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From Batman to Star Wars to Iron Fist to Sharpshot to an original fantasy piece, they're all great and all great fun from TommytheHitman! Enjoy.

Batman Unbound #1, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #1
Originally Presented in WGP #1

Oh by the way this takes place in a universe where the original Black Mask is still alive, and stuff. Peace!

Gotham City, Now! ish.

Batman stood over the dead body of Catwoman. The blood trickled out of the woman's skull and dripped onto the floor. Batman knelt down and closed her eyes before standing up.

"You know. It's a real shame. She was quite the looker." A hard metallic voice said from behind Batman.

No Caption Provided

"You. I should have known YOU'D do this!"

"Yuk it up Bats. What is this the fifteenth girl you've lost? Why are you acting so surprised?" Deathstroke chuckled before pulling his sword off his back. "So are we fighting or what?"

"No. This is the last time we're EVER going to fight Deathstroke. This is the end for you."

Deathstroke chuckled again.

"Right. Well if you want to prove you've got the balls for it then go ahead!"


The Batcave!. 15 Hours ago. ish.

"I take it you'll be dodging bullets and rocket launchers again this evening sir?" Alfred Pennyworth asked as he slowly walked down carrying a hot cup of coffee on a tray.

"Alfred. What ever gave you the thought that I was going to give up fighting crime?"

"The fact that you stayed in bed last night, and the night before. Shall I assume Ms Kyle is sleeping with you again?"

Batman reached for the coffee from Alfred's tray before taking a large gulp of it.

"Alfred, it's not like that, okay? We're just friends."

"With benefits, it appears, sir. However, I think someone already made a movie about that."

"You should know, you've already got that in your wardrobe upstairs."

"Ah ha! Sir, your witty banter is something only a true master of the art could've taught you!"

"What makes you think I'm not still learning?"

"Sir. Your computer's buzzing."

Batman spun in his chair and tapped a few keys on the Batcomputer. A video window opened up showing the head of Superman.

"Clark. What's wrong?" Batman asked.

"We've got trouble in Metropolis Bruce. Your kind of trouble."

"Poison Ivy and Clayface are attacking the city?"

"Yes. How did-?"

"They've only recently escaped from Arkham. Everyone else is accounted for."

"Right. So... when can you get here? I've got Aquaman and Flash helping out."

"I'll be there soon."

Batman closed the chat window and stood up.

"Alfred get the Bat Jet ready."

"Yes sir. I'll try to remember to pack the sandwiches this time."

"I'll get drive through..."


The Sionis Building! 20 Hours ago!

Catwoman braced her claws against the side of the window. Slowly, she twisted her hand causing a small circle of the glass to tear away. Catwoman pulled the circle out before placing her hand through the hole and opening the window.

"Easy does it girl," Catwoman muttered as she crept onto the floor. She raised her head slightly as she noticed what she'd came for. Next to Black Mask's vault was his case of rare and exotic Amazon Masks. It was worth a few million on the Black Market, to those dumb enough to buy them at least.

"Puuurrrffeecct." Catwoman said as she reached for the case.

"Get your filthy paws off of that!"

No Caption Provided

Roman Sionis walked into the room holding a pistol towards Catwoman's back.

"Who hired you? Huh?!" Black Mask asked. He walked over to Catwoman before grabbing the back of her mask. "TELL ME!"

"Hands off." Catwoman said casually before kicking Mask in the balls before smashing the back of her foot into his nose as he keeled over in pain.

" you're gonna pay for that. B*tch!" Black Mask said as he slowly stood back up.

"Funny. I was going to say the same thing." Catwoman said as she picked up the case. "Don't wait up for me."

A group of Black Mask's thugs ran into the room carrying machine guns and shotguns.


Catwoman blew a kiss before sprinting out of the window as the bullets started flying.

"...boss... she got away."

"I KNOW GODDAMNIT SAM! Go get me someone to torture! And get Deathstroke on the line! I'm gonna teach that b*tch to mess with Black Mask!"


The batcave, About an hour ahead. Ish.

"Sir? Are you okay?" Alfred asked as Batman walked into the cave carrying Catwoman's body. "You're covered in blood!"

Batman gently placed Catwoman's body on a table before sitting down in his chair.

"Sir? Is... is that?"


"I... I shall leave you alone for a few minutes."

"Please do."


"Sir. Who's blood was it?"


"When you returned from your patrol with Ms Kyle's body you were covered in blood. I take it, it was..."

"No. It was Deathstroke's. I... I killed him."


"It... had to be done."

"...what now?"

"Everything's changed Alfred. This has gone too far now."

"So you're going to give up being Batman? Things are worse then ever sir!"

"No. I'm giving up being Bruce Wayne. I'm devoting full time to being Batman. This whole affair has opened my eyes. Criminals NEVER stop! They always come back! Worse and worse each time! How many people has the Joker killed?! No more restraint. No more holding back..."



Batman Unbound #2, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #3
Originally Presented in WGP #3

Belle Reve

"You always pull your shots Floyd."

"Aw crap."




Batman kicked Deadshot through Amanda Waller's office door. Deadshot lay on the ground several splinters had cut through his armor and blood was starting to appear. Batman walked towards the woman stood at the rear end of the room.

"Batman. I wasn't expecting to see you again."

"Waller. We need to talk."

"I'm surprised from what I've been hearing of you recently. Why didn't you kill Deadshot?"

"It's only fair."

"Now... what do you want to talk about?"


Gotham City, Saint Peter's Church

"Tell me father... heh. Am I going to heaven or hell?"


"Answer the question father and... heh... we'll see."

"Heaven my son. Of course you'll be going to heaven!"

No Caption Provided

"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!" The Joker laughed as he finished tying the priest up to the cross.

"I... I gave you everything you asked for. Now... now please let me go!"

"A few dozen cans of gasoline and cyanide and you think you can make demands of moi?" The Joker grinned even further before splashing some of the gasoline over the priest's lower half. "Well doc I've only got one thing to say to that..."


The Joker lit a match before chucking it over his shoulder. The priest's screams echoed throughout the church.

"Liar-liar-pants on ffiiirrrreee!" Cried the clown prince of crime. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cracks me up every time..."


"YOU WANT WHAT?!" Amanda Waller yelled.

"I want complete control of the Belle Reve prison."


"I'll be doing the same for Stryker's, Iron Heights, Blackgate and Arkham. The amount of times criminals have escaped from here is unacceptable."

"Says you and every single blogger."

"It's true. Over 15 escapes from this prison alone in the last month. That's not to mention all your... Suicide Squad missions."

"You think you'll be able to do a better job?!"

"I know I will."

"What are you planning?!"

"How do you think I was able to take down all your Squad members alone?"


"Batmandroids... enter."

Seven robots entered the room each of them looked similar to the OMAC in some way and each of them had the Bat Symbol imprinted on their chests.

"Amanda Waller... meet the Bat Army..."


Star Wars GOT: Inquisitor Mathias #3, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #7
Originally Presented in WGP #7

Korriban, Chamber of the Dark Council

"Well Mathias?" Darth Krotia asked. "Do you accept your position as our newest member?"

Mathias frowned as he was surrounded by the Dark Council. It took all his restraint to refrain from pulling out his lightsaber.

"I assume... by newest member you mean HEAD of the Council?" Mathias asked through gritted teeth.

Several of the members laughed at the very idea.

"Please Mathias. If you honestly think you're more powerful then all of us you're clearly delusional."

"Not more powerful!" Mathias said with a smile. " More Crafty!"

"Whatever you think you are we couldn't care less! Do you accept your new position or not?!"

"No." Mathias said as he walked through the chamber doors.

"Well... if you do not accept you do realize you can't leave here alive..." Darth (Member of the Council) said. "After all you did kill one our members. Murder. Granted he was pathetic but murder non the less."

Two honor guards stepped out from behind the door. Both holding their sabers in Mathias' way.

"Weaklings." Mathias muttered as he quickly lopped off both of their heads.

"Take my advice." Mathias said as he walked onto the elevator. "Don't try to follow me." He said as the doors closed shut.

Marvel Mayhem: Iron Fist, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #20
Originally Presented in WGP #20

"You want me to do WHAT?!" Iron Fist yelled as the car beneath him swerved through the street.


Iron Fist ducked down on top of the car as the gunman fired off several shots. They all whizzed over his head and hit a street lamp. Iron Fist tore the gun from the man's hands and threw it over his shoulder.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" The man screamed in anger.

"Good luck with that!" Danny said as he landed a powerful kick into the man's throat sending him tumbling onto the road. Now all that was left was the driver.

"I was wonderin' if you could babysit little Danielle for me Danny." Luke Cage said through Iron Fist's hands free. "Me and Jess were hoping to leave her at home and go out for a little romantic evening."

Iron Fist positioned himself on the car's hood and stared into the driver's eyes.

"Kinda busy at the moment Luke!" Iron Fist yelled as he smashed through the windshield and grabbed the driver by the collar. "Couldn't you ask Misty or... Deadpool instead?" He joked.

"Misty's busy. Do you really think I'm gonna ask a nut like Deadpool?"

"Just a second Luke." Iron Fist pulled the driver towards him and stared deep into his eyes. "Park. NOW."


1 minute later...

Iron Fist opened the trunk of the car to reveal a small girl tied up. He carefully pulled her out and pulled her gag and blindfold off.

"It's okay." Iron Fist said. He could hear police running towards him. "I'm a superhero." He tore the girl's binds off but she still looked puzzled.

"Who are you?" The girl asked as an officer gently pulled her away. Iron Fist sighed. She didn't recognize him.

"I'm Hawkeye." He lied. The little girl's face smiled as she remembered the name.

"Thank you Hawkeye..." She said as she was placed in the back of a police van. Towel draped around her shoulders. Iron Fist stared at her for a second before turning away.

"So what was all that about?" An officer asked as he walked over. "Prostitution?"

Iron Fist's eyes widened. "What?! No! It was a ransom! I just happened to be walking by when they kidnapped her."

The officer frowned. "So how much are you charging? ...'Hawkeye'?" He said sarcastically.

Iron Fist smiled as he turned to walk away.

"For this case... free of charge." He chuckled to himself. He tossed a Heroes for Hire card over his shoulder and felt the officer's eyes staring into his back.

"Luke. I'll be round in a few minutes." He said into his hands free.

"How far out are you?" Luke asked.

"Mile or two. Should take about 4 minutes."


Luke and Jessica's Apartment...

"You're going ball room dancing?" Iron Fist asked with a look of surprise. Danielle Cage was playing with a toy bunny rabbit on the floor. Dribble dripped from her mouth. Jessica Jones picked her and the bunny up and wiped Danielle's lips with a napkin.

Jessica shrugged as she placed Danielle back on the ground. "Never done it before. Thought we'd give it a try." She gave a motherly look to her baby. They'd been through a lot recently. Danny glanced two glass bottles on the kitchen worktop. On the first one's stomach was labelled "Jess' Swear Jar" inside were only a few dollars. To the right was another jar. Full to the top."Luke's swear jar." Iron Fist chuckled.

"Are you really babysitting like that?" Luke asked as he pointed at Iron Fist's costume. He was still dressed in it.

"Well I'm sorry!" Iron Fist said with a flicker of annoyance. "I was busy dodging machine guns when you phoned up!"

"Can't you just borrow some of Luke's clothes?" Jess asked.

"He's 30 feet tall compared to me!" Iron Fist said. "Unless I feel like drowning to death I'll pass."

Luke laughed as he grabbed Jess by the shoulder.

"Come on Jess. Let's go dancing!" He said with a smile. Jess pulled his hand off as she ran over to say goodbye to Danielle.

"Now all the contact details are on the fridge. If she feels sick just call Carol and she'll fly her over to the nearest hospital. If Doctor Doom comes in and tries to grab her call Tony Stark! Or better yet call us! If Galactus inva-"

Iron Fist raised his hands up to calm Jess down.

"Jess." Iron Fist gave her a calm look. "I'll handle it."

Jess was quiet as she walked towards the door. Luke pulled her into the hallway and closed the door shut. Iron Fist sat down on a chair and stared at Danielle as she tried tearing the toy bunny's ears off with her teeth.

"You're a vicious one aren't you?" Iron Fist said to no one in particular. He tapped his foot against the chair and glanced at Luke and Jess' DVD collection. Obviously there was a large amount of Pixar movies on the shelves. Not many films up there took Iron Fist's fancy. He was just about to reach for the move 'Cabin in the Woods' when he realized who he was looking after. Danielle was staring up at him with mean eyes.

"Sorry..." Iron Fist muttered as he turned the TV on.

"And with 15% less stock in our stores that thereby means-"


3 Minutes Later...

"Bored..." Iron Fist muttered. Danielle lay on the floor. Her mouth still dribbling. Carefully and quietly Iron Fist scooped the baby up off the floor and placed her in the cot. He stared at her for a second before sighing and sitting back down. "So bored..." He said again. He was in his suit and ready for action! Yet there was no action...


Iron Fist stared in surprise at the door buzzer. Someone was trying to enter.

"Uh... hello?" He said loudly. No reply. "Look if you're looking for Cage or Jess they're..."


The door buzzed again. Iron Fist sighed and stood up before carefully jumping over to the door. He opened it and stared in surprise at the hooded figure bearing down at him.

No Caption Provided

"Spawn!" Iron Fist said in surprise. The hooded figure released a large amount of bees towards Iron Fist as he jumped backwards expecting a punch.

"It'sssss notttt Spawwnnnn you fool!" The Nazi bees buzzed loudly waking Danielle. "It'ssss SWARM!"

At that queue a large amount of killer bees flooded the room as they headed towards Iron Fist. He swatted at a few of them knocking them out of the air. He thought about stepping on them and crushing them but it seemed overly harsh. He glanced at Danielle to see if she was alright. She was awake but wasn't crying. Just staring in surprise at the buzzy buzzard.

"Thossseee were my men you took down earlierr Iron Fist!" The Nazi buzzed. "You'll pay for ruining my plans!"

Iron Fist picked a chair up off the floor and threw it at Swarm. It simply passed through his body and smashed into the hallway behind him.

"How can you hurt what you can't touchhh?!" Swarm cackled as he floated towards Iron Fist. Hand of bees extended.

"I hate Nazi bees..." Fist braced his fist and felt his chi harness through it.

"It won't workkk!!!!" Swarm yelled. "Punching cannot hurt me! You cannot hurt me!"

"Wanna bet?" Iron Fist said as he thrust his fist into Swarm's body. His fist let off golden energy as it unleashed chi energy into Swarm's 'body'.

"What are you doing?!" Swarm yelled angrily as gold light started to envelop through his body.

Iron Fist smiled. "I'm helping you." He said.


Swarm's bee body exploded into the air sending the insects flying across the room. Swarm's skeleton collapsed on the floor with no bees to carry it. Iron Fist stared at it in surprise as he protectively pulled Danielle out of the cot.

"Gross..." He muttered.


One Phone Call Later...

"What the f!ck happened here?!" Jessica Jones yelled as she flew into the apartment. Iron Fist smiled.

"Swear Jar." He said. Jess frowned as she placed her dollar into the Jar.

"Seriously though Danny what happened?" Luke asked. Some of the Nazi Bees were just flying around aimlessly. Most had flown out the window possibly looking for South America. However some had stayed looking confused. Jess clapped her hands in the air causing the bees to fall on the floor. Her hands had created a powerful shock wave startling the bees.

"Swarm came looking for a fight." Iron Fist said simply. He glanced at the skeleton as Jess picked up the skull. "He got one."

Luke frowned. "It's not like you to kill man."

"I didn't. I tried to heal him. However there was nothing left to heal. So it healed the bees instead. They're free now." He noticed Jessica crushing the bees under her foot. "Well most of them anyway."

Luke and Jess both glanced at each other.

"Well... if it's all the same to you two..." Iron Fist said as he walked towards the door. "I'm beat. I'm gonna head home and hit the hay."

"Wait Danny what about the babysitting?" Jess asked as Iron Fist walked down the hallway.

"You try fighting bees every night!" Iron Fist shouted back.

No Caption Provided


Sharpshot: Forever Evil Part 1, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #12
Originally Presented in WGP #12

Note: This is if Sharpshot existed in the New 52 Universe. This does not take place in regular Psychoverse! It's just for fun...

Gotham City...

"Well this sucks..." Sharpshot muttered as he looked down on the city below. Below the city of Gotham was powered down. No street lamps... cars... prison security...

"I swear... if you even think about suggesting what you're thinking..." Kid Thunder said as he hovered in the air. Electricity crackled around his body.

"Could you power up the TV?" Sharpshot asked.

"Nothing would be on Genius! Those Crime Syndicate guys have got the unmasking of Nightwing on over and over..."

Sharpshot pulled his phone out. Sure enough the same words read over and over.

"The World is Ours. The Justice League is Dead."

"Wait... if they've depowered everything then how are the TV's showing everything?"

"They're in control of EVERYTHING Sharp! How do you not know this?!"

"Wait... they've depowered everything?"


Sharpshot stood up suddenly before dashing into his room.



3 Minutes Later...

"Those... monsters..." Sharpshot said as he spoon fed a piece of Strawberry Ice Cream into his mouth. "GAH! Brain freeze!"

"I'm sorry man..." Kid Thunder said as he tried flicking through the TV's channels. "Want me to help you with the Ice Cream?"

Sharpshot stood up. He tossed his Ice Cream Can into the bin.

"No. These.... Prime Syndicate guys..."

"CRIME Syndicate."

"I'm gonna kill them..."


3 Minutes Later...


Three Bullets were fired. Three bodies collapsed on the floor.

"Uh... Sharp? What are you doing? Those weren't the Syndicate's guys."

Sharpshot stormed forward as he pulled the ammo and weapons off the merc's bodies. He tossed a shotgun towards Kid Thunder.

"They're freaking mercs! Probably... Bane's... or Deadshot's... or... Ambush Bug's..."

"How much Ice Cream did you have?"

"...I had to eat ALL of it! I didn't want to waste it!"

"Well, well! If it isn't a pair of superheroes!"

A bolt of red and yellow lightning bolted down the street. Kid Thunder's eyes widened as Johnny Quick and Atomica appeared.

Couldn't find a good image of both Johnny and Atomica. So this will have to do.
Couldn't find a good image of both Johnny and Atomica. So this will have to do.

"Seems like you haven't got the memo." Atomica said from Johnny's shoulder. "The world is OURS. You people are pretty much dead now."

"You guys are the people that killed my Ice Cream right?" Sharpshot asked.

"Heh. You're not completely sane are ya pal? I can see your vibrational frequency. It's WAYYYYYY off!" Johnny said with a laugh.

"Sharp. Maybe we should listen to what they have to say?" Kid Thunder said.

"You guys are the bunch of d!cks that think they can rule the world right?!" Sharpshot said clearly ignoring Kid Thunder. "Well... I'm going to stop you. I'm going to kill you. I'm gonna turn the power back on... and then I'm probably gonna get laid."

"You must be joking..." Atomica said.

"I never joke when it comes to ice cream."


Sharpshot VS Predator #1, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #33
Originally Presented in WGP #33

Gotham City. Months Ago. The Villains Bar Massacre.

"I don't know Doc... New Orleans doesn't seem like a wise investment..."

Doctor Domestic frowned as he slammed his fist on the table making his henchman jump back in surprise.

"Well what are we supposed to do?!" The Doctor yelled angrily as he stood up. "Stay in Gotham?! With the Bat?! And... the Robins... and Catwoman... Jesus there are a lot of them nowadays!"

"But boss..." The Henchman muttered slowly. "Doesn't New Orleans have superheroes? I don't think we're gonna escape those guys by moving to Rabbit County."

Doctor Domestic opened his mouth to speak only to be interrupted by the sound of crashing glass. He looked up to see a figure clad in a yellow and black costume smashing through the skylight window before landing on the ground. Everyone stared at the figure in surprise.

"Evening!" Sharpshot said as he pulled his pistols out and opened fire. Doctor Domestic yelled in surprise as a bullet whipped into his shoulder making him fall to the floor and knocking the table over. The good Doctor gasped as he saw several other bar patrons collapsing to the floor as bullets tore through their bodies.


Several Minutes of Non-Stop firing later...

"Play dead Herbert... play dead... he's an idiot. He won't think to check the bodies... oh god where the hell is Batman?!"


"Oh my god was that a click? Have his guns stopped firing?!"

"Another fine job done!" Doctor Domestic heard Sharpshot say cheerfully before he turned and walked out the front door. After several minutes of playing possum the Doctor finally worked up the courage to stand up. He gritted his teeth in pain as he leaned against the wall.

"...can't... go out the front entrance..." Doctor Domestic muttered as he limped towards the kitchen. "...still... a wanted man..." He kicked the back door open as he limped into the filthy alley way.

"Sounds like a real party in there!" A hobo muttered as the Doctor walked past him. The Doctor sighed as he pulled a pistol out of its holster and shot the man in the face. The Doctor was a Z-Lister. Yet he was an evil Z-Lister.

"I can make it..." Domestic muttered as he aimed the pistol forward in case anyone else showed up.

">Another fine job done!<"

Domestic froze as he heard the wiry metallic voice. His eyes darted as he tried to search for the speaker.

"What the hell?!" He yelled angrily. "Where are you?!"


Domestic screamed as he felt himself being raised into the air, two thin blades penetrating his chest. After a few seconds of intense pain Domestic dropped to the floor on his side. He watched as a cloaked figure stood over him.

"What... what the hell are you?" Domestic asked as his vision started to flicker. The creature offered no reply as it leaped away onto the rooftops before landing on a Cathedral Spire. The creature breathed heavily beneath it's breathing mask as it stared at the figure wearing the yellow and black costume in the streets below.

"And how do you think your allies in the Justice League will react to your new methods?"

"New?! What do you mean?!" Sharpshot yelled as he talked to the blonde reporter just outside the Villains' Bar.

"You've never killed before." The reporter replied. Sharpshot tensed up awkwardly.

"Oh... well... I think they'll be proud of the work I've done and I hope they'll understand the reasons for WHY I killed those guys tonight!"

The Predator was silent as it watched the Prey prattle on to the female. It tapped it's wrist computer as it faded away into the night.

"<...Killed before...>" The Predator glanced at its trophy belt. It would be a good hunt...

No Caption Provided

Now. Metropolis. Lexcorp.

"Pew, Pew."

Sharpshot sighed with boredom as he lay belly down on top of the skyscraper rooftop. He glanced at the sniper rifle he was holding with distaste.

"Mommy, can I get a different weapon?" He muttered to no one in particular.

"You need that Sniper Rifle, Davis." The voice of Amanda Waller said in Sharpshot's ear. "Unless you have X-Ray vision that we don't know about." Sharpshot's silence was it's own reward. "Didn't think so. Now... you're ready for your mission?"

"Uh... yeah." Sharpshot muttered as he stood up. "The mission! I am TOTALLY on board with the mission!"

Amanda sighed through the com. "Several weeks ago our agents received reports of Alien Technology being discovered in the Antarctic. We sent a team over to investigate only for them to encounter resistance in the form of Lexcorp. Our team was forced to retreat and Lexcorp got away with the Technology. We want it back. Which is why you're here."

"Cool!" Sharpshot asked as he stretched his arms upwards. "So what exactly am I doing?"

"Your sniper rifle is equipped with a powerful thermal scope, it'll allow you to see exactly how many people are inside that building. Now I need you too-"

"Sniper Rifle?" Sharpshot asked. "What sniper rifle?" He smiled to himself as he kicked the Sniper Rifle off the side of the roof.


"Face it Waller." Sharpshot said as he pulled his pistols out of their holsters. "If I'm working for you... we're doing this MY way!" Sharpshot chuckled as he pulled out his grapple gun and aimed it towards a nearby window. "It's show time!" He laughed as he fired the hook upwards.

"<Show time...>"



Sharpshot smiled as he smashed through the window and rolled behind an office desk for cover. A split second later the sound of gun fire was heard as the Security teams opened fire at the desk he was cowering behind.

"Okay... maybe this wasn't the best idea after all!" Sharpshot yelled. "Waller give me the info on Luthor's Security team!"

"They're all Mercenaries. Involved in the sieges of several small African Villages recently."

"Cool!" Sharpshot yelled as he heard the click of the mercenaries guns. He stood up and pointed his pistols at them. "Bon appetit guys!" He yelled.


Sharpshot leaped over the desk and ran down the hallway over the goons dead bodies. He paused as he waited for the elevator.

"Right Waller... so where is this 'totally not related to the main story' alien tech?" Sharpshot asked as he slammed the Elevator button.

"Should be on the top floor. In Luthor's office."

"Will Luthor be there?" Sharpshot asked as the elevator music played blissfully.

"Negative. He's busy chasing after his son and his Symbiote."

"...Right. So..."


Sharpshot stared in surprise as the elevator doors opened.

"Holy frak that was fast!" Sharpshot yelled as he stepped out of the door glancing around.


"Klick?" Sharpshot yelled as he felt the arm cannon press up against his neck. "What is is with all the Klicks today?"

"INTRUDER. DROP YOUR WEAPON!" Aria, Luthor's robotic android whirred as her Cannon pushed against Sharpshot's head.

"Why did Luthor create a FEMALE android?" Sharpshot asked to nobody in particular. "In fact... wouldn't it have made sense to create a really fat, ugly android? That way nobody would expect it when she ATTACKED!" Sharpshot grunted as his elbow slammed into Aria's face knocking her backwards in surprise. He turned quickly as his foot smashed into her chest knocking her to the ground. "Jeez... Luthor has weird fetishes." He muttered as he trained his gun on Aria's face.


Sharpshot grunted in surprise as a blast of energy smashed into his chest from Aria's hand cannon knocking him to the floor. He looked up to see Aria staring down at him.

"Hostile neutralized. Extermination in pro-"


The android stopped in mid sentence as two blades pierced her stomach causing fake blood to drip from her wounds.

"HOLY CRAP!" Sharpshot yelled in surprise as the Android's body collapsed on top of him. He pushed it off as he felt the robot's blood drip into his costume's fabric before standing up. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Sharpshot screamed as he tried to back away from the body. He stopped when he bumped into something.

"<What the hell are you?>" A cold voice asked. Sharpshot slowly turned around to see the Predator staring down at him.

No Caption Provided

To be continued!

The Setup to Sharpshot VS Predator #2, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #35
Originally Presented in WGP #35

Lexcorp Tower. Now.

"Morgan! We've lost contact with Sharpshot! Do you have a visual?"

Kid Thunder sighed as he hovered in the air. Energy crackled near his body as he slowly ascended into the sky.

"Uh... depends Ma'am!" Kid Thunder said. He frowned. "What floor is he on?"

"Floor 47! The top floor! Lex Luthor's Office. From what I heard you should hear Sharpshot before you see him."

"Isn't that always the case?" Kid asked.


Kid Thunder flinched in surprise as a large explosion sounded above him. He looked up to see the Skyscraper's roof on fire and a figure plummeting through the sky.

"Aw crap..." Kid Thunder groaned as Sharpshot fell past him.

"Was that the top floor?" Amanda Waller asked.

"That was the top floor..." Kid Thunder muttered as he flew after his friend.


5 Minutes Ago...

No Caption Provided

"<What the hell are you?>"

Sharpshot stared at the menacing black figure stood before him. It cast Lex Luthor's sexy Android aside before staring at Sharpshot with cold eyes.

"Oh. My. Gosh." Sharpshot said. His eyes widened beneath his mask and his grip loosened around his pistols. "I KNEW YOU WERE REAL!" He cheered. A wide grin spread across his face. "WOW!" Sharpshot yelled as he stared at the Predator. "I'm lost for words..."

"Sharpshot!" Amanda Waller crackled through Sharpshot's headset."What's going on?! Have you located th-"

"Shush Cortana. Not now." Sharpshot interrupted. He paused for a second as he remembered his mission. "Wait... are you here for the Alien Tech as we-"


A noise like a clicking escaped from the Predator's mask as it stepped down from the Office Desk it had appeared on. It's flesh was covered in the Synthetic blood of the Android it had killed yet it didn't seem to have noticed. Two blades shot from the Predator's wrist gauntlets making Sharpshot take a step back.

"<Knew you were real>."

"Oh... right..." Sharpshot muttered as his pistol hummed to life. "It's a crossover..."

The Predator let out a deafening roar that must have filled the whole building. Before Sharpshot could react it lunged forward piling into his chest and sending them both tumbling to the floor. Sharpshot attempted to get up only for the Predator to roll over on top of him.

"GAH! CRAP!" Sharpshot yelled as the Predator smashed its arm between his neck and head keeping him pinned to the floor. "Well... this sucked..." Sharpshot gasped. His hand reached into his belt pocket before pulling out a hand grenade. Just before pulling the pin he noticed a golden cylinder over the Predator's right shoulder. It was covered in Aztec like drawings however it seemed oddly clean. "Sam's gonna be ticked..." Sharpshot muttered as he slammed the grenade into the Predator's back. The Predator wriggled in surprise as Sharpshot kicked and screamed at it.

"<What the hell?!>" It screamed in a human voice. Sharpshot screamed as he kicked the Predator off of him with all his strength. He heard a small thud as his grenade bounced on the floor.



No Caption Provided

Sharpshot gasped as he ran behind a desk. He could hear the Predator scream as the force of the explosion smashed into it setting him ablaze. Sharpshot waited a few seconds before pulling the Golden Cylinder down from in front of him.

"I don't see why it took Batman three tries to beat this thing..." Sharpshot muttered as he stood up slowly.

"<KILL YOU!>" The Predator screamed as it tossed the office desk Sharpshot had hid behind aside. Sharpshot screamed as the Predator's wrist blade slashed across his torso.

"DROKK OFF!" Sharpshot yelled as his foot smashed into the Predator's chest knocking him back slightly. He sprinted towards the Room's Window and smashed through it before pulling another grenade from his belt and pulling the pin. "Yippie Ki Yay Mother F-" He started to say as he tossed the grenade forward.


Sharpshot yelped as the large explosion rocketed him out of the building. He clutched onto the Aztec Cylinder as he plummeted towards the pavement below.


Sharpshot grunted as something flew into him in midair. He glanced over his shoulder to see Kid Thunder carrying him.

"Hey Kid..." Sharpshot muttered. "You know carrying me like this is totally gay right?"

"Shut up Sharp..." Kid Thunder groaned.



"Well this is nifty!"

Kid Thunder glanced at Sharpshot as they waited in the Building's reception. The sunlight shone through the windows as the hustle and bustle of people going about their business filled their ears. Sharpshot was still carrying the Aztec Cylinder. He seemed protective of it.

"Nifty?!" Kid said with a smile. "Wow! I didn't think you even knew that word!"

"AHEM!" They both turned to see a bored looking receptionist staring at them. She frowned once she noticed their colorful costumes. "What's your name?" She asked. Sharpshot smiled as he stepped forward.

"Schaefer." Sharpshot said. "Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer... although my friends call me Arnie."

"Ah yes. Mr Schaefer." The Receptionist said. Her face hadn't changed in the slightest. "Doctor Khan is waiting for you in the R and D lab."

"Khan?" Sharpshot asked. He paused for a moment. "That would be too easy..." He muttered as he walked past security.


"Security Team 3. Entering the top floor now." Alex Jones was a Security Team Leader for Lexcorp. He'd been working there for awhile now and had committed many sins. He was afraid to admit he'd enjoyed some of them. However the pay was good and the sexy robots were very nice. Plus he had some pretty bad ass guns at his disposal. He checked his Weapon's ammo count before staring at the elevator door before him. "Postal boy! Open that door!" He yelled. One of his teammates stepped forward and jammed a device between a crack in the door. It began pushing each side of the door aside until it had created a hole big enough for a man to fit through.

"Got it sir!" Postal said. Alex nodded and gestured towards the hole. Postal nodded as he attempted to squeeze through the door. "I'll open it fully once I-" Postal was interrupted by a loud clicking noise. "What the hell was th-" Postal screamed as something grabbed his right leg. He was dragged through the hole effortlessly just as the door slammed shut behind him. His screams could be heard from the other side.

"GET THAT DOOR OPEN NOW!" Alex screamed. Without warning the doors whirred open and a black figure stepped towards the team. The Predator had lost an arm to the explosion. However that didn't make him any less terrifying.

"<Sharpshot...>" It clicked as the team started to scream.


"What's up with that mouse?"

Sharpshot frowned as he stared at a small brown mouse in a glass container. It had no fur however it had a human ear growing out of its back. It stared up at him and seemed transfixed by his yellow and black costume.

The real image is much more disturbing.
The real image is much more disturbing.

"That's Oscar." Doctor Khan said as she walked over. "We're practicing cloning body parts into animals for later use."

Sharpshot's eyes widened. "WHY?!" He yelled.

"Does it matter?" Khan asked. "It's to help improve human life." She reached for the Aztec Cylinder in Sharpshot's arm.

"We... received the Alien Tech for you Doctor..." Kid Thunder said as he tried to look at anything OTHER then the mouse. "Straight from Lex Luthor. What's it for?" He asked.

"It's from a race of Aliens we've taken to calling the Yatuja. They're a race we believe have assisted us many times through the centuries. However recently they disappeared. We believe these t-"

"Don't gloss over the important details!" Sharpshot yelled. "What about the-"

"WE BELIEVE this globe contains a device of Great Power. Something that could possibly help power our entire planet for the next Two Hundred Y-"


"What was that?" Kid Thunder asked. Doctor Khan frowned as a red light started to appear on the globe.

"Wait... did you say you encountered an Alien while retrieving the Globe?" Khan asked.

"Predator." Sharpshot corrected. "Wrong Franchise. Get it right."

"Did you kill it?"

"Probably not. Why?"

"Well the Globe's tracking device has just activated." Khan said. "So something's following it."

Sharpshot opened his mouth to speak only for the building's power to suddenly shut down. The red emergency lights quickly filled the air as murmurs filled the air. Suddenly a loud clicking filled the air and the air rippled.

"Aw crap..." Sharpshot muttered as the Predator appeared out of thin air.

No Caption Provided


The Mists of Carligh, by TommytheHitman

Originally Presented in WGP #38
Originally Presented in WGP #38

This was a FF Group I tried to start. Never took off. However no use letting the story go to waste!

The History: The County of Carligh is one filled with bloody war. Once ruled by a race of powerful mages known as the Lord Elves, the country is often at each others throats. There are different cities across the country, each directed under their own laws, forces and rulers. With some being ruled by mystical creatures (for example The City known as Tarysgerain is ruled by a race of Ancient Vampires.) Of course there are small villages in between where normal folks try to live their lives, however the forests are filled with mystical monsters including Lycans and Trolls. If any of you want to come up with your own monsters and such feel free.

The Geography: Due to the nature of the wars that have been fought over the years, Carligh is well known for being different in its areas. For example the North of Carligh is dangerous mountainous areas used by Orc miners and populated by Rock Trolls, while the south is lush green hill areas used by farmers and rumored to contain dragons. The country of Carligh is surrounded by vast oceans which are often beset by large tidal waves. This is due to strong magic left by an immortal race of beings known as the Stone Gods.

The Cultures: Carligh is made up of many different races. However obviously they don't ALL get along. Vampires are often secretive beings due to being hunted over the centuries. Orcs' hair is stronger then wire and humans are used as slaves by bandits. Aruguments are decided at the War Council, a meeting of the cities on a large mountain in the middle of Carligh. Sailors who attempt to sail the oceans have never returned. Gold is used for Currency.

The Wandering Mage

Oatsville, a small town on the edge of nowhere, The Dancing Donkey Inn.

"I reckon it was the rock trolls again."

Jack frowned as he glanced up from his stale flagon of mead and stared across the table. The Orc who was talking wasn't sat anywhere near him, however from the sound of his voice it sounded like he could be sat right next to him.

"The rock trolls live in the mountains idiot!" The Orc's friend said angrily. "They haven't been seen in the South for thousands of years!" The Orc spat into his ale before taking a large gulp. The first Orc frowned as he tried to comprehend what his friend was saying.

"Well it must have been the Bloodsuckers!" He said after a few moments of silence. This time the whole room fell silent as they listened in on their conversation. "Someone made that town disappear!"

"If they were Vampires then where were all the bodies?" The barkeeper asked as he polished a cup with a dirty cloth. The Orc smiled as all the attention turned to him. Slowly he stood up.

"They musta taken them!" He said. "Keep their bodies as a constant supply of blood! Perhaps take em back to their lords in Tarysgerian!" The room erupted as the patrons started discussing the strange disappearances that had occurred recently in the neighboring village. Jack sighed as he tried to block out the noise from the crowd.

"I hear that John Luke and his family are a bunch of bloodsuckers!" A voice rang out. The room fell silent as Jack looked up in surprise.

"Maybe we should get a party together!" One of the Orcs yelled. "Teach em not to eat Townsfolk!" Voices rang out in agreement from the crowd as Jack slowly stood up. He picked his helmet up from the table and placed it over his head as he stepped towards the door.

"You do realize I can't let you do that." Jack said nervously as several of the crowd stepped towards him. The Orcs shoved through the crowd and stared down at him.

"And why not?" One of them asked. Now that he was closer to Jack the light showed a large pale scar running over his right eye. "We can't let those Vampires get away with it!" Jack's hand started to turn sweaty as he pulled his sword from its hilt.

"The family wouldn't be able to cart all those town folks from the town." Jack said as the Orc stared at his sword. "Also... I'm pretty sure we would have noticed them dragging hundreds of townsfolk at night." He muttered at the end.

"Stand aside." The Orc growled. "You're a guard! We've committed no crime!"

Jack nodded slowly. "Which is why I'm trying to stop you from starting one." He said. The Orc went silent. Jack jumped in surprise as the door behind him opened sending light into the dark inn.

"Move." A voice said behind Jack.

"Sorry." Jack muttered as he stepped aside. He watched as the crowd parted aside to allow the man through.

"I'll have a glass of Coventry Wine." The man muttered as he sat down at the bar table. The barkeeper nodded as the man passed several gold coins over before calmly placing an old wooden staff at his side. Jack noticed he wasn't the only one staring at the man. The rest of the crowd was as well.

"You're not from around here are you?" The Orc scar asked as he sniffed the air. "You smell like an outsider."

"That's a shame..." The man muttered as he took a sip of his wine. "I thought I showered this morning." He pulled his hood back revealing blonde hair and pointy ears. He turned round revealing grey eyes and a slightly grey tint to his skin. Jack had never encountered such a creature before, however he'd heard about them. Almost everyone he knew had. In fact.... they weren't supposed to exist anymore.

"You're a... Lord Elf!" Jack said in surprise. The Elf smiled as he placed his glass back down on the table.

"Ah ha! Someone who knows his history!" He chuckled. "Yes. I am."

"Lord Elf?" The other Orc asked. "I thought your kind was wiped out long ago." The Elf's face softened as if he was remembering painful memories.

"Yes... to my knowledge I am the only one that remains." The patrons of the bar had gone back to their drinks while Jack and the Orcs had both taken seats around the Elf.

"You people were Scholars." Jack said. "Masters of Magic." Jack nodded towards the Elf's staff. "Are you a Wizard?" He asked.

"A... wizard?" The Elf frowned. "Dear boy, I am no more a wizard then you are an ant. The fact that you have called me a Wizard implies that I barely grasp the complexities of Magic, when in actuality I am its Master. In fact now that you have called me such a name I am deeply offended and am considering rupturing your heart." The Elf took another sip of his wine.

Jack was silent as he processed what the Elf had just said. "So... what are you then?" He asked.

"My name is Azaylon." The Elf said with a sigh. "I am the last surviving Lord Elf. The rightful Arch Mage of Carligh and a master of the Mystic Arts. However simpletons such as yourself have taken to calling me by another name."

"And what's that?" One of the Orcs asked.

"Arrogant ba$tard." Azaylon sighed. "Of course I prefer the 'Wandering Mage' if I have to choose."

This time the Orcs were silent. After several more sips of his drink Azaylon stood up to leave.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Jack said suddenly. He reached forward and scraped Azaylon's robe causing him to jump back in surprise. He stared at Jack for a second before rubbing at the cloth where Jack's fingers had traced.

"I... I have an investigation of utmost importance." Azaylon said as he picked up his staff. "Innocent lives depend on it." He turned to leave only for the Orcs to step in front of him.

"What mission?" The one with the scar asked. "Is it close by? Is it dangerous to the town?" Azaylon sighed. He seemed to be in a hurry.

"I recently traveled to a village known as Townwood. It's about several miles from here. However when I arrived the village was deserted."

"That's the town were the Vampires attacked!" The Orc yelled with a smile. His friend nodded as Azaylon gave them a puzzled look.

"Vampires? There were no Vampires there I assure you." Azaylon muttered. "When I arrived I noticed the oddity of the entire town being deserted, so I cast several seek spells. It wasn't Vampires."

"How can you tell?" Jack asked.

"All the Humanoids were gone." Azaylon muttered. "Humans, Elves, Orcs... all of them..." He smiled. "But the animals were left behind. Cats, Dogs... Direwolves. They were all left behind. Meaning..." He waited for a reply.

"Meaning?" Jack asked after a few seconds. Azaylon sighed at their lack of intelligence.

"Lycans." He said with a smile. Jack and the Orcs glanced at each other. "Garwalfs, Flesh Raiders, Dark Destroyers..." Azaylon muttered. "Or as you may know them... Werewolves."

Out of everything he has written on the forum, what Tommy' has written most is Sharpshot (although his 5th Column Comics series, Wind Duster, is catching up). I couldn't pick a favorite story to link you to, so just check out Sharpshot's Library of Pain, Mayhem and Bullets!, and tell him Writers Guild Presents sent you, so maybe he'll give dngn4774 more stories to feature!

Or maybe you want to check out the first two chapters of his Star Wars: Inquisistor Mathias story:

  1. .Star Wars GOT: Inquisitor Mathias the Dark.
  2. .Star Wars Galaxy: Inqusitor Mathias #2.

The rest of the stories featured here were unfortunately not continued, but for something similar in theme to Batman Unbound, you could checkout the Deathstroke's Pi$$ed! series:

  1. .Deathstroke's Pi$$ed! #1.
  2. .Deathstroke's Pi$$ed!. (#2)
  3. .Deathstroke's Pi$$ed #3.

And once you've finished that, you can enjoy more of The Super Summer Blowout Reading Extravaganzawith WGP #53.6, or you can return to the main WGP #53 page. Thanks for reading! -cb

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@tommythehitman: Thought about your Sharpshot vs Predator when I saw this. Didn't you have a Kraven series started at some point?