The Writers Guild Presents: 11/22/13

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Hello and welcome, to an all new edition of the Writers Guild. @the_poet couldn't make it here today so I'm stepping in to present our two presenters.

Up first is @wildvine with an all new SCP

SCP-X03 in containment
SCP-X03 in containment

Item #: SCP-X03

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X03 is to be contained in a standard wild animal enclosure at Site ██ It is to receive a light misting twice daily via a sprinkler system specially designed for this purpose. Misting should occur once in the morning and again in the afternoon, to keep it's skin from drying out.

SCP-X03 is to be fed one (1) live adult pig (Sus) weighing approximately thirteen (13) Kg every two weeks. The pig is to be released into the enclosure. No attempts should be made to drive or coax the prey animal close to SCP-X03, as the animal will inevitably wander into SCP-X03's kill range naturally.

No staff should remain in the enclosure during SCP-X03 is in an active or "predator" state.

Description: SCP-X03 appears to be an ordinary palm tree (Arecaceae) when in an inactive state. It is over 7m in height Item was roughly 7m when first discovered. However, do to a lack of understanding its metabolism, and the subsequent over feeding, SCP-X03 quickly developed in length and now stands over 9m tall. The feeding schedule has since been amended accordingly. Any creatures of sufficient size moving in SCP-X03's kill range (about 3m from the base) will be seized and constricted by the trunk until death or paralysis occurs. The incapacitated prey is then slowly drawn into the jaws in the fashion that snakes ingest prey. After eating SCP-X-03 will go into a dormant state for two to three days, unless danger is perceived. Digestion occurs during this inactive state.

X-rays taken of SCP-X03 during dormant states show it has a skeletal structure similar to an anaconda (Eunectes murines) with the internal organs also similar to a anaconda. The most notable anomaly aside from size, is the presence of two additional hearts. Hidden under SCP-X03's "leaves" there is an upper and lower jaw like those of a snake. The upper jaw has three rows of back curving teeth. The lower jaw has two rows of back curving teeth. Any teeth lost during a feeding are replaced within two weeks. SCP-X03's leaves are actually formed of large flaps of dried skin. The texture of SCP-X03's leaves have been likened to a snakes skin shedding. It is assumed that SCP-X03 expels waste from its base system, or "tail." This has yet to be verified due to SCP-X03's deeply buried base, estimated to be 5m or longer below ground, based off it's size at aquisition, and observable growth rates.

Discovery: SCP-X03 was discovered in ██████ Florida in an over grown back yard. The house belonged to Mrs █████ ███████ a long time resident of the community. Mrs ███████ had not been seen for a month, and was presumed by neighbors to be visiting family. Attempts to find her have proven fruitless so far.

and next, without further ado, is @tommythehitman with Sharpshot: Forever Evil Part 1.

Gotham City...

(Note: This is if Sharpshot existed in the New 52 Universe. This does not take place in regular Psychoverse! It's just for fun...)

"Well this sucks..." Sharpshot muttered as he looked down on the city below. Below the city of Gotham was powered down. No street lamps... cars... prison security...

"I swear... if you even think about suggesting what you're thinking..." Kid Thunder said as he hovered in the air. Electricity crackled around his body.

"Could you power up the TV?" Sharpshot asked.

"Nothing would be on Genius! Those Crime Syndicate guys have got the unmasking of Nightwing on over and over..."

Sharpshot pulled his phone out. Sure enough the same words read over and over.

"The World is Ours. The Justice League is Dead."

"Wait... if they've depowered everything then how are the TV's showing everything?"

"They're in control of EVERYTHING Sharp! How do you not know this?!"

"Wait... they've depowered everything?"


Sharpshot stood up suddenly before dashing into his room.



3 Minutes Later...

"Those... monsters..." Sharpshot said as he spoon fed a piece of Strawberry Ice Cream into his mouth. "GAH! Brain freeze!"

"I'm sorry man..." Kid Thunder said as he tried flicking through the TV's channels. "Want me to help you with the Ice Cream?"

Sharpshot stood up. He tossed his Ice Cream Can into the bin.

"No. These.... Prime Syndicate guys..."

"CRIME Syndicate."

"I'm gonna kill them..."


3 Minutes Later...


Three Bullets were fired. Three bodies collapsed on the floor.

"Uh... Sharp? What are you doing? Those weren't the Syndicate's guys."

Sharpshot stormed forward as he pulled the ammo and weapons off the merc's bodies. He tossed a shotgun towards Kid Thunder.

"They're freaking mercs! Probably... Bane's... or Deadshot's... or... Ambush Bug's..."

"How much Ice Cream did you have?"

"...I had to eat ALL of it! I didn't want to waste it!"

"Well, well! If it isn't a pair of superheroes!"

A bolt of red and yellow lightning bolted down the street. Kid Thunder's eyes widened as Johnny Quick and Atomica appeared.

No Caption Provided

(Couldn't find a good image of both Johnny and Atomica. So this will have to do)

"Seems like you haven't got the memo." Atomica said from Johnny's shoulder. "The world is OURS. You people are pretty much dead now."

"You guys are the people that killed my Ice Cream right?" Sharpshot asked.

"Heh. You're not completely sane are ya pal? I can see your vibrational frequency. It's WAYYYYYY off!" Johnny said with a laugh.

"Sharp. Maybe we should listen to what they have to say?" Kid Thunder said.

"You guys are the bunch of d!cks that think they can rule the world right?!" Sharpshot said clearly ignoring Kid Thunder. "Well... I'm going to stop you. I'm going to kill you. I'm gonna turn the power back on... and then I'm probably gonna get laid."

"You must be joking..." Atomica said.

"I never joke when it comes to ice cream."


The next publication will be posted on Friday, November 29th. Remember to read, enjoy, and comment....and to have a happy Thanksgiving! ;)

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