I heard. I wasn’t dreaming or anything like that.

SANTO: Yeah, but, what if something bad happens to us? What if some funky monster eats us up? What’re we gonna do then?! What if we-

CESSILY: Oh, Santo, you never cease to amaze me.

Panel 2/ They slow down the pace, and start to explore, Noriko is on the other side, still held, they have not noticed her yet.

CESSILY: Seriously, though, I’ve always wondered how amongst all the war and troubles…amongst all the fighting and even when it seems to be the end of the world, there you are, giving us hope that there is a life after all that.

Panel 3/ Cessily, turns right and looks as if she’s stumbled upon a ghost, Santo is still walking around the room.

SANTO: Gee, I uh, I dunno. Maybe I could-

SANTO: Cess? Cessily?


Panel 4/ Over the shoulder view (Santo), Cessily is looking up at Noriko, whom is stark naked and is still surged out electricity. Cessily is covering her mouth. They both look at her.


Page 9/

Panel 1/ Veronika is inside a control room, professionally suited, looking up at a large screen which shows the land scape of Symkaria.

VERONIKA: (That atrocious thing should be the least of my worries. In a few moments, this forsaken country will come falling. Just like it should have done. )

VERONIKA: (Puternicstan is witnessing a great day, for far too many years we’ve been looked upon as the back-water land amongst the Nations that surround us. No more. It is a shame, Christophur, that you could not be here to see Puternicstan take such a big step towards independence.)

Panel 2/ Inside a warehouse, packed with another batch of Sentinels. A bald headed man is sitting a desk, observing them.

VOICE FROM AN INTERCOM: Doctor? It’s Veronika. Ready the Sentinels…

Panel 3/ Cut to Utopia’s lounge area. Emma, Ororo and Rachel are all seated at a table, discussing.

VERONIKA: …It is time.

EMMA: Goodness, I really do fail to see what you’re all getting so worked up about. The children are fine. We-or realistically speaking, I-trained them. Underestimation will get you nowhere in life.

RACHEL: Emma, the students who left the school are being chaperoned by Ariel, I don’t think I need to say more than that. Is this what you’ve come to?

RACHEL: Allowing innocent kids to put their lives in danger just so that they can prove a point?

EMMA: Was it a necessity that you ask such a vague question, regardless of if it was rhetorical or not? Rachel, just where on Earth have you been? Mutant Kind has only just gotten back from the perilous depths of extinction. But we’re still struggling, the time for-

RACHEL: Emma, they’re a world away. With possibly no hope of getting back and for all we know-

Panel 4/ Close up on a serious Rachel.

RACHEL: -They could be dead. It’s a given the “Recruits” like this sort of stuff, they gave up the opportunity to live normal, peaceful lives a long time ago.

Panel 5/ Angled topographic view. Rachel continues with her case.

RACHEL: But the students of The Jean Grey School don’t abide by those sorts of standards.

EMMA: “Standards”? What you’ll find, Ms Grey, is that actions speak louder than words.

RACHEL: Huh. I was right, this is what it’s come to.

EMMA: Rachel deary, I suggest you stop while you’re merrily reaching it for it.

RACHEL: Stop what? Your decision to not come to the school and take up a teaching position wasn’t much of a surprise..

Panel 6/ “Camera” focus on a scornful Emma looking at Rachel, Ororo notices her change.

RACHEL: …Anything like that would have kept you away from my father, Scott Summers. It’d tear you apart.

Page 10/

Panel 1/ In a rage, Emma lashes out at Rachel, putting the shocked young lady in her place.

EMMA: RACHEL GREY…don’t you dare go there with me! You have no idea how much I wanted to leave Scott, leave this place. It cost me everything to even stay here, EVERYTHING.

EMMA: In case it didn’t come to your attention upon arriving from your space-hopping adventures…I for one, know EXACTLY what it means to have a student’s life lost under my care.

EMMA: More than you could ever-

Panel 2/ A swift and small bolt of electricity is shot just between Rachel and Emma, prompting Emma to move back.


ORORO: Enough.

Panel 3/ Ororo gives Rachel a stern look.

ORORO: Rachel, in a situation such as this, just looking at the gravity of it all…you should know better than to bring your personal vendetta against a colleague into light. As is evidenced, this is neither the time nor the place. As a respected X-Man and a person I hold close to my heart, I’d prefer we not have a repeat of that.

Panel 4/ Ororo then looks at an annoyed, but preserved, Emma.

ORORO: It’s embarrassing.

Page 11/

Panel 1/ “Camera” focus on Ororo.

ORORO: As much as I disagree with Emma’s sentiments on this subject, she has a valid point. Being a child that did not have the benefit of attending a school or familiarizing myself with other, young mutants in my position, I had to fend for myself.

Panel 2/ Over the shoulder view (Ororo). The ladies at the table listen.

ORORO: I was just a little girl in Cairo and I was forever left with the impression that I’d be on my own . Point being, there was no time for depending on anyone. There was nobody I could run to for help. For a moment in time…anyways.

ORORO: Subsequently sheltering the next generation of Mutant Kind around just because we can, does not mean we always should. We need to allow them some freedom, a chance to learn who they truly are.

ORORO: And if I’ve what I just said has been misunderstood, I’m not implying we allow them to do this by themselves, I’m saying we guide them to the best of our ability. Seeing them through until the end without blatantly getting in their way.

Panel 3/ Close up on Rachel.

RACHEL: Fine, Ororo. My students are there and I’ll do whatever it takes to get them back, but if that means allowing them some leeway to figure things out alone…I’m all for it.

RACHEL: But Noriko is also in critical danger. Where’s David?

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on Emma.

EMMA: …On his way. Daddy wasn’t exactly keen with him leaving, but I managed to make him believe otherwise.

EMMA: Then again, David, being the De Facto Leader for this band of misfits, I’m surprised he didn’t get here sooner.

Page 12/

Panel 1/ Hope is inside Utopia’s med-room, wearing combat gear and putting some things together.

HOPE: (You made the wrong move, Hope. You knew what you were doing and you knew where it was going to land you. No matter how confused or betrayed you might have felt…siding with the enemy is always the worst option.)

Panel 2/ Elevated side-view. She continues to pack.

HOPE: (If I’m going to prove to them that I’m better, that things have changed between then and now…this needs to work. No matter the circumstances.

HOPE: (It eats me up knowing that I betrayed everyone, that I betrayed my kind. I left the people I was supposed to save…to lead. It eats me up knowing that if Nate were around and watching…

Panel 3/ Unbeknownst to Hope, behind her, a Caucasian, teenage girl with pink hair, elfish ears and light pink fairy wings, stands. Cautiously.

CPT: Megan Gwynn. Pixie.

HOPE: (…He’d most probably be disgusted.)

MEGAN: Hope?

Panel 4/ Hope turns around in shock to see Megan.

HOPE: Pixie…

MEGAN: Is it true?

HOPE: What? Um, look…Pixie? If what you’re looking for is an apology, then here: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything that happened. I’m sorry for being so selfish even after everything that happened with Kenji

HOPE: I’m sorry I betrayed everyone and I’m sorry for singlehandedly splitting up the majority of Utopia’s federation. If I could take it all back, I wou-

MEGAN: It’s not about that, Hope.

Page 13/

Panel 1/ Close up on Megan.

MEGAN: I haven’t been around here much, you know, usually off on missions with Storm, Psylocke and the rest, but, all of this is happening.

MEGAN: It’s happening and I’m out of the loop. Ever since I started hanging out with the big-guns…no one talks to me anymore. Sofia’s back and…and I didn’t even know. Noriko’s gone…they’ve all gone and I’m not a part of it.

Panel 2/ Megan looks down at herself in pity.

MEGAN: They were myfriends, too.

HOPE: “Too?”--Listen, Pixie--Megan, I don’t exactly get what this is about. It’s a little awkward making contact with-

Panel 3/ Megan looks up at Hope, with a serious looks on her face.

MEGAN: I know you’re going to find them and I want to come with you.

MEGAN: I mean…that’s kinda why you brought me onto your team in the first place, right?

Panel 4/ Hope looks at Megan, speechless.

Page 14/

Panel 1/ Julian, still wearing school uniform, is walking down an empty school corridor with a backpack on his pack and his hands inside his pockets.

CPT: Julian Keller. Hellion.

Panel 2/ From around the corner, Ruth walks in his direction, rushing past him much to his surprise.

JULIAN: What the-?! Ruth? You need to start warning some-

RUTH: She is sorry.

RUTH: The war is coming and-

Panel 3/ Ruth pauses and looks back at Julian.

RUTH: -Julian…you are not with them. You were supposed to be with them. She was supposed to come here but…something happened. The girl was stolen. You must-

JULIAN: Wait wait wait. Slow down a sec, what’re you talking about? Is this another one of those “beware” moments that Victor and-

RUTH: I cannot tell you. You must open your eyes…

RUTH: But you must also prepare yourself. The witch brought back the gifts that which she had lost. The witch is among the mighty

Panel 4/ Ruth walks off, still talking to herself.

RUTH: Those which had perished in the bigot’s flames will return. You must prepare for what is to come. And you must make a decision.

Panel 5/ Julian looks at her in confusion, standing still, instead of trying to get her.

RUTH: Who will make herself prevalent? The past…or the present?

Page 15/

Panel 1/ Topographic view. Kaga’s cave. Noriko has been released from the contraption, a large piece of cloth covers up her more revealing parts. Cessily is kneeling down towards her, crying her heart out, Santo is looking at Cessily, sad as well. Ariel is still unconscious.

CESSILY: *sniff*

CESSILY: Her pulse Is still beating, but it beats slower by the minute.


SANTO: C’mon, Cess…don’t cry. We’ll find a way to bring’er back. I promise.

Panel 2/ Side-view. Cessily continues to look down at Noriko.

CESSILY: I don’t know, Santo…Ariel’s still not waking up. We don’t know how to leave this place and…we might not make it in time.

CESSILY: I never thought we’d be here now, Santo. Noriko: a resident of Utopia…and the two of us at the school. We’ve lost too many lives, Santo. Too many of our friends have…

CESSILY: Well, they’ve gone

Panel 3/ Zoom out. Santo and Cessily continue to watch over Noriko.

Page 16/

Panel 1/ Hisako runs into the room that Santo and Cessily are in, having not acknowledged her arrival yet. She looks back.

HISAKO: Uh, guys? They’re over here!

Panel 2/ Side-view. Hisako runs over to the two of them, Ben and Victor follow, Cessily looks back, still crying.

BEN: Finally!

BEN: You won’t believe what we just found out. Turns out this Kaga dude’s got a lot more going for him than we thought! But, the thing is, he’s also-

HISAKO: Wait…Cessily, what’s the-

Panel 3/ Hisako reaches the scene, covering her mouth in shock.

HISAKO: Dear God

Page 17/

Panel 1/ “Camera” focus on Joshua, looking down.

JWOP: Looking at her face, now, it makes me realise just how much things have changed. Some…one, shot her in the head, killed her, assassinated her, right in front of me, and I was helpless.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on an astonished Sofia, looking at Joshua.

SWOP: It doesn’t make any sense. So all this time…I was talking to a…replacement? A clone? And Noriko…

SWOP: But that’s not the point, the two of them…Laurie and Josh, they’re back.

SWOP: From wherever they came from…my friends, they’re back.

Panel 3/ Cut to Joshua’s face.

JWOP: I woke up too late. The state that the guy put me in, it felt like was in that for a millennia and then some. What’s happening here and now, I could have prevented it. I could have stopped him. I could have saved Laurie.

JWOP: But I couldn’t, I didn’t. Things need to change, starting from now.

Panel 4/ Zoom out. Sofia, Phoebe and Joshua are on the floor, next to David’s jet. Sooraya is seemingly coming to, Laurie is in the middle, lying on the floor.

JOSHUA: So…uh, I guess it’s good to see you guys again?

SOFIA: Right. Josh, what happened to you? Where were you?

JOSHUA: Nothing…and a lot of things. I could ask you the same thing, though, what happened to your powers? Weren’t you-

SOFIA: Wanda Maximoff.

JOSHUA: You might give me some flak for this, but, didn’t she-

SOFIA: She brought them back, Josh. That’s what happened.

JOSHUA: Oh, interesting. And your accent--?

SOFIA: Josh, we’re wasting time…

JOSHUA: Sorry.

JOSHUA: What i wanted to make clear was that this girl…this girl that I had to knock out for certain reasons, she’s no fake. It’s her. It’s Laurie Collins.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on an unconscious Laurie.

SOFIA: What do you mean, the stories were-

JOSHUA: Sofia, the stories were wrong. The corpse that Kaga used wasn’t Laurie’s…it was someone else’s, but somehow he managed to implant her memories and thoughts…her very being, into that body. She’s Laurie, your best friend, Sofia, and my…my-

PHOEBE: My apologies, Joshua, but the life of your girlfriend isn’t what’s at stake here. Noriko, you remember her, don’t you?

Panel 6/ Joshua looks back down the cave.

JOSHUA: I know all about what’s happening right now, Phoebe, and what’s about to happen. Don’t remind me. I know where she is, I was…I was getting to that. But I need to explain some things first…

Page 18/

Panel 1/ Inside the same warehouse that the Sentinels were being held in. The Sentinels appear to be awake, the roof above them has now been opened. Veronika and a scientist of hers stands before them.

JOSHUA: It’s all part of a bigger plot.

SOFIA: What do you mean?

JOSHUA: Laurie, Noriko, everything. There’s a country called Puternicstan located somewhere in Europe. In some sort of association with the UN. They weren’t exactly given “fair treatment”, to say the least. It’s ex-governor, Veronika Strelonivich, was put into jail for war-crimes.

Panel 2/ Angled topographic view, the Sentinels begin to take flight. It’s evening.

PHOEBE: I think I heard about this one. A few months ago, Cyclops was mumbling on about the fall-out of an arms conference apparently having its ends tied up by Storm and Utopia’s Security Team. In English, all was well and good.

JOSHUA: That’s it. I’m not sure what the actual deal with is Kaga, but he’s using human hosts for the Sentinels that he’s loaned to Veronika. With Laurie’s help, Veronika was released from Alcatraz. Revenge for her country, that’s what she wants…what she needs.

Panel 3/ The hoard of Sentinels flies higher up into the skies.

JOSHUA: She’s not going to stop until her enemies have fallen. Symkaria.

SOFIA: Hold on…you’re not proposing-

JOSHUA: Yeah, the Sentinels are for Symkaria, in that, she’s going to use these fully revamped Sentinels to destroy the land she wants to see burned to nothing but ash. And if my-

SOFIA: That’s…terrible. But what about Noriko? We came here for her, can we stop that, too?

JOSHUA: Not for now, no. We can’t prevent the mad-man from wiping out Symkaria.

Panel 4/ Cut to Kaga’s cave. The three of them continue to discuss, unbeknownst to the three, Sooraya has woken up, staring at Joshua in awe.

JOSHUA: But we can help shut them down. The control centre for the Sentinels isn’t located here, it’s on Earth.

SOFIA: Oh boy…wait, we can just use-

JOSHUA: No, we can’t use anything. Kaga knew what he was doing in kidnapping Noriko and using her like that, he wanted us to come here, she was the decoy, the ruze, but he made good use of her powers nonetheless. This rock we’re all aboard is sentient. It’s on its own trajectory, but I don’t know-

PHOEBE: Speaking of which, I think we should get-

JOSHUA: She’s fine.

PHOEBE: And how would you-

JOSHUA: Don’t worry about that now. What you, Phoebe, need to start worry about, is bringing Laurie back. As you could all see, except for you, Sooraya-

Panel 5/ Sofia and Phoebe look back at Sooraya.

SOORAYA: Oh, do not mind me. Josh, it has…been a while, welcome back.

JOSHUA: Uh…thanks, Sooraya.

Panel 6/ “Camera” focus back on Joshua.

JOSHUA: So, as I was saying, Phoebe, the jab I gave Laurie only knocked her out. You’re a telepath, I need you to see if you can induce her into some sorta comatose state.

JOSHUA: Kaga resurrected her to his will. She’s his servant, his puppy…his slave. That’s stopping.

PHOEBE: …But I’m not sure I can do-

JOSHUA: You can.

JOSHUA: Sofia, I know where Noriko is and if my observations were right…I know who might be with her.

Page 19/

Panel 1/ Angled topographic view. A young girl is looking through her bedroom window from a small house on the outskirts of a land. The window, shows the reflection of a large black blot in the clouds.

CPT: Symkaria.

JOSHUA: Prepare yourself for another reunion.

Panel 2/ The blot moves obscurely towards the house, she moves away from the window.

Panel 3/ Cut to the large blot. They’re a swarm of Sentinels.

Page 20/

Panel 1/ Space and the cosmos. The rock that everyone is on, is headed towards a gargantuan sized sun.

Panel 2/ Near the entrance of the room that Noriko was being held in, a pink coloured portal emerges out of nowhere.

Panel 3/ Megan and Hope jump out of it. Hope has a seemingly large gun


HOPE: No sweat. I’ve got it.

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on Megan, analysing the place.

MEGAN: The Security Team haven’t gotten round to missions on the moon yet, that’s why you’ll probably feel a bit nauseas.

MEGAN: But this place…are you sure this is where-

HOPE: Hold on…the telepathic abilities I picked up from Frost are fading, but there are people in there. It’s them…and…

HOPE: Oh God…Megan--Megan I can’t explain things right now, but we need to go.

Panel 5/ Megan looks over to a frantic Hope running into the room.

MEGAN: What? Why? We just got here and we haven’t even found Noriko or-

HOPE: MEGAN! Just listen to me!

Panel 6/ Cut to Hisako, Ben and Victor looking back in shock.

BEN: What the…


HISAKO: What’s she doing here?

Panel 7/ Outside. The barbaric sun is seen just up ahead from the rock, which is moving closer and closer to it.

HOPE: No time. Whoever this guy is…whatever he was supposed to accomplish--he knew his math. I’m sorry, everyone, but we need to go.

HISAKO: Oh for...just explain what you're-

HOPE: You don’t understand…

Page 21/

Panel 1/ Splash. The rock, still moving closer towards the sun. There are only a couple of metres of distance between them.

HOPE: …We’re headed towards the sun. If we don’t get out of here in time…we’ll die.

To be continued…

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One of your best!!!

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@punkpuppy3: @TheCannon:

Thank. You. Both. :D

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You know that my review is always "Good chapter", so from now on I'll try to criticize, athough I'm bad at criticizing in general.

I am getting slightly annoyed from when they see any kind of sentinel, any kingd of past enemies,any reminder about their past lives, most of the kids think about "Oh my god! They killed my friends! We were so young, but now we are here! I'm so scared, but I must stand for myself!" It is getting old. Get more creative!:) At least you had a joke from Ben about grumpy X-men. Also, I forgot why Jean Grey's students went with Ariel. I thought at first they were looking for repowered mutants and they wind up Kaga's lair. What was the real purpose for their "field trip"? Then that dialogue between Rachel and Frost, and then Ororo. I figured out what was the point of their dialogue only after Ororo mentioned that the kids must stand out for themselves. Hope's intentions are difficult for me to understand. I got confused also about where is kaga's lair exactly. is it on asteroid or on the Moon. Why Megan says about Moon and then Hope says that they are going to the Sun? And when Josh says about shutting down the Sentinels, isn't it an equivalent of that country not getting destroyed because the Sentinels are goint to be shut down? When Ceccily says that Santo never ceases to amaze her, does she mean Santo's innocence that with all bad things that happened he haven't changed? Everything is so cryptic for me, most of the dialogues and actions, I an dumb so I need more explanations. I hope when the arc will be over most of the mysteries will be resolved.

Maybe it is just that you are writing in comic script format that confuses me, so my critique might be unfair. Anyway, good chapter! keep going!

PS Maybe It is just me, but I think you are deliberately keeping David out of action so he can make a big appearence and save everyone like a badass:) I like to think that, at least.

PPS Sorry for my poor language, I'm just a dumb Russian guy, чёрт побери.