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Hi there guys, it's been a few weeks since our last publication but I'm proud to announce that the Writers Guild is back! Today we have three stories from our very talented staff.

Our first story comes from @impurestcheese. Here is the latest chapter of her Patron Saint of Crime series.

Patron Saint of Crime #4 - El Aquilla

Siwang climbed the fire escape to the roof of the building a red dot dancing on her forehead as she reached the roof. Turning around, seemingly oblivious to Romeo's sniper rifle trained on her head, Siwang reached down and pulled Jael and the black case onto the rooftop. As she got to her feet Siwang removed a knife from her belt and held it against Jael's throat as she edged the case towards the rooftop.

"Okay talk." Siwang hissed, "Or your package drops over the side just as your deadline ends. Tell me what Bochanegra has planned with this."

"Thought you might pull something like this." Romeo snorted, "What do you know about El Aquilla?"

"He's leader of the Cult of the Condor, Bochanegra's main rivals from Guatemala. He's also known as the King of the Skies due to his extensive use of sky traffic to move narcotics and weapons into Brazil, Mexico and the US." Siwang answered.

"Well Bochanegra heard that El Aquilla's Lieutenant is coming into El Paso to set up a new distribution line into the States. He's coming in a few minutes on a privately owned Lear Jet, hence why I needed the case delivered to us by a contact from South Africa."

"He's going to blow up a plane!" Jael screeched, "You can't let him shoot these guys."

"How many people are onboard the Jet?" Siwang asked as she began to kick the case to the edge of the roof.

"Eleven and they are all employees of El Aquilla." Romeo answered, "That enough information for you?"

"Yes." Siwang answered blankly as she kicked the case forward to Romeo's feet before watching as he opened the case and pulled out a Starstreak Missile Launcher and shouldered the weapon before scaning the skies to the south, searching the afternoon cloudscape for his target. For a tense few seconds the sky remained vacant until a grey Lear Jet descended out the clouds. This caused Romeo to arm the Starstreak, a red optical laser painting the plane before unleashing a salvo of explosive darts that entered the Lear Jet's left engines. The explosion ripped open the fuselage, which consequentially tore passengers out of the jet as the plane spiraled down towards the runway.

"Eagle Down." Romeo stated into his ear-piece. "Okay boss I'll pass you over." He added as he threw the device over to Siwang. "Bochanegra wants to talk to you."

Placing the device in her ear, Siwang listened to Bochanegra's obstructions before throwing the device back to Romeo. "Now just to remove the evidence. I've been instructed to take Jael foe a one way trip to the desert along with your boots using the rental car he hired. He wants you to take the Starstreak back to his compound."

"What?!" Jael squeaked as Siwang stabbed a syringe full on anaesthetic into her neck.

"The answer to your question about my name is Alan Montague. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning outside El Cascavel Headquarters for work." Romeo stated as he put the launcher in the case and dropped off the rooftop.

With a look at Jael's drooling body, Siwang carried her off of the rooftop and sprinted across the compound to the parking lot of rental cars. Running her hands along the front of a cyan Corvette Stingray, Siwang removed the keys and put Jael into a body bag in the car boot. Sliding into the front seat, Siwang pulled out of the car park before heading north into the desert.

As she drove away, she smiled before whispering, "I'm In."

Up next is @wildvine with a SCP-X02.

File photo of SCP-X02
File photo of SCP-X02

Item #: SCP-X02

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X02 is to be contained in a standard animal containment unit at Site-3. It is to be provided with one or two cat toys to every few days for stimulation and exercise. SCP-X02 is housebroken, and is to have its litter box cleaned daily, and changed out weekly. One camera is to record a constant live feed of SCP-X02 to prevent theft. In the event of camera failure SCP-X02's containment room is to be sealed until camera problems are resolved.

Any staff member may interact with SCP-X02 during designated breaks, provided no experimentation is going on, as playing with, and petting SCP-X02 has shown to improve morale and productivity.

Description: SCP-X02 is a small female kitten, approximately three weeks old by appearance. It is completely white with light blue eyes. It should be noted SCP-X02 has not appeared to age since it was acquired by the Foundation.

SCP-X02 causes unusual psychogenic effects in any creature within its effective range, about 2m from SCP-X02, or as long as SCP-X02 is within line of sight. SCP-X02's anomalous effects have been shown to occur out of sight if subject has knowledge of SCP-X02. (See experiment log 1) This has shown to equally affect self-described 'cat haters.' Video and photographs of SCP-X02 do not generate the effect.

Any person or animal brought into the range of SCP-X02 will become calm and peaceful, regardless of disposition before entering SCP-X02's field of influence. Wild animals brought into range of SCP-X02's effect become passive and friendly (See experiment log). It should be noted that while rabid animals become relaxed and peaceful, the sickness remains active, and protective measures should be maintained. SCP-X02 has never displayed fear of any person or animal brought into its presence. Whether this is an aspect of SCP-X02's anomalous nature, or simply the result of a sheltered existence, is debatable.

Due to the nature of SCP-X02, physical testing can only be performed via drone, as researchers are rendered incapable of performing any sort of invasive procedure on SCP-X02 once within its effect radius.

Tests have shown SCP-X02 is deaf in its left ear, and has been declawed. How it came to be declawed is presently a matter of speculation; the prevailing hypothesis is that SCP-X02 underwent the procedure prior to its anomalous abilities manifesting.

SCP-X02 was discovered by Agent ████ at an animal shelter in █████, Alabama. Agent ████ was looking for a pet for her daughter's birthday. A shelter employee remarked offhand that some of the more skittish and shy animals had become "weirdly calm all of a sudden." Checking the records showed SCP-X02 as the most recently acquired animal. SCP-X02 was immediately "adopted" by Agent ████.

SCP-X02 Experiment Log

Subject involved in experiment:

Animal subject introduced:


Additional notes:


Subject: D-77324.

King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah).

Subject has seen SCP-X02 once. No physical contact made with SCP-X02.

Results: D-77342 refused to take the king cobra into SCP-X02's containment cell. Subject was threatened with immediate termination if he did not comply. D-77324 continued to protest and was immediately terminated.

Additional notes: SCP-X02's anomalous effects can apparently occur outside of range or sight with people who have interacted with it


Subject: D-73744.

King cobra. (Ophiophagus hannah)

Subject has no prior interaction with or knowledge of SCP-X02.

Results: D-73744 was instructed to slide cobra container into SCP-X02's containment cell, and to remove the lid. D-73744 did as requested without hesitation, and quickly left containment cell. Cobra slithered out of its container. Appeared calm. SCP-X02 continued to play with a bell toy, seeming not to notice the cobra. Cobra coiled itself into a rough circle and ceases movement. Cobra was retrieved by D-73744 without incident.

Additional notes: None.


Subject: D-69054

Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)

Subject has no prior interaction with, or knowledge of SCP-X02. Anaconda has been starved for a week.

Results: Anaconda initially moved towards SCP-X02, then paused and lay still. SCP-X02 approached anaconda, tapping the snake on the snout a few times with its paw. After six minutes SCP-X02 curled up beside the anaconda and fell asleep. Anaconda was retrieved by D-69054 without incident. Anaconda had gone into a state similar to hibernation.

Additional notes: None.

Subject: D-30521


Sculptured Bark Scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda)

Subject has no prior interaction with, or knowledge of SCP-X02.

Notes: None.

Results: Scorpion was released into SCP-1459's containment cell. SCP-X02 curiously approached the scorpion, which hunkered down in a defensive position. SCP-X02 crawled over the scorpion before tumbling off, and pawing at the scorpion's right pincer. This went on for eight (8) minutes before the experiment was called off.

Additional notes: None.


Subject: D-Class 98827

One small plant potter of poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans)

Subject has prior experience with SCP-X02.

Notes: None.

Results: D-98827 was issued leather gloves that covered half the length of her forearms and ordered to put the plant in SCP-X02's containment cell. D-98827 complied as ordered. D-98827 was then ordered to remove one glove, and to touch the poison ivy. D-98827 voiced reluctance, but complied. After one minute D-98827 was instructed to stop and relax for the remainder of the experiment. For the next 60 minutes D-98827 was seen sitting on the floor, playing with SCP-X02. D-98827 was ordered to remove the plant, and to report to Medical for physical examination.

Additional notes: No amount of the toxic oil secreted by poison ivy was was found on D-98827's clothes or skin. D-98827 did not break out in a rash.

and finally, @knightofthechronicle with The Chronicles of Argus #3.

Chapter Three-"Under the Gun"

Caroline wakes up in Terry's arms as Argus and he walk slowly down a dark hall. She tries to ask Terry what's going on, with her ears still ringing from the car explosion, but before she can she feels a hand clasp onto her mouth.

Argus takes his hand away and then lifted it to his mouth, still shrouded by his hood. He makes the motion for her to be quiet and she obeys, slightly scared of the man assigned to protect her, and that's saying a lot.

Growing up with her father, a man so quick to anger it was impossible to speak your mind, she's learned that fear is something you have to live without. But there is something weird about this Argus, not the kind of weird that Caroline defines the other girls at school with though, this man's different. Now that they were out of the car, Caroline could finally see this man's actual size. He is impossibly tall, so tall it looks like he can reach up and touch the ceiling of the hall without even trying, and built like a bodybuilder. It isn't the physical appearance that scares her though. He's silent, too silent; he doesn't even make a sound when he takes a step.

How many times has he done this? Caroline asks herself.

The come to the end of the hall and put their backs to the wall. Argus peers around the corner, his hand telling them to wait for his signal. He waits a moment, and then silently tells them to follow and they carefully continue down the hallway.


Argus speaks quietly in a shrill whisper and picks up his pace, still not making a sound and Terry follows suit without question. They cover half of the hall until they rest inside an open apartment. They once again press against the wall, hiding in the shadows.

One second, ten seconds, thirty seconds, and nothing happens.

"What-" Terry tries to finish his sentence but Argus silences him quickly, pressing his finger to his lips.

As if on cue Caroline hears the stomping of feet, and a group of men quickly hurry pass them, barely noticing them.

How did he hear them?

They wait a moment, and then continue on.

For the next ten minutes that's how everything went, they'd walk as quietly as possible down each floor, hiding from the armed men whenever Argus would somehow hear them, until they finally made it to the second floor.

"They've got to be around here somewhere."

"I'm tellin' ya, our guys haven't found anything."

"And you swear you saw them come in here?"

"Hell yeah I did. The big guy had them draped over his shoulders like they were nothin'."

Terry carefully sets Caroline down, reaches inside his jacket and pulls out a handgun from a holster he keeps strapped to his side. Argus does the same, except his looks a lot more dangerous than Terry's.

Argus peers around the corner and Terry silently motions for Caroline to sit still. Argus taps Terry on the shoulder, and the two turn into the hall.

The first shots of gunfire cause Caroline to cover her ears instantly. The shots continue for several seconds, Argus' gunshots coming out louder than everyone else's. Caroline wasn't a stranger to gunfire, living the life that she's lived, but she can never get over the sound. As quickly as they started though, they stop.

"They came from down here!"

Caroline hears the shout coming from the stairs. Hastily, Caroline hides inside a nearby janitor's closet, the old smell of air freshener almost overpowering. She holds her breath and watches as a group of men rushes past her closet. She allows herself to breathe again, but then covers her ears as another volley of bullets begins.

"Well, what do we have here?"

For a second, Caroline believes it to be Terry speaking to her, the bullets having stopped already, but when she looks up to see the person standing in front of her, her breath catches.

It wasn't Terry.

She screams and the man suddenly stands up straight, as if her scream had paralyzed him, but before she can think anymore about it, the man falls over, a huge hole appearing on the side of his head.

Terry rushes over to the closet doorway, sweat covering his forehead.

"Caroline?" He asks, "Are you okay?"

She nods, in shock over the man's death. Terry picks her up once again and carries her out, covering her head so that she can't see all of the bodies lying on the floor. She sees them anyway.

They run down the hall, not bothering to be quiet after the gunfight and don't stop until they finally reach the bottom floor.

"Back entrance." Argus says simply, guiding them.

"There should be more men, shouldn't there?" Terry asks as they run.


Caroline feels a chill run down her spine.

At the end of the hallway an unlit 'exit' sign makes Caroline breathe a sigh of relief and she can swear Terry does the same. Argus slams into the door, forcing it open and smashing the boards blocking the door from the outside.

Cool air blows onto Caroline's face as they enter into the dark alleyway. Terry doubles over, breathing heavily, and sets Caroline down onto the ground. "I know we can't stop, but I've got to take a rest."

Argus doesn't say a word, which bothers Caroline. She looks up and sees the huge man standing in front of them, facing the opening of the alley. In front of him stand about fifteen men, all armed with knives and guns.

"…Terry." Caroline breaths. Terry looks up from the ground and sees the men too, she can feel him go rigid. He goes for his gun, but Argus stops them.

"It's okay Terry," Argus says. "I've got this."

The huge man quickly takes off his cloak, now ruined by bullet holes, and what lays underneath makes Caroline shriek in terror.

To Be Continued...

Our next edition will run next Friday, November 8th. Please remember to read, comment, and enjoy!

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@impurestcheese: It's been awhile since I read #3, so I was a little lost, but it was still great.

@wildvine: Like your last one for the guild, this was just weird. Also like the last one, it reads like a report, as it was meant to, but it gives no indication of where the story will go later.

@knightofthechronicle: Still enjoying it, but it still needs edits. @dngn4774: I thought the guild was editing these things? Just curious.

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@cbishop: Yeah, sorry about some of my grammar, I was kind of rushing myself to get it done.

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@knightofthechronicle: Meh, you will learn when we beat you with a Strunk & White! <.< ...I've been up for 21 hours. I have no idea what that means.

@wildvine: You are so weird. That's not a bad thing, but yeah...weird. ;)

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Bump for my kitteh

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@wildvine: I tried but I just couldn't get into it. Felt a little more RP than Fanfic. Reminds me of @joygirl Joker files.

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@wildvine: Are you interested in any projects now. I'm always around for a comment if you need one. ;)

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I was going to do a Godzilla thing, but can't really get it going.

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@wildvine said:

@dngn4774: I know. No one liked it. Lol

Not true! I liked it, but it was weird. Once you'd done a couple more of them, they made more sense to me. ;)