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Wildvine's first three pieces are based on a site called SCP Foundation. They catalog the weird and strange- like stranger-than-X-Files-strange- and document their findings. Wildvine has given us limited access to three of their redacted files. After that, we get complete access to a previously unseen chapter of DC Mayhem! Finally, we get a fun peek into an untold tale of Frozen. Enjoy.

SCP-XXXX, by wildvine

Originally Presented in WGP #9
Originally Presented in WGP #9
No Caption Provided

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in a retired rail yard in ██████ Arizona. Rail yard was purchased by the Foundation for the explicit purpose to keep and study SCP-XXXX, under the guise of a historical preservation program. Rail yard is hereby referred to as Site-12. SCP-XXXX requires no special containment, but is to be under constant observation for anomalous activity.

Once a month SCP-XXXX is to be activated to prevent the accumulation of rust in its wheels. It is to roll to within 7.00000 m of the end of its track, at which time it is to be deactivated. If at anytime SCP-XXXX shows any resistance to deactivation, head of research Dr ████ is to be informed immediately. At this time it will also receive routine maintenance. Anyone attempting to enter Site-12 are to be detained for questioning and given a C level amnestic.

At no time should anyone enter SCP-XXXX without signed approval of Site director. Any anomalous activity while SCP-XXXX is in active or inactive modes should be reported to Dr ████ immediately.

Description SCP-XXXX is a passenger train closely resembling the [REDACTED] line in appearance. It is 156 m in length, 5.0000 m high from wheels to roof. It posses six (6) passenger cars, and one (1) engine, but damage to the rear coupling suggests it once had more cars. SCP-XXXX is medium blue in color, and currently bears no serial numbers or company logos.

The inside of SCP-XXXX seems like an ordinary, modern passenger train module on the outside. The interior of the engine however, differs from normal. Where the controls should be is a hand lever that can be moved up or down. Up is labeled 'Activate.' Down is labeled 'Deactivate.' Twenty (20) cm to the left, and parallel to the lever is a dial with four (4) labels. Clockwise they are:

"Retreat" which makes the train reverse.

"Faster" which presumably increases speed from start up.

And a third option for which the label has been scratched off. Attempts to open up SCP-XXXX's control cover to study its components have proven impossible at this time, given SCP-XXXX's resistance to damage.

SCP-XXXX came to the Foundations attention through an Agent planted in the local FBI office. Reports of loved ones that had on travel trips, but never reached their destinations, or returned. Each one last seen at a train station. Some seen to getting on a blue train bearing the logo of ████

SCP-XXXX was intercepted after leaving a train depot in the city of ████ on ██-██-20██ with a combination of greased rails and use of a second, smaller train ahead of it to slow it down long for Agent ████ to board and shut it down.

None of the passengers seen to board were on board when it was brought to a halt. All of the witnesses were given B level amnestics and implanted memories. All recordings of SCP-XXXX were confiscated from the scene.

Addendum: Given the events of incident 3, SCP-XXX will only been activated remotely, from the safe distance of thirty (30) feet away. No one is to enter SCP-XXXX except D-class personal for experimentation purposes.

Incident Report:

Incident 1

9:32 PM (Approximately) A female voice was heard coming from XXXX by Dr ████ Security personnel were alerted and entered XXXX to investigate. No source for the sound was found to be on board. Audio recorders failed to register any voices other then personnel present.

Incident 2

During a routine maintenance inspection Dr ████ saw a white hand pressed to window two (2) of car five (5). No indication of the window being touched were found.

Incident 3

A child's is heard calling from SCP-XXXX. Dr ████ head of research was informed and security personnel were in route when Dr ████ became visibly distressed and entered SCP-XXXX without clearance. Guards boarding SCP-XXXX found only Dr ████'s ID badge.

Incident 4

██-██-20██ 7:30 PM

A pale female is seen part way down the steps of SCP-XXXX-3. Figure gestured with one hand, beckoning to maintenance personnel. Dr ████ Attempted to communicate with the subject without success. Security footage failed to record the subject.

Print flyer found in SCP-XXXX

See the world!!

Escape from the dreary of mundane life with one of our affordable escape packages!

Price’s so low it criminal not to take advantage of them.

Luxuries include (but are not limited to:

• Four star meals. (Special orders call ahead)

• Our new seats are so comfortable you might just sleep the whole way.

• Service staff are ready to wait on you hand and foot. No reasonable requests denied!

• Child care provided for a minimal extra cost.

So escape boredom. Escape the normal. Escape from all of your worries.

Happiness is just a ticket purchase away!

SCP-X02, by wildvine

Originally Presented in WGP #10
Originally Presented in WGP #10
File photo of SCP-X02
File photo of SCP-X02

Item #: SCP-X02

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X02 is to be contained in a standard animal containment unit at Site-3. It is to be provided with one or two cat toys to every few days for stimulation and exercise. SCP-X02 is housebroken, and is to have its litter box cleaned daily, and changed out weekly. One camera is to record a constant live feed of SCP-X02 to prevent theft. In the event of camera failure SCP-X02's containment room is to be sealed until camera problems are resolved.

Any staff member may interact with SCP-X02 during designated breaks, provided no experimentation is going on, as playing with, and petting SCP-X02 has shown to improve morale and productivity.

Description: SCP-X02 is a small female kitten, approximately three weeks old by appearance. It is completely white with light blue eyes. It should be noted SCP-X02 has not appeared to age since it was acquired by the Foundation.

SCP-X02 causes unusual psychogenic effects in any creature within its effective range, about 2m from SCP-X02, or as long as SCP-X02 is within line of sight. SCP-X02's anomalous effects have been shown to occur out of sight if subject has knowledge of SCP-X02. (See experiment log 1) This has shown to equally affect self-described 'cat haters.' Video and photographs of SCP-X02 do not generate the effect.

Any person or animal brought into the range of SCP-X02 will become calm and peaceful, regardless of disposition before entering SCP-X02's field of influence. Wild animals brought into range of SCP-X02's effect become passive and friendly (See experiment log). It should be noted that while rabid animals become relaxed and peaceful, the sickness remains active, and protective measures should be maintained. SCP-X02 has never displayed fear of any person or animal brought into its presence. Whether this is an aspect of SCP-X02's anomalous nature, or simply the result of a sheltered existence, is debatable.

Due to the nature of SCP-X02, physical testing can only be performed via drone, as researchers are rendered incapable of performing any sort of invasive procedure on SCP-X02 once within its effect radius.

Tests have shown SCP-X02 is deaf in its left ear, and has been declawed. How it came to be declawed is presently a matter of speculation; the prevailing hypothesis is that SCP-X02 underwent the procedure prior to its anomalous abilities manifesting.

SCP-X02 was discovered by Agent ████ at an animal shelter in █████, Alabama. Agent ████ was looking for a pet for her daughter's birthday. A shelter employee remarked offhand that some of the more skittish and shy animals had become "weirdly calm all of a sudden." Checking the records showed SCP-X02 as the most recently acquired animal. SCP-X02 was immediately "adopted" by Agent ████.

SCP-X02 Experiment Log

Subject involved in experiment:

Animal subject introduced:


Additional notes:


Subject: D-77324.

King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah).

Subject has seen SCP-X02 once. No physical contact made with SCP-X02.

Results: D-77342 refused to take the king cobra into SCP-X02's containment cell. Subject was threatened with immediate termination if he did not comply. D-77324 continued to protest and was immediately terminated.

Additional notes: SCP-X02's anomalous effects can apparently occur outside of range or sight with people who have interacted with it


Subject: D-73744.

King cobra. (Ophiophagus hannah)

Subject has no prior interaction with or knowledge of SCP-X02.

Results: D-73744 was instructed to slide cobra container into SCP-X02's containment cell, and to remove the lid. D-73744 did as requested without hesitation, and quickly left containment cell. Cobra slithered out of its container. Appeared calm. SCP-X02 continued to play with a bell toy, seeming not to notice the cobra. Cobra coiled itself into a rough circle and ceases movement. Cobra was retrieved by D-73744 without incident.

Additional notes: None.


Subject: D-69054

Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)

Subject has no prior interaction with, or knowledge of SCP-X02. Anaconda has been starved for a week.

Results: Anaconda initially moved towards SCP-X02, then paused and lay still. SCP-X02 approached anaconda, tapping the snake on the snout a few times with its paw. After six minutes SCP-X02 curled up beside the anaconda and fell asleep. Anaconda was retrieved by D-69054 without incident. Anaconda had gone into a state similar to hibernation.

Additional notes: None.

Subject: D-30521


Sculptured Bark Scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda)

Subject has no prior interaction with, or knowledge of SCP-X02.

Notes: None.

Results: Scorpion was released into SCP-1459's containment cell. SCP-X02 curiously approached the scorpion, which hunkered down in a defensive position. SCP-X02 crawled over the scorpion before tumbling off, and pawing at the scorpion's right pincer. This went on for eight (8) minutes before the experiment was called off.

Additional notes: None.


Subject: D-Class 98827

One small plant potter of poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans)

Subject has prior experience with SCP-X02.

Notes: None.

Results: D-98827 was issued leather gloves that covered half the length of her forearms and ordered to put the plant in SCP-X02's containment cell. D-98827 complied as ordered. D-98827 was then ordered to remove one glove, and to touch the poison ivy. D-98827 voiced reluctance, but complied. After one minute D-98827 was instructed to stop and relax for the remainder of the experiment. For the next 60 minutes D-98827 was seen sitting on the floor, playing with SCP-X02. D-98827 was ordered to remove the plant, and to report to Medical for physical examination.

Additional notes: No amount of the toxic oil secreted by poison ivy was was found on D-98827's clothes or skin. D-98827 did not break out in a rash.

SCP-X03, by wildvine

Originally Presented in WGP #12
Originally Presented in WGP #12
SCP-X03 in containment
SCP-X03 in containment

Item #: SCP-X03

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X03 is to be contained in a standard wild animal enclosure at Site ██ It is to receive a light misting twice daily via a sprinkler system specially designed for this purpose. Misting should occur once in the morning and again in the afternoon, to keep it's skin from drying out.

SCP-X03 is to be fed one (1) live adult pig (Sus) weighing approximately thirteen (13) Kg every two weeks. The pig is to be released into the enclosure. No attempts should be made to drive or coax the prey animal close to SCP-X03, as the animal will inevitably wander into SCP-X03's kill range naturally.

No staff should remain in the enclosure during SCP-X03 is in an active or "predator" state.

Description: SCP-X03 appears to be an ordinary palm tree (Arecaceae) when in an inactive state. It is over 7m in heightItem was roughly 7m when first discovered. However, do to a lack of understanding its metabolism, and the subsequent over feeding, SCP-X03 quickly developed in length and now stands over 9m tall. The feeding schedule has since been amended accordingly. Any creatures of sufficient size moving in SCP-X03's kill range (about 3m from the base) will be seized and constricted by the trunk until death or paralysis occurs. The incapacitated prey is then slowly drawn into the jaws in the fashion that snakes ingest prey. After eating SCP-X-03 will go into a dormant state for two to three days, unless danger is perceived. Digestion occurs during this inactive state.

X-rays taken of SCP-X03 during dormant states show it has a skeletal structure similar to an anaconda (Eunectes murines) with the internal organs also similar to a anaconda. The most notable anomaly aside from size, is the presence of two additional hearts. Hidden under SCP-X03's "leaves" there is an upper and lower jaw like those of a snake. The upper jaw has three rows of back curving teeth. The lower jaw has two rows of back curving teeth. Any teeth lost during a feeding are replaced within two weeks. SCP-X03's leaves are actually formed of large flaps of dried skin. The texture of SCP-X03's leaves have been likened to a snakes skin shedding. It is assumed that SCP-X03 expels waste from its base system, or "tail." This has yet to be verified due to SCP-X03's deeply buried base, estimated to be 5m or longer below ground, based off it's size at aquisition, and observable growth rates.

Discovery: SCP-X03 was discovered in ██████ Florida in an over grown back yard. The house belonged to Mrs █████ ███████ a long time resident of the community. Mrs ███████ had not been seen for a month, and was presumed by neighbors to be visiting family. Attempts to find her have proven fruitless so far.

DC Mayhem: Huntress, by wildvine

Originally Presented in WGP #15
Originally Presented in WGP #15

Gotham city in December was more then just cold. It felt destitute. Bleak even. Like a parent that had turned away. Like the city itself stopped caring. Huntress felt lonely. Not that she would admit it to anyone. Not even Dinah.

'Or maybe,' Huntress mused 'Maybe you just miss Babs.' She tugged her cape a bit tighter around her. She was wearing her thick, insulated winter costume. But the wind was brutal and merciless. It blew her hair around and pulled at her suit, seeking an opening to sink its icy teeth into her. It was no secret to anyone how she felt about the transition from Babs to Wendy. She was glad that Babs was walking again, and was back in the hero game.

Wasn't she?

She shoved the thought away. Of course she was happy for Babs. And she would get used to Wendy. Probably. Dinah seemed to have adjusted to the change very well. Which struck her as odd, given how close she and Babs were. 'Or maybe some people can handle loss.'

'Loss? No. Change.' Huntress mentally corrected herself. Babs wasn't dead. Just....not around. Zinda had also dealt with the changes rather well. She had cried when Babs had given the news she was leaving. And there had been an uncomfortable amount of hugging. But she was military at heart, and more then willing to follow "Skippers" orders. And orders were that Wendy was the new Oracle. Zinda was out at some bar right now with Hank and Don. That thought brought a brief smile to her face. Zinda at a bar was Zinda having fun. She just couldn't see why people would go to a bar to be depressed. So she was probably in a drinking game or buying drinks for the bar, or just generally making a "rukus" as she would say.

A police siren in the distance brings her mind back to the present. Another thing about December in Gotham, For all the goodness and charity it inspired, it also brought out the ugliness in people. The number of muggings went way up in December. Though that's not why she was patrolling tonight. She was out here breaking one of the hero rules. Never work out personal issues on the job. 'Well, more of a guideline then a rule really.' She smiles again, despite the protests from her rapidly chapping lips. Firing off a grapple line, she swings toward the sound of the sirens, silently cursing whomever had made the half-mask popular.

* * *

Huntress hangs from the frozen fire escape and quickly assesses the situation. Times like this, it paid to look before you leaped. One older man being backed into a dead-end ally, two guys. Teenagers. 'What is wrong with the youth today?' She shook her head to herself. These weren't desperate thieves. Just some stupid, privileged kids looking for trouble. 'And they just found some.'

She drops to the ground behind them. "You boys would have been better off caroling tonight."

"Oh snap! Its Catwoman!" One of them grins stupidly, and then more stupidly, pulls out a knife.

"Catwoman? Now i have got to hurt you on principle." She pulls a throwing knife from her belt, and puts it in his shoulder with a flick of her wrist. Hardly more then a flesh wound. He would be fine with a few stitches. Not that you would know by the way he started yelling. He would remember that wound for a while. Good. Maybe he would think twice before pulling a knife on someone again.

The other guy threw a weak punch that Huntress caught easily in one hand, and force palmed his elbow the wrong way with the other. Then chopped him across the throat. She was really holding back. But these were just kids after all. Her communicator beeps in her ear.

"What? I'm working."

"Its me Huntress." Dinah replied evenly.

"Oh hey." Her tone softened noticeably. "Hang on a minute. You." She points to the kid with the knife wound, "Go to the hospital. And you" She looks at the other kid, still gagging a little. Go home. I don't want to see either of you out after dark again." They run down the street together, one holding his shoulder and being hurried along by his friend. "Do you need a hospital sir?" She turned to the old man.

"N-no. I'll be fine. I live close by." He smiles but Huntress can see his hands tremble with left over anxiety. "Merry Christmas young lady."

That made her stop. She had never been wished a merry christmas of the job before. For a moment she forgot how to respond. "Oh. Uh, Merry Christmas to you too." But he's already shuffling away.

"Huntress?" Dinah speaks in her ear, making her jump. She had forgotten Dinah was on the line.

"Yeah. What's up?"

Dinah paused. This was not a conversation she wanted to have. But she was the only one Helena would listen to. Really listen. "You've been kinda distant since Oracle left. And more then a little cold around Proxy."

"Are we really having this discussion now?"

"You brush me off when i try to bring it up around here..."

"I'm on patrol. We can go over this later." She fired her grapple gun, and flew up toward the roof top.

"Your supposed to be off patrol tonight. We can't be out every night. You get tired, then you make mistakes."

"I stopped a mugging tonight. So its good thing i decided to work instead of party."

"The bad guys were still out there when Oracle gave us the night off." Dinah gently reminded her. Another pause. "I miss her too. But we have to adapt. Have to stay a team. And i need your cooperation for that." Silence. "Huntress?"

"We'll talk later." She replied quietly, ending the call.

Untitled Story set in Disney's Frozen, by wildvine

Originally Presented in WGP #26
Originally Presented in WGP #26

Authors notes: This was inspired by characters from the movie Frozen. It takes place during the time gap after we see Kristoff and Sven taken in by the trolls, and before Kristoff meets Anna at the out post. More to come eventually.

The icy wind blew across the frozen mountaintop in an aggravated fashion, blowing away the powdered snow as if it was polishing the ice into a sparkling shine. Young Kristoff wasn't cold though, despite his wind reddened nose and cheeks. He had been born on this mountain, found one day by the ice harvesters in a snow drift, or so the story went. To see the boy romp through the snow, some of the men joked Kristoff had been born by the wind and snow itself.

He had been carried by one of the men to the reindeer stalls, where he was fed on the rich milk of the beasts of burden. It was also there that he had met a reindeer calf called Sven, so named because despite being born small, and of weak form, he had found he's feet, and refused to be jostled about by the other calves. He and Kristoff had taken to each other like the snow to winter, and the two were now inseparable.

And like young boys will do, the pair wished to prove their worth by helping with the ice harvest, despite only being able to move one small block between the two of them on a small sleigh. It was on such an unforgiving night that he and Sven were hauling there meager block of ice, and they had fallen way behind the other ice harvesters when they saw a pair of riders thunder past with haste, as though Old Man Split hoof himself were on their tails. More curious though was the trail of frost following in their wake, so close they came that Kristoff felt the wind from their passage on his brow. They were too far down the mountain for ice to be found in the forest at this time of year. "Ice?" Kristoff asked Sven in amazement.

This was a new thing, and adventure to go have. Kristoff threw off the rope tying Sven to the puny sled, and straddled his friends back. "Ride like the wind-- Whoa!!" Sven sped off faster then expected, following the fresh trail of frost.

* * *

Six years later:

"Hey hey hey Sven! You're breaking the first rule of ice selling. Never sample your own stuff." Kristoff told Sven, who paused from licking at the block of melting ice. "But its such a long way to town and I'm thirsty now." Kristoff said in a different voice, speaking for Sven. "Oh alright, just a few more licks." he smiled, scratching the scruff of Sven's neck. They had a way to go, but it was early still. They could afford a short break from ice hauling.

"Help me please." Came a voice from behind the sled.

"What happened? Got your tongue stuck?" Kristoff began to chuckle, the stopped. "Wait, when did you start talking on your own Sven?" He asked, stepping around the sled slowly.

"I don't know anyone named Sven. Please help me." An olive skinned girl replied before collapsing in a heap. Sven nudged her gingerly with his nose.

"Well, this is something new." Kristoff commented, shaking the girl by the shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong? Who are you anyway?"

"My name is Vivian, I am a magicians apprentice. An evil wizard is trying to kill me" She gasped, then fainted. Kristoff and Sven exchanged a glance of confusion.

"We should take her home. The trolls will know how to keep her safe." Kristoff told his trusty reindeer.

"No!" the girl, Vivian, suddenly came awake again, startling Kristoff and Sven. "I mean, that is most generous good sir, but I have a ship I must catch in Arendelle. I must get back to my master. Can you and your stead take me to port Arendelle?" She blinked her big green eyes, and Kristoff felt he could fall into those pretty eyes.

"I.. uh... um..." He stammered, looking away from her eyes at Sven to hide his sudden awkwardness. "I guess we are going that way anyway." he replied, helping her up onto Sven's back.

Wildvine did a little more writing with DC Mayhem, so check out her Brave and the Bold series:

  1. .DC Mayhem Presents: Brave and Bold Team-Up #1.
  2. .DC Mayhem Presents: Brave and the Bold #2.
  3. .DC Mayhem Presents: Brave and the Bold #3.

But really, can I leave you hanging with just that? This is probably my last chance to ever feature Wildvine, and I would be completely remiss if I didn't link you to the story that I feel could make her famous (and I never say something like that lightly) if she would only finish it. Check out Knight and Dae now:

  1. .Knight and Dae.
  2. .Knight and Dae #2.

...and now that you've checked it out, demand more! Really! She'll listen to you! Probably. Maybe. I don't know! Plead for more Knight and Dae anyway!

Thanks for reading! But wait! You can check out more of The Super Summer Blowout Reading Extravaganza in WGP #53.3, or you can return to the WGP #53 main page. Thanks for reading! -cb

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